This is a Mini series work spanning 2 parts. Mini Series is something new i developed while writing. The short works released every Friday are not long enough for some characters & plotlines to develop. Mini Series will be kept to works that requires a bit more buildup so i can set the context for the eventual plot. It will be released over 2 Fridays.

An unfortunate incident took away James’ sister in law’s sight. James decides to take away something else from his sister in law. A lot more. He wants to take away his sister in laws freedom, her right to choose, her right to speak, her right to make decision. Follow James as he plot his way to imprison his Sister in law in a nursing home where he can do anything and everything he wants to her.

My sister in law Chloe is a bargain hunting expert. No matter what it is, be it food, or shopping , the latest bags or even gadgets, she can find the best bargain.

It’s not because she lacks the money, she is just after the thrill of getting a good deal.

And it is this mentality of getting a good deal for everything that drove her to this situation today.

Chloe wanted to get Lasik surgery for her eyes and to the horror of the family, we decided to take a ferry to Indonesia to do it at a clinic. And she did it without telling anyone of us.

By the time we realised what happened, it was because Chloe was calling us on the phone, crying in a different country saying that she cannot see.

My pregnant wife called me and I had to take urgent leave from work that day to rush down to Batam.

By the time we took the last ferry back to Singapore and rushed my sister in law to the doctor, her eyes were badly infected and she has a blood clot or something inside her nerves. Chloe needed to be operated on immediately but even then, the doctor told us to be prepared for the worse.

That Chloe might lose her eyes.

My in laws were devastated and they broke down in the hospital. Chloe is only 22 and she was about to graduate from university.

When the doctors came out 2 hours later, they told us the botched Lasik operation done in Indonesia burned Chloe’s retina badly and she lost her sight fully in her left eye.

Her right eye however, might still recover. The doctor gave Chloe a 25% chance of recovering the sight in her right eye. Recovery not as in getting back her eyesight completely. She’s might see blurry image and some colours and it will also mean it’s near impossible to read.

The news devasted the whole family. To add fuel to the burning flames, my wife, Celeste, went into labour upon hearing the news. My daughter was delivered at 38 weeks and fate played a cruel joke on the family to have both sisters warded in the same private hospital.

The stress of a being a father, having to take care of my wife and daughter. Having to take care of my retired in laws, ferrying them to and fro the hospital and the state that my sister in law is in took it’s toll on my own mental state.

Thankfully, my retired in laws owned a few properties and the rent alone will be enough to keep the family afloat. My in laws refused to have a helper and insisted on doing everything themselves their whole lives.

The family gathered for a meeting without my sister in law in the delivery ward and we decided that my wife and I will move into my in law’s place.

It’s also to keep an eye on them while they keep an eye on Chloe.

Needless to say, the news hit my sister in law really hard. She took it badly, the news of her not being able to see like before.

The mental breakdown developed into full blown depression. Chloe wrecked her room, threw things around, refused to eat and I had to stop her from swinging her laptop around in case she hit my in laws.

It was bad.

I still have to go to work and imagine coming home to a crying kid, a screaming sister in law and my crying in laws.

Things like these can drive even the strongest man insane.

It took a few visits by a psychiatrist to finally calm Chloe down but even then, she’s prone to violent outburst. There’s a supply of sedatives to calm her down if that happens and on some bad days, I need to tie Chloe down on her bed as she kicked and scream while throwing her tantrum.

Chloe withdrew herself and she stopped talking to the family. Whenever we try to engage her she will fly into a rage, saying that she don’t need our pity.

“all of you must be laughing at me now ! I know ! “ She would scream before grabbing whatever she can to throw at us

4 months in, the episodes took it’s toll on the whole family.

Then something happened one day.

Chloe tried to kill herself and my in law ran to me for help.

I immediately dropped what I was doing and I literally grabbed Chloe away from a makeshift noose she was trying to hang herself on. She had tied a belt to the horizontal bedrail and choking herself on it.

Chloe screamed, kicked and shouted at me to leave her alone while my in laws looked on in horror by the door. They covered their mouth in disbelief as they watched with broken hearts what is happening to their daughter.

Not wanting Chloe to hurt herself while she calms down, I wrestled her to the bed and I straddled her to keep her legs down while I tie her wrist to the bedpost.

“Chloe… Chloe ! Calm down.. Chloe !! “ I shouted as I struggled with the wrist cuff we got from the hospital.

“let me go !, JAMES let me go! You let me go now or I’ll tell the whole world you are trying to rape me! HELP. HELP. JAMES is raping me. James is raping me ! HELP !. SIS, Sis your husband is raping me. aRGHHHH! “ Chloe screamed and spat at me as I must have been punched a dozen times while trying to secure Chloe’s wrist and ankles.

By the time I was down, I saw my in laws hugging each other and crying by the door. I could taste blood in my mouth and I realised one of the punch must have cut my lips or something.

My in laws apologised to me and I told them it’s ok.

Chloe kept shouting and screaming, claiming that I touched her, that I raped her.

My wife fought back tears as she carried out daughter outside the room.

“I’m sorry dear, I’m really sorry. “ Celeste said as she buried her face into my chest.

“it’s ok dear, it’s ok. “

The nail in the coffin came when my father in law suffered a stroke due to the stress of the past few months. We need a helper in the house. There’s no other way around it.

6 months after the incident, things gradually settled down.

Chloe calmed down a lot and is eating normally now. The violent episodes also occur less frequently.

The helper definitely eased a lot of the workload around the house. My daughter started going to infant care and my wife went back to work.

Things are starting to go back to normal.

One afternoon, I came back from work early because I was not feeling well.

My in laws were resting in their room and the helper is cleaning the yard.

I walked over to Chloe’s room and I froze.

Her room door is wide opened, we kept it that way on purpose.

My sister in law was facing me as she undressed herself.

I held my breath.

Chloe removed her top, revealing her bra. Then I watch her remove her cotton shorts and panty together.

My heart started beating faster as I looked at Chloe’s petite body.

The unbuckled bra joined the rest of the clothes on the floor as my erection filled my pants.

Chloe felt her way to the bathroom.

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and I looked around level 2 of the 3 storey family home.

My in laws are sleeping on the ground floor. I could hear the helper Marie scrubbing the yard floor with the hard bristled brush.

I heard the shower come on in the bathroom and I took a careful step into my sister in law’s room.

Chloe stepped into the shower and she looked up at the hot water falling on her face while I looked at the droplets of water cascading down her naked body.

I was shaking as I took in the sight.

I have done so much for this family.

Surely I deserve to get something in return.

Part 1 – 7400 words

Part 2 – 9300 words

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