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A new concept piece i’m working on. Imagine a Kowloon city-like no mans land in Singapore. A narrow piece of street that although physically in Singpaore, sits on land that belongs to the Malaysian government. A street that the strict laws of the country could not penetrate. A street where anything goes.

Criminals, drug addicts, the sex trade all thrive within this street with a dense population of 50000. It can be a paradise for the rich, it can also be hell for the poor. One thing is for sure, it’s a place where even the police avoids.

The story will be told from 3 perspective running along the same timeline, that of an undercover cop, a thug & a killer.

Find out just what is going on in the bowels of the largest slum in the country.

15/1/21 – Updated

22/1/21 – Updated



I jumped up in my bed when I heard the distant gunfire. It’s rapid and fast. Those are automatic weapons.

Perspiration soaked through my top and I realised the pillow I was lying on is wet.

I sat up in my seat and I saw Min struggling trying to speak.

Removing the gag I put inside her mouth earlier before I dozed off, I was immediately greeted by Min’s curses.

“you stupid sick fuck ! “ Min struggled with her restraints and demanded for me to let her go.

“you tied me up and you went to sleep ! “ Min said in an unbelievable tone.

I ignored her and removed my clothes, stepping into the shower.

I took a shower and let the cold water wash the sleep away from my head. When I stopped to dry myself, I could hear some weird thumping coming from the wall of the bathroom.

It appears as if the bathroom is connected to the one next door.

Whoever is in there must be fucking in the toilet or something.

I could hear some weird moans coming from the vent shaft above me.

The woman did not sound very aroused, probably just moaning for the sake of moaning. In fact, her moans sounded more like someone groaning.

“errrrr. Errrr. Errrr. “ The monotonous groan sounded like a baby that is learning to speak but on a lower tone.

From the boring rhythm of the moaning, I reckon whoever is doing her is not doing a great job. If he is, the girl would not be moaning in that manner.

I checked the time and I’ve only slept for a couple of hours but I felt rested. Min cursed and struggled to break free from the restraints as I walked out of the bathroom totally naked.

Seeing my body with it’s numerous scars, Min stopped struggling and I could see her fear in her eyes.

I have 3 bullet scars on my body on top of numerous cuts and stab wounds.

Min remained motionless as I towered over her.

I picked up my clothes and started to get dressed after drying myself.

“what are you doing ? “ Min asked

I filled the dirty flask with water and put it to boil.

I untied Min and she looked at me cautiously by her side of the bed.

“ Can you make me a coffee ? “ I said.

Min rubbed her wrist and went to wash the cups in the bathroom as I opened the small window that overlooks the mall.

When the smell of the cheap 3 in 1 coffee reached my nose, I asked Min where is an easy place to get a job around here.

“ A job ? you’re not a tourist ? “ Min asked while cupping her cup of coffee.

“ I think I’m stuck here for a while at least. “ I replied as I took a sip

“do you know the hierarchy of this place ? “ Min asked.

I shook my head and pretended to be clueless.

After a quick introduction to the pecking order, Min told me the easiest boss to get a job is with WangQi. He’s always hiring but his men are known for pretty short career span. Usually ending in violent death.

“LongShu needs people too and he is one of the nicer person to work with around here but it takes time to earn his trust.” Min said while offering to introduce me to the hiring manager.

Min stopped talking after that and I looked at her, expecting her to go on.

“ And then there is ShaoKun. He pays well but it’s not easy to work for him. “ Min said.

I told her I like the pay well part of the description and asked if she knew where can I go to see him.

“ ShaoKun don’t show his face often. You will have to go to one of his district. Everyday, men would line up at the warehouse to work for him. “ Min stood up and walked over to the drawer by the dresser table.

Instead of pulling out a bible, she took out a piece of map.

My expression changed the moment I saw that piece of drawing. All these while we were trying to find information about how the different district were divided and here it is, sitting in every room where you fuck a whore.

It’s like those tourist navigation map you get when you visit another country.

It’s rough and raw but it serves the purpose.

Min told me the district we’re in now is the mall & strip district while introducing me to the market which I passed by earlier.

“ you can always do odd jobs at the market but looking at you, I think you would fare batter in one of the 3 gangs. “ Min said without mincing her words.

The Mall, the strip, the market, the office, the warehouse, the customs

“you looking to work for Shaokun, you go to the warehouse but it’s a rough place. You have to watch your back, many don’t make it pass the interview “ Min warned.

I finished the coffee and Min, seeing that I have no intention of having sex with her, asked if I would like something to eat.

