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Magic Season 3 is a subscriber only read with 12 episodes planned.

This will be the final season for this series.

1st Episode will be up on 11/12/2020. I intend to replace a couple of Friday premium Sub updates with Magic (S3) to balance up the ratio of non-erotic to erotic works on this site. Some Fridays will see concurrent erotic work release + Magic episodes

Hope you enjoy the read.

11/12/2020 – Ep 1 – updated

After escaping from the clan building, Joel & friends are brought to a place they never knew existed by his father’s GBM

18/12/2020 – Ep 2 – updated

Joel finds out about the place where his father grew up in and learns more about his past.

25/12/2020 – Ep3 – updated

Upon seeing his father’s GBM falling from the sky, Joel was reminded that despite the peacefulness of the secret world they are in, the one he came from is still dealing with Yingzi.

1/1/2021 – Ep4 – updated

Determined to leave the safety of the sheltered world, Joel has to fight the 4 GBM that guards it.

8/1/2021 – Ep5 – updated

Discovering a collection of artefacts in his father’s old room, Joel helped himself to a few.

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