James works in a cloning facility where clones are produced and kept for a short period purely for pleasure and company. His friend Tom, has ideas of his own.

“Come on James, it’s not real. It’s impossible meat. Don’t be a spoil sport.” Tom said with a nudge on his arm.

“I don’t know, it’s, it’s so weird.” James replied.

“Don’t pretend, I know you always have the hots for Wen.” Tom said while pointing to his wife on the bed.

Or rather, an exact replica of his wife on the bed.

Technology has progressed so far along that you can now take any DNA sample from the person you wish to clone, hand it over to a company, and viola. In 2 weeks, you will have an exact replica of the person in front of you.

There is a catch though. The clone only lasts for 2 days. And within that 2 days, you can live your wildest fantasy with the clone with no repercussions. Do anything you want.

You want to date a celebrity ? Sure, get a hold of his or her hair.

You have a fantasy of your sister in law ? Sure, get a hold of her hair.

Your colleague’s wife ? Your boss ? Your close friend who friend-zoned you?

Those are all a thing of the past. Just get their hair and have your wildest dream come true, in a controlled environment of course.

James looks at Wen sitting obediently on the bed and smiling at the both of them.

“Look at her, they have her right down to the position of the mole above her left shoulder. It’s fucking amazing isn’t it?” Tom said.

“How…how long have you been doing this bro?” James asked his good friend.

“Come on la James, Marriage, kids, work stress, all these kill your sex life. Don’t pretend as if you are getting it as much as you use to from Joan.”

What Tom said is true. James’ sex life has been going downhill ever since the arrival of kids. With screaming toddlers and bosses bugging you over email and messages long after work hours, it can be hard to spend quality time with your spouse.

Tom nudged James on his arm again, asking him to just go for it.

“I signed up for a membership. I mean, I fucking quite smoking and drinking for this dude. The money is better spent here.” Tom chuckled.

James walked over to Wen who is fully dressed in clothes that Tom brought. Actual clothes that were worn by his wife back home. It lends a realism that words cannot describe.

The way the fake Wen moved, her gestures, her smile. It’s exactly the same.

“It’s your birthday today James, so I’m going to give you some time alone with my wife eh . Where to find a brother like this man ? hahaha” Tom laughed heartily as he shut the door behind him.

James touched the face of the clone in front of him and her eyes closed.

The clones have been primed and programmed for one main purpose.

The hormones inside the fake Wen is now raging like a storm churning up a rough sea. She’s primed and ready to mate.

There are no needs for protection, James could feel his erection getting harder as the thought of entering Wen raw sinks into his head.

“Hi.” Wen said with a sweet voice.

James sat down on the bed beside Wen and he kissed her.

Wen may be a clone but she felt every bit like the real thing. This is the wonder of impossible meat.

James’ trembling hand went to Wen’s breast. Her tender and firm tits felt so good in his molded palms.

Wen smiled and bit her lips in a silly manner, reminding James of the time he first made out with his high school sweetheart.

With his erection pushing painfully against his pants, James stripped himself and reveal his throbbing manhood.

Wen gasped and looked away, embarrassed by how forthright he is.

Holding Wen’s chin, James went in for another long passionate kiss. One where their tongues were entangled while they drank from each other’s mouth.

Wen was panting and gasping for air by the time James was done.

As Wen took his manhood into his mouth, James groaned loudly in the room as he looked up into the sterile white ceiling.

Smiling to himself as he enjoyed the warmth of Wen’s mouth sucking and servicing his manhood, James looked at the woman he has masturbated to frequently.

It may be his birthday, but James knew it’s not that simple with Tom.

You see, James, works at the impossible meat facility that clones and supplies these women. Tom, on the other hand works for the major investor that finances the facility’s operations.

And James knew Tom wanted something far more sinister than sex and carnal pleasures.

Tom, wants to replace his wife Wen with a clone, because Wen is cheating on him. He wants to find a way to do a switch, thereby enabling a legal disposal of his cheating wife.

“arnghhh..arnghhh” James moaned as Wen’s tongue assaulted his pee hole, rimming and prodding his sensitive region with the relentless flick of her tongue.

Wen stopped sucking on James and moved to the center of the bed in an inviting manner.

James got onto the bed and straddled the fake Wen as her hands reached for his neck.

When they lips met again, James had a sinister thought of his own as he fondled the life like breasts of the clone.

Why dispose off the real Wen, if he can keep her imprisoned here for his own pleasure?

Besides, having sex with the real Wen while she tries to convince him she is not a clone might be……interesting.

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