James is an inconsiderate road user.

The truck blared it’s honk for a good 5 seconds and James just flipped his finger at the driver.

“FUCK YOU!” Jame shouted. “ FUCK OFF!”

Pedaling his road bike along Dunearn road, he cursed at the vehicle filled with foreign workers.

He didn’t care that he is taking up the entire left lane with his cycling buddies.

It didn’t matter to him that it’s the evening peak, he has every right to the road even though he paid no road taxes.

A delivery bike veered too close to his right and he snapped again.

“FUCK OFF!” He snapped at the middle age man trying to balance his load of food and drinks to be delivered.

Stopping at the traffic junction, James and his friend took up 2 on purpose because he needed to confront the delivery man on his old Yamaha scooter.

“HEY! My bicycle can buy 2 of your bike with spare change !” James said aggressively to the man. “ Keep half a metre away understand or not !”

The lights turned green and the bike sped off, ignoring his tirade. The vehicles behind him sounded their honk and he lost it again.

Turning behind, James flipped his finger to the long line of vehicles.

“FUCK YOU ALL. Come on!” He challenged. “ Come and knock me down la! Fucking pussy!”

The honks got more intense, but James and his friends laughed, taking their time to pedal off.

He loves cycling in a group and dominating the road. James takes extra pleasure in irritating the drivers by blocking their path, veering in and out of lanes, not to mention making sudden turns at traffic junction to join the pedestrians crossing the road.

Cycling in Singapore is lawless. You can break all the rules you want and what can the pathetic drivers do ? Upload a video of him on the internet ?

That is just plain sad.

Aside from the clothes he is wearing, there is nothing to identify him with.

No cars will ram him down that’s for sure.

He just needs to take note of heavy vehicles and their blind spots. Other than that, a bicycle rules the road in this country.

An expensive bicycle above all.

Pedaling pass a man in his fifties on a power assisted bicycle trying to deliver groceries for a living, James shouted for him to keep to the side.

“Hey hey hey ! so slow keep to the footpath la uncle!”

After a 3 hour ride, James and his friends finally completed the round island route, ending at Botanic garden. Sucking water from his bottle, he drenched his face and body with water as he high fived his friends.

“good job man, good job.”

Praises were sang openly as a few of them waddled like a duck who grew testicles near their bicycles.

A cyclist not from their group came up to them.

“Hey guys, you all need to be more considerate to other road users. What you all did back there…”

James pushed his way to the front.

“What you want ? “ He challenged.

“I’m just reminding you all that all users have a right to the road, we all need to play out part to make it safe.” The man said. “What you all did, veering left and right, flipping fingers, you are giving other cyclists a bad name”

“Oh fuck off la…don’t try to be a saint..” James said and gestured for the man to fuck off. “ the drivers are all fuckers, trying to force us off the road..”

“That’s not fair, you’re an adult…I think..”

“I don’t give a shit what you think…just go….mind your own business.” James said.

He was about to turn away when the man said something that made his blood boil.

“Don’t say I never warned you.”

“What the fuck did you just say ? “ James walked aggressively towards him but the man just turned and got back onto his bicycle. “ Oei come back…no balls ar? Come la ….. fucker….”

His friends gestured for him to calm down.

The group then went to a nearby coffee shop for dinner before chatting till late over beer and BBQ seafood.

It is close to 12 midnight by the time they parted ways.

James did a bit of stretching before getting up his bicycle.

It’s still early, he feels like he can clock a bit more mileage before going home.

He took Bukit Timah road back up towards Bukit Panjang where he lives. At the junction before he crosses to Upper Bukit Timah, a female cyclist pulled up beside him.

She looks good, well-toned body, great legs with a Brompton foldable bicycle.

She turned and gave James a smile followed by a nod, a simple greeting by a fellow cyclist. The cyclist checked her map on the phone before deciding to leave the road and get onto the footpath.

Looking at her perky butt and firm figure, he decides to follow her and maybe get to know a new cycling buddy.

James pedaled behind the girl, turning into Rifle range road.

He was about 50 metres behind her and suddenly he saw her lose control of her bicycle. She swerved left and right and she seemed to be pedaling on air for a few second before she lifted both feet clear of the pedals.

James saw the girl look down at her pedal and chains, she must have dislodged it or something.

The girl pulled up to the side road by a row of shop houses.

James slowed down his bicycle.

He saw her remove her helmet and she is gorgeous. She knelt down to look at her bicycle and James knew that was his chance.

“Hey, you ok ? Need help ?” James offered as he parked his ride beside her.

“Oh hi… ermmm.. chain came off…” She said.

“Hmm, that’s strange…” James went closer for a look.

The chain is fine. Before he could turn around, he felt this painful jab into his neck and the ground just seem to rush up at him before everything turned black.

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