Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.
I’ve always been infatuated with my next door neighbour Lindy.
We take the lift down to the ground floor almost every morning not because of coincidence. It’s because I made sure to time my departure to match hers.
I would get ready all dressed up and literally plaster my ears to the door, listening for the jingle of keys as Lindy get ready to go to school.
Then I would get an erection every morning when I look at her in her convent girls uniform. That well pressed white blouse with the blue pinafore.
Her badge was always shiny, and somehow I felt her belt was pulled too tight.
The hem of her pinafore ended at her knee cap when she leaves home, but I noticed she would secretly head towards a quiet corner of the estate to readjust herself, pulling up the pinafore 2 inches, revealing more of her creamy legs.
Lindy’s breast is full and round, and I always get this unexplained kick whenever she calls me Uncle Benny along the corridor or in the lift.
That’s the state I had been reduced to.
An Uncle.
I was just touching 40, but my beer belly was beginning to show, I would look at Lindy’s tight slim body in envy, and my eyes would always trace the outline of her V shape body frame.
Her school uniform is so tight and well fitting that there was no hiding her figure.
There were some days she came back just in her running shorts and PE t-shirt, that would drive more blood to my dick as I look at her.
It was especially hard for me to control when I shared the same lift with her on days she finishes her netball lessons.
Even her white knee brace looks delicious in the small lift.
The smell of her sweat, the small bits of grass and dirt on her white socks. The untidy way her shoe laces was done, all this small bits of unassuming information all added up together to mess with my mind.
I like the way she deliberately wears the ankle socks so low, almost to the point that you can’t tell she was wearing any.
What I wouldn’t give to press my nose onto her sweaty legs and lick up bits of her dried sweat.
Lindy’s parents were very strict with her, especially so when she retained once during secondary 3.
Now that she’s in secondary 5, she may be a year older than most but to me she’s still the ripe age of 17, with the use of social media, I even knew it was at least 3 more months before she turns 18.
I wished I was still 17.
I was lucky, really lucky that I was staying in the last unit along the corridor. To my left is the staircase and a small open space. Lindy’s parents would make use of the space for their laundry as the sun seemed to favour that particular spot.
I could tell at once which ones were Lindy’s clothes. Every time I see her in home clothes, I would remember them, mentally sketching every detail into my brain.
Then I would wait for an opportunity to steal them.
My favourite timing would be during a thunder storm.
Because I drive a cab, I would always make it a point to head back early if I knew the weather was turning for the worst.
I knew the schedule of all my neighbours, most of them work 9-5 jobs.
My dick would tingle in my pants especially if there’s a thunder storm in mid afternoon. I would speed back to my place and go to the open area beside my unit.
There was a couple of times I noticed the strong wind would blow some clothes onto the floor and over the ledge, so I used that as an excuse to snitch a couple of items.
I was careful, very careful.
It will always be something not too obvious.
A plain white colour shorts, it looked pretty old. Something that Lindy wears to sleep.
I’ve saw her running errands and picking things up from the mama shop in them before late in the evening. The soft flowly material clung on tightly to her bottom, sometimes I could almost see a camel toe
It was obvious she did not bother wearing an underwear.
An old T-shirt, white with some faded prints.
1 old cotton underwear.
A pair of sock.
I always spaced out my attempts, making sure to leave at least a month or so before I strike again.
There was one afternoon I was not feeling too well, so I chose to come back early to rest. I never expected to bump into Lindy.
There was a heavy rain, even I was drenched with an umbrella, but Lindy.
She did not have one and her uniform was soaked through.
Lindy : hi Uncle Benny….
Me : Hi…
I could hear the drip of water inside the lift.
I could smell the wet fabric of Lindy’s school uniform. A surreal mixture of her school girl sweat, the rain water and her womanly scent.
I stood behind her, looking at the droplets of water dripping from her wet hair onto her pinafore.
I fought so hard to control my emotions and urges that day in the lift. I nearly grabbed onto Lindy, the temptation to just lick her dry, to taste her youth was so great that I felt guilty. So guilty and sick that I wanted to puke.
1 July 2003
I was in my neighbourhood so I decided to head back and use the bathroom.
After parking my cab, I saw Lindy walking over from the bus stop.
I was about to hurry and join her in the lift when I noticed her looking around in a suspicious manner.
Then without a word, she ducked into one of the staircase.
I quickly caught up to investigate.
Before I laid my eyes on her, I could smell the cigarette smoke.
I doubled up my speed and when I reached the 3rd floor, I caught Lindy red handed, puffing away on a cigarette.
Lindy : Uncle Benny !!…. what…..what are you doing here…
Me : How could you do this to your parents !….
I was genuinely angry and upset.
Partly because I could not believe what she was doing to her youthful and healthy body.
How could she fill her lungs with poison ?
How could she waste the money her parents gave her on such things ?
It infuriated me that the body I was craving, the tight healthy body I lusted after was being desecrated by her smoking habit.
She looked scared, and she was shivering when I questioned her about her secret, asking her how long has it been .
She was a little shaken but told me it’s been almost 5 months since she picked it up.
Lindy : Please Uncle Benny…. Don’t tell my parents…
Me : No…! they must know…
She held onto my hand, pulling and pleading with me.
Lindy : Please….Uncle Benny… please…..i’ll … I’ll do anything…..Please don’t tell them…
I refused and was about to head down the stairs when Lindy hugged onto me, desperate for me to listen to her.
Lindy : Please Uncle Benny…. Please.
I felt the softness of her breast push themselves against my body and my heart soften.
I considered my position for a moment as I looked at Lindy, I deliberately dragged my consideration longer before giving the anxious girl her reply.
Me : Ok… I won’t tell your parents…. But I have some conditions…
I could see Lindy weighing her choices but in the end, she just nodded her head meekly.
Lindy : Ok……
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Note :  Model in the shoot is above 18 at time of shoot and she was compensated for her time. Both the photographer & model gave consent for their photos to be used for this story

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