This piece takes place in MOPC

James and his wife have put off starting a family without realising there is a ethnic quota allocated for their flat. With the Chinese quota taken up, the only way for them to keep their flat and not go to jail was for his wife Wenhui to be impregnated by someone of a different race.

( this title contains scenes of inter-racial breeding, humiliation & cuckold fantasy. If this makes you uncomfortable, please give this a miss)

My wife Wenhui and I held hands as we walked towards the building which houses the Ministry of population control. Neither of us said a word as we stepped into the lobby and pressed the button to ask for a queue number.

The ticket was barely torn off the machine and I saw our number 001 flashed upon the large screen suspended from the ceiling.

There are other couples in the building but I guess only Wenhui and I are there to fulfil a penalty.

It’s all because of our flat. My wife and I accepted a premium location housing option from the government, netting ourselves a 4 room HDB flat located 5 minutes walk away from Orchard MRT.

Yes, you read that right, Orchard. The belt of prime Singapore real estate. WE got it at a real steal too, paying only 300000 SGD for the 95 SQM flat. There is a caveat though, we must conceive within 2 years.

It’s not an issue for Wenhui and me, we want a family, that has always been our plan. We wanted to take our time, enjoy some couple moments before we start a family, however, things did not exactly go to plan.

You see, every flat has this racial quota that the occupants are subjected to.

The policy ensures a good ethnic mix within the development, and prevents any particular group from forming clusters. By having different ethnic groups stay together, it also foster a kampung spirit. It allows residents of different races and religion to interact and get to know each other.

This is where the problem begins for Wenhui and me. We failed to forsee that other couples living in the same estate also plan to start a family. Many of them did so first and it came as a shock to us that the quota for Chinese babies in that estate has been filled.

The only quota left are for babies from minority ethnic groups or one of inter racial mix.

Yes, in short, my wife Wenhui and I need to start a family, but not with my seed. It’s very simple and straight forward, my wife needs to get pregnant, her egg need to be fertilised, she needs to be impregnated in order for us to keep the flat and not be sent to jail for violating the contract.

We didn’t know what to do, so we appealed. We sent countless letters to our MP and wrote to the forums but it was useless. The rules were clear. By then, the two year mark is over and the warning letters started arriving.

After much discussion and consideration, we knew there was only one option left for us.

Wenhui and I were shaking as we approached the reception with the stern looking officer who look like he is about to reprimand us.

Officer:  Mr James and Ms Wenhui.

James : yes…

Officer : As per MOPC law, section 2, you and your wife have violated the housing agreement by not starting a family within 2 years. Do you have anything to say?

James : I…we…actually, we want to start a family, but the racial quota…

The officer cut him off immediately.

Officer : Is it my problem?

Wenhui gave James’ arm a squeeze, pleading with him no to go on.

Officer : you will both proceed to room 7 over there was a body checkup, there after, you will be given an appointment for your wife to be impregnated.

James : I…

Officer: Yes?

James : can I ask…what is the racial quota left for our estate?

The officer typed on his computer before answering.

Officer : Let me see, ah… for Orchard HDB estate. Only blue collar quotas, or yellow ribbon project left, both are for minority ethnic groups, So likely it will be either a foreign construction worker, or a recently released inmate, basically whatever they can find. Don’t worry, they have good seeds, I’m sure your wife’s egg will be fertilised properly….NEXT!

9400 words

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