Don’t worry, nothing changes for now. You can continue to access the titles the usual way. I will be getting in touch with you via email for the process to switch over.

Everything will still be on this site, and you can still access each title via the post itself after login.

The difference is that subscription memberships now comes with tiered benefits.

It also allows for more control on your end. You can view your dashboard, change your details, login, even add or change credit cards for the subscription. You can even view the past month’s charges, how many months you have subscribed and so on. Cancellation is a breeze too, and you no longer get locked out immediately after cancellation. If you cancel in the middle of the month, you will still get access to the works until the end of the subscription.

In terms of benefits, by separating subscribers into different tiers, it allows me to send targeted perks.

For example, upon login, depending on the tier you are on, you may see something like this at the webstore. (Your subscription start date will be brought over to the new platform and your membership tier will be adjusted accordingly.) Eg, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 etc.

You get to purchase webstore titles at a discount.

The higher your membership tiers, the more the perks.

Membership tiers depends on the period you stay on as a subscriber. For Eg, 1 year, 2 year, etc. It resets after unsubscribing. Don’t worry, all subscribers who have rolled over for at least a year, will get to pause their subscription and renew with the same perks and rate when they decide to continue.

And for the handful of supporters who believed in me and continued their subscription for more than 3 years in a row, you will see something like this upon migration. This is the least i can do to thank you all for believing in me.

Everyday will be Christmas for you guys. You can login, pick a few titles, add it to cart and just check out at no cost. Perfect reading material for that transatlantic flight while you steal glances at the air stewardess.

Perks from the tiered benefits are not restricted to just webstore purchases.

I will be streamlining the gallery contents. You will get to access more content, pictures & videos too. (No Porn/Nudes).

Cycled titles, galleries, will no longer be applicable to higher tiered members too.

Sale/ transfer of subscription account will be simpler too.

For eg, you want to sell your $13 per month sub to another person. Just let me know his email, and i can set it up on my end. I don’t want to get involved between how you transact or how much your account is sold for, that’s between you guys. I think it’ll be good for the site to have someone take over a long term subscriber’s spot.

Another thing, the accumulated perks will not be transferred. For Eg, you are a subscriber for 2 years, the perks you accumulated will not be passed on to the new subscriber. Only the price you locked in is passed on.

There’s no need to rush to migrate over, wait for my email instructions. The mail will contain a unique code tied to your email. It will allow you to continue the subscription at your current locked in rate.

Detailed step by step instructions with screenshots will also be available. (At time of this post, a 57 year old semi-retired subscriber has successfully migrated over without help) If a uncle nearing 60 can do it, you can too.

Not to worry, if you encounter any issues, feel free to get in touch with me. We’re doing this by batches, it will be painless. I hope.

Come 1/10/2023, everyone should be on the new tiered platform.

Will also be setting a cut off date for new subscribers to come on board with current perks of having access to both premium content and archived content.

In the future, new subscribers will only get access to premium contents. They will only be getting access to the archives and older works after they continue their membership for a while. This is to be fair to others who have stayed subscribed.

If this is too confusing and too much of a hassle, you can just head over to the webstore and grab the titles you are interested in too!

More details will be available soon and do keep a look out for my email in the coming weeks.

James S

*Updates 28/7/23*

For direct webstore visitors, you will also be added to the membership program.

Base on your spending tiers, you will also be entitled to discounts on the webstore.

There’s no need for you to do anything, once i set it up, i will send you your account login details. Upon logging in, you will see all the discounted titles.

James S