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James finds himself working in a female apparel company. Can he survive the politics, the petty squabbles, and the adventures and misfortunes that will befall him and his new colleagues ? It’s not his first rodeo in the office, but it’s his first in an all female environment.

*Update : 20/1/23

There’s strong interest in this title because it revisits what ‘James’ is like when i first started writing. The schemes, the little tricks and maneuvers he employ in order to get the girls & all. I planned for this to be a 4 part series but it’s growing into a full length work of sort. It’s getting longer than My wife became the sheik’s mistress as the plot develops and thickens. 4 episodes are ready to go while i’m tidying up the other 3. Hope to share this with everyone soon. If you enjoyed ‘James’ antics during his early formation, you will like this one.

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Part 1 – 3/2/2023 – Free to read

Part 2 – 3/2/2023

Part 3 – 10/2/2023

Part 4 – 17/2/2023

Part 5 & part 6 – 24/2/2023

In short, the month of February will focus on James’ internship until the point he is offered a permanent role in the company.

The next series, ‘Probation in female apparel company’ will be released in a couple of months time.

I was laid off from my job of 8 years when covid struck in 2020. I didn’t waste a single day, after packing up my table, I went home and stared sending out resumes.

The situation is not that bad financially for me because I’m single and staying with my parents. The old folks are hawkers selling simple fares like porridge and beehoon so they pretty much can take care of their own expenses.

House is fully paid and I received a decent retrenchment package when I left.

I’ve always been a saver but given the scale of the pandemic, the lockdowns, the uncertainties, even with a wide margin of safety net in the bank account, you cannot help but feel a little unnerved.

Within the span of a week, I must have sent out close to 100 resumes but I received no reply. Everyone is losing their jobs, the country is in lockdown, no one is hiring.

I tried everything, from lowering my pay requirement to applying for jobs well below my skill sets but still, nothing.

3 months into the pandemic, I signed up with a government assisted job placement agency. The idea is that they will help me get a job. I pretty much don’t care what industry the job is in by then, I mean as long as I get employed, I’ll be very satisfied. I thought I will get something soon but there isn’t anything for me so I fell back on doing food deliveries.

I never stopped following up though and sending resumes.

7 months after submitting my particulars, the agency notified me that I have been placed into a consumer goods company as an operations executives. My pay will be $2200, of which $1800 is paid for by the government, while the company that employs me will only need to pay $400.

The contract will be for a period of 6 months, thereafter, the office will decide whether or not to keep me.

I accepted the offer immediately, not because I was that desperate but because I simply could not stand not having anything to do. It didn’t matter that I am 35 with more than 10 years of working experience, it didn’t matter that $2200 is only a quarter of what I use to draw.

There’s really nothing out there in the streets then for jobseekers like me and I know I cannot afford to be choosy.

The details of the company was sent to me and I was surprise to find out that it’s a female apparel company.

James : What the fuck…?

Looking at the offer letter, I realized there is an error in spelling for my name.

My full name is Chen Wei Long, but the spelling on the offer letter is Chen Wei Ling.

It’s just the difference of a letter but my name went from one of a male to that of a female.

How can they possibly make a mistake like that?

Still, since I accepted the offer, and the other details like my address and NRIC number is correct, I decided to go ahead and show up for work.

1st Feburary 2021

I remember it’s the 1st of February. I woke up at 6am, wash up, dressed up in my shirt and pants, picked up my work bag and grabbed a quick breakfast at the bus interchange before hopping on a ride to my new work place in Bukit Batok.

The office is located within an industrial park. I don’t want to be late so I arrived at the office at 7.45am when the reporting time is 8.30am.

At 8.15am, I went up to the large door of the industrial unit and pressed the doorbell but no one opened the door. So I waited.

I tried again at 8.25am, again, nothing.

8.30am came and went but no one other than me turned up for work.

By 8.40am, I was trying to look for a number to call on the offer letter.

I dialed the number for HR but no one answered the call.

At 8.50am, I saw a hot looking babe wearing white yoga tights and a sports bra walking towards me in her chic sneakers. She has a towel around her neck and a cloth mask over her face. Her features may be covered but her eyes revealed a level of seductiveness that instantly captured my attention.

My eyes went to her yoga tights near her crotch area and every shadow and dance of light made me question if I was seeing things.

She came right up to the door, ignoring me totally and started to key in her passcode.

James : Hi, I’m James, I’m reporting for work today. It’s my first day…

The lady turned and looked at me from top to toe, she literally stared at me for a good two seconds before replying.

Selene : Hi I’m Selene, I think you must be mistaken… we’re a female apparel company… we are expecting an intern but a women…

James : Let me guess, her name is Chen Wei Ling ?

Selene : Yes. How do you know that?

James : well, I’m Chen Wei Long, you can call me James, I think somewhere along the line, something must have gone wrong during the administrative process..

