Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues. If you are uncomfortable with inter-racial stories, please skip this.
This series explores a different genre of fetishes that includes slut transformation, religion,race issues, forced partner swap, swinging, cock worship, interracial gangbang and other less known fetishes.
It might not be suitable for everyone. If you are not into these fetishes, i suggest you skip this. For those who do, i hope you enjoy the read.

Summary :
James new girlfriend Evelyn is a conservative girl of mixed parentage. With strict parents and good upbringing, she is the decent girl every man wants to bring home to their parents. Deep within her sexual urges lies a dark secret. An inner slut waiting to be released. Follow James as he slowly opens her up to the world of dark and sinful pleasures.
This is a 3 part series.
Part 1 – The beginning
Part 2 – The partner swapping
Part 3 – The massive gangbang on Evelyn’s hen’s night.

There is no way anyone can tell my girlfriend Evelyn is of mixed parentage. Her mum is Chinese while her dad is Malay. 

She looked just like any other local Singaporean Chinese at first glance, with her sweet smile and shy demeanour, she is a hit among all the colleagues. Her eyes are big and like her dad, she is blessed with really long and natural eyelashes. 

Her features are sharp and shapely, almost giving her a Korean look especially with her fair skin. 

If she did not let on the fact that her father is Malay, you would never know. 

I too initially found it weird why with her full C cup breast and shapely figure, Evelyn chose to cover her body. She is always in a conservative long sleeve top and pants. 

Her legs were slim and toned, I had been long eyeing her ever since I saw her at the office gym. 

She may be all covered up, but there was no hiding the amazing taut figure she had once she changed into her tight gym gear. 

The long pants hugged onto her legs and calves so tightly that it almost looked like the perfect sculpture of golden proportion. 

Evelyn’s sports bra is pink, bright neon pink, but she wore a long sleeve white top over it. That was the most teasing and revealing get up I have seen her in. 

Even though she remained covered up, my mind had already begin to wander. 

The fact that she had a strict mother and coming from such a conservative background aroused me in a weird way. 

Evelyn hardly joins us for lunch, unless we went to a fast food joint or the eatery is halal certified. There meant I had very little chance to eat with her as colleagues. 

Still, I mustered up enough courage to go after her one day. 

To proof my determination, I made some changes to my diet and lifestyle. 

I only brought her to places and cafes where she could dine in and I never pressured her to wear revealing clothes or made any attempt to have sex with her. 

The most I did was to hold her hands and stroke her back. 

I thought I was doing it all right, only to be told by Evelyn I was doing it all wrong. 

It was a shock to me in epic proportion. 

Beneath her conservative dressing lies a horny slut. 

One with a monstrous appetite for sex and everything kinky. It seems growing up in a strict household sort of allowed too much frustration and feelings to be pent up within her. Evelyn dressed the way she did and behaved the manner she does only to make her parents happy. 

Her dad would frown if she wore short sleeve tshirts even if it’s for a short trip to the grocery store below her flat. She even needed to wear long pants for that short distance. 

Which is why the moment we got together, she found a new found sense of liberty. 

One which she treasured so much. 

Evelyn is turning 26 when we got together. I was not her first partner she revealed. Her virgin was taken by her boyfriend when she was in Junior college. 

 Evelyn : The school uniforms were the only skirts I ever owned. …. 

I remembered her saying that to me in such a spiteful and sad manner that I decided to buy her some clothes. 

Although she is not allowed to stay over at my place, she often stayed late into the evening. 

The moment Evelyn got to my place, she showered and changed into the clothes I bought for her. It’s not anything fancy. 

It’s something most girls wear at home after work. A simple camisole, a pair of loose shorts. She enjoyed her freedom to bare her skin, to walk around feeling the cool breeze in my parent’s place. 

My parents loved and adored her too, with her manners and sweet disposition, she would make her perfect daughter in law. 

Even her diet was slowly changing, she gradually grew to be ok with dinning in non halal establishments as long as she doesn’t order meat items. 

When we finally had time alone, I would strip her, slowly enjoying her naked body which she had kept covered up for so long. 

It was during one of these appreciation session I realised that Evelyn liked to be looked at. 

She wants me to look at her naked body, to feel her firm breast as I praised her. 

As time passed, even though Evelyn dressed the same manner she did when we go out, the clothes she wore at home got skimpier. Her shorts were so short that you can see some of her firm butt cheeks exposed. 

I noticed my younger brother ogling at her a couple of times and there was no way Evelyn could have missed that. 

It was after much convincing that I managed to get Evelyn to go out one evening in casual wear. 

Casual as in something I chose for her. 

It was a Friday and we were planning to grab dinner and catch a movie at a neighbourhood mall. 

After getting back to my place, we showered and she was about to wear back her same conservative clothes. 

I forced her to ditch her long pants and turtle neck top she wore to work that day.

Evelyn : Don’t want la… what if my relatives see….. what if my dad’s sisters or brothers see me…. 

