If you want to enter the right circle, you’ve got to look the part first.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

If you come by Dempsey hill on a weekend, you will see me sitting by one of the cafes sipping my $7 coffee and enjoying my $15 smoked salmon toast. I’ll be wearing my $30000 watch while sitting next to my continental car.

A car where I will walk over ever so often pretending to pick something up from the boot or the passenger seat.

With my aviator shades on, I will spend 3-4 hours every Saturday enjoying my brunch at the upmarket café. I will take my time to eat, it doesn’t matter if the food and coffee has gone cold or I have already finished an entire bottle of plain water. I just take my time.

I love that place.

It’s frequent by a lot of beautiful and hot babes. Many of which would cast a look my way seeing how I dressed and the car I drive.

I’ve picked up a few girls before but nothing concrete has come out of it so far.

I have a perfect girl in mind.

Not only does she have to be pretty, she also needs to be rich.

And where do you find rich girls ?

You go to the places the rich people hang out of course.

That is the reason why I make it a point to go to the upmarket café and pretend to be someone I’m not. It’s all an act.

I need to look rich in order to attract the rich. I need to wear a mask.

A mask to hide who I am underneath it all.

It’s just the game people play. Everyone wears mask.

I look every bit like the high flying young executive chilling out and waiting for friends, but this could not be further from the truth.

The truth is, I cannot afford any of the things I’m doing.

You see, I’m living large on a $3000 salary.

I’m not kidding. That is all I make. There’s no fucking way I can do any of these, the math will never add up.

After deducting CPF contributions, insurance and allowance for my parents, I’m left with $1600.

How then ?

How can I possibly afford to have the things I have ?

It’s all fake you see.

The watch I’m wearing cost only $2000, a grade A knock off I got from China.

I don’t own that continental car. I rented it for a few hours every weekend just to look good. The car rental alone takes up a large chunk of my salary. I pack leftover dinner to lunch the next day to skim on a few dollars.

The only thing I eat for breakfast is bread and I always make it a point to come home for dinner after work. Since my mum is cooking, why not ?

You might think it’s sad but what else can a poor kid like me who is still living with my parents do ?

I don’t belong in the right circle to know the kind of girls I want to marry. It’s up to me to figure out how. In fact, I don’t even have a circle to begin with.

Not going out to lunch and drinking sessions with my colleagues sort of made me the outcast.

It’s ok, I don’t mind.

I don’t mind it at all because come weekend, I will transform into another person.

I will style my hair, put on my contact lens and change my wardrobe. I will become another man, or rather, pretend to be another man.

I know my patience will eventually pay off.

And it did.

I was taking a sip from my 2 hour old long black coffee when it started to drizzle. I saw a beautiful girl stop by my table as she looked at the sky.

She’s talk and elegant. Her casual shorts showed off her pair of smooth hairless legs. Her thighs are not too thick but meaty enough to reveal a delicious looking thigh gap in between them.

She had let her shoulder length hair down and when she brushed her fringe backwards, I could see her features are really nice too. Unlike some of the other girls who pile on thick makeup early in the morning, this one did not.

In fact, I think she only had on some lip gloss.

Our eyes met and we smiled at each other awkwardly but in a polite manner. The same way how strangers do when you are giving way to each other. The drizzle got heavier for a second before it went back to a light one.

I noticed the girl was wearing an expensive bangle and her earrings are from Chanel. She was also holding the latest phone and her bag looked expensive with an even more expensive looking scarf going around the handle.

The sneakers on her feet are limited edition and her bright laces against the white canvas is too striking to ignore.

I decided to cast my rod and see if I can pick up a catch.

I got up from my seat and unlocked the car I rented.

It may be rented but I put in the effort to make it look like I own it. From putting in packets of tissues, to fuel cards and umbrellas, I did it all.

There’s even cushions and headrest, not to forget cute looking plushies.

A rented car can look very sterile and cold.

I need these items to make the rental look real. As if I owned them.

On the windscreen itself, I stuck car decals of country clubs, and a condominium in Bukit Timah. These are stuff I bought online or I manage to scavenge.

On the rear windscreen, I put in school decals, indicating that I was from an elite school and that I remained part of the school alumni.

You can laugh at me but this is what people look at these days.

They look at the appearance, and then they judge you.

They judge you base on your possessions.

It doesn’t matter that I’m swimming without pants on in the sea. As long as the tide don’t go down, no one will know.

I retrieved an umbrella and offered it to the girl.

“here, take it. “ I offered

“what ? haha, really ? “ she asked.

“yeah sure, take it.” I said while opening it for her.

This is my opening salvo and the next will be to reel in the catch.

“ I can give you my number if you want to return the umbrella to me.” I added with a friendly smile. “My name is James by the way.”

I extended my hand and the beautiful lady in front of me smile radiantly and took it.

“ My name is Meredith, well played James. caught me at the right time.” She laughed.

“ I have the rain to thank for that”

Meredith unlocked her phone and I gave myself a miss call.

She looked at my number and shook her phone at me with a spunky smile before walking into the rain.

She took two steps before turning back and looking at my car.

“ I don’t suppose you can send me back and I can return you the umbrella at the same time ?” Meredith asked with a raise eyebrow. “I stay just around the corner”

Around the corner.

Around the corner ?

The café is smack right in the middle of town, surrounded by bungalows and condominiums I will never be able to afford. Meredith is probably staying in one of those.

“Of course, let’s go.” I said as I opened the car door for her.

Inside my head, I was pumping my fist into the air.


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