I nodded and she left the room.

30 minutes later, she came back with some bread and rolls which I ate with another cup of coffee.

By the time I was done and one more shower later, it was 7am in the morning.

I said goodbye to Min who before leaving, adjusted her clothes to make it appear as if they were manhandled roughly and I saw her ruffled up her hair and smear a bit of her makeup.

“ Please, don’t tell anyone that nothing happened. It’s not good for the both of us. “ Min said and I nodded.

Using the map, I made my way towards the warehouse. Leaving the tourist districts, I could feel the change in atmosphere as I entered a zone where you are constantly watched.

Men who openly dangled weapons in therr hand looked at you from head to toe, as if they are ready to pick a fight the moment you make eye contact.

I ignored them and continued walking.

Until someone stop me, I’m assuming the path that I’m walking on is not out of bounds for someone desperate enough to come to the street. As I got closer to the warehouse, I noticed more men merging into the road I was taking.

The seem to appear from alleys and corners that looked like it leads to a dead end.

Some of them looked fresh and well rested while some looked like they just stepped out from a fight with bruises all over their face.

All of us headed in the same direction and I reckon these must be the lot of hopefuls that wants to land a job with ShaoKun that day.

A large man standing by a makeshift guard post with a beach umbrella perched above it stopped every men as they approached.

The dirty umbrella is stained with green algae and the other men sitting under it fingered their weapons while eyeing me everyone that came up.

Beyond that guardpost is a staircase that leads up to this wooden platform situated 3m off the ground. My eyes followed that platform and I could see another 2 more armed guards on it guarding a door.

“what do you want ? I’ve never seen you around here before. “ The large man asked me.

If there is a benchmark for politeness and sending me a warning both at the same time, that man fits the bill perfectly.

I looked at him and told him that I just arrived last night.

“ I need a job. And, the girl I slept with told me ShaoKun pays well. “ I looked around the rest of the men who were looking at me while waiting for a reply.

The large men looked at me from top to toe before gesturing for me to lift my arms.

He checked that I was not carrying anything before asking what can I do.

I looked at him and threw the question back to him.

“ What do you want me to do ? I’ll do it.“

He laughed and so did the rest of the men.

He gestured for me to follow the rest of the guys up the stairs and when the door to the warehouse opened, my eyes could not believe what I was seeing.

Drugs, stacked as high as a double decker bus filled the entire warehouse. The perimeter of the warehouse is packed very compactly with crates of drugs and goods sticking to each other. It went around the rectangular warehouse the size of two basketball court.

While the good took up the sides of the interior, a mass of bodies took up the centre. It’s as if the centre of the warehouse has been hollowed out to form a makeshift stage of sort.

Chicken wire fence go up 3m towards the ceiling topped with barb wires and sharpened stakes. The fence up area is about ¾ the size of a court and I could see the horde of ShaoKun’s men milling about outside the cage while looking at the arrivals.

I was stopped in the holding area with others as the 1st lot of men got locked inside the cage.

Looking up, I could see a cantilevered platform sticking out from above that overlooks the fighting cage like a gallery in a theatre. A thin layer of fabric veil covered the entire gallery, shielding whoever is behind it.

The door to the warehouse shut behind me and I could see the men settling down .

I turned to one of the man beside me and asked him what is this about ?

“is this your first time old man ? “ the young chap who looked to be in his mid twenties asked.

I nodded and a few others laughed.

“I don’t think you should get in there.” He advised.

He explained that everyday, hordes of men want to work for ShaoKun. So, in order to filter out the candidates, it has come to this.

“what ? a brawl ? “ I asked

The young man nodded.

He directed my attention to a double digit counter hanging on the underside of the gallery.

“A number of red sash will be thrown inside the cage and the men will need to fight for each one. At the end of the countdown, those with the red sash will be given a chance to work for ShaoKun” He explained

“what about those that don’t ? “ I asked.

“ then you go back and try again the next day, until you die, or something else better comes along. “ He said dryly.

There isn’t much of a career choice in the street it seems.

“stay away from me old man, I won’t hesitate to kill you for a sash later. “ The man puffed up his chest and flexed his muscles in an attempt to intimidate the rest of the group in the holding area.

I thanked him for the explanation and looked at the 1st group. There are a dozen men inside there.

From behind the veiled gallery, I could see several figures approaching but I can’t make out who is who. With only one chair, I assume the man sitting behind the chair is ShaoKun.

The timer switched on and it displayed 99.

99 seconds.

