Updates : 16/2/23

Just want to keep everyone updated on the writing status for book 4.

Chapter 1 – It begins

Chapter 2 – Reactions

Chapter 3 – Banquet with Welly Chin

Chapter 4 – Mobilisation

The above chapters have been finalised and edited. This is the 20% mark for chapters ready for release. Each chapter averages 7-8k words so far after editing.

I will use this post to track the editing progress for book 4.

Looking to get a couple more chapters over to my editor before end of Feb.

James S

Updates 19/4/23

Chapter 5 – The Sultan

Chapter 5 has just been sent over to my editor. I have been pretty busy lately to work on book 4, but things are starting to clear up. I’m trying to spend more time on the edits instead of individual works.

Chapter 6 – Sowing Chaos

I’m almost done with Chapter 6 too, target to send out for editing middle of next week.

I should have more time to work on my writing in the 1st week of May base on current work commitments.

James S

Updates 26/5/23

Had time to catch up with my writing in May.

Finally done with Chapter 6 – Sowing Chaos, It’s already with my editor.

Working on wrapping up Chapter 7 – Hard hitters

Bitten by the writing bug lately, been doing 3-4000 words on average a day for the past week. Hope i can keep this up.

James S

Updates 19/6/23

Chapter 7 has been pushed out to my editor.

Working on 8 & 9 concurrently.

Looking to hit the half way mark in a couple of weeks.

Can’t wait to start this series.

James S