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A new concept piece i’m working on. Imagine a Kowloon city-like no mans land in Singapore. A narrow piece of street that although physically in Singpaore, sits on land that belongs to the Malaysian government. A street that the strict laws of the country could not penetrate. A street where anything goes.

Criminals, drug addicts, the sex trade all thrive within this street with a dense population of 50000. It can be a paradise for the rich, it can also be hell for the poor. One thing is for sure, it’s a place where even the police avoids.

The story will be told from 3 perspective running along the same timeline, that of an undercover cop, a thug & a killer.

Find out just what is going on in the bowels of the largest slum in the country.

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The younger generation might not know about this but Singapore once had a railway track cutting down the centre of the island. Coming in from Malaysia, it slices through the heart of the island, taking you through Bukit Timah, down to the southern ridge before ending at Tanjong Pagar.

From the old train station in Tanjong Pagar, you can hop on one of these slow moving train all the way up to Thailand if taking a plane is not your cup of tea.

That is all in the past.

Now the former rail corridor is being slowly transformed into a nature walk with connection to major park connectors. On some stretches of the former railway track, you can still see the old railway tracks.

The former Bukit Timah railway station will be conserved and transformed into a heritage site.

The land that the railway used to sit on belongs to Malaysia. A landmark land swap deal was done back in the early 2010s following an impasse of 20 years. It took 2 generations of leaders between the 2 countries to conclude the deal over a couple of decades due to the complexity and delicate nature of the swap.

Three plots of ex railway land in Kranji, Keppel & Woodlands, together with three more plots in Bukit Timah will be swapped for prime land in Marina South and along the Beach road district.

A joint venture company will be formed between the 2 countries to manage the new land. Everyone wants a win-win outcome.

While all attention was focused on this landmark deal of the century, no one paid attention of another plot of land located in the north of the island.

One that still belongs to Malaysia.

This plot of land sits on the north western point of the island in Lim Chu Kang.

Lim Chu Kang is a district that everyone associates with 2 things. Cemetery and Poultry farms. There’s nothing there.

The air smells like chicken shit and depending on your religion, Hantus, spirits, vampires would probably hitch a ride in your car if you drive over there.

There’s nothing there. Aside from a few sleepy farms tuck near the cemetery, there are practically no signs of life in that part of the island.

Depending on how you look at it, the planners either deliberately left this area out of the masterplan in land scarce Singapore, or they forgot all about it.

My bet is that they don’t know what to do with it.

Malaysia still own a large piece of land at the tip of the district facing the Johor straits. The narrow strip of water separating the 2 country is less than 2km apart at the narrowest section.

The piece of land is by no means small.

The largest shopping mall in Singapore is Vivocity, that plot of land is about the same size the mega mall is sitting on.

Surrounded by barb wire fence, it had nothing in it aside from an abandoned 5 storey factory that took up one side of the narrow road leading into the site.

It’s connected directly to the water where a makeshift dock that looked like it belong in the 60s and it’s the site where many illegal entries into the country is made.

After it became clear that the land swap deal did not cover that particular plot of land, opportunistic criminals started to arrive by boat into the country.

Why didn’t we do something ?

Well, Within that barb wire fence, it’s technically not Singapore.

Whatever happens within that fence, is not our problem.

As more people arrive from across the water, the authorities tried to engage our neighbours across the causeway. However, just when we thought it could be resolved, a change in administration across the water threw a spanner into the works.

Malaysia managed to set up a border gate for ferrying to and fro the no man’s land.

It was meant to control who goes in and out with the aim of bringing all their people back but it failed terribly.

Rampant brides and corruption meant the criminals now not only have a proper established channel to enter and leave, they could even avoid the harassment of our coastguards.

The plot of land grew in population size quickly.

The police were called in initially but it was not enough. It was a mistake.

We tried going in, but were surprised and caught off guard at the amount of fire power the criminals packed.

After a few decades of peace where the worse the police needed to deal with is a riot in Little India, they were not prepared for the ferocity of the criminals inside that place.

6 police officers died that day. No one knows for sure how many lawless criminal died in there.

It’s madness.

The criminals had military grade weapons at their disposal.

I’m talking large caliber weapons.

Just when the country was expecting an all out war, calmer heads prevailed and an uneasy truce was reached.

No one knows who brokered the truce.

No one knows who made the talks but the word was passed down on both sides.

Leave them alone.

Leave them alone and they will leave us alone.

Out of nowhere, The place gained a name.

We call it, the street.

The street.

The military was called in to box off the site in the beginning. Aside from delivery trucks sending humanitarian supplies, no other vehicles were allowed in.

Gunshots can be heard on a daily basis as the plot of land grew vertically. It’s absurd. No one thought it’s possible to live in there. Not with the chaos going on everyday.

Brick by brick, the site grew. Like cancerous lumps growing out from the old abandoned factory, the crime haven expanded until it took up almost every square inch of the site.

Today, it’s 8 storey tall, a structure that looked like a living organism.

There is no need for engineers or architects in the street.

The building grows like it had a life of it’s own. From bamboo scaffoldings to zinc roof one day, it would be replaced with brick walls and concrete slabs the next.

The form and shape of dwellings on the exterior membrane kept changing and evolving until it finally found the piece that fits. Then it stopped changing.

Before long, something new would cover it, forming another layer of mysterious space that covers the previous.

Wherever there’s space, the street will grow.

It grew up and right to the edge of the boundary.

Some of the brick walls were practically plastered against the fence which defined the boundary. Now, within that plot of land is an entire independent eco system of crime, shadow banking, and it comes with it’s own pecking order.

Order dictated not by law, but by who is in charge.

Boss, gang, mafia, or whatever you want to call it.

There is someone in charge inside there.

There is only 1 road wide enough for 2 vehicles to travel abreast.

There is no place for you to turn, on days where there are no vehicles going in, vendors and hawkers lined the road with their wares selling everything from drugs to pornography videos of leaked influencers.

Driving in, you are essentially boxed in tight on both sides.

A tactical nightmare even if you are driving an armoured tank.

Anyone can throw a Molotov cocktail from above or send an armour piercing round into your vehicle.

One way in, and you need to reverse out.

The street used to draw electricity and water from our grid. We cut them off in an attempt to shut the place down but it was no use.

Solar panels came up, batteries and generators were shipped across from Malaysia. They eventually found a way.

On humanitarian grounds, a commercial entity was set up by the red cross to purchase water from the country to send inside the crime haven. Even criminals need water.

With the basic needs of power and water taken care of, the rest has a way of taking care of itself.

There are contractors willing to take the risk of crossing the border illegally to make a fast buck in that place from Malaysia, and of course, there are the ones on our side willing to enter for some extra cash too.

From building materials to even light bulbs, they are brought across from Malaysia.

Anything that they cannot source from Singapore, they got it from Malaysia.

A lot of criminals and people with no where else to go are driven down to the street.

Why ?

It’s the only place they could go.

Beyond the shores of Malaysia, there is nothing their police can do.

On land in Singapore, our police will not venture into that site.

Soon, the site was joined by criminal organisations and people running from the law from our side as well.

While the initial embargo had the military fencing up the whole site with plenty of men monitoring the fence, over the years, we began to reduce the amount of resources.

The street is not without it’s advantages.

You see, the chaos stays inside the street. It stays within the fence.

All the shit that goes on in there. It stays in there.

It never gets out.

It’s like an unspoken rule abided by all.

It didn’t matter if you are a drug dealer on death row, or a serial rapist or a murderer, as long as it happens within the street, it stays in the street.

10 years in, aside from a handful of bored men guarding the entrance of the only road leading into the street, the country chooses to forget about it.

It’s a stain we cannot afford to have.

A stain we would rather keep hidden.

It didn’t matter that the fences had holes in them, it didn’t matter that some of the street’s occupants venture out of the area to visit a supermarket. As long as they can get back before they are caught with their feet on Singapore soil, they are still free to do what they want.

It’s a neverending cat and mouse game trying to catch these illegal immigrants.

Another reason why the government is willing to turn a blind eye is because upon the establishment of the street and it’s underworld pecking order, crime rate dropped by 60% in the country.

Unbelievable but true.

We are already one of the safest place in the world and now you take another 60% off our crime rate. Which politician don’t want that?

You can deal your drugs in the street.

You can rape pillage and kill in the street.

You rob, murder, you smash someone’s head in, it stays in the street.

Those did not happen in Singapore.

Those are not part of the statistics

How about spillover ?

Won’t the criminals venture out of the street ?

Isn’t the neighbourhood dangerous with the street in such proximity ?

On the contrary, no.

You see, the street is now the last bastion of freedom for these people who have nothing more left to lose.

If they get out and are arrested by our ever efficient police, they are done. There’s no way they would risk breaking the law outside the fence.

Those that manage to evade initial capture and fled to the safety of the street, they stay in there, never to emerge again.

What about regular Joes, law abiding citizens like you and me. Can we go into the street ?

Of course.

You just need to know the right people. You need to know which entrance to take which zone to visit and where to avoid. There are unspoken rules about which zones you are allowed to go to.

Like in a shopping mall, or commercial tower. You are free to visit the foodcourt, the retail, the entertainment outlets but the places where the more serious business is conducted ? Those are out of bounds and anyone who dares to venture in finds out the hard way.

The street has something all the men want.


Women, Chinese, Thais, Singaporeans, all nationalities. Some as young as 16.

They are all available.

No one younger than 16 mind you.

There are lines even the scums of the earth don’t cross. Those that crossed it would never live to speak of it.

You want a virgin smuggled from across the causeway ?

You want a wife kidnapped on her wedding night ?

You want this sweet salesgirl you saw at City square mall ?

Bring the cash and the street will get it done.

What about in Singapore ?

Can they get you anyone you want in Singapore ?

Of course.

Just multiply the asking price by 3.

As I said, anything and everything goes.

You want to keep a 18 year old in a cage while you pee on her, just pay.

You want to have a threesome with twins ? done.

You want to hire a hitman to kill a friend of yours while the 2 of your are in there ? Done.

How about getting some men to rape your wife, or girlfriend ? They can make her disappear too while they are at it.

Mistress blackmailing you ? well, you know where to bring her.

As long as the price is right, anything goes.

How about a shooting range ? Yeap.

What about exotic meat ? Dog, Monkey, crocodile, even Giraffe and horse meat are available.

What about medical ? Where do you go if you fall sick ?

Oh please, you can even have a sex change operation in there not to mention getting a few paracetamols for your headache. There’s a fully equipped private clinic for plastic surgery in there as well.

The street may be a haven for some, but hell for the others. It all depends on your place in the pecking order.

It’s organised chaos.

And the icing on top of the cake is that there is money to be made.

Lots of money to be made.

Money is the root of all evil.

The street, left to it’s own demise, will eventually turn into something else.

Which is why it cannot be left on it’s own.

We need eyes and ears on the inside but every spy we sent in the past 4 years all disappeared. Never to be heard of again.

