James and his wife started dating very early and their attraction for each other has diminished over the years. They were in a sexless marriage until one day, James gets a message from his regular go to pimp about a new girl in his stable making waves in the freelancer scene.

James is about to find out that a sexless marriage affects not just the men, but the women too.

A sexless marriage is more common than you think. They typical cases usually revolves around the few common factors, work, kids, lack of time and so on.

It can be caused by a variety of factors, including physical or psychological conditions, lack of sexual attraction, stress, or simply a decrease in libido over time, however, my situation is a little unique.

I stopped having sex with my wife not because she is denying me any. I simply don’t find her attractive anymore.

No, there is nothing wrong with her body, or her attractiveness level. At 32, Lisa is practically at the prime of her womanhood. She has a successful career, she’s in good shape and by all measures, she is a beautiful and attractive woman.

Despite being married, there are no lack of wolves or suitors trying their chances with her.

I love my wife, but we got together when we were 13. Yes, 13. I asked her to be my girlfriend in secondary one, pure innocent puppy love. I never expect it to blossom slowly as we grow up.

Just for the record, we kept the hanky panky stuff till we are above the legal age. The sex was amazing especially when we’re both in JC and university. We had all the energy and the raging hormones really kick into an overdrive in our early 20s.

Then we got married when i’m 24, it’s a simple affair. We did what every Singaporean couple did, we bought a flat, we settled down and thought we want to start a family but seeing how our cousins are struggling with their newborns made us think twice.

We could literally see a drop in their quality of life when kids come into the picture, and that made us hesitate and put things off a few years.

Living together as a married couple so early has it’s downside. We sort of got use to each other in a couple of years and even before i hit my 30th birthday, it felt like i’m just close friends with Lisa instead of being husband and wives.

The urge to have sex with her is just not there anymore.

I started surfing sex forums and i engaged my very first freelance sex worker. It was a 19 year old student in university and that one hour really blew my mind. I felt i was 18 again.

It was so addictive that i got hooked on it, i kept it to once a month, then i bumped it up to twice a month.

Eventually, i was booking almost every week to the point the pimp became my friend.

The moment he has a new girl, he will text to see if i’m interested. From students still in polytechnic that needed money, to the rare JC student who is just out to spite her father, or even young wives looking for excitement, i tried them all.

Of course i made sure everyone is of the legal age. After the initial saga about the girl lying about her age hit the front page, everyone became extra paranoid about staying within the boundaries of the law.

This is why i insist on checking in with the girl at the hotel reception together. That way, when we both hand our ID over to the front desk, there is an extra pair of eyes making sure the birthday tallies.

Lisa never initiated sex, she never rejected me before either. We never sat down and have a proper conversation about the situation, both of us just went on with our lives, living together like best friends instead of a married couple.

We both love each other, but despite sharing the same bed with her every night, the urge to touch her is just not there.

Yes i know, you must be cursing at me now. That i am just craving for new excitements and variety instead of being contended with what i have, but brother look. 13 to 29, that’s a good 16 years with Lisa.

I have been faithful to her for 16 years before i waivered, i think that’s pretty impressive already.

We tried everything, from outdoor sex, cosplay, roleplay, bondage, sex toys, basically every damm thing i can think of or whatever the internet can spit out, the feeling is just not there anymore.

It’s frustrating for me too, and i chose to escape that frustration by giving my regular pimp a call. I choose to finance those young girls’ flamboyant lives by paying them for a few hours of their time.

Some of them has gone on to become full time influencers and what not, good for them, i’m just happy that i get to have their body for a while.

I have resigned to my life and the new balance i found. Live my days as a sweet husband who goes home every night, and once in a while when i have the need, i will take care of it outside.

Then one day, something happened.

Something that jump started the old heart of mine that has not beat with that level of vigor since i was 18.

My regular pimp, Seng, text me one weekday afternoon.

Seng msg : James, i have a new girl for two weeks already, didn’t text you because i figure she’s too old for your liking.

James msg : I’m not interested in grannies. 18 to 23 only…

Seng msg : but this girl is hot as fuck. I don’t usually try my own girls, but i gave in and tried her…i think she’s your cup of tea…

I asked Seng to send me the picture of the girl.

While pimps usually give only body pictures or side views of the girl, Seng will give me the full frontal shot. This is one of the perks of being a regular, besides, he’s made tens of thousands of dollars off me already.

Seng msg : She’s 32 this year, but look like she is only in mid twenties and damm, she’s a good fuck too…

When the picture appeared on my phone, i dropped it immediately. I tried to stand up and i toppled my coffee, sending the black liquid across my desk. I took a step back and tried to sit down without realising that the abrupt rise earlier sent my chair rolling a meter further away. I end up crashing onto the floor and my secretary came running into my office.

Wen : James, you ok?

I looked at my secretary and i quickly got up and picked up my phone that is dripping with coffee.

James : Yeah…i’m ok. just an accident.

While Wen went to get the pantry auntie, i looked at the picture on my phone.

You guessed it.

It was a picture of Lisa.

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