I saw ShaoKun’s hand reached out of the veil and it was the had of an old man with nails so long that it curled backwards. The hand is adorned with jewelleries and rings resembling that of an emperor.

I could not make out how many sash were thrown in but I saw all the men scrambling to get one.

Needless to say, a fight broke out. Punches were thrown, kicks to the faces. Hair pulling, hitting below the belt, there are no rules.

The only rule is to get a sash.

The audience cheered and as the countdown timer hit zero, 3 men held up their bloodied hands with the red sash. The gate to the cage opened and the men were shouted at to get out.

Those with red sash were directed to a small office at the back. Those injured and can still walk scrambled out.

I saw a man who looked to be in his mid fifties lying face down on the ground.

He’s no longer breathing but the crowd did not even bad an eyelid.

The organisers did not even deem it necessary to remove the body before signally for my group to get in.

“ get in !, come on, don’t waste time. Get in ! “ A scrawny guard with crooked and black teeth ushered the employee hopefuls into the cage before locking us in.

That man reminded me of a pirate who forgot to shower for a week.

I entered the care with 10 others and I could see the lot of them pushing to get to the underside of the gallery. It’s the coveted spot to be.

I did the opposite.

I backed away from the frenzied crowd who looked up like basketball players expecting to catch a rebound.

The timer reset itself to 99 and I saw ShaoKun’s hand reached out again.

When the wrinkled fingers released the sashes into the cage, several man jumped up to catch them while those who didn’t managed to time the jump pulled those that did back down.

The men started grabbing and hitting each other.

Those that got a sash held onto it for their dear lives, blocking punches and kicks.

It’s an impossible task. There’s not enough sashes to go around. The moment you get one, at least 2-3 others will gang up on you.

I walked around the perimeter of the cage, staying out of the fight as I looked at the physical orgy going on in front of me. Men outside the cage booed at me, asking me to grow a pair and get in the fight.

“ no balls don’t come in here old man ! “

“hey ! get in and fight you cunt ! “

“grow a pair you wuss ! “

I felt someone spit at me from behind into my hair and arm but I ignored them.

My eyes carefully tracking the location of the sashes.

By the time the timer reached 30, a total of 3 men were on the ground while the others fought for the 2 sashes in play.

The young man that explained the rules to me earlier was one of those that got a sash but he was being ganged up against by 3 others. He gritted his teeth and I could see him blocking the hits and punches while stealing a glance at the timer.

He’s going to endure it till it end.

Suddenly a burly man lifted the young man up by the legs and ran 2-3 metres with him suspended in mid air before slamming him down onto the dirt floor.

 They fell right in front of me and the young guy was done. He hit his head and I’m sure that hard landing on his back knocked the air out of his lungs.

The burly man grabbed the sash from the young man and immediately delivered a brutal fist to the face of another hopeful coming up behind him.

There are still 20 seconds left on the clock.

The burly men is holding his ground as his massive knuckles waving around put an effective barrier between him and other hopefuls.

A thin tattooed chap tried to jump onto the burly man but was grabbed by him around the waist and thrown to the ground. The man then proceeded to stomp on the man’s head over and over again as blood started to pool underneath the tattooed man’s body.

The sheer brutality of what is happening sent the other men towards the other sash holder.

Common sense dictates it is better to get the sash from a man that is not smashing the skull of a fallen with his foot

10 seconds left.

I walked over to the burly man and he swung his fist at me. I lowered myself, orientated myself behind him and punched him behind his right knee. The large man buckled and got down on one knee. I stood up and with a spring in my jump, kneed him on the right side of his temple.

The man’s eyes rolled back and he fell immediately.

5 seconds left on the clock, I picked up the red sash from the man’s hand.

3 seconds left on the timer, I tore the sash into 2.

Just when the timer is coming to an end, I stuffed one half of the torn sash into the hand of the young man on the ground. He was just sitting up and trying to catch his breath.

The timer hit zero and the crowd cheered and shouted with many of them hitting the wire mesh. The young man got to his feet and looked at me in surprise for doing what I did.

“this is. This is against the rules. You cannot tear the sash “ he said.

“why not ? I thought in here, there are no rules ? “ I replied, thanking him for his explanation earlier.

Everyone looked up towards the gallery and I could see whoever is standing beside ShaoKun bending down, putting his ears near the boss.

After about a minute, the man appeared in the gallery and the shouting grew quiet.

He announced to all present.

“ All those with a red sash, proceed to the office. Those without, you may go “ He said before returning behind the veil.

The young man beside me could not believe his ears and he hugged me while jumping excitedly.

Punching his fist in the air, the old me this was his 5th attempt.