They tripped.

Something about them didn’t click.

It’s not the colour of their hair, the tattoos, or their acting skills.

It’s got nothing to do with that.

The street is a brutal place, and only the most brutal will survive.

I sat quietly in the vehicle as I composed my thoughts.

The last time I saw my friend Ruixiang was 2 years ago. I graduated from the academy with Ruixiang together.

We served together and he volunteered to go in.

We had a steady stream of intel for the first couple of months before it stopped altogether. He was gone. Just like that.

For 2 years there has been no credible intel of what the street has become.

It’s going to be up to me now.

Ruixiang is a tough guy but he’s also one of the nicest chap I know.

The street is not a place for good and nice guys.

The street is a place for bastards and those who will do anything to survive.

I took another sip of the water I was holding as I looked at the special ops team sitting in front of me. All of them are armed to the teeth.

These are good men.

Good men with families.

All of them had their masks on but I could tell who they are from their eyes.

I looked at all of them one last time before I put the bottle of water down.

They call me the mad dog of the police force but only a handful could put a face to that nickname.

Not everyone knows who the mad dog is but they knew there was one in the police force.

A mad dog that hunts down his prey using whatever means necessary.  

A brutal, violent man who if not serving the force, will most likely be in jail.

When I step out of that vehicle, I will no longer be their colleague.

I will no longer be the man that once command a team of the finest officers the home team ever knew.

The moment I put my foot out of that vehicle, I will be hunted like a criminal.

What crime am I guilty of you ask ?

I’m not guilty of anything yet but in a few minutes I will be.

I need a ticket into the street.

And that ticket in, will be murder.

Not just any murder.

I’m going to kill another police officer in full view of the streets.


Will be my ticket in.

Coming soon in Mid December.

The street is a free to read piece with weekly updates.

S1 has 10 parts planned

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I waved the thick cloud of opium smoke away from the window I was sitting at.

I looked down at my neighbour below me and I waved to Uncle Lim who was lying on his side and puffing away.

After taking a few puffs, he used a bent spoon to scoop more of those black lumps that look like melted chocolate onto his pipe.

The first time I smell the smoke I wondered what it is. This unique sweet scent that I cannot describe. It’s nothing I have ever experienced before.

Growing up, I never even had the chance to touch a cigarette, yet here I am, living above a make shift opium den.

I grew up in a prestigious neighbourhood in the country.

I lived in a landed property in Bukit Timah alongside ministers and business owners courtesy of my father’s hard work.

Money was never a worry for me. In fact, I consider myself blessed to have a really good and sheltered childhood right up to the point I enlist in the military.

I never expected so much to change within the short span of time.

Within a year, the family went from a landed property to a rented flat. My father sold most of his possessions and artwork to try and keep his business afloat. His partner had been secretly transferring funds out of the company and by the time he discovered it, it was too late.

His partner, Phang, used to frequent out place. I remember him as the fat jovial uncle who always came bearing gifts.

However, the jovial uncle changed when he started visiting the casinos. He lost weight, he lost his house, his car and it became so bad that every month he lived just for payday so he could go back in and try his luck again.

I find the irony amusing. While Phang threw his money away at the tables, my dad threw it all at the company.

I know my father.

He is a responsible man. There were 95 workers depending on him back then. 95 families depending on the paycheck the staff is bringing home.

My father tried.

He really tried but he lose.

We ended up in massive debts with the banks. I’ll let you in on a funny truth.

At 20, my meagre allowance of 700 from the military is the only amount of money sustaining the family.

We even lost our place to stay because we could not afford the rent and we ended up in the street.

I have heard stories about it.

Urban legends, myths, tales that travelled far beyond the boundary of the street.

We went there for practical reasons.

One of my father’s former employee runs a business there selling porridge.

He invited my father over to stay with him for the time being.

‘Time being’ turned out to be longer than we expected.

The employee passed away and we unofficially inherited his spot in the street.

Now, my parents sell watered down porridge with sweet potatoes & peanuts to the working class in the street. From drug pushers to street bosses, there’s no lack of customers.

We make enough to cover the rent for the small room the 3 of us shared.

A room the size of 2 carpark lots. It’s considered middle class in the street especially when it was partitioned out of a toilet. It had running water and a floor trap.

This meant that if I want to take a dump, I can just draw the small curtain, opened up the floor trap and shit directly into the hole. What about pee ?

Life is about making choices. You either pee first, or you shit first. You don’t have the luxury of doing both at the same time, unless you want to sleep on a floor seeped through by your own pee.

After you are done, you scoop water from a pail and that’s the eco friendly flush.

It’s unthinkable in this day and age in Singapore that we are doing something like this but we have no choice. This is life in the street.

You do what you can to survive.

“ Boy Gor , we’re ready “ Choo called out to me from outside my place  

“ Everyone ready ? “ I asked

Choo nodded and walked out of sight.

No one calls me by my name in the street. You name means nothing.

In here, it’s all about street creds.

The elders call me ‘Ah Boy’ , because when I came in there, I’m fresh meat.

They thought I could be easily bullied.

That they could pick on me. They could not be more wrong.

I may grow up sheltered, but I have always been street smart. Perhaps more so after wearing a red beret in the military. I waded through chest deep swamps in Brunei, and I jumped out of an aeroplane with a chute that had holes as big as my palms in them.

Survival is all about adapting.

And I am good at adapting.

The future do not belong to the strong, or the smart. It belongs to those who can adapt.

You pick your fights. Know when to walk away, and when to make a statement.

When you do make a statement, make sure it rings loud and clear.

Brutally is the only thing that people understand in the street.

You are either brutal, or you are not.

You think selling porridge can ensure your family’s survival in this hell ? You must be dreaming.

You are paying rent not to the government. You are paying to the triads.

Instead of conservancy and garbage disposal, you pay protection fees.

Instead of taxes, you pay protection fees.

You want to buy more raw ingredients, sure, you pay protection fees on top of the cost of the ingredients.

You want to leave the street, sure. Pay protection fees.

You are coming back in ? No problem. Pay more fees.

Just like the ERP gantries around the island, how much you pay, depends on the gate you take.

In a place owned and run by the triads, what is the best thing you could do ?

You join them of course.

From ‘ Ah Boy ‘, I worked my way up to ‘ Boy Gor ‘. Gor meant elder brother in cantonese.

I looked at my shaved head in the mirror along the way out. Hair only gets in the way of doing what I do. Hair is a weakness to be exploited.

Reaching under a cabinet, I pulled out a 40cm long metal rod that is about 1.5 inch thick. It’s hollow in the centre so it’s not too heavy to wield, yet strong enough to deliver damage when used properly.

Resting the rod on my shoulder, I walked along the narrow corridor towards the staircase.

My dirty jeans need a wash soon while the white singlet I was wearing is already turning a shitty shade of yellow from perspiration and grime.

I emerged into the bustling street to see my men waiting for me, weapons at the ready.

Street hawkers continued peddling their wares. My parents are busy with the porridge stall at the corner of the street.

No one bade an eyelid to the group of armed men standing in the middle of the street.

“ are they still there Choo ? “ I asked while looking at my so call lieutenant.

Choo lived in the street longer than me and he’s the cousin of one of my army mates. He ended up here because he did not enlist for military training and thereby became a wanted man.

He did not skip it on purpose.

Choo was the sole bread winner taking care of his elderly grandmother.

If he is gone, there is no one left to care for her. With no where else to go, Choo and his elderly grandmother moved into the street to avoid enlistment.

After his grandmother passed on, he had nothing else to live for and ended up on drugs.

He was just a bag of bones by the side of the street sitting on his own faeces when I saw him.

It was my first day in the street.

My first time seeing a grown man sitting in his own shit while staring blankly as the world past him by.

I offered him a bowl of porridge, and for the first in my life, I saw an adult man cried as he ate.

Choo disappeared after eating but he came back the next day to thank me.

And that was how I made my first friend.

Choo showed me the ropes, the ways. He taught me the hierarchy and the pecking order in that place.

“6 of them, they trashed the candy shop.” Choo replied as he lit 2 cigarette and handed me 1.

I took it and the lot of us started to move.

The street, sits on a rectangle plot of land.

It is controlled by 3 men, who subdivided the area into 6 zones with 9 gates.

The 6 zones starts are, Market, Mall, Strip, Office, warehouse, border.

Market, as it’s name suggest is the market. Food, raw materials, anything you can possibly need from a cup to an automatic rifle, you get it from the market.

The mall is the place you go to for drugs. Drugs of all kinds passes through there. Traditional ones like heroin, to new age psychedelic pills, even experimental drugs. It’s all available there.

The Strip is the place you go to for sex. You can find all types of girls over there.

The mall and the strip is the 2 spots most frequent by outsiders, people who don’t stay in the street.

For non-inhabitants, there are only 3 zones they can go to.

Market, Mall & the strip.

They have no business going anywhere else. If they try, they might not make it back out. Most of them are contented visiting the mall and the strip. The strip has some of the best sex workers in the country.

The office is where the bosses work and it’s out of bounds to most. You don’t want to go there. The office is located on the 5th floor of the old industrial building and every now and then, you will see body parts being flung out of the window onto a trash bin on the ground level.

Fingers, limbs, ears and the occasional head.

This is how business is done in the street.

Warehouse is for storage and it’s located right by the border facing the sea. All goods and people coming in from the sea will need to pass through the border which is staffed by triads.

This is where tax is collected and sometimes, not necessary in cash.

You’re coming in with your pretty wife ? Nice. The tax would be a night with her together with the boys.

You’re coming in with your 2 daughters, nice, the will need one of them to work in the strip for your entrance fee.

There are no rules, no laws. It’s all dictated by the people who happen to be manning the border that day.

Warehouse is where the money and drugs are kept for distribution. Aside from one of the most heavily guarded place, it is also the place where the most powerful boss hangs out most of the time.

Shao Kun.

Shao Kun controls the border and the warehouse, effectively holding the key to choke the street of it’s main source of supplies. By exerting his control there, he is also the 1st one to skim off the icing of everything.

Wang Qi

Wang Qi is an immigrant from China and he started out as a cook in the street, slowly working his way up. He sells exotic meat and he never seem to run out of them. Even when the cages are empty, there is always a steady supply of meat boiling in his soup broth.

A large vat of boiling herbs and spices so fragrant, that the smell would fill the whole area with it’s unique scent.

And he sells it cheap. For some, they never questioned the source of the meat. For me, I will never eat there no matter how hungry I am.

Wang Qi controls large swath of the market and a small section of the strip and mall. The boundaries change every now and then.

It’s all about wrestling control.

It’s like the general election in a way.

The boundaries change every time.

One day you might be in a district that pays protection money to Wang Qi, another day you might wake up to pay protection money to Shao Kun.

The last boss, and also the one I work for, is Long Shu.

Uncle dragon if you translate it literally.

Long Shu make shi money mainly from the strip where the girls are. It’s one of the oldest trade know to men.

