James’ wife needs some quick cash and it’s not for selfish reasons. Drinking with men and pushing drinks gives good commissions but we all know where the fastest cash is going to come from. It’s one thing to know your wife is entertaining men for money, it’s another when you have to see it with your own eyes and pretend everything is fine.

It’s humiliating and yet James is excited beyond reason when he enters each KTV room and sees his wife in the arms of different men.

From pushing drinks, to going out for supper and becoming the mistress of a bald headed pervert, Diana is about to find out that there is really no such thing as fast and easy cash. Fast ? Yes, Easy? Unfortunately no.

I looked at my wife tapping away on the calculator as she goes through the stack of bills on the calculator. The bulk of it are hospital bills for my in laws. There’s a saying in Singapore that goes something along the line of, you can die, just don’t fucking fall sick.

Well, my in laws did fall sick and their bills have drained our savings. They are not insured and despite all the subsidies we enjoy, my wife Diana and I are crushed under the weight of their long term hospitalization bill.

How many people out there can put up with 8 long years of frequent hospital trips, operations and therapy? 8 years brother, 8 years of urgent leaves, no pay leave, and even pay advances.

How many bosses out there can put up with this from their employee?

Diana’s boss did the best he could for her but he has a business to run at the end of the day. He let her go after being supportive for 8 long years. We don’t blame him at all because he too, has to put food on the table for his family.

I married my wife when I was 25 and she was 24. Now, in our early thirties, we have less than $3000 in our joint savings. With her being out of a job, I became the sole bread winner for the family. It’s not so bad if I’m some high flying executive in a large company but I’m not.

I just work on the sound system in a KTV pub along beach road. How far do you think $3700 will go in my situation?

James : Dear, don’t count already. We’ll figure something out. I got my taxi license already, so I plan to drive a bit in the day. We can figure something out.

Diana put the bills aside and looked at the final figure on the calculator. She buried her face in her hands and apologized.

Diana : I’m sorry dear…

James : Why are you apologizing?

Diana : My parents are the reason why we are in this situation…i…

James : Don’t say things like that dear, remember our wedding vows? For better for worse, till death do us part…we will face any challenge life throws us…

My wife gave me a hug before saying that she has a solution to our predicament.

Diana : I might have a solution…

James : How ?

Diana : your boss Jensen that day…he…

James : what? You talked to Jensen? What did he want!

I could feel my heart racing because Jensen is a fucker. He’s the kind of person to stay at arm’s length from.

Diana: dear calm down…remember that day I went to your work place with you after dinner? I bumped into Jensen by the bus stop and he is aware of our situation…

James : Of course he is aware of our situation, I was just talking to him about a raise the other day. It’s been two years since my pay was adjusted.

Diana : I raised that with him too but he says your work is simple and there is barely anything to do once all the system is set up. And the most complex thing you needed to do is adjust volume and sync the mics again for drunk customers. Most of the men are not there to sing anyway…

James : I…

What my wife said is true. My job as a sound technician is pretty chill most of the time. The only time when I’m busy is when a new band comes in and need help with their setup or when someone books the KTV for an event. To be honest, half the time I’m doing some waitering role or helping around for extra tips.

Diana : Jensen asked if I’m interested to be a hostess…

James : What!

Diana : He explained the job to me, it’s pretty simple. Just go into the room, sit down and drink with clients for 15 minutes before I switch room. I can make 2-300 a night. My liver will probably protest though.

I stared at my wife in disbelief. I can’t believe she actually said that. She has never been to such an establishment and when she asks me about my work, I made sure to leave out the sleaze in the rooms. And now she is telling me she wants to work as a KTV hostess?

James : Dear…do you know what you are saying?

My wife sighed and looked down at the table.

Diana : If other women can do it, why can’t I?

I could hear her voice breaking as she excused herself to the kitchen for a drink of water. Perhaps it was because she was ashamed of saying something like this.

My eyes drifted to the many photos of us as a couple in the living room and settled on one particular one where it showed of Diana’s natural beauty and great figure.

James : It’s not that simple dear! You don’t know what you are getting into!

Diana : Yes dear I do know. There is an opportunity for me to make 2-300 a night in tips just by chatting and drinking with others. Why not.

James : It’s really not that simple!

Diana : It’s just drinks and singing isn’t it? What is so hard about it? Besides, Jensen says I can have additional commissions if I can push drinks. Some girls make up to 2000 a night.

James : But..

My wife held onto my arm and asked me if what Jensen said is true.

Diana : is it true dear? That some girls make up to 1000 a night…

I hesitated for a second before nodding.

Diana : 1000 is a lot of money dear…

James : 1000 is the low end of the scale…

Diana : What do you mean?

James : 1000 is average, the prettier and more popular ones can get 5000 a night or more…that’s the norm for girls..

Diana : what! Why didn’t you tell me about this…? Wait…wait…what do you mean by norm?

I looked at my wife and hesitated, wondering if I should share such information with her.

James : It all depends how far you are willing to go…

That was all the explanation my wife needed because from the expression on her face, I knew she is fully aware of what that means.

Her eyes darted away from mine and tried to settle on some furniture behind me. I know however she is not searching for anything visually, she is searching inside her heart for an answer to the statement I just made.

She is searching within herself for an answer to how far she is willing to go.

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