“do you know what this means ? “ He asked.

Working for ShaoKun meant not only a stable salary, but it comes with recognition and additional privileges as well. Hardly anyone from the other gangs dare to find fault with the godfather of the street.

The godfather with the most resources, weapons and men.

“I’m Yong, what’s your name old man ? How the fuck did you do that ? “ He said excitedly.

“I’m Mengdun, just lucky I guess. “

The successful lot of us entered the office and we’re given a phone and an envelope.

I opened it to see cash, several pills and a small ziplock of what appears to be heroin.

I guess this is advance payment.

“hey you, both of you. ! “ the man announcing the results earlier called out to Yong and me.

“come with me.” he said.

I felt a tinge of excitement as we followed him to the back of the warehouse and into what appears to be an open yard. We continued walking a little further and I could first smell the salty air of the sea.

Then I was immediately hit by this stench.

A stench I remember.

Turning round a brick wall which seemed to serve no purpose, I saw the origin of the stench.

It’s the smell of dead bodies.

I could see at least a dozen of them piled onto each other.

The man lit a cigarette and he remained unfazed by the smell and state of the bodies while gesturing for us to go closer.

Some of the carcass are already in severe stage of decomposition and several crows are pecking on the body. I could not tell if they were pecking at the maggots on it or the decomposing flesh itself.

Being near the edge of the sea, the base of the rotting pile has a massive gathering of crabs too, picking the juicy pieces of meat from the bodies.

Yong vomited immediately and fell onto his knees as the sight and smell of the cadavers.

I hated that smell but I have experienced it enough in the course of my career to be indifferent to it.

Yong retched and vomited again as he kicked away several mud crabs that ventured too close to his feet.

After waiting for Yong to finish vomiting, the man, halfway through his cigarette looked at me, eyeing me from top to toe.

“you’re the Cop killer aren’t you. “ He said to me.

It seems the entrance I made had it’s intended effect.

A desperate and violent cop killer looking for a way out.

“It was an accident.” I replied dryly and he laughed.

Yong had nothing left in his stomach to vomit but he still could not fight off the retching reflex. The smell is just too overpowering.

Finishing his cigarette, the man looked at the 2 of us and told us our first task is to get rid of the bodies.

“ Bury them.” He threw his used butt on the ground and pointed to a few shovels on the side.

Yong and I started working.

“how do you put up with the stench? It’s fucking disgusting. “ he asked.

“try not to think about it. “ I said.

It took the 2 of us 4 hours to dig a hole we think is large enough for the 6 bodies.

We worked with no gloves, no protective gear, no mask.

Grabbing the slimy and rotten limbs, we threw the bodies into the hole.

Yong, being a true resident of the street, turned his nose away as he started to go through the pockets of the dead men. From within the clothes, he pulled out stuff no one bothered to empty.

Cash. Weapons like dagger and krambit knives. There’s even a nice dagger complete with a leather sheath. All of the items, although usable, needs a good wash.

We kept working under the sun and humid weather.

The only break we took was to drink water from a hose 10 metres away.

Went we fit all the bodies in the pit, we started to cover up the hole.

Shovel after shovel the 2 of us threw sand, soil and small chunks of rocks into the pit.

At this rate, we should be able to be done in another hour or so. Through my conversation with Yong, I found out that he grew up in the street. This new friend should be able to provide me with a steady stream of information that I can use.

Being this chatty and friendly, I’m sure he is a treasure trove of information.

Just when we were about done covering up the hole, someone shouted for us to stop.

“oei oei !. Stop ! Hold on. “ He shouted.

Looking over, we saw a man pushing a cart towards us.

On the cart is a body bag.

He asked us to wait for him as he quickly pushed the cart over.

Reaching the edge of the hole that is almost filled up, he took a loko before tipping the body bag over.

Wiping the sweat from his brows like another day’s work, he gave us a grateful nod, thanking us for the help.

“ Thanks man, if not I will have to dig and bury this on my own.” He said.

Yong, being the friendly of us two, introduced on my behalf, saying that it’s our first day. The chap pushing the cart revealed that he’s also new, barely a month in.

While the 2 man chatted, I could not help but look at him. He’s not dressed like the rest of us in casual street wear. He was wearing full personal protection equipment complete with mask and surgical gloves.

As he spoke, we started removing them, throwing those into the hole together with the body bag.

Here we are, handling rotting corpses with not even a pair of gloves and that chap is fully protected.

After he left, Yong and I continued shovelling, piling more soil onto the latest addition.