Selling your body for money.

The girls working on the strip pays a tax to Long Shu in return for protection.

Protection that I enforce.

This is something we take seriously, much more so than the WangQi and Shaokun. When Long Shu said to protect the girls, we really protect the girls.

If a customers gets too rowdy, refuses to pay, we will be there to handle it. It’s true you can pay for all your fantasises to come true at the strip mall. You want to play a rape scenario, bondage, gangbang, everything goes, as long as you pay.

Sometimes people just want to test the system.

Long Shu also understands the need to protect the girls from the other 2 bosses, which is why our section at the strip has the most men stationed.

We have the best rooms, the softest bed and the coolest air conditioner.

Our fuck shops are nicely renovated and we even have fucking non-smoking zones for customers. This is customer service at it’s best I must say.

With a setup like this, a lot of girls choose to work for Long Shu.

Which I must say, is a perk of sort for me, which I don’t think I need to spell out.

As an enforcer, I enforce. This includes making sure other men fuck off from our territory. We usually keep to our own turf but every now and then, some fucker gets high on drugs and he decides to do something stupid.

Today is that day.

Today, some fucker working for another boss decides to do something stupid.

Which is why instead of smoking and having a beer in the market, I’m walking towards a trashed shop to negotiate in a physical manner with my men.

The candy shop is located at the end of the market zone. As we walked closer, the crowd dwindled. I passed several sad looking dogs in cages who looked at us with soulless eyes.

Arriving at the candy shop, I saw the owner dead on the ground with a knife in him. Another one of my men laid sprawled on the ground a few steps away. With the amount of blood he was lying on, I doubt he has much blood left in his body.

Inside the shop, I saw the 6 men laughing and shouting as they stuffed their face with a variety of candies.

In the street, the law is simple.

A life for a life. You take something from me, I take everything from you.

Especially so for cross turf dispute.

“hey ! “ I spat at the group of men high on drugs inside the shop.

2 of them turned to look at me while the rest continued trashing the shop. One of them removed his pants and started to pee on another one of his friend who was laughing.

These are WangQi’s men.

“ Oh. It’s Ah Boy. Haha” the man nudged his friend to draw his attention while giving me the finger.

He walked out unsteadily while asking me what I want.

“ what you want ? Fuck off Ah Boy. Hahah… do you know who.. “ The man stopped talking abruptly as I swung the metal rod I was carrying to the side of his temple.

I saw his eyeballs roll back before he fell to the ground. The moment his body hit the dirty floor, the rest of my men ran into the shop and dragged the rest of the intruders out.

From the corner of my eye, I could see crowd gathering.

I lifted up the metal rod and I slammed it down onto the man’s skull.

And I did it again.

And again.

A human skull is actually pretty hard to break. You need to hit it at the right spot several times.

And I did it again.

The street was strangely quiet. Everyone just looked on.

The crowd looked on as me and my men bludgeoned the 6 of them to death.

This is how the game is played.

The candy shop owner paid for his protection. He paid us for his protection and we failed.

The 6 fuckers cost us a revenue stream.

I wiped my face of the blood splatter as I wiped my weapon on the shirt the man was wearing.

My men striped the 6 men of all their belongings and money.

I know the candy shop owner. He was a nice man. Always giving out the occasional sweet to the kids who could not afford them. He paid his protection money on time too and never gave us any trouble.

This section of the market is also considered the quieter part. Turf intrusion don’t usually occur here. This is also why we have very little men stationed at this part.

“ where do you want to send the bodies ?” Choo asked me

“dump them in the pool, knowing WangQi, he might probably cook them .” I replied.

The pool referred to a septic tank located at a corner of the development.

People dump all sorts of shit there.

The body of the candy shop owner and my men will be taken to the morgue where they will be cremated. Their ashes scattered to the sea.

Real estate is too valuable in the street to be used for storing urns and ashes.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the shop and as I drank, looked at the gate about 10m away.

The street has 9 gates, aptly named after the offsprings of a Dragon.

Only 1 gate, the QiuNiu gate, is wide enough for vehicles to pass through.

The rest are just for pedestrian traffic.

The gate I’m looking at is the Yazi gate. I could see the guards looking out towards the clearing.

The Yazi gate belonged to ShaoKun so the men guarding the gates did nothing while watching us turned WangQi’s men into corpses. I walked over casually and saw someone I knew. One of Shaokun’s right hand man, Gopal.

Gopal and 4 others were looking out into the clearing beyond the border.

They saw me approaching, bloodied and perspiring. It’s just another day in the street.

Gopal acknowledged me with a nod and lit up a cigarette.

“ what’s happening ? “ I asked

“ Not sure, the tower lookouts are saying there’s heavy police presence out there tonight. “ Gopal blew a puff of smoke towards me as he spoke.

 “ They’re coming in ? “ I asked with a raised eyebrow as I threw the empty bottle on the ground.

“Nah, I don’t think so, looks like they’re hunting for someone, or rather, stopping someone from coming in.” Gopal replied.

Suddenly everyone flinched as gunshots rang out.

It came from the outside.

I could see the flash from the muzzles beyond the clearing from the trees.

Gopal and his men laughed as they looked at the drama that is unfolding outside.

It does not happen every time but every now and then, some desperate criminal will try to make their way into the street to avoid prosecution.

Suddenly a police car swerved madly into the clearing. The lights of the vehicle flashed and it looked like the car is going out of control.

Gopal and his men moved a few steps back from the gate as the vehicle crashed into the wall made of a shipping container on our right. The windscreen of the vehicle shattered as all the airbags were deployed to protect the inhabitants of the car.

“ woah, look at this shit. Haha “ Gopal gestured to his men as a large group of police officers swarmed into the clearing with guns pointed at the crashed vehicle.

Suddenly gunshots rang out from inside the police vehicle.

The door at the back opened and a police officer fell dead onto the ground.

What the fuck.

He was shot point blank in his face.

An older man, bleeding on his head scrambled out of the vehicle.

He was still holding the pistol in his hand and his wrist were handcuffed.

The lot of us made way for him and from the look on his soulless eyes, you can tell this is a man that has nothing more left to lose. He turned, pointed the gun at the officer on the wheel and fired twice, point blank.

He didn’t even check if he’s alive. He just shot the driver.

The lot of us took cover as shots rang out and slammed into the concrete post and walls by the Yazi gate.

The man spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground and staggered into the compound of the street.

He collapsed onto the floor, panting and crawling to a corner as the rest of us looked out at the boundary.

The lights pointing at us were glaring and compared to the police officers that were armed to the teeth, the weapons we have on hand is primal at best, but we are not afraid.

We know they will not enter this place.

The commander of the special ops walked right up to the gate and stared at us behind his mask.

My men joined me at the gate and the lot of us stared defiantly back at them.

What can they do ?

Execute us ?

“ would you like to come in officer ? “ Gopal taunted before everyone laughed.

The commander turned and retreated to the back of the crashed vehicle.

His men took the bodies of their dead colleagues away while another vehicle towed the crashed police car back.

The man leaned against a wall but he kept his finger near the pistol, wary of everyone around him.

I could feel the growl of my stomach and I looked at my men who told me they are about done with the bodies.

Walking passed the man on the ground, i turned and our eyes met.

Those are the eyes of a mad man.

It may be his first time in here but you can see if on his face.

Someone like him, belongs exactly in a place like this.


“ don’t shoot me accidentally .” I said to the men I trained.

“Sir, if we shoot you, it would be on purpose.” One of my cheekiest man replied.

Everyone laughed and the tension was forgotten for a brief moment.

I gave the man holding the sniper rifle the finger as l looked at all of them one last time.

I have trained countless batch of special operators in the country but none like the ones in front of me. These men are special.

Special because they are the very last batch I trained.

I work them hard, I work them so hard and I demanded so much that out of 80 men who wanted in, only 8 of them remained.

I got countless complains against me, accusations that I could not be bothered to defend against.

Some call me a sadist who is just out to torture trainees, some say I’m mad.

I’m already known as the mad dog in the force, but as a trainer, I became a rabid one.

The results however, silenced the critics.

The group of 8 men in front of me has served on countless mission with me. Work that will never see the light of day. Stories that the people of this country will never know.

We have never failed a mission.

Holding up a tablet, the lot of us stopped by a clearing 2km away from the street.

A drone has been circling the street for the past few hours. We need to decide the best course of entry into that god forsaken place.

The street has 9 gates.

Qiuniu gate is the main entrance into the street. The only one with vehicular access. It is also the busiest place. Lined with street vendors along the narrow road, it’s primarily used for delivery of supplies by various humanitarian agencies.

Only one vehicle is allowed at any time.

You go straight in, unload and you back it all the way out. Only then can the 2nd vehicle go in. This resulted in a holding area of vehicles parked outside the street. Truck drivers may wait up to 4 hours just to get in. There are between 3-4 trucks waiting outside for access at any one time.

Being the main entrance, it is also heavily guarded. Qiuniu gate is owned by Shaokun, along with Yazi and Chaofeng gate. As the most powerful of the 3 bosses that ruled the streets, Shaokun’s control of Qiuniu gate & the customs essentially put the lifeline of the street in Shaokun’s hand.

Pulao gate, Suanni gate, Bixi gate are controlled by Long Shu, also known as the pimp of the street. Long Shu has always been the most reasonable of the 3 bosses in the street base on intel smuggled out previously. Of these 3 gate, Pulao and Bixi are the only 2 that are accessible to tourist and visitors from outside.

Pulao and Bixi gate are located within 25 metres of each other too. With their proximity to the place where the whores and drugs are, they are also one of the busiest gate no matter the time of the day.

The last 3 gates, Bian gate, Baxia gate & Chiwen gate are under Wang Qi. An immigrant known for his taste in exotic meat and senseless violence. Wang Qi takes in everyone who wants to work for him. There are no such thing as rejects, or bastards too deplorable to even belong in a triad.

He takes in all of them. There are no love between Wang QI and his men. Being one of the most generous bosses in the street, the men work for Wang Qi for only one reason. Money.

He pays well.

If only the men working for him knows that he pays well became many of his men don’t survive long enough to draw too much from his pot of gold.

Chiwen gate is accessible by outsiders as well because it’s near to the market and eateries. Places where you can get all sorts of food from half formed duck embryos to bull’s testicles.

You can even buy breast milk from the market through stalls operated by WangQi’s men.

Direct from the source mind you.

Direct from the source.

The plan was for me to make an entrance. I could slip in unnoticed as a tourist and disappear in the street but it would be harder for me to make a name for myself. Time is of the essence. I need to go in with a bang literally.

I looked at the heat signature by the drone, indicating which gate is the most crowded and narrowed by choice to 2 gate.

Yazi & Chiwen.

All the gates are guarded but these 2 are the quietest by far base on what the drone is showing.

There’s less than a dozen men at both gates but there are still enough eyes on the ground to see me make my entrance.

Yazi may not be accessible to outsider and tourist but for people on the run. People who have no intention of leaving, you can come in through any of the gate.

