It’s really a matter of perspective.

Without a shred of clothing on her, Janelle kneels naked in front of her master. The room temperature is kept low at 20 degrees. She is shivering from the cold but there is a spark of warmth inside her belly that keeps her going.

This is what she wanted.

This is what she craves.

Her naked body displayed in all it’s glory to her master. Her nipples tingled and Janelle could feel the cool air against her sensitive pores. Her goosebumps come and go. Kneeling there on the carpeted floor, Janelle don’t know when the next order will come from her master.

The anticipation is keeping her on the edge. She wonders what other sick ideas he has in his mind. This is only the 2nd month into their relationship. She is already looking forward to the 3rd.

Despite not being asked to do anything, Janelle could feel herself getting moist down below.

Just being naked and exposed in front of a man is enough to trigger a natural response in her. Janelle knows it’s not going to be easy to get what she wants.

She wants her master’s penis inside her. She thought all men are easy, she thought all men when faced with a pretty face and shapely body would succumb to her but she is wrong.

If she wants to feel the meat of her master, she must please him. She must make him happy. Only then, will he allow her that sliver of pleasure she craves.

A gentle tug of the leash reminded Janelle that she may be without clothes, but she is not without accessories.

A black leather collar goes around her neck. The dark colour of the collar presented a nice contrast against her fair skin. A metal chain trails down the collar, leading to a handle for the leash.

Every time Janelle moved, the chains will jingle, the sound of the metal rubbing against each other is like music to her ears.

Turning to look at the full length mirror, Janelle marveled at her body and her beautiful looks. Seeing herself on her knees reminded her how sexy she is and how much of a goddess her colleagues and peers view her as.

However, she is not interested in being a goddess. She wants to be a slave.

Her master sits on the couch, engrossed in his phone. Dressed in a old t-shirt and shorts, he looked nothing like the master she envisioned. Janelle always thought of being a slave to a successful man, a business owner. Someone rich and powerful.

Her master James could not be further from her ideal model of a master in the relationship.

However, the control he exerts over her makes her craves for more.

Her master put down his phone, finally sick of the mobile game he is playing. Finally, he can play with her.

James looked at his slave with a condescending look. Spreading his legs, Janelle knew what to do. Crawling over to James, she lowered her mouth and started kissing James’s erection though his pants.

Even at this very moment, Janelle cannot believe what she is doing.

A top student from a prestigious school in Bukit Timah, straight As kid who graduated 1st class, not to forget she was the valedictorian for her graduating cohort.

Even before graduation, she was offered a position on one of the big 4 law firm in the country.

A true elite in Singapore’s context.

No one knows what she has got herself into.

The fear of this secret life of hers keeps her both on edge and aroused. There is so much to lose if this ever gets out.

More for her, than for James.

Because while she is an associate in a law firm, her master James however, he is a food delivery rider.

Even though he is 5 years younger, with a fit body and a mind filled with sick ideas, he is the master that Janelle seeks.

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