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James’ girlfriend Liwen, has a secret arrangement with her netball coach. She wants out, and she realises has to pay the price for wanting to leave. She shares her woes with her boyfriend, not realising that not only is her boyfriend not upset, instead, he wants to watch her have sex with her netball coach.

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I’ve always had a thing for Netball girls growing up. Looking at them in their short skirts or FBTs showing off their long legs gave my mind plenty of materials for wandering.

It’s not so much the sport itself, I don’t care about the sport. Somehow, there is something about the girls that play netball that arouses me.

I love how their long tanned legs disappear into those lovely shoes and socks. Looking at them with their sports bag, their balls, their hair tied up in a bun or high ponytail gets me excited.

Perhaps it’s how toned and healthy they looked compared to other classmates who chose to shy away from the sun.

I knew I want my future girlfriend to be from a netball team, and I made a conscious effort to get to know them. I tried when I was in secondary school but maybe it was because of my geeky look, they didn’t seem interested in me.

So I forced myself to change. I started working out, I started going to the gym, forcing myself to develop a more sporty persona, and it worked.

I got to know my girlfriend Liwen in Junior college and lo and behold, she is from the netball team. It was a dream come true and my girlfriend had all the qualities and prerequisites I wanted.

She’s pretty, outgoing, has a pair of nice legs and she loves the sport. At that age with raging hormones and all, we literally head to each other’s house after school to fuck our brains out.

I love sex, and so did Liwen. We were envied as a couple in junior college, many people say we are a match made for each other.

And the best part, I get to live out all my fantasy with a netball girl with Liwen. I could write up a whole list. Having sex with her after a practice session when she is still perspiring in her sports bra, singlet and FBT shorts, or doing it with her still wearing her netball bib, or even making out in the staircase.

The best blowjob I had was seeing her on her knees at the staircase of her condo. The top view down of her netball singlet plastered against her perspiration soaked body while she blew me made me finish in less than two minutes.

And if I get to doggy her in her netball skirt outdoors while licking her stale sweat from behind her ears, I am literally a minute man. I could finish in less than a minute because the mental arousal forced the physical part out despite me trying to control myself.

I was on top of the world and after graduating from Junior college, Liwen went to NUS while I enlisted in the army.

I planned to enroll in the same course as her after I’m done with national service. We planned to go travelling together, and by all measures, it’s was like we were sure we are going to apply for a flat and get married in a few years time.

Then something happened.

It was a Saturday and I just booked out from camp. I went over to Liwen’s place and her parents are overseas. She cooked a simple pasta dinner and said she has something to tell me.

I had this foreboding feeling in my heart, half expecting that she is going to break up with me.

James : What is it?

Liwen : It’s about Kelvin…you know…my netball coach…back in Junior college…

James : Yeah…what about him?

Liwen sighed and I could see her trying to compose herself before letting the cat out of the bag.

Liwen : He’s my fuck buddy…

I dropped the fork full of pasta and I almost fell off my chair.

Liwen : Please let me explain James…

She told me that it started before we got together, and now that she is serious about settling down with me, she want to stop.

Liwen : But…Kelvin don’t want to stop…unless…and…he…he has…

James : He has what!

My girlfriend bit her lips before blurting out that Kelvin has a huge collection of her sex videos.

James : what…

I could not believe my ears. She never allowed me to take any photos or videos of us when we are intimate, now she tells me her former coach has 20 GB of them sitting in a hardisk.

Liwen : I have to strike a deal in order to get those back…

I was shaking in my chair by then, not only is my girlfriend cheating on me behind my back, she is about to tell me she needs to do it again. However, instead of getting angry or upset, I find myself nursing the hardest erection I can remember for a long time.

Somehow my fetish for a netball girlfriend suddenly changed like the flip of a switch.

Now, it became a fetish of my netball girlfriend having sex with another man.

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