Base on the information we gathered so far, this is how the gates work.

There are 3 gates that tourist use exclusively. They come in, they go out from there.

As for the triads, or people who live and breathe in the street, you enter and leave via the gate that you belong to.

If you are in Shaokun’s camp, you use his gate, the same for the other 2.

Why ?

For protection.

If you are paying LongShu and his men for protection, leaving and entering the street via the gates controlled by them essentially guarantees your safety. There is a tracking system in place too even though it’s manual. The men know who leaves the street and who has yet to return after a certain period of time.

Information like these will be passed to the bosses.

By taking the gate you belong to, you also ensure that whatever you are bringing out or into the street stays safe.

You want to bring some dog meat out to your cousin who says across the island ? How about some duty free cigarettes ?

Would you walk through the gate belonging to another camp and risk a search and confiscation ?

Of course not.

Tourist trying to come in through the other gates will be redirected to the proper ones.

There will always be some newbies who are unsure of the rules.

In my case, I will be a criminal on the run.

I can use any gate. The only thing I need to be mindful off is whichever gate I choose to come in from, meant I belong to that camp.

Or rather, I have to pay tax to that camp.

Coming in from Yazi gate meant I will be paying Shaokun and his men in perpetuity as long as I breathe. The tax, or protection money are the same for all 3 bosses. It hasn’t changed in years.

$369 a month for general population.

$639 a month for small business owners.

It’s not a big sum but for many who are trying to survive in the street, it can be tough to keep up.

I’m going to go in with a couple of hundred bucks, I have to figure out the rest on my own.

“something is happening at Yazi Gate. “ One of my men zoomed in on the footage.

A group of men just arrived on the scene and they seemed to be attacking a few other men inside a shop. All these happened while another group of men by the gate looked on without doing anything.

We looked on silently as we watched the attackers bludgeoned the men they dragged out of the shop in the middle of the narrow alley.

3 groups of men doing 3 different things and not helping one another.

This told me the representatives of all 3 gangs are in proximity to Yazi gate.

“ Alright. I’ll choose Yazi gate. “ I told my men.

Everyone sprung into action immediately.

A patrol car was piloted right up to the one I’m in.

I put on a set of handcuffs and took a deep breath.

There will be no turning back the moment I step out.

The door to the large tactical van opened and I dashed out into the backseat of the patrol vehicle.

I could hear the engine of the car fire up and it started swerving wildly towards the street. The so call driver of the patrol car is a body we just dragged out of the morgue 2 hours ago.

We dressed him up in a police officer’s uniform and put him in the seat. Not that we needed him to drive. The car has been rigged to run via remote. The corpse bounced wildly as gunfire lit up the evening skies.

Beside me on the car seat is Titus, that fucking dirty cop that has been selling information to the mob for the past few years. We discovered recently that he was the one who leaked the information that Ruixiang was a cop to the street a couple of years ago.

God knows what else he has given again.

Titus pleaded with his bloodshot eyes as he struggled against the handcuffs against the metal bar.

The car rocked violently as we got closer to the street. Anyone from the outside would think a violent struggle is going on inside the car between the driver and the occupants. The relentless gunfire from behind would surely reinforce the idea that whoever is in that vehicle is a dangerous man that the authorities want to capture at all cost.

The bonnet of the vehicle crashed into a container wall by the Yazi gate and my ears could hear the ringing of the crash. All the airbags deployed and I was disorientated for a brief moment.

Shaking my head to recover from the jolt, I spat blood out from my mouth and pulled out my pistol.

I shot an unconscious Titus in the vehicle in the face before using a handcuff key to remove his handcuffs to make it appear that he was escorting me if anyone looked.

I grabbed Titus’ wallet, knowing exactly how much money I have inside. Opening the door on Titus’ side, I shove him out of my way.

I exited the vehicle and immediately I could hear the whizz of bullets smashing into the vicinity.

The men at the gate laughed and they appeared to be enjoying the show.

I fired twice at the driver as a large group of police officers and vehicles came racing towards me.

I made it across the gate, aware of the looks I was getting from the men present.

I sat down to catch my breath and to assess my injury. I got a painful bruise on my shoulder from the crash and a few gnashes and cuts on my limbs. Other than that, I’m still ok.

I looked at the pistol I was holding and ejected the magazine.

It held 12 rounds, I used 3, that leaves me with 9.

My heart was racing as I looked at the group of men that were eyeing me warily.

I kept my eyes levelled on the ground ahead of me as I tried to calm my racing heart.

If I don’t remain calm, I might make a mistake.

Any mistake will be fatal.

I thought about my mixing friend in the street and I wonder if I could find traces of him. Perhaps a body, or a grave. At least I have something to bring back to his family.

A young man paused shortly in front of me and our eyes met.

It was only for a couple of seconds before he looked away.

His hands and top are bloodied, probably one of the guys who was bludgeoning the other group earlier.

The young man gestured to his men and the lot of them left the Yazi gate.

An Indian man walked towards me with a cigarette in his mouth.

“ How much for the gun old man ? “ He laughed and commented to his men that he always wanted to have a police weapon.

I looked at the crowd of them gathering around me.

“ It’s not for sale” I replied.

“ well I say it is. “ He said while knocking a stick out for me.

I accepted it and turned my head sideways before inhaling a lungful of smoke.

“my name is Gopal, and coming though the Yazi gate, means you, are not one of us. Coming into the street is not free brother, you need to pay a tax.” Gopal exhaled a cloud of smoke while waiting for my decision.

The gun would be useful for my own protection in the street but surviving my first night takes precedence. Gopal isn’t aggressive, he’s reasonable, speaks politely for a thug and I knew he wanted to establish some sort of pecking order in front of his men.

I nodded and I slid the magazine out of the weapon, checked that the chamber is clear before handing it to Gopal.

He took it from me eagerly and he held it up proudly as his men cheered.

After parading one round like he was a cowboy, he came back to me, nodding his head in approval at what I just did.

He is just a damm kid to me.

A damm kid.

There’s no way he is pass his mid twenties.

Gopal wanted to know what else I have on me.

I just waved the wallet of the dead policemen I took.

He opened it and checked it’s content. He took Titus’ ID, credit cards before doing a visual inspection of the notes it held.

“ Shaokun always preached, never to drive people to a corner.” Gopal said smugly as he left the cash untouched and threw the wallet back to me trying to appear magnanimous

There’s slightly more than 200 dollars in there, enough for me to survive for a while.

His antics looked amusing in front of this 45 year old uncle but I let it pass.

I’ve seen my fair share of assholes and Gopal happens to me one of the nicer ones.

Gopal gestured to one of his men who came over to my handcuffs.

Using a makeshift pick, he helped me undo my handcuffs.

“ thanks” I started to get up and I saw Gopal gesturing at me with the pistol.

“I’ll take this as your first tax payment, and if you want to remain in one piece in the street, I hope you pay on time. “ Gopal stuffed the pistol into the back of his pants and as he walked away, I saw he had another one.

A small .38 revolver tucked behind him.

The group of men walked back to Yazi gate as I breathed in the first breath of the stench that permeated the street.

I will need a place to stay, I will need a job.

Without a safe place to rest, I would not last long here.

Someone might just stab me in the middle of the night for my money. Or worse, someone might come for my organs.

Looking at the neon lights hanging above the narrow alleyway, it reminded me of Hong Kong’s bustling night life of street hawkers peddling their wares.

I will need to navigate and familiarise myself to the neighbourhood.

It’s not exactly a small place.

Base on what I could recall from the maps and surveillance pictures the drones took, I made my way to the market. It’s like stepping into another world.

The brightly lit market has a mixture of warm and cool white bulbs hanging above the square. The lines of the bulbs crisscrossed in a chaotic manner over each other, forming a netting of sort above my head.

Insects buzzed around the bulbs as a hawker waved me over to try his herbal dog soup. The carcass of a dog with it’s eyes intact hung spread eagled alongside roast chicken and braised duck.

2 men in business wear openly finished a line as the rubbed their noses and wiped tears from their eyes. They looked wide eyed at each other before laughing and talking about how much they made at the stock market the week before.

An old lady carried on her shoulder 2 baskets of soupy desserts supported on a split bamboo pole. This might well be Singapore in the early fifties. A resident living on the 2nd level called out to the old lady.

He lowered a basket into the ground floor with money in it as I saw the lady put a bowl of the dessert in the basket after retrieving the money. The man cautiously pulled the basket up to his level with the string. He perched himself against the window and took in the chaos of the market from his place while enjoying his soup.

I saw a food vendor butcher and skinned several frogs beside a vendor selling knives. The still beating organs of the rapidly killed frogs were still beating when they were pulled out of their bodies.

Thrown into a pile of waste at the back of the stall, several crows came down immediately to pick out the best bits.

2 heavily tattooed men flipped through a catalogue of tattoos to decide on their next ink. As I walked past them, I could hardly find any available space on their covered body for a new tattoo.

A group of men ate prawns and threw the shells onto the ground where cats and rats scurried about, ready to scavenge whatever food they could find. I saw a vendor washing his pot by a dirty ditch with bits of floating food in them.

He hardly bade an eyelid when a hand just floated pass him in the drain.

It’s amazing that life can still thrive in such an environment.

I felt the 1st breeze of cool air from a convenience stall. It used the same colour scheme as a 7-11 but it’s named 6-9 . Unlike the brightly lit interiors of the convenience stall we are familiar with, this one is dingy and dark. The lights from the coolers are brighter than the light hanging from the ceiling.

A kid no more than 10 years old walked out with a packet of duty unpaid cigarette in his hand. A girl about a couple of years older walked out behind him with a can of beer.

Someone offered me pills for $2 and I ignored him.

An old begger walked and jingled the few coins in his bowl asking for money from passerbys while flashing a gold watch on his wrist.

An old lady walked up to me and thrust 3 pictures of young women at my face. All below the age of 20.

“Virgin boss, Virgin. Special price for virgin “ She chanted over and over again.

I gently pushed her aside and she continued pushing her girls to the people behind me.

I continued walking towards the mall.

The mall is the place where I will be able to get a bed for the night.

Sound ironic but the cheapest place to sleep is beside a sex worker.

There are rooms available, even small hostels and hotels catering to the tourists and day visitors but it’s not for me. I can’t afford a place like that.

It cost about 120 to spend the night with a whore in a decent room while it cost 250 to get a proper hotel room accommodation.

Screwed up street economics if you ask me.

A drunk Korean man fell near me, dropping his soju bottle as he sang on the ground. 2 kids about 8 years old ran up and started to empty his pockets of loose change.

The man’s friend came running and cursing in Korean and the kids made off with whatever they could grab.

As I got closer to the mall, I start to see the girls along the street.

A pimp came up to me and flashed me a picture of a really young girl on his phone.

“Just turned 16 yesterday boss, confirm virgin. Her very first time. bidding starts in 30 minutes “ Seeing that I was not interested, he finished his pitch and turned to another group of men behind me.

