Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.
It was like any other wedding I attended.
I was not even one of the brothers of that wedding yet I had to be roped in to help set up the reception table as the groom realised that having only 2 brothers for the wedding is far from enough.

Luckily for the groom, I was already at the airport earlier that afternoon sending my sister off for her trip. I wanted to grab a coffee and catch up on some reading when he chanced upon my facebook check in.
My sister tagged me at the departure hall.
The groom immediately called me and asked if I was leaving the country on his big day.
James : No la… I’m just sending my sister off….
He immediately asked me over to help him with his preparation. Dinner reception will start in a couple of hours and there’s still quite a bit of stuff to be done.
1 June 2013
Darren and Kelly’s big day was held at a hotel nested within the airport itself.
It was a simple affair with about 20 tables in all.
Darren and I were old army friends and we kept in contact quite regularly because he is my financial planner.
I’ve met his girlfriend or wife to be several times at his place or during army gatherings.
Kelly is your typical Singapore girl next door. She’s quite tall for a girl, almost the same height as me at 1.65. She has a pair of slender arms and toned legs that is guaranteed to draw attention whenever she choose to show them.
I remembered visiting Darren’s place to sign some documents one evening and Kelly had just came back from a jog.
Although I was taking in his new place, commenting about his renovation, all my eyes could do was trying to catch on every single reflective surface so I can get a glimpse of Kelly.
She said hello as she passed me by in the dinning area. I could feel the heat radiating from her body that glisten with sweat. A faint whiff of perspiration caught me suddenly and I saw Kelly turn on the fan in the living area to cool down.
That sudden wave of moving air brought with it a stale smell of day old perfume. One that Kelly had worn to work. The seductive fragrance seemed to have matured and aged on it’s own, coupled with Kelly’s sweat, I gave off this sweet tangy smell that seems to arouse me in an unexplained way.
I hardly paid attention to what Darren said, just nodding my head in agreement.
Halfway through our discussion, I noticed Kelly had brought her clothes and towel to use the bathroom.
The funny thing was that she actually chose to use the guest bathroom.
I swore I was not planning anything but I too had an urge to use the toilet at that time after finishing a 2nd packet of green tea Darren offered me.
Darren : Oh… err.. you got to wait a while….
Darren explained that the masterbath still had some issues to be rectified and their new toilet bowl has not been fixed on yet.
Darren : So now we sharing 1 bathroom first…. It’ll be fixed tomorrow…. Paiseh ah…
James : It’s ok… it’s ok… not very urgent.
We continued our chat and about 10 minutes later when Kelly emerged from the toilet, another wave of fresh soapy fragrance flooded into the house.
Darren : Nah… nah… can use liao.
Kelly went straight into her room and even before I reached the toilet, I could hear the hair dryer being powered on.
As I closed the door behind me, All my hair stood on end as I saw the worn clothes Kelly just took off hanging on the hooks behind the door.
There was no laundry basket in the common bathroom.
I had to pee so I started about my business but at the same time I reached for the damp dry fit shorts that drove so many guys mad. The short pair of black fbts felt warm and wet in my hand.
My pee was trickling strongly into the toilet bowl. Yet I could feel as if an erection was trying to happen at the same time.
I pressed the shorts Kelly just wore to my nose and saw a black cloth dropped from the middle. I was fast enough to catch hold of it and within a split second, realised it was not a black cloth, it was a damp pair of black panty.
My pee was becoming erratic as the push of blood into my dick made it hard for the urine to come out.
I knew I don’t have much time, I quickly brought it to my face and took a deep whiff, the sensual aroma of Kelly’s worn panty hit me with satisfaction I could not describe. Images of her going about at work, in her office at Raffles place wearing that panty was enough to send my thoughts awry.
And to top it off, it carried scent of her perfume, her womanly smell, don’t forget the sweat she had worked up from her evening jog.
That potent cocktail of hormones gave me funny ideas.
It made my heart beat faster.
It made the monster in me stir.
Right at the moment I thought I would lose control, my pee stopped and I snapped myself out of the trance and replaced Kelly’s worn clothes back on the hook.
I washed up and gave my face a good splashing of cold water before leaving the bathroom.
I only remembered leaving home and wanking away to Kelly’s Instagram photos that evening.
Coming back to the wedding, I got to the hotel lobby and had to wait almost 15 minutes before 1 of the brothers came down to bring me up to the bridal suite as I did not have the card access.
I was assigned some duties and I did what I could to help the couple after saying hi to them and the sisters.
We made quick work of the preparation and once Darren’s cousins arrive, they pretty much took over the reception table and I was freed of my duties.