Suddenly the body bag moved. Both Yong and I saw the movement and we stopped.

Then the bag moved again.

We exchanged a look and Yong sighed before suggesting we kill the poor bastard before burying him.

“I mean ShaoKun wants him dead, but burying him alive when he’s half dead is just fucking twisted man.” Yong suggested that we finish the job before covering up.

“go ahead “ I gestured to the moving body bag.

We can clearly make out the moving hands and where the head is. Yong jumped into the pit and after taking a deep breath, slammed the shovel on the head.

Once, twice, three times.

Then he stopped. The hands continued moving and pushing against the body bag.

I looked at the collection of weapons at the side and suggested Yong use the dagger.

He looked a little apprehensive to do it up close and asked if I could do it instead.

The man is probably suffering, with that 3 hard knocks on the head, definitely internal bleeding and probably a cracked skull.

Killing him then would only be considered as an act of mercy.

Eager to get out of the heat, I picked up the dagger and pulled it out of the sheath.

Jumping into the pit, I went to the head. Holding the skull down, I plunged the dagger into the neck and twisted it.

I withdrew the dagger and immediately felt something is off.

There’s no blood.

I’ve slit enough neck and severed enough jugulars to know how much blood that would let out especially with a beating heart but there was no blood.

Yong jumped back and I was started too when I saw the hands still moving.

“what the fuck ? “ I mumbled.

“dude, do it properly, he’s fucking suffering bro.” Yong said


I unzipped the body back and Yong backed away, falling onto the soft soil when we saw the man inside the bodybag.

The head looks pale and there’s a fucking bullet wound in the middle of his forehead.

The eyes are open but he looked lifeless. The mouth is wide apart and his teeth is doing a biting motion like he was looking for something to eat.

I looked at the wound I inflicted. His neck is split open, I could see the flesh, the severed veins and nerves, but he is still moving.

“what the hell. “ Yong blurted out as I looked at the man’s hand that is pushing and waving it’s way out of the body bag.

He just kept moving.

He just kept moving.

“stab him in the eye, in the eye Mengdun ! “ Yong said.

I plunged the dagger into his let eye socket and twisted the blade. After I pulled it out with bits of his eyes, flesh and brain, he continued moving.

He just kept moving.

I stood up and I exchanged another look with Yong.

“ this is sick…” Yong said.

That man inside the bag is definitely dead but how is he still moving.

Turning to Yong, I asked.

“ what is this, is there some zombie virus in the street or something ? “ I joked.

Yong did not look amused as he looked at me with a grave expression.

“ That’s not a zombie, zombie dies when you stab them in the head. You fucking stirred his brain and he’s still moving. “ Yong said.

I put the knife back int the sheath, careful not to drop the bits of flesh. These needs to be looked at in a lab.

I zipped up the body bag and I told Yong to start covering it up.

While we filled the pit with soil, Yong asked me several times.

“ It’s not right ? Mengdun, seriously, it’s not one right. ? Zombies are supposed to die when you hit them in the head. “ He said.

Looking at Yong, I asked;

“ have you seen a Zombie in real life before ? “

“ of course not. “

“ Then how do you know they die if they get hit in the head ? “

“ The movies say so.“ Yong replied, looking more nervous than ever.

Right about then we saw several other men come out to take a smoke and we continued shovelling.

“ tell no one about this Yong.” I said

“which part ? the part we buried a fucking zombie ? Or this one doesn’t die when you stab it in the head ? “ Yong whispered nervously.



“ are you seeing what I’m seeing boss ? “ I asked while directing the camera at the scene.

I could hear my boss talking on the other end of the line presumably into another phone. It’s unbelievable. I feel like I’m shooting some documentary in a new habitat or something.

I walked by the side to get a closer look at Shirley. She has bitten the ear off cleanly now and is gnawing on the cartilages.

Her eyes looked at me but she continued eating the corpse of the man on the floor. Her hands appeared to be out of control, like that of a toddler still trying to learn how to use it’s body.

The mouth however, knew exactly what to do. To feed.

I looked at my watch and started to count.

I estimated the time when Shirley took the first bite and I kept my eye on the watch.

I don’t believe in zombies, or ghosts, or vampires.

I’ve been schooled in the military about the human body. I know what nerves to go for and where the tendons I should direct my knife towards. I know how to break and dislocate bones and I know how to take a life.

I have just taken two, however, one of them is now happily chewing away at the other.

This must be some drugs, a new kind of muscle controlling drug. Our body is complex but we function through a series of chemical and electrical signals.

Signals that the brain sends.