“ Hey there handsome, come in for some fun ? “ The heavily made up girl who is young enough to be my daughter tried to pull my arm.

She flashed me her breast and offered me to touch her nipples to test the goods. When I refused, she cursed at me, saying that I’m gay.

More girls came at me, trying to earn my money.

Competition is stiff in here and sometimes; the girls don’t get a single customer the whole day, which makes it hard for them to pay their taxes. If it’s a weekend, or major holidays, the girls would be swarmed by customers from the outside, even tourists from neighbouring countries flock to the streets for their sexual gratification.

The Japanese men especially, after finding out that you can do all manner of sick shit at this place, started flocking here instead of Thailand.

A girl with ample boobs that were almost spilling out from her top smiled seductively at me while gesturing to the stairs behind her. She has a sweet smile and looked like a former TV artiste but I’ll passed. I have my sights set on others.

The girls working in the street are not simple.

Some might steal from you, some might kill you. You never know when they will snap.

I arrived at a zone in the mall where it’s famous for offering bondage sex.

I saw a girl in a popular convent school uniform sending a satisfied customer out while winking at him as I approached. Turning the corner, I could see a few more girls talking to each other.

They were dressed as school girls, all of them in different school uniforms from Singapore schools. From popular Junior colleges to girls only institution, they are ready to satisfy our every whim, desires & fantasies.

Some are wearing FBT shorts that showed off too much of their buttcheeks. And on top, they are wearing netball singlets proudly printed with their school’s emblem. There is something about netball girls that men dig.

I saw 2 more girls emerge in cheer leading costume bearing the insignia of one of the top institutions in the country. I could see the perspiration on their forehead. Whatever they were doing earlier, I am sure it’s not cheer leading.

These girls belong to Long Shu, known for his attention to detail. He prides himself on the authenticity feeling that the girls can deliver to the clients. If they are going to be school girls, they will have to act the part.

No blonde hair and tattoos and they are not allowed to smoke.

From clothing to behaviour, the girls are indoctrinated on how to behave. The local girls knew what to do of course, the challenge is getting other girls who have never been to school in Singapore to do the same.

A girl in a popular Junior college uniform of dark blue skirt and white blouse approached me. She adjusted her tie and school bag as she kept the phone she was carrying in her pocket.

She’s small, petite, 1.5m tall, however she appears taller because of the padded sports shoes she was wearing.

“Hi there, you look like a teacher. “ The girl said to me.

“haha, what made you say that ? “ I replied.

“sixth sense ? “ she tried to puff up her chest to show off her padded A cups and she orientated herself to give me a better look at the package.

“180 for the night. You can do anything you want. “ She offered.

“ 180 is too much. 120.” I bargained.

“no way, that’s too low. We do bondage here.” She tugged at my arm and counter offered 160.

“You can tie me up and do all the naughty things you want to a school girl for that price “ She flashed me her sweetest smile.

“are you sure ? I have very, special requirements “ I teased as I looked at the girl who is probably less than 20 years of age. I gave her my final offer of 150.

She was already making eye signals at her friends that she has landed a customer.

“of course. I have served sick Jap men who are deprived of love since young, I have been used by Indians who bragged that they rape their cousins, I have even rode a US marine who says he was in Iraq.” She boasted without blinking.

How much of it is true however, no one knows. I handed her the money and she introduced herself as Min.

Linking arms with me, I walked up the narrow staircase into an airconditioned lobby. The lobby is sparse with hardly any furniture except a couch and a desk from where the pimp worked.

The armed pimp handed us a key after giving me a once over. The walls of the corridor is bare concrete and a naked bulb hung from the ceiling every 2 metres.

The place felt bare and utilitarian but at least it’s clean. Much cleaner than the market.

Min pulled her school skirt higher, revealing more of her thighs as if the foreplay starts from the corridor.

Entering a cozy bedroom complete with a bath, I looked at the bed and the array of bondage equipment on it. The room has a small window overlooking the mall below.

You see, there is a reason I chose to come to a bondage speciality house. I need to rest and the last thing I need is a sex worker bothering me, especially one that is as chatty and friendly as Min.

I have been up for the past 36 hours planning this and I need to sleep.

“So, what would you like to do to me ? “ Min teased as she put down her school bag.

“I’m going to tie you up and leave you helpless through the night “ I replied.

Min laughed and she walked closer to me.

Suddenly, I hear some thumping sound from the room beside us.

It sounded like someone felt pretty hard onto the floor. The thumping continued as if someone was kicking and then it stopped all of a sudden.

Min looked away from the wall and she touched my body with her delicate hands.

I could smell that alluring fragrance from her neck and it was not difficult at all to see that she was trembling. Min was just forcing herself to go through with this for the money.

She unbuttoned the 1st button of her white blouse and loosen her school tie.

“Tell me….. what turns you on” Min purred as she pressed her body against mine.

I picked up a pair of handcuffs from the bed and Min smiled while offering up her wrist.

“8 hours of uninterrupted sleep “ I said while slipping the blindfolds on Min and handcuffing her to the headboard.


I heard a loud bang behind me and I instinctively reached for the gun under my jacket as I backed away into the shadows.

I turned around to look at Yazi gate and I saw men gathering.

A car had just rammed into the wall by the gate.

I saw the muzzle flash as the sound of the gunfire reached my ears.

More men started running towards the commotion, eager to find out what is going on that night. I walked in the opposite direction towards the mall. Whatever happens at Yazi gate that night is no business of mine.

My business will be conducted at the mall that night.

I avoided the crowded market and chose to cut through the dense residential district.

I know the streets like the back of my hand since I’m one of the earliest settlers here.

Cutting thought a narrow residential alley, I walked past a group of men shooting drugs up their arm. They saw me approach and one of them pulled a knife and stood up.

His friend tried to stop him.

“ No !, not him. “ He warned but it was too late.

His friend, smiling from the drug induced high decided that I was an easy target.

Someone he could easily relieve off his money.

He came at me with the knife and I ducked it easily. Twisting the weapon off his wrist with such speed that he did not even realised he was unarmed, I used the same knife and stabbed him under his left armpit, then his left kidney.

Lowering myself to my knees, I slit the back of his right knee as I spun low on the ground. I completed my move within a couple of seconds, enough time for me to stand up and appear behind the man who tried to rob me as if I was never in front of him in the first place.

The man looked blankly at the empty corridor in front of him, hie brain no doubt trying to process where did I just go when he collapsed against the grimy wall before sliding to the floor.

Blood began to pool on the ground as I threw the knife back at the group of addicts. The others stared wide eye at their dead friend for a few seconds before they continued sharing needles to shoot themselves up.

I wiped the blood on my hands on a canvas as I continued walking.

Those that knew me, avoided me.

Those that didn’t looked at me cautiously as I took shortcuts through alleyways that only residents knew about.

I walked past a couple having intercourse right by the wall and I could see the girl panting and moaning as she took the dick in her in a standing doggy position. The couple shot me a look, stopped what they were doing to let me pass before resuming their copulation.

Passing by a smoky shrine adorned with different deities and lit candles, I entered an alley so narrow that I had to walk sideways in between 2 recycled shipping containers.

Emerging from that alley, 2 well built men flanked me on both sides but they immediately stepped back to their post upon seeing who it is that just walk into the small shop selling phone cards.

I looked at the old man sitting in front of a glass cabinet filled with mobile phone cards from different companies. Behind him sat a row of phones for sale.

He was reading the latest copy of the New York times while unread copies of newspaper from all over the world sat in a pile by his side.

“ sir. “ I greeted my superior.

Ethan looked up at me through those old bifocals of his and he pushed a note over to me together with a photo.

I took a look at it before pushing it back, committing the address, the name and the face to memory.

“ How’s the leg Randy ? “ Ethan asked, referring to the injury I suffered on my last job.

“ Much better “ I replied.  

I was about to go when Ethan put down his papers and that was when I knew he wanted to talk.

I could still picture Ethan in his suit, sitting in one of the most powerful room in the country.

Ethan was a Colonel in military intelligence before moving on to head the Security and intelligence agency in Singapore. He was a spook. One of the best with the brightest minds working for him.

He may not be one of the bosses that rule the street but he is the one with the best picture of what is going on.

He made a wrong move many years ago. In our game, there can be no wrong moves but Ethan made it to save me. The country wanted to cut me loose, it was a failed op and I was the one responsible.

However Ethan was determined to bring me back.

One thing led to another and his rivals managed to frame him as a double agent for a neighbouring country.

It tore the agency into 2 as divided loyalties mean agents going against each other.

Ethan was forced out and together with a group of men loyal to him, we made out home in the streets.

Here, deep in the bowels of hell, no one bothered us. Or rather, no one dared to bother us. With Ethan’s resourcefulness, he set up shop in the street, providing intelligence and cleaning services to anyone who could pay the right price.

Ethan is like a father to all of us who followed him. He took it upon himself to make sure we’re clothed, we’re fed, and that we have a roof over our head.

I owe him a debt I could never repay, if not for him, I would be rotting in a jail in Indonesia, perhaps buried in an unmarked grave dug by terrorists.

“ The new job used to be WangQi’s mistress “ Ethan revealed.

“why is she at the mall then ? “ I asked.

Ethan revealed that Shirley is an old contract. The order has been placed for a while but killing the mistress of one of the 3 bosses in the street is not something to be taken lightly.

It might spark of a retaliation.

Surviving in the street is all about striking a balance.

“ she has fallen out of favour and cast aside. “ Ethan revealed.

She is now making a living selling her body in the mall where the rest of the sex workers are.

She doesn’t get a lot of customers from within the street and relies almost entirely on tourists.

No one wants to risk enraging WangQi by fucking his former woman.

“ who paid for the contract ? “ I asked.

“ It’s not WangQi, that’s all you need to know. “ Ethan said.

Ethan told me I need to make it look like an accident.

One committed in the heat of passion by a tourist.

If I do it too cleanly, WangQi will suspect it’s us.

“ okay I know what to do. “ I said to Ethan and asked if there is anything else.

A phone of his buzzed and he spent some time reading the new information he got from his network of informants scattered throughout the street.

I heard the hushing whisper of 2 kids behind me and I turned around to see them being stopped by the 2 guards.

Ethan finished reading the text on the phone and the next one buzzed.

He spent a shorter time on the other phone before gesturing for the kids to come over to him.

“what do you have for me little girl ? “ Ethan smiled at the kid with information for him.

She whispered something that only Ethan could hear and I could see him smiling.

Drawing a $5 bill, he gave it to the little girl and she quickly scurried off with her sibling.

Looking at me, Ethan told me we are going to have company.

“ what do you mean ? “ I asked.

“the police will be sending in a spy this couple of days, or rather, they might have already sent in one. “ Ethan said.

“why would they do that ? “ I questioned and Ethan smiled while returning to his papers before replying.

