Updates 6/3/22

Going to speed up the inclusion of archive titles into the subscription list.

Target to have titles published before the introduction of Subscription format added into the read list by June 2022.

With the increase in titles accessible, i will be bringing forward the price increase to the subscription rate. Sub rate will increase gradually until it hits the cap of 21.99.

This increase do not affect any existing subscribers.

I’m returning more titles back into the premium sub list starting next week. They will be cycled back into the subscription at a faster pace.

I cycled the old titles out because i want it to be fair to long time subscribers. The senior subscribers (I meant this in a non-age discriminatory manner btw) have been following the site for a while. It’s only natural that i want them to have access to more content for their support.

Moving forward, titles cycled back into the subscription will have it’s download option disabled. You will have to read the titles after login.

Think along the line of Netflix and Disney+. Login, watch/read as much as you want. You can unsub anytime, the decision still lies with you.

Current subscribers can still download all the latest titles if you want to.

This will be a phased update that will take place over a few months.

Eventually, an active sub will be required to access the premium titles.

I will disable the download for archive titles more than 3 years old starting 11/2/22 & new titles/short works uploaded onto the site will not be downloadable starting in 1/7/22.

Titles cycled back into premium sub list will not be available for download effectively immediately.

No need to rush, plenty to time to make your decision and plan your subscription accordingly.

Thank you for supporting my work!

Cheers all

James S

Updates :

Summary of timeline for abovementioned changes

Archived titles – EFF 11/2/22 – completed

Cycled titles – In progress. Estimated completion, Dec 2022

New titles released from 1/7/22 – In progress