The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

I should have known better than this.

Well, hindsight is a real bitch, and apparently, so am I. At least to the multiple men using me right now.

It all started one fine night when I was riding on so much endorphins I could have agreed to anything. I was naked from the waist down, an amateur tongue belonging to my latest boyfriend darting around somewhat randomly down below as I arched my back for easier access in his hostel room. I love getting eaten out, especially with how rarely it occurs. If anything, the kneading action on my boobs only served to further heighten my arousal.

“Wanna try something kinky?” He suggested, when he began to slow and tire. It didn’t help that I was close but seemingly never able to cross the edge with his attempts alone.

“Sureeeee…” I growled, eager to take things much further that night. “What do you have in mind?”

Leaving the safe confines of his room was what he had in mind. I’ve had my reservations, but honestly I wasn’t thinking straight that night any longer. Which explains how we found ourselves bonking in a male toilet cubicle at his floor, in the middle of the night.

I could barely contain my excitement about the act however.

In fact, the urge to moan was so overwhelming that I had to shut myself up by plastering my lips onto his. My fingers clawing for his face as his fingers dug deeper into my skin.

“UHHHH!!!” I let out a fervid groan towards the ceiling when I pulled myself away from my boyfriend’s wretched mouth, stuffing his head into my cleavage instead.

His mouth quickly located a nipple and went at it like all men born knew.

But it was at this moment horror took over pleasure.

For this was when I noticed multiple phones perched on outstretched hands pointing at us from the adjacent cubicles.

In short, we were busted. Yet instead of exposing our kinky deed straightaway, we were being taped since god-knows-when. I’ll admit that I was too engrossed to hear anything, but I thought we were sufficiently quiet.

Apparently inadequately so.

Quickly getting dressed and at a loss, we tried to play it cool and walk it off. But it was to no one’s surprise that that didn’t work out.

“Going somewhere?” They taunted as my cheeks flushed crimson. Fear spiralled in my head and took over all forms of embarrassment as I tried to think of all the scenarios this could play out.

Thankfully, my boyfriend shoved me protectively behind him, a barrier between their malicious intent and me. It also helped that I wasn’t reminding myself that a bunch of strangers had just seen me naked and fucked, but the odds weren’t looking good for me…

“Lady, you’ve made us really horny. I think you should be responsible for that. As for your male companion, well he’s free to watch or leave, but you’re not leaving until we’re done.”

They relocated me to a shower cubicle. And my now ex-boyfriend decided I was no longer worth fighting for. I really wasn’t sure at that moment if I would have preferred that he stayed and watched what was to happen or leave like he did.

What I was sure was that I did not enjoy the rest of the evening at all. I felt alone, helpless and vulnerable as they roughly stripped, ransacked and humiliated me. They had used me, filmed me and sullied me.

To put it bluntly, I had never had sex with more than one guy at a time, and it was always by choice. That night they came at me together, and I had no say. I was choked, I was forced, I gagged and I was left drenched with regrets and whatever bodily fluids they deem fit to issue one and in me.

Worse, they had demanded that I be back the next night, same place same time when they were finally done with me. They didn’t even bother to threaten me.

Scrambling back home with my non-existent dignity, I was incapable of thoughts as I crashed onto my bed, weeping.

I did not even bother contacting the now ex-boyfriend who landed me in the hot mess.

The next night I was back at where I was wanted. This time they were prepared, more so that I could have expected.

I was expecting to service and pleasure men, yet I was the one being pleasured.

Hands bound behind my back with a cable tie, I was ball-gagged and stuffed with a wall dildo while vibrators were applied to my erogenous areas. Multiple men holding vibrators and applying them to my clitoris, my nipples made it an intensely pleasurable experience and I felt my knees buckling ever so often as I screamed into my ball gag. My wretched face was torn with pleasure, drool uncontrollably hanging in threads as I panted.

My captors were clearly enjoying it.

As much as I hated it, so was I.

I later found out that they have learnt this from Japanese porn, where captors often tie up and assault the pornstar with vibrators until all she could do was cum helplessly and repeatedly. It was a fairly accurate representation of what had happened to me.

They nevertheless used me like the sex slave I was afterwards though, ploughing and plunging as they please in the same shower cubicle.

The third night I showed up, my mind insisted that I was an unwilling partner, my loins indicating otherwise. They had ready a butt-plug ready for me this time.

I was no lover of theirs, so they spared no loving words, no endearment of any kind. But the sex was intense and I secretly loved it. Every night it was multiple men and every night they seemed to have something new for me.

We quickly moved to anal, to costumes, even light bondage, but I was quickly starting to enjoy these men’s company.

I later learned that the whole idea was akin to what was known as a “gloryhole”, except the men using me were in the same cubicle as I am, I could see their faces and they were largely the same people. The fact that I’m the whore was no different however.

I began to look forward to these late-hour sessions. I started to learn what each of them loved the most and pleasured them in those specific ways. I took pride in knowing where and how exactly I should suck on each of their individual penises.

I began to work out in the gym so I could look good for them. I began putting on more make-up, like bright red fuckable lipstick and clothes to better show off my figure so I could enhance their pleasure. It didn’t matter to me the clothes were gonna be stripped off, the make-up was gonna be smudged anyway. Everything just so they would love me as their plaything.

They also explored my body in ways I would have never imagined. They have made me experience things I’ve never knew was possible and honestly knew my body better than any boyfriend that I ever had. At the end of the day, I have to admit, the pleasure was undeniable and I always want more.

I was their slut and I loved it.