“ I guess we’ll soon find out. “

I left the phone shop back through the narrow alley and walked briskly towards the mall.

I don’t like to take my time when doing a job.

I want it to be over fast. No need to prolong the misery of my target.

I made my way back to one of the many pads I kept in the street.

I never sleep at the same place twice in a row. I kept moving around.

I have at least 7 places where I rest at night.

I head to a small apartment I kept near the Pulao gate.

From the window the size of a tablet, I could see the periodic flow of tourists coming into the street. I took a shower and I changed into clothes that would immediately make me appear as an outsider.

Tourist are better dressed, well-groomed. I shaved my beard and trimmed my unkempt hair. Changing out of my street garb, I put on a shirt and pants.

Opening my drawer where I kept an array of items I use to disguise myself, I put on a pair of glasses and I applied some gel on my hair.

Satisfied with how I look , I put on a cloth mask covering my nose and mouth. Many tourist cover their faces partially to avoid being identified by people they know.

It’s not nice to bump into friends or worse, relatives while having your fun in the street.

I chose a pair of padded leather shoes which increased my height but a good 1.5 inches.

Then I threw on a backpack behind me before checking myself in the mirror.

Satisfied with my disguise, I made sure the corridor outside my place is empty before I stepped out.

I casually walked towards the lane where tourists take and I found an opportunity to join a group of Korean salary men coming in for a night of fun.

Falling into step behind them, we arrived at the mall.

Several girls came over to me, eager to earn my money.

I pretended to inspect the goods before rejecting them.

A few bared their breast while one lifted up her skirt to flash me her waxed privates.

I continued walking and checking out the different girls available while keeping an eye out for Shirley.

Shirley is operating outside of WangQi’s territory, choosing to seek refuge in LongShu’s brothels.

LongShu’s brothels are considered to be one of the safer ones within the street.

A girl dressed as some Japanese anime character jumped in front of me, she did some hand motion pretending to be a super hero before flashing me a generous look of her buttcheek underneath her short skirt that barely covered anything.

She pouted her lips at me when I rejected her.

I saw several girls dressed in pant suit and jacket. They looked good and professional, easily fitting into the kind of women you see along the financial district. The kind men who like to label as golden pussy because they are not good enough to get them as their girlfriend or their wife.

Young, good looking female professionals in the country are strangely labelled as such by men who earn less than a quarter of what the girls bring back.

However here in the street, women like these are plenty. Hour glass figure with nice long legs disappearing into 3 inch heels waiting for you to make them an offer.

There are no golden pussy here in the street, everyone is available for a reasonable price.

I passed though the different whore houses, coming to a stretch where the transvestites congregate.

Several girls as tall as me strutted over, one of them linked arms with me. There is no way in hell you could tell she is a he if she did not open her mouth.

“ I give the blow job in the street “ said one

“I know what men want, I used to be one “ said the other.

“ I still have my hard tool “ The other teased while touching her privates.

“ I’m getting hard looking at you, come on in. “ another winked seductively at me while adjusting his penis under that short tennis skirt.

I continued walking as I came to the section where pregnant women play their trade.

There is a market for all sorts of girls here. I saw a pretty babe who looked like she is 5 months pregnant being doggied behind a glass window. The guy fucking her came, exploding in her raw as he filled her vagina with his semen, knowing full fell that she would not bear his child since she already has one inside her.

Within that VIP room, the guy’s friends cheered and pulled party poppers, wishing him a happy marriage as they celebrated his bachelor night. The pregnant girl got on her knees and started to clean the man up with her mouth.

I walked past a milk café where nursing mums offered their lactating tits to men for a price. Like an opium den in the past, I looked in and I saw men lying down on their sides, suckling on the milk producing tits of young mothers.

The men cooed and enjoyed the motherly love they presumably lack while growing up. I saw one particular man having a hand job while sucking on the tits of a girl who don’t look to be a day over 20.

I could smell the freshness of the sea as I got closer to the famous oyster bar operated by Long Shu.

The small bar counter was crowded and all seats were taken up.

Here, you get to truly enjoy oysters like no where else on earth.

French oysters are freshly shucked and inserted into the vaginas of the bar girls. Clients will then get to eat it hands free. Sounds sick on so many levels but the queue and the brisk trade they are doing will have you wonder why on one else replicated this anywhere else.

I hear a cheer as several men clapped as their friend slurped up 3 oysters in a row from the wet briny vagina of a sweet lady that looked like she was trying too hard to moan sensually.

There’s no way having oysters pushed inside your vagina is comfortable. They girls working there have to be incredibly good actors.

Finally, I arrived at the stretch of the mall where Shirley is operating.

At 29, Shirley is considered old to be a working girl.

Some girls start at 16, selling their virginity for a good price and embarking on this human flesh trade.

I queued behind a group of men who cheered and flirted with the girls dressed up as students standing together.

LongShu’s stable prides themselves on being able to deliver that kind of authenticity that customers seek for.

From school girls, to teachers to housewives. LongShu has it’s all.

A girl with 2 pony tails hopped over to me, asking if she could asked me some questions she is unsure of on her assessment book. She gave me that wide eyed doeful look, while flashing a geography textbook at my face.

“ Please ? Help me with my homework ? I’ll make sure it’s worth your while ? “ She cooed while reaching into her school skirt that was altered so short it barely covered her underwear.

Pulling out an orange comb with a sharpened edge, she comb her hair and rest her weight on one leg while playing with her tongue.

I walked past her and I could see she was upset her charms had no effect on me.

I came to the yoga and pilates section. This part of the mall features women in the age band of 23 – 34 dressed in various state of workout attires. It’s leggings heaven for men.

I’m talking sports bra and tights and nothing else.

There’s a layer of perspiration on the women’s body as they saunter around looking for clients.

I saw a Japanese man sniffing the crotch area of a girl striking a yoga pose while he appear to be speaking to her privates.

A matured babe put her arms around my waist, resting her warm post threadmill body against mind.

She panted and gasped for air before asking if I want to have a workout with her.

Right about then, I saw who I was looking for.


I prised the girl’s hand away from me and slowly approached Shirley who was adjusting her breast underneath her sports bra. She saw me approach and I avoided eye contact with her, instead, I went for the girl standing beside her.

“ hi boss, want to test my flexibility ? “ the girl asked as she executed a split right in front of me.

I pretended to compare and choose between her and Shirley.

Shirley turned the side of her body, showing me her curves and when she spoke, she oozes the charm and maturity of a woman.

Woman, not a girl.

“ choose me handsome, I make sure you won’t regret it. “ Shirley said

I looked at her white sports bra with the padding removed on purpose.

Her lululemon tights hid nothing of Shirley’s amazing figure and I could feel blood rushing to my groin as I picked Shirley.

Her hand came to my groin and touched me playfully.

“ follow me handsome, you look really young to be playing here. “ She commented.

I followed Shirley to the room and was stopped by the guard by the door. He wanted to see what is in my bag and I opened it.

He checked my belongings thoroughly, removing the laptop to reveal my mouse, a portable hardisk and a couple of files with financial statements dated just 12 months ago.  

After making sure I was ok, he gestured for me to go ahead and I walked on behind Shirley, looking at how tight her bottoms are. She deliberately walked slowly to entice me with her figure.

Entering the room, Shirley turned to me and ran her palm up my body to my chest.

“ I can tell you’re a moaner “ She teased.

She removed my mask and I dropped my bag.

Our lips met and we kissed passionately in the room.

It’s been a while since I last fucked and since this is on company’s dime, I’m not about to waste it.

I carried Shirley up by her hips and she grind herself against my body, asking me to strip her.

She must have been working out earlier. I kissed her neck and I could smell the fresh scent of sweat from her body.

“ You’re my first client today, I’m all fresh and clean for you. “ Shirley purred by my ears as I reached for the waistband of her tights.

I lowered her tights, revealing a cleanly waxed vagina. Hairless and bare like that of a girl who barely reached her puberty.

“gasp, your arms are so strong.” Shirley moaned as I removed my pants.

Lifting her sports bra up to expose her breast, I could see recent bite marks, probably left there by her past clients.

Shirley pulled one of her leg out of her workout tights and spread them as she got onto the bed.

I put on a cap and I entered her slowly.

Shirley gasped and her fingers closed around the bedsheets as her eyelids flutter for a couple of seconds.

She’s not exactly wet but I was not in the mood to wait.

I like that feeling of going in when the girl is not too well lubricated. I like it when the girls feels a bit of pain. Not too much, but there must be some level of discomfort.

That frown and painful moan feeds a dormant monster inside of me as I lowered myself to suck on Shirley’s tits.

I worked up a rhythm and picked up the pace as Shirley moaned like she was being done by a porn star.

Amidst grunts and exaggerated moans, I shot my load into Shirley within 10 minutes.

“ I haven’t cum yet baby, come on, fuck me again please. “ Shirley begged as I withdrew my cock and removed the filled condom.

I let her stretch on the bed, and she removed what’s left of the tights from her leg.

Shirley stared to touch herself like a sexually deprived whore while temping me to do her again.

I went to the washroom to take shower before coming out to see Shirly fingering herself while giving me a seductive look.

“I have a really high sex drive, I can go on whole night if you like “ Shirley offered.

I straddled Shirley on the bed and I could see her easing onto the pillow, smiling at me and totally in the dark about what is about to happen.

I kissed her again before touching her breast before clasping my hand around her neck.

Shirley must have thought this is a game because she was still smiling.

When she felt the increase in pressure around her neck, she started struggling. I held on and the long sleeve top I was wearing protected me from her nails.

I held on as Shirley’s eyes became bloodshot. Tears started to roll down the side of her cheeks as she fought with her last few breaths.

I remained expressionless as I looked at the woman I just had sex with.

She’s pretty and beautiful, but she’s marked for death.

A death sentence in the street commissioned to us do not come by lightly.

Petty squabbles between men gets resolved easily.

Theft and turf wars get settled by blood in the street.

Only the 3 bosses and the visiting merchants can afford our services in this place.

Shirley must have done something unforgivable but it’s not my place to know information like this.

As her struggle stops, I removed my hand and I checked her for a pulse.

I opened up my bag and set up my stuff to make it appear as if I’m just a regular tourist coming in for some fun only to have something gone wrong.

An accident.

I let my wallet with fake credentials.

I plugged in my laptop which has nothing in it that will lead anyone to me, not that there’s a police force inside the street to investigate murder.

I dressed Shirley and covered her with the blanket up to her chest while I switched on the TV in the room.

I took a picture of her to show my boss the job is done.

I looked out the window into the mall below. I could see the approaching customers checking out the body of the girls on offer.

My phone buzzed and Ethan told me to stay in the room while he inform the client that the job is done.

Among the many clients down in the mall, my eyes fell on that of an older man. He’s scruffy and rough. I could see the injury on his face are new. He was talking and eyeing a young girl in school uniform.

I watched them conclude the deal before they come into the same brothel I was situated in.

My phone rang and it was Ethan.

