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(Some updates in progress-galleries will be back up by mid September)

Picture gallery for member’s lounge. (No nudes, no face shots of model, no private parts)

Albums i bought/acquired over the years. Contents were used for several stories.

Albums will be rotated monthly.

*Please do NOT subscribe to the site just for access to the albums. It’s not worth it unless you enjoy reading the stories i wrote. Albums are just a handful of pictures. It’s more of a perk for subscribers, but on it’s own. It’s not worth the money. Spend it on hot OnlyFans content and share it with me instead*

To give a bit of background on my collection, i’ve got them over the years either by trade or outright purchases. Some i get them for free with attached conditions. I’ve traded for albums with bundles of my writings, also for some, i customised the story and character as requested to fit a real person. Most of the albums i hold do not show the model faces, they have been pre edited before i get them. Some do show but i will edit them before using it in the stories. Most of the school uniform sets are from a fan, in return, i gave him access to the entire motherload of titles i have written over the years.

They are probably floating somewhere on the internet, i’m sure i’m not the only one who has them. The gallery of pictures should be seen more as garnishing on a main dish. Something to enhance flavours, it’s not meant to be the main course. Album will be rotated monthly for all premium subscribers, higher tiered members will have access to more. As much as possible, albums will be released when they are used in a story.

There will be no (pay and access all album option). Not now, nor in the future.

*Upon login, depending on your subscription tier, you will see the albums you have access to*

Current month’s gallery (No nudes, no face shots of model, no private parts)

ACJC uniform + netball top (6 short videos)

Available albums

Model in ACJC uniforms + netball top

Model in CHIJ PE attire & uniforms

Model in TPJC uniforms ( old version )

Model in SCGS uniforms

Model in SCGS PE attire + windbreaker

Model in CHIJ netball attire

Model in HCJC uniforms

Model in HCJC PE attire

Model in RGS PE attire

Model in RGS uniform

Model in RJC uniform

Model in RJC PE attire/house top

Model in TKGS uniform

Model in TKGS PE attire

Model in Cedar girls uniform

Model in Cedar girls PE attire

Model in CJC uniform

Model in CJC PE attire

Model in TJC uniforms (Old version)

Model in SJI uniforms

Model in NYJC uniforms (Materials used in – My sister in law is a free loader)

Model in NYJC PE attire (Materials used in – My sister in law is a free loader)

Model in Athleisure attire

Model in black dress

Model in coloured print cheongsum

Model in casual street wear (Material used in destroying my sister in law’s reputation)

Model in white dress ( Materials used in playing my friend’s bride to be)

Model in pink lingerie

Model in OL dress

Panty seller meetup – (Materials used in conversations)

Update in progress

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