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Jean decides to quit a secret society. Like all gangs, they have house rules. For a girl to quit, there is usually a price to pay.

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Coris : Jean you bitch. You serious about it?

Jean : Yes, I want out.

Coris : You not steady leh. We sisters leh, we agreed to go all the way.

Jean : This is not the kind of life I want. I had enough of this shit.

Coris : What? Hanging out at void decks? Smoking in school uniforms, park in arcade whole day, not good enough for you?

Jean : oh fuck off. It’s the A levels in a few months. I can’t do this shit any longer. I’m no longer in secondary school.

Coris gave her friend the middle finger and gestured to the difference in uniform between them. Jean is already in her 2nd year in a Junior college while Coris is still in secondary 5 after repeating two years in secondary school.

Coris : You got lucky bitch. A fucking Ah Lian like you can get into a JC. Maybe they mixed up your paper with someone elses.

Jean : fuck off. How long do you want to hang out with those degenerates? Until you are 30 or 40?

Coris : Watch your mouth bitch. These are your brothers and sisters you are talking about.

Jean : enough of this brother and sister shit. I’m sick of it all. I want out.

Coris : Do you know what you talking about? You know the price for getting out of 18Kumgongtong?

Jean : Yes…

Coris : AND?

Jean : I want out, my decision is final.

Coris : even if it means going at it with all the men in 18Kumgongtong? Are you fucking nuts?

Jean looked at her books and thought about her future. She enjoyed her life in Junior college and she made new friends. Friends who are optimistic about the future, friends with aspirations.

Not the old group where blond hair, tattoos and lion dance practice in a clan association is the highlights of their meetup. She used to think travelling on the back of a open back truck while drums and cymbals clashed is cool, especially with neon flags and the lion heads proudly displayed.

Now she just thinks it’s silly. There is nothing wrong with lion dance as performing arts, but aside from a handful of clans who take it seriously, plenty are just trying to hoodwink for a living with no real practice and pride put in.

Joining a gang is a dumb move, but it seemed the right thing to do then when she was 13. She needed to feel like she belongs.

At 17, it was perhaps one of the greatest regret in her life so far.

Jean knew the consequences of trying to quit a gang, the rules were stated clearly.

18Kumgongtong for life, or an hour of free for all access with 18Kumgongtong members. Within that hour, they can do anything they want to her, this usually means sex.

At last count, Jean is aware that there are about 30 members with 20 of them being male. Their age ranges from 13 to 55.

Take away those that are underage and in prison or boys home, there’s got to be at least 10 men who will not pass up a chance to fuck her especially she is one of the prettiest one in the organization.

Her only saving grace would be a location and time of her choosing. There’s no way she is going to a hotel or anyone’s home, it will have to be somewhere public.

Now Jean just needs to figure out a place and time, that will possibly deter as many of the gang members from turning up as possible.

Still a virgin, Jean thought about the sweet boy in her class that expressed interest in her, James.

She liked him too, and she wondered what he would think if he knew the girl he liked has her body violated by gang members.

Jean : I just want to get it over and done with.

Coris : You’re fucking crazy bitch.

Jean : Help me spread the word babe. I’m withdrawing.

Coris sighed and tapped away on her phone.

She has witnessed a withdrawal ritual before.

Coris : I’ll be honest with you babe, withdrawal is the last thing on the men’s mind when they are doing it.

She said as she hit the send button, broadcasting Jean’s intention to leave the gang.

Jean expected the group sex, but she failed to anticipate one other thing.

That her so call brothers and sisters, they are going to document the whole process.

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