“ Client wants the body. “ Ethan said as if Shirley is just a piece of meat.

“ You go tot be kidding me “ I replied.

“ There is a small problem Randy.” Ethan added.

Right about then I saw the legs of a man appearing by the window. He’s slim and nimble, sliding into the room and coming straight for me.

I dropped the phone and blocked an attempt by the man to stab me. I managed to disarm him but I dropped the knife while doing so.

I punched him twice but he was acrobatic. He ducked my kick and literally walked on the wall, leveraging on the momentum to deliver a spinning kick on my face.

He jumped at me but I had the advantage of build and weight.

I grabbed him and we slammed onto the floor. He tried to break free but I put him in a chokehold.

I held fast as he tried to stab his finger into my eye but his arms were too short. I lean backed and I held on tightly as he kicked and trashed on the floor.

He grunted and from the way he speak, I could tell he’s not local. When his trashing finally stopped, I let go and realised he manage to cut me on my arm.

“ fuck “ I mumbled as I went to pick up the phone and Ethan was still holding the line.

“still alive Randy “ He asked

“what the fuck just happened ? “ I panted and demanded an answer.

“ I was about to tell you our client is not the only one that wants Shirley’s body. “ He added

“ How do you suppose I’m going to walk out of Longshu’s place with a dead body ? “ I asked

“ The information was only just made available, if I knew the body was needed, I would have asked you to bring her back.” Ethan said in his usual calm and composed manner.

Right about then my eyes widened and I felt the hair stand on the back of my neck as I looked at Shirley.

Her eyes are opened but there’s something wrong with her cornea. They were sliding and moving all over the place.

Her mouth opened and she gasped for air.

“ what the fuck? “ I said into the phone.

“ Did you just cursed at me? “ Ethan said.

This is not possible.

I checked for a pulse.

She was dead.

I picked up the knife the assailant dropped and I held onto the phone while looking at Shirley.

Shirley’s body started to twitch and move like she was having a spasm.

“ boss, you need to look at this. “ I said before I switched the call to video

I pointed the phone at Shirley and held it there for a few seconds before turning it to face me.

“ she having a seizure ? “ My boss asked.

I placed the phone on the desk and I walked over to Shirley. She was still twitching. I drove the knife into her chest, leaving it sticking out like I just crucified a vampire.

She was still moving. I checked her for a pulse but there are no pulse.

No pulse but her body is still moving.

I turned to look at my phone before I pulled out the knife and I plunged it into her neck.

Then I stepped back, unable to believe what I’m seeing.

Shirley stopped twitching. With the knife still in her neck, she sat up in the bed.

I backed away to the phone and picked it up calmly to hear what my boss has to say about this shit.

“ Is this some new drug ? Shaokun’s boys has been bringing some new shit in from China lately “ I asked.

“ I don’t suppose you believe in zombies ? “ Ethan said.

“ No I don’t. I believe in muscles, bones, nerves, flesh and a beating heart “ I replied as I leaned against the desk.

“ good, because I don’t either. Obviously the client is hiding something from us and I’m not every happy with how things are turning out. I’ll get back to you soon. “ I could hear the displeasure in Ethan’s voice as he hung up.

Shirley’s eyes continued doing that crazy roll. Her hands waved about but she remained seated on the bed as she swung about in a random and violent manner.

Suddenly the momentum of her swing sent her sprawling over the side of the bed to the Chinese man I just killed.

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all in the streets, I watched in horror as Shirley’s hands touched and started to caress the lifeless body of the man beneath her.

I walked closer to see what she’s doing. Shirley was trying to climb onto the man. It appears as if her lower body is immobile. The legs would not move.

Only her upper body is still moving.

When I saw Shirley bite down onto the ear of the dead Chinese man, I felt this sense of dread hit me as I cursed out loudly while dialling for my boss.

“ fuck “



I went back to take a shower after telling the boys to meet straight at LongShu’s den after getting rid of the bodies. There’s a chance WangQi might retaliate and hit another one of our joint.

We need to be ready for it.

I looked down at the grimy floor trap as the cold water pelted onto my body.

A mixture of body wash, shampoo and blood flowed towards the trap as I wasted more water than I should have on my shower.

My old buddies from school is probably asleep in bed right now, getting much needed rest to head to work the next morning while I’m wide awake in the wee hours.

It is moments like this when I think of how different my life could have been.

It’s 2am in the morning but it’s hard to tell time in the street.

It’s always dark in here.

Almost every inch of this place is covered up with layers building upon layers.

The only place you can get sunlight is to head somewhere near one of the entrances where sunlight still penetrates. There’s an ongoing joke in the street that says that if there is a place where you will survive a fall from 7 storey, it’s probably here.

Your body will probably go through layers of makeshift ceiling boards, zinc roof, canvas covers and cables that looked like a plate of entangled noodles before you hit the ground.

I dried myself and put on a fresh set of clothes that looked like they didn’t get washed in the first place. Laundry service standards in the streets is non-existent.

Even I do not have a washing machine at home, not because we could not afford it. We just don’t have the space for it. The laundromat I go to used machines that looked like they salvage it from some junk yard.

I barely stepped out of my place when I saw one of my men running down the corridor to me place.

“ what is it ? “ I asked.

“ Boy gor, there’s a problem by the pool “ He said.

“ what problem ? “ I said as we started walking.

“ I don’t know how to explain this but Choo wants you there as soon as you can. “ He looked worried and nervous.

I stepped out onto the street and thought about going over to the pool. I wanted to quickly talk to Long Shu about the candy shop incident before visiting the mall to fuck one of the girls I have been eyeing the past week.

“ you’re , err, Ziwei right ? “ I struggled to recall the name of the man talking to me.

He just joined us a month ago and he was by Choo’s side most of the time.

With minimum interaction with me, I don’t really know him too well.

“ yes, I’m Ziwei. “ He added and took a few steps towards the direction of the pool while looking back at me and waiting for me to follow.

Looks like the sex would have to wait.

I followed Ziwei towards the pool. It’s a place I hated.

There is already a permanent stench in the street but as you get closer to the open septic tank that serves the development, the smell really gets to you.

There are a few ways of getting rid of bodies in the street after you’re done.

You throw them into the sea , you chop them up and cook them, serving the meat to unsuspecting guest and tourist, thereby keeping the price of meat broth down since your raw materials cost next to nothing.

Or you throw them into the septic tank.

The tank is the size of an Olympic pool but since space is a luxury within the development, only a small section of about 3 carpark lots lined up side by side is exposed above ground. The rest of it goes under the former industrial building.

The government denied the street access to it’s sewage network beyond what’s left over from the old industrial site so the residents built their own.

A septic tank works by separating waste into 3 layers.

Solids, effluent & scum.

Bacteria deal with the organic materials. Grease and oil floats to the top. Separate the shit out from each other, and then it’s piped back into the former industrial building so it feeds into the country’s sewage system.

The septic pool serves as a buffer of sort to deal with the shit coming out from the street.

A short 50cm wall has been erected around the opening and there are metal covers over the opening.

I got to the pool and I saw Choo and the rest of his men standing by the side. They were smoking and waiting for me to arrive.

Looking around, the area is pretty much clear.

Aside from a couple of passed out drug users on the far end and an old man mumbling to himself against a wall, I don’t see anyone that will pose a problem even if they see us throwing the bodies in there.

I walked over to Choo and asked him what’s the problem.

“ Choo, what is it “ I asked.

There’s no hiding the nervousness on his face.

Choo gestured to his men to spread out to stop people from coming close to the pool opening as he climbed up.

Gesturing to me to do the same, Choo grabbed the rusty handle of the cover and lifted it.

The stench immediately hit me and I could feel my stomach churn.

It’s pitch dark down there and aside from the swishing of liquid, I could not see anything.

“  We threw the bodies down and stopped to have a smoke. “ Choo explained.

He handed me a torch light which I switched on.

“then we heard noises coming from below “ Choo added

Pointing it down, I almost dropped the light.

I did a double take to be sure of what I’m seeing.

“ what the fuck. “ I mumbled without realising.

The 6 men we just killed moments ago.

They’re moving. They’re definitely dead but they’re moving.

Their hands flailed about aimlessly as they floated and pushed against each other in the pool.

I shone the torch about to look at the others.

This don’t make sense.

The bodies are moving as if they’re paddling.

Some floated with their faces up and every couple of seconds they disappear back down below the black water but with the movement of their hands, they floated back up again.

Those that are floating face down continued moving and waving their hands around aimlessly.

I gestured for Choo to open the cover wider as I covered my nose with my hand and lowered myself for a closer look.

I pointed the light at one of the men who was facing up. It’s a 1m drop down to the water level and with nothing to hold onto, there’s no way anyone can climb back up without help.

The dead man’s face had no expression.

His mouth kept opening and closing and he was taking in water. I kept the light on him as he kept taking on water. His eyes were opened but they were lifeless.

Slowly he began to sink.

I stood up and looked at Choo and the rest of the men around the pool.

“ Tell no one, and cover this up. “ I said.

“ Should we lock it ? “ Choo asked.

“ Chain it up, lock it and put 2 men here. “ I told Choo we need to tell LongSHu about this

It’s the shit WangQi is bringing in.

It must be. He’s always bringing in experimental drug.

Just a few months back, he brought in some salt base shit that sent a group of addicts smashing their heads on the walls and they kept screaming there are worms in their brain.

Thankfully no one died.

“I bet it’s some new shit WangQi is bringing in. “ I said while looking at the men covering up the opening.

“he must have given it to his men to see how they react before selling them this time “ Choo said

WAngQi first flooded the street with Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. Then he started bringing in pills which no one knows what it contains. The young people love it, even the heroin addicts started switching over.

Then came the rainbow colour capsules that looked like it was glittering. The drug induced high according to some of the addicts is several times that of traditional drugs.

One of the girls I was fucking was on it and she told me it intensified the orgasm she was getting by several folds.

She fucked like a minx, moaning and screaming as she squirted non-stop.

She claims the pill made her more horny, gave her more energy, the effects were better than Meth. It lengthened or orgasms, making it more intense, more long lasting.

Then people started experimenting with a cocktail of different pills. That was when you see addicts tripping openly in the streets.

Everytime when I think I’ve seen it all, WangQi would bring in something new.

His men must have taken something.

It’s the only way to explain this madness.

I walked briskly towards the mall, passing the market where my parents are working.

They are busy talking to customers and I saw several men that also works for LongShu having their supper.

They raised their hand and I acknowledged their greeting as I pushed myself passed the mass of crowd that seemed to be always present in the street.

Reaching the mall, I spotted several girls I’ve fucked waving at me and I smiled at them.

Not tonight.

Longshu worked and stay out of a construction of 4 shipping containers.

Within it is his place of lodging, his office and the front whereby business is conducted.

He stays on the upper level while the lower level hosts a meeting room and a makeshift office which also serves as the finance department. All the money collected will be dropped off here.

