I’m in the midst of testing out some new functions.

If you are a subscriber, or you have bought anything from the webstore before, you should be receiving an email with a free $10 credit within 24 hours from the time of this post going live.

You will have a unique code that takes $10 off webstore items. It’s valid for multiple purchases, Eg, if you get something at $5, you can continue to use the remaining balance until it goes to 0.

Code is tied to the email you used for either subscription or direct webstore purchases.

It will be valid for 2 weeks.

I’m trying to improve the site and include more purchase options. Have received feedbacks that some site visitors don’t want to subscribe and they don’t like the idea of having repeated transactions appearing on their card on a regular basis.

Store credit option is something to consider. Have been playing around with it for a some time, will roll it out to get more feedback.

I’m paying quite a bit of bank fees for refunds due to duplicate transactions, moving forward, i intend to issue refunds by means of webstore credits if possible.

With this set up, i can also start working on a simple loyalty program for fans by sending targeted credits base on their purchase history.

If you encounter any issues, drop me a mail or leave a message here.

Do check your spam folder too in case it goes there.

How to use the store credit?

Login to your account via email if you have created one.

Add the ebooks you wish to get into cart, and enter the code sent to your email

If the amount is less than $10, the credit offsets the entire sum, there is no need to pay anything, however, please ensure the email you entered during checkout is the same one as the one you received the code with.

Other checkout fields from name, to country, to postal code, those are insignificant. Just wack something in there will do.

What will happen to unused credit?

It will be valid for 14 days. Thereafter, it will be expired.

Can i use it to offset my subscription?

No. it’s is only valid for ebook purchases from the webstore.

Can i buy more store credit?

Yes you can. Head over here

James S

Update 10/3/2023

I can’t offer discounted webstore credits due to restrictions by the plugin developer.

However, a discount code can be applied to the purchase manually to offset it.

Code ‘half’ will take 50% webstore credit valid for this weekend.

Eg, a $20 credit top up to your email will cost only $10.

Will be playing around with the settings to see what other options are available.

Check this post for other good deals!

James S


Please check if the mail has gone to the spam folder.

If you cannot find the code, just drop me a message or email 🙂

James S