The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

“Layla, areee you.. druuunk already?” Katie asked, her words slurring as they both had quite a bit to drink.

“I’mmm fine, let’s get wasted tonight whoooo!!!” Layla replied, getting up to adjust the orange material of her bikini bottom, which was irritatingly becoming a G-string against her will, before strutting around in drunken stupor.

Katie for her part simply folded over on the table, laying her head on the back of her arms.

“Weakkkk~” Layla boo-ed.

Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, Layla decided that she was still a fucking beauty, and Katie’s idea to doll up and get wasted in a beach club was the best decision they have embarked upon. Especially since the break-up that threw Layla’s self-worth into the gutter and swept it all away.

“I’m still a fucking hot bitch. Stupid fucking loser.” Layla thought.

So she took a selfie and posted it on Instagram.

“Beach day, bitches!”

*wolf whistles

“Hey there gorgeous!” Layla heard someone call out. Layla was treading unsteadily on the journey back from the loo to where Katie was, when she turned to look at where the unsolicited compliment came from.

“You’re stunningly, beautiful lady, wanna hang out with us and have some fun?” Called out a young man from the driver seat of a grey Toyota.

“Damn right I am fellas” Layla replied, boarding their vehicle and introducing herself.

There were three men on the Toyota, so Layla joined them in the backseat. Damned if they weren’t all fine looking. They made Layla feel desired with their lustful leers as their eyes stripped Layla bare.

Layla would have felt insulted perhaps on any other day at the catcalling she just received. But today she felt different, Layla was aroused. The tension in the air was electric and only broken when the driver called out “C’mon Layla, we wanna show you something…” and drove away.

Layla was wet with anticipation, she had never been in a situation like this, with three male strangers who she just met and whose names she hasn’t gotten heading to an unknown location.

“You’re gorgeous Layla, wanna show us your tits?” The guy sitting next to her asked. Layla was just going to have to call him backseat.

“Fuck yes” Layla purred. She could tell all eyes were on her and it was a fucking aphrodisiac. Pulling up the bottom of the cups of her black bikini upwards, Layla’s C-cup boobs hung in anticipatory tension, before bouncing down in full release to silent wows of her crowd.

“Lemme help you with that” the guy next to Layla said, untying the knot of her bikini top and helping her strip fully.

“Nice rack Layla” the driver called out.

“Wanna show us your ass?” Shotgun asked.

“Thought you’ll never ask” Layla replied, turning around and getting on her knees on the seat so the guys can all stare at her proud butt.

“Wanna see my pussy too?” Layla teased, bunching up her orange bottoms so that they formed just a slit, before pushing it aside to reveal her glistening pussy.

A yearning pussy that hasn’t been touched by the opposite gender in weeks.

“Oh fucking Layla” backseat exclaimed and dived into her pussy, licking it like fresh honey from the hive, eliciting excited moans from Layla as the others watched.

Helping Layla fully out of her attire, Layla was laid butt-naked at the backseat as her pussy was spread and attacked.

“Yessss!!! Yesss!” Layla moaned in ecstasy. She has never been licked down below before, so the sensation was new and weird but extremely erotic to her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, YESSS” Layla growled when shotgun took out his phone and snapped a picture of the action behind.

“Tak… take one using my… my phone too. Oh FUCK! Just take more and… and send me later. I’m gonna send it to my idiot ex-boyfriend.” Layla sputtered in between moans.

“Happy to be of service milady” shotgun snickered.

“Now darling, would you be a dear and fuck me already? Or should I suck your cock first…?” Layla said, using her best stripper impression.

Layla’s mouth was used first, and pictures were continued to be taken, with Layla consciously and consentingly posing for the shots.

At a red light, shotgun got out of his seat. Opening the rear passenger door wide open, shotgun allowed the sight of Layla sucking dick completely naked to be seen by anyone on the sidewalk, before joining in the assault himself.

“No no, me first” backseat said, turning Layla around so she could suck shotgun off while backseat buried himself in Layla.

Round and round the vehicle circled the beach, and round and round the three took their turns in Layla, whoever had just finished taking over the driving duties.

When the Toyota finally did its last round, they were all spent. Layla just had her brains fucked out, her phone tons of missed calls from Katie and newly filled with photos of her sexcapade.

“Call me again when you guys wanna have fun! Maybe I’ll bring my bestie along” Layla said as she regained her senses.

Layla has never felt more wanted and invigorated. Her confidence was through the roof as she disembarked the vehicle, hitting send on a picture of her getting jizzed on in the backseat of an unknown car to her ex-boyfriend.

“This could be you” was all it read.