It’s as simple as that. When we die, our heart stops beating. Our brain stops sending those signals. We don’t move. It’s that’s simple.

The brain tells us to do something, we do it. It controls our limbs, our body, our breathing, everything. Something is controlling Shirley right now. Something that we don’t know.

“Randy you there?” Ethan asked.

“ yeah, I’m watching Shirley eat up the man’s face right now, but no sign of the guy turning into a zombie. “ I said.

“there is no turning into a zombie, it’s a new drug.” Ethan said.

I knew it.

My boss explained that a new performance drug that has long lasting effects has hit the market recently. Compared to traditional ones, this one can last 2-3 days. Imagine getting the same euphoria and high but without the side effects.

No dry mouth, the constant thirst, or having a bad trip. It’s being marketed as the new age drug. They call it the raft.

“the raft ? “ I asked.

It was named that way because it gives a feeling of you floating in the sea for 24-72 hours depending on your body. Like you are floating on cloud.

“the drug on it’s own is harmless base on my sources but the problem is peddlers and dealers are mixing shit of their own inside. “ Ethan revealed. 

I looked at Shirley pulling a large piece of the man’s face out, revealing the red flesh and bits of his skull underneath. She continued chewing away as if she has a hunger that she cannot satisfy.

My boss told me that ‘the raft’ on its own delivers the soothing high that abusers chase. It’s comfortable, feels like a snug hug and that floating feeling although good to have, lacks a kick. The adrenaline rush that stiffer drugs give is missing, that’s when people start to get creative.

“people high on drugs mixing their own shit ? that just sounds like trouble waiting to happen.” I said.

“Shaokun is the sole distributor of ‘the raft’.” Ethan revealed.

“WangQi has been bringing some new stuff in too but my source is not picking up his phone. I have another lead telling me that WangQi has something else that produces similar effect. “ Ethan added while remaining calm as ever. Like it didn’t bother him this is happening.

“can you get a sample of it ? “ I asked while cursing under my breath when I jumped in fright as I felt Shirley’s hands hit my leg.

“this is the interesting part Randy, the drug was pulled off the street by both bosses one week ago.” Ethan revealed.

“sounds like they knew something is wrong.”

It appears as if the effects of the drugs on the person’s body continue to linger on even after they are dead.

Ethan’s theory is that the brain of the deceased, continues to be affected by the drug. Chemicals and signals are still being released, thereby controlling the body to do what it does.

If he is right, Shirley should stop moving when the drug wears out. The question is how long would that take ?

I stepped aside and changed my position as I noticed the blood flowing towards me.

I asked Ethan what should I do with the bodies.

Putting 2 bodies in LongShu’s territory is not to be taken lightly. Ethan will have to handle this delicate manner, especially when one of the bodies is still moving.

“put them in the bathroom, I will send someone over to clean it up. Head over to ShaoKun’s lair and see what you can find “ Ethan said.

I looked at the man on the ground and his face was already pretty much chewed up by then.

Dragging Shirley up from behind, I could see her mouth chewing away at whatever bits of flesh she managed to bite off. I kept a close eye on her mouth, the last thing I want is for her to take a chunk out of me.

I deposited her in the bathtub and she just continued flailing and moving about. Her lower body seemed to be paralysed. Only her hands moved and twitched.

Going over to the man, I dragged him as well into the toilet, leaving him by the floor.

I hesitated for a moment, thinking whether I should check the man again for a pulse or something.

I looked at his skinless face. One of his eye balls is gone, probably somewhere in Shirley’s stomach.

I washed my hands with soap while keeping an eye on the 2 bodies beside me. I don’t get frightened easily but there is something about this that gets under my skin. It makes me uncomfortable.

I think for a trained killer, nothing bothers us as much as not being able to kill your subject.

I shut the bathroom door and I looked out onto the strip mall below. People are still walking around, girls are still out and about.

10 minutes later, Ethan gave me a call and told me it’s done.

“leave the room, and just walk out of the brothel casually. “ He said before giving me a location he wants me to check out.

Instead of going to Shaokun, Ethan wanted me to head over to WangQi first before going over to Shaokun.

“why ? “ I asked

“Go to WangQi’s meat shop. My sources told me that place is abuzz with activities the past few days. They stopped accepting walk in for meat purchases, insisting on delivery only for their supplies. “

“I never liked the smell of his meat. Something’s not right about them. “ I replied.

“I hope you’ve never eaten any of them before.” Ethan said.

“ Of course not, the smell puts me off. “

Ethan reminded me that at no time am I supposed to act without his orders.

