This is a work of fiction.

*Free for all* has been scraped and replaced with this new piece

*partly inspired by something i read online*


I never expected the company I worked for since graduation to retrench me. I’ve been through major milestones of my wife with that office and my colleagues.

I did my internship there, it’s my first job, I met my wife , Cherie there. She was my colleague and we were lucky our boss did not object to us dating as long as everything was kept professional at work.

I proposed after a few years and Cherie accepted. The entire office celebrated our engagement and I thought I was truly blessed.

Just before I turned 30, the Covid 19 virus hit.

It hit the office hard.

Between me and my wife, my boss had no choice but to let one of us go.

I understand his predicament, cashflow has been tight and he’s doing what he can to survive. I thought things would get better after a couple of months but it didn’t.

While I had no luck with my job hunt, the office did worse on it’s sales. Several clients went bankrupt and they were unable to pay back the money they owe the company.

3 months after I was let go, Cherie was retrenched too.

It was impossible to get a job in this climate.


Luckily for Cherie and me, we were lucky to have parents that are pretty well to do. They bought us a 3 bedroom, dual key, 2 storey apartment in the middle of town. It’s fully paid.

Even though unemployed, we will still have a roof over our head. We have some savings, but not a lot. We’re quite the spender but we’re old enough to know we should not be taking money from our parents.

So we did not tell them about our retrenchment. We have to figure this out on our own.

Now the apartment is too big for Cherie and me so we did some rearrangements, shifted all our stuff into the studio on level 2. This freed up the 2 bedrooms, living & dining, and the kitchen on the ground floor for rental.

We hardly cooked, and we thought it would be good if we can rent out the lower level for some income.

This is what dual key is for isn’t it. We can access our ensuite room from a different door and only venture into the kitchen if we need anything.

Due to the central location, we had quite a bit of interested parties calling after we put it up for rental. There were a few offers but in the end we settled for the highest for obvious reasons.

Our Tenant is Lily, from China. She’s in her mid thirties, well dressed and you could see she put in a lot of effort in her makeups.

She offered $3500 for the ground level, $300 higher than the next offer.

She says she will be staying with her sister, May.

Cherie and I didn’t think much of it and we sealed the deal.

Now, within days of Lily and May moving in, I started seeing strange men appearing. They would come in, go straight to May’s room, and after a while they will leave.

I don’t need to be a genius to know what is happening.

My tenants are providing sexual services in the house.

I told Cherie about this and she too notice the men when she went down to the kitchen. Sometimes they gave her weird smiles and leery looks.

Cherie : they way they look at me is creepy….

James :They look at you because you are pretty dear… haha

Cherie : They probably think I’m a whore…sighz…

I laughed.

Cherie and I spent most of the time watching movies and dramas on Netflix while sending out a couple of resumes everyday. We cut our expenditures as much as we could but even with the $3500 rental, we could barely make ends meet.

The car alone ate up $1100. It’s not cheap to maintain a car but we can’t sell it or we will risk making a even bigger lost.

Take away $550 for our Condo fees, $300 for utilities, internet and misc stuff including mobile bills, we’re left with $1650.

What about allowance to parents since we are pretending to be employed ?

That’s another $1000 gone, Cherie and I give $500 to our mums every month.

$650, that’s all Cherie and I have left.

We budgeted, planned our expenses but it’s not enough. We’re eating into our savings every month with no solution in sight.

One day, Lily approached me to complain that the wifi connection on ground floor is patchy. She keeps getting disconnected. I knew it was a matter of time before she brings this up because I installed the router on level 2 near our bed.

Lily : I need internet…. Can help us fix… ?

James : ok… I’ll have to install another router as a repeater downstairs….

I went to Sim Lim square to get a new router and as I walked passed the camera shops, I was struck with a perverted idea.

I asked the owner if he could help modify my router to include a spy camera.

Owner : With money… anything is possible….

I know I should not be spending unnecessarily on this but I was thinking with my dick.

I paid up and by that evening, I had the router up in May’s room. I installed it high in the ceiling by the wall fan because that’s where the electrical socket is and partly because it gave me a view of what will be happening inside.

