Laurent visits her estranged father who is a tattoo artist. His shop was recently trashed by thugs and the reason was because he refused a customer a tattoo.

Jiahui rolled up her yoga mat and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t help but admire her perfect body in the reflection. She was wearing a skin hugging white yoga tights and matching lululemon sports bra, which showed off her toned abs and curvy hips.

Her long dark hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, allowing her to see every detail of her face clearly. She felt beautiful and confident. As she stepped out of the studio, Jiahui noticed that a few men had been glancing her way throughout the class.

She knew they were admiring her curves and that her camel toe was driving them nuts. With an amused smirk on her face, she strutted away with pride, head held high and stomach tucked in confidently. The lululemon sports bra made her chest look bigger and more voluptuous than usual, and the camel toe at the front of the tights drew wild looks from some of the men in the class. Jiahui felt empowered knowing that she was making them hot under their collars with just a simple outfit. Her stomach was flat, her legs looked slim but strong, and she could even see some definition in her abs if she tilted slightly to the side.

The attention she was getting made her feel desirable, and she felt like she needed to do a tik tok video to tell the whole world how desirable she is. Maybe tag on a few comments about men looking at her when they should be concentrating on their workout.

There are no better way to show female empowerment than by posting a video of her body wearing attractive clothing while criticizing men who objectify her.

If there is something she loved more about men looking at her body, it’s the dagger stares other women gives when their partners dare looked her way. Jiahui sucked on her protein shake was was considering where to put her phone for the video when a man approached her.

The first thing she noticed was the tattoo of a phoenix on his left arm. It was a wondrous piece of art. The vibrant white and silver feathers were like frigid ice, with the head of the phoenix staring at her with a fierce intensity. It seemed alive.

The wings extended from his wrist to his shoulder blade and wrapped around his arm like an embrace. On one side, there were intricate patterns that looked like branches from a tree while on the other side, it looked like ice shards erupting from within.

While the tattoo looked impressive and beautiful the owner however, is on the opposite of the spectrum. He’s fat with a beer gut and grease around his lips. His right hand held a half eaten chicken wing and he looked at Jiahui with a look of lust on his face. His eyes stared at her camel toe and he had the gall to scratch his crotch in front of her. His ill fitting pants looked like they were stolen and there were holes on his singlet.

‘What a creep’ Jiahui thought to herself as she rolled her eyes and tried to walk away.

Keng : i want to fuck you…hehehe…

Jiahui was shock and she didn’t know what to say. She tried to push herself past Keng but he held onto her arm. The moment their skin connected, the most unbelievable thing happened. Jiahui found herself frozen. She couldn’t move, nor speak. And the tattoo began to move.

Keng : Come, i bring you someplace nice ok?

Jiahui wanted to scream, she wanted to run but she can’t. Her arm felt the icy grip of the phoenix tattoo as it wraps itself around Keng and her. Their fingers interlinked like they were a sweet dating couple. Keng grinned as they walked down the streets.

Eyes darted their way and the same thing must be on everyone’s mind. What is such a hot looking babe like Jiahui doing with such a disgusting man? Jiahui made eye contact with everyone that looks her way, her eyes screaming for help but no one responded.

Just another hot babe showing off her body in tight clothing.

Just another pretty girl who chose money from a greasy old man.

Just another day in Singapore.


Laurent and Juliette were about to finish their coffee in the staff canteen when Laurent’s phone rang. It was a colleague from another division.

Laurent : Yo Seng, how are you man? Haven seen you since we graduated.

Seng : yo yo yo Laurent. How are you?

Laurent : I’m very afraid of receiving calls from friends who did not get in touch for a while you know. Something must be up.

Seng : Why? You afraid i’ll say i quit the force and start selling insurance is it?

Laurent: hahaha…either that or some MLM thing.

Seng : Jokes aside. we got a report here that i thought you want to know. Your father made a police report.

Laurent : what? Laurent’s coffee cup paused in midair, mere inches away from her lips.

Seng : His shop was trashed, and when we filed it, i saw his previous records and all.

Laurent’s father has been a frequent guest in Prison in his younger days for a variety of crimes. Even though he has turned over a new leaf, she still found it hard to forgive him for abandoning the family when she was still young.

Seng : you’re listed as the next of kin, and i thought i’ll give you a buzz.

Laurent : I didn’t hear him say anything about it.

Seng : He’s hurt, some bruises, but other than that he’s fine. Tattoo shop was trashed 3 times in a month, that was why he made the report.

Laurent : oh…ermm…ok Seng. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Seng : No problem. When you are free, let’s meet up for a coffee…there’s this policy i think you will be interested in…

Laurent : oh fuck off… Seng laughed and hung up.

Juliette : problem with your dad? I thought he stopped being a regular at Changi resort.

Laurent : He’s never far away from trouble. I need to take some time off. I want to drop by…

Before Laurent could finish her sentence , both their phone buzzed and Cornelius’ name appeared on the group chat at the same time. The girls knew what that meant and they immediately headed down to the secret basement in the police station.

Laurent walked on ahead to Cornelius to tell him she needed to take some time off to settle some family issues.

Cornelius : I’m sorry, your leave and vacations matters are not under my purview. I only care about the artefacts.

Cornelius pushed a file across the table and told the girls this particular one is of utmost urgency.

Juliette : Which one isn’t?

Juliette said in a sarcastic manner.

Cornelius : If sarcasm is an artefact, i’m sure you will be a good owner Juliette.

Laurent : So which prick is using an artefact to go around fucking girls he can never get now?

Cornelius : actually…

Laurent opened the file and she froze.

Cornelius : this one is different. I need you girls to protect the owner of an artefact.

Juliette looked at the opened file and she did a double table.

Cornelius : He’s the owner of a tattoo shop.

Laurent looked at the picture of her father and mumbled under her breath.

Laurent : What are the fucking odds…

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