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*Illustrations provided by Jonathan*

* Brenda is above 25 years of age when these were taken and permission has been granted for use by both J & B *

*no nudes*


James’ tuition teacher made him a preposition he cannot refuse.

It was not a difficult decision because if he’s doing exactly why his parents hired the tuition teacher for.

Picking up new knowledge, only in this case, it’s about human biology.




I was initially very resistant to having a tuition teacher because I felt it was a waste of money. I’m not interested in studying and I don’t understand why my parents insist on getting someone to make me.


I gave up reasoning with them and through some recommendation by friends, they hired Brenda to help me with my Math and Science.


Now Brenda is just 1 year older than me.

At 18, she’s in her final year in Junior college and she is moonlighting as a tuition teacher to make some extra cash.


Looking at books is painful for me but when I first laid my eyes on Brenda, the pain did not feel as bad.


Brenda is pretty, a sweet girl next door that would surely gain the approval of your parents if you introduce her as your girlfriend.


However she is already attached.


Not that I stand a chance anyway. I’m just your neighbourhood, cannot make it normal academic student trying to get pass his ‘O’ Levels.

Brenda goes to one of the top Junior college in the country. She’s smart, well spoken and given how she looks, she is definitely assured of a good job and career immediately after graduating from university.


The 1st few lessons were a little awkward give the small age gap between Brenda and I, but after a few sessions, we chatted a lot more. We maintained the teacher student relationship though, and instead of calling Brenda by her name, I called her ‘Cher’ , a shorter and more informal version of ‘teacher’ .


By the end of the 1st month, I was already masturbating to images of Brenda. I would secretly take photos of her when she is not looking and use them to wank myself off in the bathroom.


I would refresh those photos every week, giving me something to look forward to during my lesson with Brenda.


Due to some changes in schedule, my tuition timing with Brenda was brought forward to the late afternoon instead of evening, and this resulted in Brenda having to come straight from school.


The erection I have in my pants seeing her in her school uniforms never went down as she tried to explain the notes she prepared for me. She smells nice too, and seeing her white blouse and short green skirt, it gave me naughty ideas.


I snapped photos of her of course and that evening when I shut myself in the bathroom while trying to imagine myself removing Brenda’s school uniform piece by piece, I came so hard that I groaned and knelt down on the bathroom floor.


From that day onwards , I insisted with my mum to keep to the earlier schedule.

Yes. I want Brenda to come my place in her uniforms.


I want to see her and smell her up close knowing she has spent a whole day in school in them.


4 months into my class and I casually asked Brenda why is she working so hard, giving tuition and moonlighting.


Brenda : I needed the money….


James : Why… ? are you in some sort of trouble…


Brenda : I’m saving up to go overseas….. visit my boyfriend…. He’s studying in Australia …


James : I see…. So you’re going after you’re A , levels… ?


Brenda : I hope so…. Still a long way to go… you are my only student currently… haha


James : hahaha… ok…


Brenda : you should ask for more lessons….then I can earn more…


I smiled and said if she wants to earn more, maybe we can discuss some other arrangements.


Brenda : huh ?? … what do you mean…


James : Nothing.. nothing… hahah… nothing…


It was the spur of the moment comment but Brenda is not stupid.

She knew what I was trying to say.


Brenda : do you… save your pocket money James… ?


James : of course… I have quite a bit stashed away…


Brenda played with the pen in her hand and asked me softly how much.


James : About $300 plus…


My heart was beating really fast as I looked at Brenda.


I have more than $1000 stashed away but a good poker player never gives away his hand.


Brenda pouted her lips, she looked a little disappointed.


James : is…. Is it… too… too little… ?


Brenda turned and looked around to make sure my mum is still busy in the kitchen.


Brenda : can you dig a little deeper… maybe… a bit more…. ?


I swallowed a gulp of saliva before saying that I knew where my parents kept their money.


James : I think I can lift a little off without them knowing in loose change….


My erection was already pushing against my pants as I watched Brenda uncross her legs and changed the way she crossed it.


Brenda : if you can get 500…. We can work something out…


I stopped breathing and I too looked behind me to make sure the coast is clear.


James : really ? … you serious… ?


Brenda nodded as she bit her lips before quickly adding that I would need to use a condom.


My mum came out of the kitchen right about then and we quickly went back to the books.


Brenda : get the money first… then we have a deal…


Inside my head, I was already thinking 2 steps away.

Money is not the issue here.


I have enough stashed away without the need to steal from my parents.

I’ve never done anything like this before.

It’s my first time.

I don’t know if the time comes, will I know what to do.


I text Brenda 1 day before our next lesson, I told her I have the money ready.


James sms : Ok… I have the 500…. Where shall we do it… ?


Brenda : Don’t worry…. I know a spot…


I could not sleep, and when I did, I think I did so with a raging hardon.


Part of me kept thinking this must be a scam.


Maybe Brenda is tricking me to hand over the money. And if I dare to raise this up, she can easily turn the table around and say I tried to pay her for sex.


With a mixture of fear and excitement, I mentally willed the clock to ticked faster.


Even when I saw Brenda coming into my house that day for my tuition lesson, I was still  unsure if this is going to happen.


Is it all a prank ?


Maybe she is just teasing me ?


5 minutes before my lesson end.


Brenda : You have the money… ?


James : yee… yess….


Brenda : show me….


I looked behind me to make sure my mum is not looking before pulling out the stack of fifties from my pocket.


Brenda looked at the money and nodded. She looked nervous too.


She cautioned me again and I knew the deal is sealed.


Brenda : Must….. must use condom… ok ??  cannot take out halfway ..


I nodded eagerly.


James : Ye… Yes Cher….





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