Selene : What..!

Selene sighed and I could see the frustration in her eyes. She opened the door and asked me to go into the office.

Selene : Sit, and wait.. let me sort this out.

The office is a rectangular plot about 12 meters deep and 5 meters wide. The headroom of the unit is so high that it allowed for a split level mezzanine going up to a stock area where shelves are packed full of boxes and clothes.

The ground area is a open concept office with a glassed off area under the mezzanine floor.

Selene spoke into the phone and I could see she was very agitated and upset with the boo boo. The door to the office opened and I saw another lady walk into the office. This one is petite and cute, she’s got to be only 1.55m tall and she wore a pair of white denim shorts and a stripped grey tube covered her body. Her face may be covered by her colourful print mask but her eyes are beautiful.

She saw me at the waiting area and she removed her ear pods, looking towards Selene with a questioning look on her face.

Selene gesture the new arrival into office and she walked over to the glassed off area.

The main entrance opened again and this time, two girls walked into the office together. Both of them are clad in yoga tights and cropped tops. They are of the same height, they have the same features and looking at them, I realized the only difference between them is the colour of their tights and cropped top.

They are twins.

The twins looked at me by the waiting area and then turned towards Selene in the office with the same questioning look on their faces. Needless to say, they were gestured into the office as well.

While waiting for them to sort things out, I looked at the layout of the office.

Glassed off area must be where the boss sits, I’m putting my money on Selene being the one in charge. Outside at the open space , there are four desks. Three are filled with stuff including screens and laptop docks. The one empty one must be meant for the intern.

On a row of shelves lining the wall behind the empty desk are label printers, packing tables along with a whole slew of labelling and tagging machines including the copier.

The waiting area where I was sitting is where the pantry is, an obvious giveaway given the location of the coffee machine and water dispenser.

The four girls were talking amongst themselves in the glassed off area while casting me a look every now and then.

At 9.20am, Selene stepped out of the office along with the other girls in the company.

I stood up and immediately explained myself.

James : hi, ermmm.. I’m sorry if this arrangement is troubling or inconvenient for you. I only found out about this being a female apparel company when I saw the offer letter and the spelling error. I guess they hired too many temps to do the admin work…

I told Selene that if they are not comfortable with a man working for them I can always go.

James : However, I would like to add that I have been working for more than 10 years, I may not have any experience in consumer goods or female clothes, but I’m sure I can be helpful one way or another.

I smiled and waited for the girls to speak.

Selene : James, I’m sorry for the mix up and thank you for the quick self-introduction. I want to state upfront that this is not an easy office to work in, we work fast, we demand efficiency and all of us have very different working style. And I don’t think I need to inform you how challenging it may be to work in an all-female environment.

James : I’m adaptable and I believe given the opportunity, I can live up to your expectations. I’ll do anything from packing to delivery, I learn fast, teach me once and I’ll remember.

Selene nodded and exchanged looks with the other girls.

Selene reached for her mask and removed it, revealing the face behind the mask. The rest of the girls did so too and i was trying hard to keep a neutral expression.

I was also trying hard to limit the reaction in my pants as I looked at the four beautiful women unmasking themselves in front of me.

Selene : You’re vaccinated ?

James : yes..

I removed my mask and came face to face with the ladies that I was to work with.

Selene : Welcome to the company James, this is Elaine.

Selene gestured to the petite and sweet girl before introducing the twins as Xinru and Yanru.

James : hi… nice to meet you all.. So, ermm who am I reporting to?

Selene : All of us.

James : huh?

Selene : We are all shareholders of this company…

James : oh…

Selene : Any problem ?

Selene said with a smile.

Selene : I have to warn you though, I’m not so sure your past experience in your previous companies will be helpful here. We are different, everyday is different, it comes with it’s own set of challenges. You have to be mentally prepared to face scenarios that I’m sure you have never encountered in your previous employment.

I smiled and replied confidently that I will be up to the task.

Selene : Good, I like your confidence.

I looked at the four girls, everyone of them younger than me by at least half a decade by my estimate.

The twins went to their tables while Selene walked inside her glass office, leaving me with Elaine.

Elaine : Well, you have no idea what you have got yourself into James, but welcome to the company. Look forward to see what you are capable of.

She said with a chirpy smile.

I watched her walk away and my eyes drifted to her toned legs and perky butt.

Elaine brought out a laptop from a drawer and turned it on for me.

Elaine : Login name is Wei Ling, I’m sorry it’s already set. Password is Jonito fashion with no spacing.

James : Ok..

The laptop booted up and my eyes widened at the wallpaper. A picture of Selene at the gym in her sports attire. I was fighting hard not to drool as I mumbled softly under my breath.

James : I may not know what I have got myself into, but you girls too, have no idea what you have got yourself into…

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