James and his wife, after receiving permission to breed, have no idea what to do.

They require some assistances

This piece takes place in MOPC ( Ministry of Population Control )

James : Are we doing it right ?

James asked his wife Yuna as he put his penis into her vagina.

Yuna : ernghhh… I don’t know. It’s painful.

James : Should we google ?

Yuna : I read you need to put in and out a few times.

James moved his body back, sliding his penis out of his wife before trying to push it back into her tight vagina.

Yuna winced in pain and James immediately stopped.

James: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to cause you so much pain.

Yuna : It’s ok, I can bear with it.

James sighed and stood up with his flaccid dick.

James : I don’t think it’s meant to be so difficult, we must be doing something wrong somewhere.

Yuna : what should be do ? We received our permission to breed so long ago, but I have yet to get pregnant.

James sat down beside his wife, taking her in his arms.

James: I’m sorry I’m so clueless dear.

Yuna : No, it’s not your fault. I’m equally clueless too.

James and Yuna have scored straight As from the time they first stepped into school. They topped every subject, every paper they ever took. Going to the same Junior college, they are known as the golden couple.

The topped the cohort, scoring a perfect score and landing one of the most prestigious scholarship in the country. Graduating with first class honors, both secured jobs in a government funded research lab.

Everyone knew they will get married and they did.

They are perfect in so many ways, however, they are clueless when it comes to the physical act of love and reproduction.

Yuna : We did exactly what the books and diagrams showed. It still hurts a lot. Do you think it’s the wrong hole?

James : Impossible, I held the diagram and put it right beside your vagina. It’s the only hole.

Yuna : true, true.

James : It’s the same hole you have your menstrual discharge right?  

Yuna : Should be, it cannot be the one I use to poop right…?

The couple sighed and leaned against each other.

They can deal with quantum physics at work, but are absolutely clueless to their own body.

James : How about the porn videos ? we do what they do ?

Yuna : Those are not real. It cannot be like that in real life.

James : You’re right, those are exaggerated…

Yuna : we need help.

Yuna opened the breeding booklet given to them by the MOPC.

There is a hotline to call if they need assistance. She dialed the number and it connected immediately.

“Thank you for calling the Ministry of Population Control, for English, please press 1”

Yuna hit 1.

For gold card holders, press 1

For silver card holders, press 2

For all others, press 3

Yuna hit 3 and waited patiently. This is perfectly normal, calling any government agency dictates that you first interact with a machine.

“To apply for permission to breed, press 1”

“To apply for an extension to your permission to breed, press 2”

“To cancel your permission to breed, press 3”

“If you request assistance to breed, press 4 “

“to speak with an operator, press 0”

Yuna hit 4 and a melody started playing on the line.

She was prompted to key in her ID number.

Within seconds, details of James and her were repeated over the phone.

“To confirm, press 1”

After a series of clicks on the line, an automated voice spoke.

“We noted your request for assistance to breed. Please pack your bags for a weekend. A car will be sent to your residence to pick you up. Details will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number.”

Yuna : ok it’s done.

James : That’s it ? They’re going to help us ?

Yuna : Should be. If they want babies, they should at least teach us how to do it isn’t it ?

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