My housemate Brian wants to use the lock down as an excuse to breakup with his girlfriend.
He knows it won’t be easy because his girlfriend Natalie loves him a lot and she is very obedient. 
Brian hatches a plan, a sick and twisted one and it’s one that requires my help. 
And it will start with me gaining access to his laptop, and pretending to chat with Natalie while she thinks it’s Brian in front of the screen. 

( This piece is a collaboration with Natalie who posts at KinkyNatty in Tumblr )
*All images used, including lingerie belongs to Natalie. Illustration used are pictures of Natalie herself * ( No nudes ) 
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I share a 2 bedroom studio with my friend Brian in the middle of the central business district. Both of us work in the same building along the financial district and we meet for lunch pretty often.

Brian and I were army buddies so when he broach the subject of sharing a studio in town, I jumped right at it.

An additional 30 minutes in bed, walking distance to office and food centres, no need to squeeze in the public transport during peak hours, what’s not to like about it.

Rent is a bit steep but the convenience factor was a huge push for me to take the leap.

We knew each other’s habits pretty well and while not everyone could get along staying in the same place, Brian and I worked out just fine, besides, if you could stay with the same guy 7 days in a jungle without a shower, you would surely get along just fine in the civilised world.

Now Brian, is a player.

He changes girlfriends like he changes underwear. He’s not the one night stand kind of guys, he’s the type that relishes the excitement of the hunt.

The hunt during the dating phase where he activity tries to win the girls heart before bedding her. That thrill excites him. Turns him on.

Once he gets what he wants, once he gets sick of having sex with them, he will move on.

When Natalie came along, I thought she’s the one for him.

The one that will change him and make him settle down.

Natalie is hot. She’s a sweet and demure girl next door that is a little shy. Very obedient, very down to earth. Honestly, Natalie is not within the demographics of the girls I think Brian would go for.

When I first met her, I liked her straight away.

There is no airs about her and she’s soft spoken and gentle.

I could tell Brian loves her a lot.

Now Brian would readily share bedroom activities with all his girlfriends with me , a harmless humble brag in a way.

And out of all the girls he has dated, he revealed to me that Natalie is the one special one.

Brian : She loves…. Sex… she absolutely adores it… you can feel it you know…. it’s… it’s just fucking amazing…. You can see it in her eyes….

James : ok  ok…. No need to show off you fucker…

Brian : hahaha… I’m serious man…. That look on her face… when I go in…arghhh!! Fuck man.. that look alone will make you cum…

James : ok.. ok… too much details… too much details….

As if trying to make his point, Brian would frequently ask Natalie to stay over, and he made sure her moans were loud enough for me to hear in my room whenever she did.

During breakfast the next morning, Natalie would be too shy to look at me while Brian had that cheeky mischievous grin on his face.

I envy him of course. Would I want to fuck Natalie ? of course, but he’s not only my buddy’s girl, he’s my housemate’s girl as well.

Natalie stays over pretty often that she has her own clothes and laundry basket in our studio. No prizes for guessing what I use her worn clothes for.

I indulge myself occasionally in them and imagined I was doing her instead of Brian.

After almost half a year, Brian being Brian, started to get sick of Natalie.

I could see it in his face, he’s preparing to dump her.

Brian : How bro… how ah… how to break up with her… ? I’m sick of her already…. Anyway… there is this new girl in my office… she is fucking hot… !!!

James : you’re a fucker you know….Natalie is such a nice girl….

Brian : aiyah… everyday eat the same dish.. you would get sick of it also…I’m thinking of fucking her a few more times before dumping her….

James : I think one day, you will get struck by lightning….

Brian’s reasoning was that since now there is a circuit breaker in place, and the could not meet for a few months due to the virus outbreak, it would be a good reason to dump her.

Just blame it on the virus and say they grew apart or some shit.

James : I have nothing to say to this….but you’re really a fucker bro…

Brian laughed and ate his breakfast.

 Suddenly he lowered his voice even though we are the only 2 in the house.

Brian : eh… you… interested in Natalie… ? hahah

James : Brian’t be a dick bro… you think what….you dump her… then she comes to me and hope she can spite you ah… ? crazy… I can tell she really likes you bro… you think about it I tell you…. You better think about it….

Brian : hahah….

Brian laughed.

Brian : I never said anything about a relationship….

I looked at Brian as I sip my coffee with a suspicious look.

Brian lowered his voice and revealed that he knows Natalie loves him, a little too much in fact.

Brian : and it’s because of this… i… I need your help…

James : what are you trying to say…. ?

Brian : I want you to help me break up with her….

James : what ?? !

Brian gave me a playful look and as he shared what he has in mind with me, I could feel my cock slowly rise in my pants.

Brian : She’s very obedient James… very obedient… she will do everything I tell her to….hahah

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I considered what Brian just said to me.

Brian : Giving you first dips bro…. you think about it… you better think about it… hahaha

By then, my cock was rock hard and although I very much wanted to say yes, I could not bring myself to.

Not to such an evil plan.

However as Brian raised a questioning eyebrow at me and I thought about Natalie’s tight and tone figure, I find myself nodding slowly at my housemate.

James : you… you’re really a fucker Brian…. Natalie will hate us for this…

Brian : so what…. You want to be a good guy ? you miss out on all the fun….

James : You’re a bastard Brian….

Brian : hahha…. I am…. I absolutely am….



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