My cock was rock hard when I logged into to computer to see a good view of May’s bed. It’s not just images, I could even hear her talking to Lily about serving a smelly customer earlier.

May is in her mid twenties, she’s not really a looker but she has a pretty good figure. I don’t mind watching her naked or see her fuck a client for money.

Now I could not openly view the live sex show when Cherie is around me for obvious reasons so it’s mostly recorded first, then when my wife is asleep, I could get up and play back the videos.

It’s sick but really arousing.

I see May repeating the actions like it was just a job.

She cleaned the cock of her clients.

They stripped.

She licked their nipples, suck on their dicks while they played with her body.

Then she could cap them and they would fuck.

After the men came, she would remove the condom, help them clean up their cock and collect the payment.

It’s a $150 a pop and some clients lasted less than 20 minutes.

May sees up to 10 clients a day, that’s a minimum of $1500. It’s mindblowing.

I observed my tenants over a few days and I realised that May is the only one serving clients. Lily is the manager or sort.

At the end of the 3rd month, May is gone and a new prettier and younger girl call Chanel moved in. Lily claimed it’s her cousin when I met her in the kitchen.

James : It’s ok Lily…. I’m not stupid… I can pretty much guess what is going on…

I gave her a cheeky smile and she caught in immediately.

She asked Chanel out of the room and introduced her to me.

Chanel is only 25 years old and although her breasts are small, she’s sweet looking.

Lily : your wife…. Is not around…. She went supermarket right….

James : yes… she just left….

Lily : Chanel… give James a massage will you…

James : It’s ok… don’t need.. don’t need…

Lily : I insists… hahaha

30 minutes later, I came into Chanel’s mouth as I groaned loudly in her bed. It’s fucking amazing.

Cherie and I still have an active sex life but things died down recently. We still fuck once a week but the spark is no longer there. It felt like we’re having intercourse just for the sake of having it.

Lily smiled at me and when I offered to pay, she refused.

Lily : Thank you for being a good landlord….

James : wow…. Thank you…. !!

I casually asked how much does she make a month.

Lily told me honestly it’s 5 figures easily.

James : No way….

Lily told me she has no reason to lie.

That evening, as I laid in bed with Cherie, I told her my conversation with Lily.

Cherie : 5 figures….!! We need to increase the rent !! haha

James : I wished… haha…

Cherie : well… at least she’s making money…. Unlike us… we’re just spending money….

James : Lily doesn’t do the work… she just manages the girl…. You know… sometimes… Chanel just do a handjob… and she gets $100 for a few minutes work….

Cherie almost dropped the magazine she was holding.

Cherie : Are you serious… ? no way..

James : and if sex is involved… it’s a lot more….

Cherie sighed and make a joke that if we still can’t get a job, maybe she will need to consider talking to Lily.

The moment I hear her make that comment, I could feel blood rushing to my cock.

The thought of my beautiful and hot wife in that room below getting fucked and serving men for money is just plain arousing.

I started kissing Cherie and she asked me what I’m doing.

I stripped her singlet and shorts and soon, we were moaning and groaning in bed as I pumped her. I pictured Cherie serving a dirty, smelly stranger as a whore and I was surprised at how turned on I became.

Cherie : oh my god..  what’s wrong with you today… ernghh..e rnghhh.. ernghhh….

I told Cherie honestly what I was thinking and she laughed.

Cherie : You’re crazy… hahha… no one will pay for your wife…

I came and I kissed her on her lips.

James : What if…. What if… they are willing to pay…. ?

Cherie raised an eyebrow at me with a questioning look.

Cherie : hmmm… you serious… ?

I just smiled but said nothing.

As we kissed, Cherie whispered softly.

Cherie : if… if it’s just a handjob… for a few minutes……

I smiled and we laughed.

Sure. A handjob.

Someone deep inside me, I knew, a handjob…… is just the beginning.

I remembered the picture Lily was using to promote Chanel on her chat program.

She showed me earlier.

Chanel is pretty alright but she’s nothing compared to Cherie.

Compared to my wife




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