ShaoKun and Wangqi are constantly vying to bring in the latest synthetic drugs in order to gain control of the market. Something must be up for both of them to pull both drug off the street.

“ We’re on thin ice here Randy, I hope you understand. “

“ I understand. Will let you know what I find. “ I hung up the phone before stepping out of the room.

The armed guard by the reception is gone and the place is practically empty but I know it’s only going to be for a few minutes.

I slipped into the strip and disappeared into an alley that connects to the market.

I hate the market and it’s smell. The stench itself is already unbearable, but going to Wangqi’s meat shop is pure torture.

WangQi is the largest supplier of fresh meat to the street.

Tuck at the back of the market, there’s a chiller facility attached to a makeshift butchery.

Live poultry like, chicken, ducks, quails and pigeons are stuffed in cages waiting for buyers. You can choose your own fowl and the staff will slit it’s throat right in front of you before throwing it into a large barrel.

The chicken, with it’s throat slit will trash about and bleed to death before it’s retrieved and given to the customer. Pay a little more and the stall will gut it for you and remove the feathers for you.

Larger animals like pigs, lambs and cattle too are slaughtered in that place.

It’s a messy affair.

I could smell the meat shop even before I get close to it. The smell of death, of blood and shit all jumbled together.

You could also hear the screams of the animals during the butchering process depending on how sadistic the butcher is feeling that day.

As I got closer, I noticed the presence of a lot more men than usual.

They were turning away the vendors and people who want to buy meat, directly them to a table further down the road to place their order. Delivery will be made free of charge from what I heard.

Venturing around the back of the meat shop, I could see the back door is guarded as well with 4 men smoking and talking.

I’ll need to get up on the roof.

The adjoining shop is one that sells utensils and washing products. I entered it and the owner asked me what am I looking for.

I handed him a few notes and he looked at me cautiously.

“I just need to get onto the roof from your level 2 balcony. You will not see me again. “ I said while flashing the knife by my belt to reinforce the statement that there are two ways we can do this.

He can either take my money and keep quiet, or I can take the money back from him and make him keep quiet.

The shop keeper took the money and looked away as I took the small odd flight of stairs up to level 2.

Looking out of the window that faces a broken air conditioner, I could see a narrow ledge I could take towards the 2nd level of the meat shop. Sticking my head out, I felt a trickle of water hit my hair from above.

I don’t know what that was but it stinks. The narrow ledge leading to the meat shop is filled with trash, old broken mops, half eaten boxes of rice and countless aluminium cans with labels already faded away.

I climbed out and walked sideways like a crab quickly along the ledge before coming up to a wall that belonged to the meat shop.

The meat shop is 4 storey high.

I jumped and grip onto the parapet of the shop I just came out of, hoisting myself onto it’s flat roof that is filled with a variety of trash and old Styrofoam boxes.

I looked around to make sure no one spotted me before leaping across to the 3rd storey ledge of the meat shop. I was perspiring and panting by then as I navigated myself along the ledge towards a window opening facing the same direction as the shop window earlier.

Taking a quick peep, I noticed that there are grilles installed on the window. I can’t go in from there.

I continued climbing, reaching the 4th level with much difficulty but the window is also fitted with a grille. It doesn’t look like there is anything going on inside.

I was about to head for the roof when head some commotion coming from inside the meat shop. It’s the sound of heavy chains being dragged along the floor.

Steadying myself, I pulled my body up slowly to get a better view of what is inside that room on level 4.

I heard the metallic rattle of chains and they seemed to get more intense.

Then I came face to face with another man who slammed his face against the window grille, causing me to lose my grip on my left hand. I fell but my right hand found the ledge.

The face slamming man continued hitting his face against the grill, trying to look down towards me as I hung dangling off the 3rd storey ledge.

“fuck . erghh! “ I grunted as I found my footing and grip once more.

Pulling myself back up to level 4, I took a closer look at the man trying to squish his face through the grills towards me.

His eyes is lifeless and they are turning a greyish shade of white. His mouth kept opening and closing like he was trying to bite me. Another one.

He cannot reach me from the inside so I steadied myself for a better look.

The man’s mouth turned sideways and he kept trying to reach for me from between the bars. I took out my phone to take a video.

I barely got a few seconds when the man suddenly turned way and started making it’s way to the other side of the room. The door opened and I quickly ducked out of sight. I heard some people talking and I tried to make out what they are saying.

They spoke in Chinese. Something about day 3. They cursed several times and I could smell the smoke from their cigarette.

I caught bits of ‘feed him again’ before I heard the disturbing grunt of the man chewing on something.

