This is a work of fiction with interracial scenes that might make you uncomfortable.

Reader discretion advised

It all started with the mass infection at the foreign worker dorms. Infection rate is high but most of the infected are healthy and they recovered fully with natural antibodies unique to their ethnic group. Herd immunity is strong within the worker’s community but not within the resident population.

There’s another issue with the antibodies, it can only be passed on via fresh semen.

With the virus killing more every day, the decision to make it’s not an easy one, especially not for a young couple trying to start a family.

To get the antibodies, the only way is to let the recovered foreign workers cum raw inside your wife’s vagina. After she gets the antibodies, raw intercourse with the husband would then protect the spouse.

What about the alternatives ?

Well, it’s either the man take it in the ass, or watch their wife take it in their vagina.

Either way, it’s not an easy choice.

Ling : Should we do it dear ??

James : I don’t know…. I really don’t know….

We asked ourselves the same question so many times over the past couple of months.

Ling and I are trying to start a family, but with the threat of the virus abound, it’s stressful to even think about it.

The last thing we want would be for the mother and child to get infected during pregnancy.

James : I don’t know… maybe… maybe in a few months, they… they will come up with the vaccine…. ?

Ling : I hope so too….i hope so too….

Everyone though the virus would be under control in a matter of months.

Even the experts predicted that a vaccine would be available within a year but they were all not effective.

No one expected that the only way for the people to be safe from the virus would come from the 300 thousand foreign workers living in dormitories in Singapore.

The workers were infected in droves during the early outbreak of the pandemic but most of them recovered. Many of them stronger than ever.

Living in such squalid conditions boosted their natural immunity and as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Researchers discovered unique antibodies in their semen that is effective against the coronavirus.

However, these cannot be replicated in lab conditions.

The antibodies die shortly after and the only effective way to get the antibodies, was to have sexual intercourse with the workers.

It was a bitter pill to swallow initially but as weeks drag to months, to years, the people eventually got used to it. The bitter pill needed to be swallowed.

Many of the workers banded together and started their own businesses, nicknamed ‘prata shops’

On the surface, they operate an actual food and beverage business, selling the food so many of us are acquainted with, but underneath it all, they are running a separate service.

A natural vaccination service.

The only way to be protected against the deadly virus is a fresh load of semen.

Direct into your vagina or for the men, their anus.

It’s madness you say, but we live in a mad world.

Who could do such a thing ? Well, human are survivors.

You do what you need to survive.

As more and more of our friends went to do it at the prata shops, Ling and I began to wonder if we should do the same.

It’s a difficult decision. I mean, who the fuck would willingly let your wife fuck another man ?

And to have him do it raw, spilling his seeds deep inside her fertile womb.

I kept putting off the decision, trying to change the topic whenever it was brought up but I knew we were running out of time.

If we want to try for a baby before my wife turns 30, we need to make a decision soon.

And that day finally came when my wife came home from work one day and told me that all the girls in her office did it.

Ling : They… they all did it….

James : All of them…. Even Joanna… that… that prude virgin… ?

Ling nodded.

Ling : I’m the last one left and…. And my boss is asking me to do it as soon as I clear the work on hand…..

My wife did not dare look at me as we ate our dinner quietly.

Ling : i…. I did some research…. And… I found a couple of…. Decent prata shops….

I wanted to say no.

My wife belongs to me and the thought of sharing her is fucking with my head.

She sent me a link to my mobile phone, asking me to read it when I’m free.

After dinner, I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet bowl as I read through the link my wife sent me.

Pictures, galleries, video interviews. There was a throng of information to digest and the more I read, the more aroused I became. I can’t believe it but as I devoured the information on the site, I find myself getting hard.

My erection throbbed as I sat on the toilet bowl scrolling through my phone.

Ling came into the bathroom to brush her teeth before bed.

I felt a sudden twitch in my groin as I felt a familiar stir in my body.

Precum leaked generously from my cock as I looked at my wife’s body.

It’s just one time.

One time.

And I mumbled softly under my breath, silently cursing the lucky bastard that would get to do it.

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