This is a work of fiction

James has been stealing from his cousin for a long time. When the opportunity presents itself for him to take a little more than money and IT gadgets, he needs to decide how much more he wants to take from Linda.

It’s a sick thing to do but I had no choice.

I needed the money.

When my grandfather passed on, he left everything to my uncle and nothing to my dad.

It’s not because he didn’t like my dad, but he made a will even before my dad was around. Yes, there is a 12 year age gap between my uncle and my father, which explains the situation.

I was 15 when my grandfather passed on and no one in the family ever talked about will, money and the estate because it’s a sensitive topic. Everyone just left it at that and assumed my grandfather had everything thought out.

However, that was not the case.

When the will was read, it was revealed that everything goes to my uncle. Now my uncle and my dad are on good terms and they are brothers. He dotes on my dad a lot and there’s no reason for him not to share the wealth but there is a problem.

His wife.

Yes, my aunt, is an absolute bitch. She hoards everything for herself and refused to give my dad his share of the estate. She went to the extent of sowing discord between the brothers to the point that even though they are on talking terms, it was all just very surface greeting.

The brotherly love between my dad and my uncle is no longer like before.

While my uncle and family stays in a large landed property, my family and I remained in the 3 room flat just a short walk away.

It’s 2 different world altogether.

Like an invisible line drawn onto the ground to separate the private and the public housing, this invisible line also serves as a barrier.

One that separates my cousin and me.

My cousin Linda is same age as me. My dad had me early, while my uncle had Linda really late.

In a way, I grew up playing with Linda every now and then.

All was cool in primary school but things started to change as we got older.

The split could not be more apparent when she went on to attend one of the top girls school in the country while I remained in a shitty neighbourhood schools where you could see problem kids and their parents screaming in the principal office everyday.

I visited Linda occasionally to use her printer and scanner. A luxury item I could not afford at home.

Her room is almost the size of half the flat I stay in.

Sometimes she would make condescending remarks about me and my family.

Linda : Scanner so cheap only… why don’t you get one….. ? Printer so cheap only…. You should get one….are you still using the old Pentium 3 computer…. Oh my god….. !!

I would usually just smile and brush it off.

Having the resources are too helpful for me to ignore especially during tertiary years.

I went to a polytechnic while Linda went to one of the top junior college.

Around that period, I needed money. I needed money because both my parents kept falling ill.

The part time job I was doing after school is not enough to cover their expenses. That was when I started stealing from Linda.

It’s terrible I know but it was the easiest way out. She would not know.

She’s rich, cash rich and she literally have a money box sitting exposed on her desk.

Stacks of 10 dollar bills, loose change and coins all sat there collecting dust.

Her wardrobe is filled with branded clothes and goods while my newest top are at least 3 years old.

She had more heels and shoes than I have clothes.

Linda changes phone every 6 months and while others trade in their old devices, she just chucked them into another box below her desk.

This goes for laptops like macbooks too.

As if the difference in wealth is not apparent enough, my uncle bought Linda a car for her 18th birthday, even before she got her driving license.

Anyway, once or twice a month, I would steal from Linda.

Not much, but a old phone I could resell, and some loose change here and there helps. The shit she throws into her bin too could fetch a few bucks here and there on 2nd hand sites. I would grab those too.

There are rare occasions Linda would pass some of her old hand me downs to me. Yes, scanners and old printers.

Without ink cartridges by the way.

Sometimes I would head up with the excuse to use her computer or printers. Sometimes her high speed internet.

And sometimes, I would housebreak.

It’s easy for me to do that because I know all the passcode into the house.

The cameras all broke down and my auntie is too cheap to have them replaced. They just served as dummy sets to deter potential house breakers but not me.

I’m an insider.

I know when my uncle and aunt would be travelling, and when they do, Linda, being a party animal, would head out to clubs and drink. The helper, a lady I known since young, would sneak out to meet her foreign boyfriend.

With the house empty, I have no difficulty sneaking in and out.

How would I know if the house would be empty you ask ?

Simple. Social media.

Linda announces it to the whole world her parents would be out and it’s party time.

That’s when I would strike. Her check ins at the famous clubs and night spots also told me what I needed to know.

What about the helper ?

Simple. I just walk over to the house and see for myself. Usually all the lights will be on if she’s in.

When all the lights are off, I would still ring the bell and pretend I was looking for Linda to use her computer.

Usually no one would come.

I would then let myself in through the side gate, walked right to the back of the yard and enter through the yard door using another passcode.


Heading straight up to Linda’s room, I would snitch what I can. Cash, usually coins. Coins are hard to account for. Stuff she thrown away or packed for donation.

Sometimes when I’m horny enough, I would masturbate with her clothes and worn lingerie.

You can’t blame me. I’m a growing man and I have my urges and Linda is hot.

She’s slim, with a petite figure and a nice smile.

Sometimes I would think about having sex with her while I wank off.

She has really sexy lingerie too, all branded.

Lying on her bed, sniffing her worn socks, panties and bra takes the edge off the stress of everyday life.

The stress of trying to survive.

On my lucky days, Linda had some worn stockings in her lingerie basket too.

My best loot would be her post workout clothes.

Wrapping my cock with her worn and damp panty while sniffing that perspiration soaked sports bra is the closest I could ever get to having actual intercourse with my rich cousin.

I never take too much and I never stayed too long.

It’s a delicate balance I need to maintain if I want this to last.

Then on my 21st birthday, something happened.

After dinner with my parents, I saw a birthday wish from Linda. More of a courtesy greeting than anything since she wishes everyone on their social media.

As I read her feed, I realised she’s heading out to club again. My uncle and auntie went on a short trip to Japan and Linda was bitching about the helper going off on leave for a few days too.

That’s the que for a night of looting for me.

It was too early to strike since it’s only 7pm. I have to have.

At 11.30pm, I walked over to Linda’s place and tried the doorbell.

No one answered and I let myself in.

I went up to level 2 straight towards Linda’s room.

When I opened the door, I had the shock of my life. I was hit with the strong smell of alcohol and I saw someone slumped on the bed.

I was ready to bolt and run when I stopped myself.

I stopped and tried to calm down.

It’s Linda.

I don’t know what came over me.

I walked slowly towards Linda and switched on the bedside lamps.

She’s out cold. There’s some bits of vomit on the floor and I could see all the empty alcohol bottles on the floor.

Her phone was buzzing and I saw the picture of her boyfriend Sam. He’s calling her.

I checked my social media feed and realised they had broken up just hours ago and Linda was cursing and swearing at him on his homepage.

I could see the money I came for on the table. It’s within reach but looking at Linda sprawled on the bed, a sinister thought creeped into my head.

A dark and sinister thought.

I’ve taken so much from Linda already.

What if I take a little more ?

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