Then the door to the room closed.

I looked into the room again to see the man sprawled on the floor and chewing away on a piece of meat. It was then I noticed his back stained with blood, probably got stabbed in the back or something.

I took a video of it and send it to my boss.

I took a couple of breaths and calmed myself before I continued climbing up to the roof.

The meat shop is one of the higher buildings in the development. At level 4, it towered over it’s neighbours who mostly stops at level 3.

I checked the time on my watch, day is about to break soon.

Without the cover of darkness, doing what I’m doing now is just suicide.

I peeped over the concrete parapet to check out the roof.

It’s filled with plants and landscaping stuff. A variety of fruiting plants and trees lined the roof and I could see patio furniture on a bed of artificial turf. I got onto the roof and lowered myself behind some bushy shrubs.

I kept still and observed the surrounding. Everything looks pretty quiet.

I kept to the perimeter of the roof as I crawled towards the centre of the building where the roof access staircase is.

Then my ears picked up the rattling of chains again and I paused.

I stopped what I was doing.

The rattling stopped.

It’s pitch dark up on the roof and my eyes could not make out anything unusual.

I was about to crawl again when I heard the rattling sound of chains once more.

Then came a low monotonous groan.

I pulled out my knife from my belt and remained still, keeping my back against the parapet wall.

I made a mental note to bring my gun for my next job when I heard the rattle of keys coming from the access staircase.

The chain rattled again, dragging against the concrete floor of the roof before suddenly becoming quiet again as the owner of the chain stepped onto the artificial turfing.

The door to the roof opened and the monotonous groan grew louder. It’s obvious there is another one of them up here.

The spill of light from the staircase hit the roof and the light illuminated a section of the space in front of me. My eye widened the moment I saw what’s in front of me.

“ oh fuck. “ I mumbled under my breath

In front of me is the bulky figure of a 130kg man. His belly bulge spills over the waistband of his pants, making the perfect top.

A pair of chains went around both his ankles.

His body is adorned with a variety of tattoos, most of them faded and deformed as he grew fatter and the skin it was inked on got stretched.

The man at the door cursed as they threw pieces of meat onto the roof for the man. The fat giant wasted no time, sprawling himself onto the floor immediately as he pressed his face onto the pieces of bloodied meat.

I took out my phone and started recording again.

I already have several miss calls from Ethan but I can’t call him back now.

I took a 30 second clip of the man on the floor before sending it to Ethan.

This is big.

Way bigger than ever now.

It was then I realised my clothes are drenched with my perspiration. I back tracked to the spot I climbed up and lowered myself onto the ledge on level 4 before slowly making my way down to level 2.

From there, I went in the opposite direction of the meat shop as fast as I could.

I entered a dwelling unit to see a woman scream and brandish a knife at me. I ignored her and walked right out her door into a cramped residential alleyway.

As fast as I could, I made my way out of the market and towards the mall.

After making sure I was not followed, I found a quiet alley to see more missed calls from my boss.

I called him back immediately.

“ Sorry, I was trying to get away. Did you see what I sent you ? It’s him right ? ! “  I said excitedly.

Ethan confirmed my findings.

“ Yes, It appears WangQi is dead. “ He said coldly.

“this is big ! can you imagine what would happen if word gets out ? There will be blood in the street ! A boss is dead ! “ I whispered harshly to Ethan.

The power balance will be tilt and the remaining 2 will go all out to fill WangQi’s territory.

My boss remained silent for a few seconds and asked me for my thoughts.

“ What ? You mean about WangQi’s death? “ I said

I immediately gave him a logical analysis of the different sector and the power vacuum that will be available once news has been announced. Shaokun, being the more resourceful of the 2 will surely take over the lucrative market but LongShu is not to be underestimated as well. Some has described him as a praying mantis lying in wait.

“ It’s going to be a blood bath, let’s not forget about WangQi’s own men trying to wrestle control. He has a few right hand men right ? “ I said while looking around me to me sure no one overhears my conversation.

“I don’t mean that Randy.” Ethan said.

“then what do you mean ? “ I asked.

Suddenly I felt the hair on my skin stand up without warning as the gravity of Ethan’s words hit me for the first time.

I missed something.

Something critical.

In my excitement to share Wangqi’s death, I missed out something that has been staring at me right in my face.

Shirley could only move her hands but the ones at the meat shop, including Wangqi himself.

They could walk and stand.

*I’m stuck for this piece. Will be putting it on hold for a bit. Will try to continue developing it further when i get the inspiration*