The 4 shipping containers that Longshu refurbished happened to be in different colour. Red, blue , green and yellow. It reminded everyone of the colour grouping we used to belong to in school.

Couple with Longshu’s personal fetish of having his girls dressed up in school uniforms, everyone calls the place the classroom. LongShu only fucks girls dressed up in uniforms.

He claims that the ‘Qi’ from these girls will lengthen his longevity.

An utter load of bullshit.

Some of the girls he fucks regularly would have sucked all the ‘Qi’ dry from LongShu if you get my drift.

Nevertheless, there are always a girl or 2 in the classroom.

A classroom where business is conducted.

Security is tight for obvious reason.

The classroom is tuck in the middle of the mall section. Before you get to it, you pass by brothels owned and operated by LongShu. Every few steps, you can see LongShu’s men near the girls plying their trade.

As you get closer to the classroom, you arrive at the café.

The café serves both tourist and residents alike but the staff and half the men on the tables outside are all Longshu’s men. The café also serves as a gathering point where men are dispatched all over the street.

Imagine it as a neighbourhood police post of sort.

If there’s trouble at the market, dispatch table 2.

Trouble at the gates ? Dispatch table 3.

Finish your work ? come back for a coffee, take a break and wait for the next dispatch. If there’s nothing to do, good, you hang around and make sure the classroom remains safe.

At the end of your shift, go back and rest.

It’s as simple as that.

My team reports directly to LongShu, and instead of waiting at the café, we usually roam about making sure everything is in order. However, on slow days, we would gather for coffee and look at the girls.

After the café is a narrow metal staircase that leads to the rooftop of the classroom. Alfresco dining if you could call it.

At the top of the classroom is a barrierless setting of tables, chairs and some potted plants. LongShu post 2 men up there at all time because it gave them a vantage view of the entire boulevard that stretches along the mall. The rifle they carry openly is also a reminder to all that this place is not entirely lawless.

Passing the classroom, is the tuckshop. Longshu’s personal kitchen which also serves as a canteen where men get their food and have their break.

It’s also one of the additional perks of working for LongShu, knowing that the meat and vegetables you put in your mouth comes from farms in Malaysia.

Not the remains of dead men and fungi grown off a severed limb.

One last LongShu brothel stands after the tuckshop before the territory changes.

Shaokun and Wangqi operates the rest of the brothels after that.

Arriving at the entrance to the classroom, I saw LongShu’s personal guard with a group of men loitering outside the entrance. 

“ Steven, Is LongShu still awake ? “ I said to the 1.9m tall giant with a shaved head.

“ He’s resting, what is it ? “ He said.

“ I need to speak with him, privately. “ I replied while looking at a sudden commotion along the mall.

Turning around, I saw one of the girls appearing at a balcony on level 2 behind us.

She moaned loudly in full view of everyone as the tourist doing her did her standing doggy from behind.

“louder, moan louder you bitch “ He hollered.

“ Engh , ERngh, erngh! “ The 20 year old girl screamed at the top of her voice like she was being taken by a man with a 9 inch penis.

The men looking from the ground cheered and some clapped, commenting at how crazy some of there tourist are.

I don’t blame them.

Inside here, you can do everything you cannot do on the mainland. Sometimes men just want to let themselves go.

“arghh, Fuck ! Fuck ! “

The man is finishing and when he made the girl kneel down to receive his semen on her face, a few of the men chuckled when they saw how small his member is.

Barely 3 inches fully erected.

Turning back to Steven, he told me LongShu said he did not want to be disturbed.

“ It’ll have to wait till tomorrow. “ He told me.

“It’s urgent. “ I said.

“LongShu gave specific instruction not to be woken up unless the entire street is burning down. “ Steven replied with no expression on his face.

I sighed as I thought about the shit I just saw.

If I didn’t know Steven better, I would think he was trying to block my access to the boss like those shit politics in play when you watch all those triad films from Hong Kong.

Steven is a no-nonsense man.

He doesn’t care about ranks and internal politics. He has one job, to keep LongShu alive. That’s it. How the business is conducted is not his business.

“ He wakes up early, go eat something, he’ll be up by 6am “ Steven offered to deliver my message the moment LongShu wakes.

I told Steven I will be back in a bit.

I continued walking down the mall and out of LongShu territory.

It’s not the wisest thing to do but I need to find out what is going on.

I immediately saw a few of ShaoKun’s boys eyeing me when I entered their turf. I usually ignore their eye contact especially if I don’t know them personally.  

I arrived at WangQi’s brothels and his girls are gestured at me, asking if I would like to spend the night.

I kept on walking, passing though an auto door that led to the bars and clubs.

Aside from alcohol, this part of the mall is also where you get to buy drugs of all kinds. I walked over to the smallest bar, the only one operated by LongShu and took a seat.

The server brought me a bottled beer without me asking as I orientated my chair to look at ShaoKun and WangQi’s joint.

They are doing brisk business, their bars are equally packed because of the myriad of drugs they carry.

LongShu’s bar only carried weed, heroin and opium. Old people drugs as they call it.

Shaokun and WangQi brings in newer shit that the young people dig.

I see a group of tertiary students shaking their heads while holding their glass bong in the air while a group of Korean men popped some pills still dressed in their suits.

Everyone is having a good time.

I’m looking for the pushers.

Those are the boys that would have the latest stuff.

I sipped my beer and I saw someone I think I can talk to.

I stood up and was about to approach the pusher when I saw a group of men pushing themselves out from the crowd.

I sat back down and looked away as a group of Shaokun’s men walked briskly out from the area towards the mall.

I counted 12 of them.

They left the bar district and went towards the mall. I got up and went after them to see what is going on.

The lot of them seemed to be headed somewhere in a hurry.

As they ran past the brothels, more of ShaoKun’s men joined the main group.

I saw them cut through an alley towards the market just before reaching LongShu’s territory.

Good. This means their beef is probably not with us.

I hung back and gave them a bit of berth before I followed the group of men.

Cutting through the market and alleyways, a sinking feeling hit me when I realised they are headed towards the direction of the pool.

I immediately called Choo and updated him about the situation.

“ I’m still here, it’s clear. I don’t see any of ShaoKun’s men  “ he said.

“ get out, get out of there “ I whispered harshly into the phone as I kept pace with the group of men.

I heard Choo asking our men to clear out from the area over the phone.

“ We’ll head back to clean up the candy shop “ Choo said.

“ok, I’ll see you guys there. “ I hung up and I was right.

The group of men stopped at the narrow street one section away from the pool. It’s a residential area and I squeezed myself past a few man roasting meat over an open flame to get a better look at what the men are doing.

A strong herbal smell whiffed past my nose as I looked at the herbal duck the men are roasting while smoking their pipes. The group of them appeared to be waiting for some instructions.

I saw the leader of the group on the phone and he was looking around.

Then he turned towards the pool area.

I followed the group, keeping a distance behind them. However, the moment the enter the alley where the pool is, I will not be able to see what is going on unless I go in there.

Looking up, I made my way up a residential stack.

I would need to look down from one of the units.

Making my way to the 4th floor, I walked down the narrow corridor and estimate which unit would give me the best vantage view over the pool opening.

I knocked on a door and a burly man opened up with a knife on his hand.

“ what do you want ? “ he shouted at me in an aggressively manner.

“ Sorry, I got the wrong unit. “ I apologised and went over to the other.

No one answered the door although I could see some activity behind it.

I was about to walk away when a little girl about 6 years old opened it.

“ yes ? “ she asked.

I smiled and I pulled out some money from my pocket.

“ hi little girl, are you alone ? “ I cursed under my breathe the moment I said that, realising how perverted I sound.

”my mother say I should not talk to strangers. “ she said and she was about to close the door when I stopped her.

“ I’m not a bad guy, I just want to see what is going on down below through your window. “ I explained.

I handed her the money and told her it would help her mother buy a lot of food and candy for her.

She hesitated, unsure if she should allow me in.

“ I’m not a bad guy, I swear. I will not hurt you. “ I can’t believe I’m saying something like this.

I mean I’m not a bad guy, at least I don’t think I’m one but this is just ridiculous.

“what’s your name ? “ She asked.

“ My name is Benny “ I replied.

“ alright, my name is Steph.  come in, but only for a while. “ Steph said.

I entered and Steph shut the door. She went back to her bed where a TV is playing some cartoons.

Her place is small, half the place of mine and from what I could see, Steph is staying there alone with her mother.

I could see a few books scattered around, it appears as if the mother was trying to home school her.

I peeled back the old curtain and I jumped when I heard the gun fire.

Looking down at the pool, I could see ShaoKun’s men standing around the pool opening. The lock was broken and the cover has been removed.

A man emptied his gun into the pool below.

So they know.

After the muzzle flashed stopped and the roar of the gunfire stopped ringing in my ears, I saw a few guys pushing a cart over.

They lowered a rope with a meat hook and I could see them pulling up one of the bodies.

The body is no longer moving. Placing it on the cart, they covered it with a tarb and they started wheeling it somewhere.

I saw the muzzle flash of their weapon again as they killed the addicts loitering around the area.

I immediately text Choo, asking him and the men to leave the candy shop and get back to LongShu’s territory.

Something is definitely fishy here.

After the group of men left, I turned to look at Steph who was hugging onto an old bunny soft toy.

She looked like she was about to fall asleep.

She saw me about to leave and she got back up.

 “ finish looking ? “ She asked.

“ Yes , thank you. “ I replied.

I handed Steph the money and I lowered myself to her height.

“ your mother is right Steph, don’t open the door for strangers next time. “ I said.

“but you said you are a good guy “ she reasoned with the sleep evident in her eyes.

I ruffled her hair and asked her where is her mother.

“ She went to work. She’s working at the mall “ Steph said.

Steph pulled a photograph off a shelf and showed me a picture.

Her mother is quite pretty. She looks young. Steph was hugging onto her mother from behind when the picture was taken.

“ She’s very pretty right ? “ Steph beamed with pride

“yes she is “ I said as I looked at the sweet smile on both of them.

“she works at the café in the mall, she tells me every day a lot of men want to be her friend. “ Steph smiles as she took the photo from me.

That’s not true. I know all the staff that works in the only café in the mall.

She is not one of them.

I knew it must be a lie her mother told her.

Her mother is probably one of the working girls in the mall. Selling her body so she can bring up her daughter. I stepped out of her place and reminded Steph to lock the door.

“ don’t open the door for strangers again ok ? Or your mother is going to scold you. “ I felt a tinge of guilt as I looked at the innocence in her eyes.

She’s probably going to get scolded bad when her mother finds out she let me in.

“ ok. “ She said.

“Well, I go to the café sometimes, what is your mother’s name ? I’ll look for her the next time I go to the café. Maybe buy her a coffee and a cake.  “ I asked.

If it’s a girl at the mall, there’s a high chance she works for LongShu.

I guess the least I could do is keep a look out for her if she is in return for the favour Steph has done for me.

“My mother’s name is Shirley. “ She said with a smile.