Titles marked with the (FF) prefix are stories which has little to no build up of plot and character. It goes straight into the action. There are requests for stories that dive straight down into the thick of the action rather than go too much into the characters and what they do. I understand it’s different strokes for different folks, but i will try to cater to all preferences. FF, also stands for fast and furious will have shorter intros, just enough to read you into the scene before the action begins.

It will be dirtier, darker, and i may remove the preview altogether, or restrict it for subscribers only for some titles due to the nature of the story.

Jean decides to quit a secret society. Like all gangs, they have house rules. For a girl to quit, there is usually a price to pay.

*Album bought many years ago, no nudes, no model faces, no private parts. Model above 18 at time of shoot*

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