Updates : There has been a bit of delay in the removal because i am still working on 1 last segment for TBW book one. Currently at the 4th rewrite for the Poon and Paige arc and it’s finally one that i am happy with. I will be prioritizing the edit in order to wrap up book one. Will pause Skill futures updates after 18/6 so i can concentrate solely on the book. Weekly releases into Premium sub will continue.

In line with plans to create a fork between erotic & non-erotic works, i will be removing works from ‘The Beast Within’ Series from this site. I can’t go mainstream with erotic novels, which is why the 3 books will be cleaned up and published under a different pen name.

The removal is also to avoid dual listing of titles which might create a bit of confusion.

The following work will be removed from this site WEF 30/6/2021

The Beast Within

Big trouble in little india

The house in Bukit Timah.

These work will remain accessible to subscribers within the archives but there will be no mention of these works on this site WEF 30/6/2021

Erotic scenes will be removed/toned down under the new pen name. The books will not be exactly the same as before, but there will be no major changes to the plotline. Those who are going to die, will still die in the books. Some new supporting characters will be introduced in certain books to make the story richer in detail, and i will be patching up some plot holes and areas which i think could be improved.

I seek your understanding that this is a necessary move if i want to write full time eventually.

Thank you for reading my work.