James is a sick pervert. He harbors a strong wife sharing fantasy but his wife Hailey does not feel the same way. Tired of the boring sex, he turns to the internet and connect with other deviant souls lurking in the dark while attempting to recreate his wife sharing fantasy without Hailey’s knowledge. It began with a free show online for Thomas, but James wanted more. From deliberately drugging Hailey and positioning her for food delivery riders, to exposing her to private hire drivers, James slowly ventured down the dark path.

He went as far to drug her and leave Hailey alone in the middle of the park while he hide in a tent to see what passer-bys will do to his unconscious and irresistible wife.

He loves his wife, and he loves to see her with another man. Join James as he slowly plans, maneuver, and trick his sweet, decent wife, into becoming the sex slave of another man.


Part 1 – 10300 words

Part 2 – 12100 words


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