I helped myself to a drink and when Kelly arrive in her wedding gown, I stood a distance away, admiring her hourglass figure.
Her gown had a deep plunge at her neck line, showing off her ample cleavage. There was another layer of lace covering her exposed check and neckline, giving an illusion of her attempt to protect her modesty.
The interesting part would be her gown. Unlike the usual long gown with a trailing end, Kelly had chosen something different and unique.
She chose to wear a spunky and hip short gown.
One with the hemline ending several inches about her knees, displaying her long flawless legs for all.
I lost count of the number of guys that were ogling at Kelly’s legs.
How often do you get to see so much of a bride’s legs at a wedding ?
Kelly’s legs looked toned and almost shimmering under the light. There were some glitters definitely and every angle, I really meant every angle you looked at it, Kelly’s legs caught the right about of light, cast the right amount of shadow to send blood to my dick.
Her cream colour heels with sparkling beads matched the flowerly silver motifs on her wedding gown perfectly.
It would not be an understatement to say Kelly was literally shinning like a star that evening.
The dinner commenced shortly and everything followed like clockwork like every other wedding.
The video montage, the speech, the toasts.
Then comes the photo taking.
Darren and Kelly made it past half the tables and they were visibly tipsy. The brothers that were supposed to help them block the drinks were obviously not doing their jobs.
By the time they got to our table, it was clear they were struggling to stay awake. Darren was holding onto Kelly who was just smiling in a dazed manner.
One of the brothers finally appeared and he helped to finish most of the drinks for the last few tables.
When the time comes to say goodbye to the guest, my table was one of the last to leave, not because we wanted to make the newlywed drink but the group of us hardly had the chance to catch up with each other.
The only time we saw each other was during in camp training.
We slowly chatted while the staff started clearing the tables.
When the rest of the guest had gone, we went out to say goodbye to the couple.
I wanted to use the bathroom before I grab a cab home but it was pretty crowded. I decided to head to the airport and use 1 of the bathroom there instead.
As I entered the toilet a distance away from the hotel, I could hear a loud retching sound.
Someone just vomited.
I relieved myself and took a quick glimpse at the cubicle that was not closed.
I realised it was 1 one of the brother Matt from the wedding.
James : Oei Matt… oei… you ok or not…..
Matt: I’m fine…. I’m fine…. Ya…
He tried to get up and I ended up helping him to his car at the carpark.
Matt : I give you a lift want ?
James : Errr…. No thank you… you better don’t drive la…. In this state….
Matt agreed and he said he would properly take a nap before he heads back.
I waved goodbye and as Matt got into his car, a key card dropped from his pocket together with the wedding invitation.
I was about to walk forward to pick them up but to my surprise, Matt actually started the engine and gave me a wave before heading off.
I stared at that key card and immediately thoughts of Kelly came flooding back into my head.
I picked up that card and fingered it in my hand.
I did not know what was going through my head but I decided to back track to the hotel.
When I got back, I took the level 2 link into the hotel. I could hear Darren’s voice and looking over the parapet, I saw Darren at the hotel bar with a few other guest from the wedding.
He was obviously tipsy but he was game for some more drinks.
I watched the service staff brought a round of drinks to their table as they laughed and chatted loudly.
My heart suddenly picked up pace as Kelly was nowhere to be seen.
I was feeling this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach.
I did not know what I was doing.
I immediately went to the lift lobby, taking care to make sure no one saw me.
As I stepped into the lift, I tapped the card on the reader and hit the button to go to the bridal suite.
When I saw the button lit up, I started having breathing difficulty.
The door opened barely 30 seconds later and I stepped out into the corridor.
It was coming to 11.30pm.
The corridor was quiet.
My heart thumped and slammed against my ribcage as I made my way to the suite. Barely a few hours ago I was here, helping to carry stuff and to get ready for the dinner.
Fast forward a few hours, I was walking along the quiet dim corridor.
I felt the sudden urge to pee.
What if there were people in the room ?
What If Kelly was awake ?
What reasons would I give for being there ?
A lot of questions popped up in my head but I found it impossible to stop myself reaching for the reader.
It was stupid.
So stupid but I could not control myself.
I brought the card to the reader and with a dull snap, I saw the indicator turn green.
My hands trembled.
The metal of the door handle felt cold and chilling to the touch as I pressed it down.
I told myself to run if I see any light.
But there was none.
There was no spill of light coming from the room.
It was dark.
I pushed the door open and somehow found the courage to step in.
Before I realised it, I had closed the door behind me.
I took 3 steps into the bridal suite and looked into the bedroom from where I stood.
There was a dim glow of orange light.
And that dim glow of light illuminated something that made my heart beat faster. …………….

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