I reassured her that it would be fine. No one would bother her. 

I picked out a teal coloured bra, one which we bought together and I knew Evelyn liked it. Especially against a white top. 

She admitted to me she liked the feeling of revealing the colour of her bra, even though it’s just a little. It’s a small rebellion which she could not help doing even when she was conservatively dressed. 

I got her a tight white t-shirt, one which barely covered her belly button. 

It looked ok on her, but if she stretched or lift up her hands, her taut and well toned flat tummy would be exposed. 

Evelyn : It’s too short…. Cannot la… 

James : Can…. Can…. Don’t worry. 

She wanted to wear a pair of ¾ pants but I refused, telling her it would not match her sweet girl image. 

Instead I made her put on a pair of simple grey flare skirt. It puffed up nicely and when she walks, there is this light airy bounce in it. 

Evelyn : It’s so short dear!!!…. cannot la…

She tried to pull it lower, raising her objection as she only wore that at my place and especially if we were about to have sex. 

I looked at her smooth creamy legs and told her it’s fine. 

After much coaxing, I chose a pair of light pink panty and we left the house. 

Evelyn held onto my arms as we made our way to the shopping mall at Tampines.

The tickets were already booked online and we just need to collect it after dinner. 

With her hourglass figure, the moment we got into the mall, I could see several pair of eyes following Evelyn. 

As we jostled and waited for our turn to go up the escalator, I could not help but notice a uncle squeezing his way to get behind Evelyn . 

I pretended to look around and I could see him staring at Evelyn’s smooth hairless legs. Tracing the lines of her curves with his hungry eyes. 

We got to the foodcourt and I chose a seat, making Evelyn sit down while I get the food. 

Her skirt is so short and she had to hold on to it while she sat down and cross her legs and play with her phone. 

I queued a distance away and I noticed a few guys walking pass my girlfriend a few times too often. It was then I realised they were trying to take her picture. 

When I got back to Evelyn a few minutes later with 2 bowls of noodles, she whispered quickly to me. 

Evelyn : Dear…. I think got people trying to take pictures of me…. 

I smiled and told her that’s because she’s beautiful and has a hot figure. 

The smile never left Evelyn’s face that evening. 

As the night wore on, Evelyn got more comfortable and gained more confident. Even the way she walked looked better, as if she was deliberately teasing the men with her stride, letting her short skirt bounce. 

James : How do you feel ? 

She just smiled before saying that she felt very scare and excited. 

After the movie, we went to make out at one of the hdb staircase, both of us feeling the heat. I was given a pleasant surprise though when Evelyn started talking dirty to me in a way. 

Evelyn : I felt very arouse when the men stared at me…. 

James : Why ? …. 

Evelyn : It felt really good…. To see them look and me…. Makes me feel sexy… 

James : You are sexy…. That’s why they look at you…. 

Then think got a little hotter as Evelyn started to say she feels a little guilty and said I should have scolded her as her boyfriend. 

The truth is I felt aroused when I see people staring at her. To see others desire her tight body. 

James : Ok… I’ll scold you… 

Evelyn : Really ?… haha… how… 

I pressed her down onto her knees and removed my pants…

James : Give me a blow job….. 

I felt the warm embrace of her mouth and initially the suck was slow and sensual. 

Evelyn : Scold me…. Slurppz.z.. scold me.. James…. Scold me…… slurpppzzzz…punish me… slurppzz… 

James : You’re a slut…. You enjoyed the attention of other men is it ? … do you ? ….you always wanted to wear revealing clothings ? …. To show off your body and breast ? ….. 

I grabbed a tuff of her hair as she sucked harder the same time I noticed she started rubbing her private, easily reaching it under her skirt.  

James : You like this ? …. Suck harder!….

The intensity got stronger as I fought back an urge to moan. 

James : Are you a conservative girl ? har ?? har ?? answer me.. 

Evelyn : Yes…. Slurppzz… srlupspszz…yes…I’m…. srlurppzz…. Sorry… slurppzz…

I pressed her harder against my dick, letting her slutty mouth deep throat me. 

James : You like other men to look at you ???….. you like other man to imagine what you look like underneath your long sleeve clothes and conservative pants ? har ?har ? 

I jerked her head lightly with a tug of her hair. 

Evelyn : I… I like… slurppzz… slrupzzz… i…. like… 

James : Do you want to be a slut ??  a conservative girl who is secretly a cock craving slut ??

Evelyn suddenly stopped sucking and burst into spasm on her knees as a long drool of saliva dripped onto the floor as she fingered herself into orgasm. 

As she moaned and composed herself, she looked up into my eyes , breathless and panting and replied me. 

Evelyn : Yes….. yes…..i want to be your slut…

Part 1 – The beginning   9400 words

Part 2 – The partner swapping   13800 words

Part 3 – The massive gangbang on Evelyn’s hen’s night. 10100 words

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