Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with fetishes about worn / soiled clothing and lingerie.
I sit beside this really hot mother in office. Her name is Melody.
We’re quite close as colleagues and even got to the point of calling each other ‘dear’ & ‘darling’ when we needed favors from each other.
Melody became a mother at the age of 25. I did not pay much attention to her initially when i was introduced to her on my first day at work.

She looked just like any normal sweet girl next door you see along the street. She’s sweet and pleasant looking but not to the point of being classified as hot. However after she got pregnant, she started to change.
I don’t know how to explain this but there seemed to be this natural glow to her face. This healthy shine and vibe really attracted my attention. Her complexion was literally glowing when she’s about 5 months pregnant.
Melody did not need makeup, she used to put on quite a thick layer when i first knew her, but having that natural glow made things a lot easier for her. Just a light layer to really bring out her seductive eyes was all she did.
She said she could sleep in an additional 20 minutes now that she don’t need that much time for her makeup.
It was really weird but seeing Melody pregnant turned me on in a weird way. I started to take photos of her when she was not looking.
I started with back views from a distance before moving on to closer shots.
Then i grew bolder and started taking side views of Melody as i pretended to fiddle with my phone.
Since she was one of my regular lunch kahki, i had opportunity to take down blouse shots of her swelling breast as well.
It was a sick and perverse act, i’m not proud of myself but i was aroused by it.
I can’t help it.
With the stash of photos, i started to masturbate to Melody’s pictures.
After each time i came, i would feel a little guilty but barely a few hours would go by before i felt the urge again.
I tried to surf porn.
I tried to read erotic stories but it was no use.
I even tried scrolling down a long list of Japanese Av streams online, each had a lead actress prettier and hotter than Melody but it was no use.
I could not even get an erection, and i’m barely 30 years of age.
Something was wrong with me.
i only wanted Melody.
The moment i look at Melody’s smile, her tight dress with the protruding stomach, blood would rush to my dick.
It was like a switch.
A switch for a instant erection.
As the days go by, i sank deeper into this infatuation.
Really deep.
I could not get by the day without masturbating twice to Melody’s pictures and instagram photos.
I started to eye her water mug on her desk.
When no one was looking, i would pick it up and lick the entire rim of the mug a full round, feeling my dick harden up as i imagined myself kissing Melody on her lips.
I would drink the remnants of her water after she leaves for the day.
Sometimes she would snack at her desk, a couple of crackers, i would hunt for bits and crumbs at the end of the day, choosing to lick up every bit of the biscuits she did not manage to put into her small mouth.
Doing things like this kept me sane long enough to get through the day.
I needed help.
I could not go on like this.
I knew i needed to stop but i can’t.
The next thing i knew, i was ransacking through Melody’s wastepaper basket.
I would pick up the napkins she used to wipe her mouth and smell it religiously as i relieved myself .
Melody kept a pair of slippers and high heels in the office and those too, became a tool for me to wank off. I would make sure i was the last one in the office before i take them out.
My feet isn’t big for a man, i could squeeze into Melody’s high heels.
I would take a few steps in them, pretending i was her as i sniff her cardigan that was draped over her chair.
By the time Melody was 8 months pregnant, i had run out of ideas and things to do.
Each time i had an orgasm, it just made the next one harder to achieve.
It’s like i’m being forced to play some sick twisted game. I have to arouse myself further , with more sick acts before i could have my orgasm. It’s mentally very draining and tiring but yet if i don’t do it, i would feel even worse.
I would reach the brink of snapping.
And i meant it when i said i was snapping.
The thought of forcing myself onto Melody actually came into my head.
I would reason with myself how i could do it and how she could not resist.
She’s too pregnant to fight you…..
She won’t resist…. you’re a colleague…. you’re nice to her….you’re good looking too….
Melody is a nice girl…. i’m sure she don’t mind a fling…
She will be too afraid of her safety to fight you….. you can cum inside her… she won’t get pregnant again…..
Reasons like this kept popping into my head and it scares me.
Yet the more i think about it, the more sense it made.
I’m sure Melody wouldn’t mind.
She would surely be ok with me having sex with her. After all, i can shoot inside her as many times as i want and she won’t get pregnant again. so there was no reason for her to resist me right ? …
I was consumed with the idea and i found myself plotting towards my goal.
I was scared, terrified of what i was doing but i was strangely aroused.
Really aroused.
I knew time was running out.
I had to do it soon.
I haven had an orgasm for days and i’m running mad.
My chance finally came on the day when Melody was rushing for a project deadline.
I knew she would be working late that night.
At 36 weeks, she really shouldn’t be working so hard.but she wanted to finish her stuff before she goes off for her maternity leave.
I too made plans to work late.
As i watched each and every colleague leave the office after 6pm, my heart started thumping.
It was really slamming against my ribcage.
I was nervous.
My plan was simple.
Melody would surely need to go to the toilet.
I would strike then.
My office is in a old building. There are no cameras along the corridor and towards the bathroom.
I would go after her when she goes to the toilet.
That was when i would strike.
I could see Melody stretching her arms as she got up to head to the toilet.
I was shivering.
Shaking in fact as i got up after her.
She walked slowly towards the toilet and i kept a good distance behind her.
I’ll wait for her to go into the bathroom.
Once she’s inside i will dash in and lock the door behind me.
My dick started to get hard as i looked at Melody’s back view.
She looks so good despite being pregnant.
Her figure still has that hourglass profile from behind.
I would love to cup my hands around her breast and enter her in the doggy position.
I closed my distance and kept my eyes on Melody.
Suddenly she stopped.
I panicked and i hid myself behind a column.
Melody : Cough…. cough… ahchoo… achoo….
Melody sneezed and coughed a couple of times before i heard her curse out softly.
I waited a while longer before i heard the bathroom door close.
I came out from my hiding and hurried along.
This was it.
I really need to relieve myself, i need to bury myself inside Melody and have my orgasm.
Right when i passed the spot where Melody was standing on, i saw a small puddle.
It’s weird.
The corridor is enclosed. There’s no window, no aircon, and there was no reason why the floor would be wet.
I saw some droplets leading to the toilet Melody just entered.
That was when it struck me.
I’ve read somewhere that sometimes pregnant women would leak pee. This must be it.
Suddenly the bathroom door opened and i heard Melody gasped
Melody : Gasp !!! What are you doing here ??
I was a bit nervous but i acted normal.
James : i was about to go to the bathroom when i almost stepped on this puddle….
i gestured to the floor and i could see Melody blush red.
She had some napkins in her hands and she looked like she had gone to take them to clean up the mess she made.
Melody : It’s… it’s…. oh my god… go… go away James… so embarrassing….
She walked slowly towards the puddle and i took the opportunity to approach her.
James : Give me…
Melody : NO!!… no need…
James : Haiyah… you in this state… how to bend down !!…
Melody considered what i just said and passed me the napkin
I bent down and started to clean up Melody’s pee, the smell alone gave me a raging hardon.
Melody : Oh my god… so embarrassing… can you not tell anyone James…
James : Of course i won’t la… don’t worry….
She kept going on about how awkward it was but i ignored her and said i’ll go dispose off the napkins in the bathroom.
Instead, i went to the gents and set the napkins aside. I would go back for them later.
How could i just flush Melody’s pee down the toilet. I want to bring them back with me later.
I came back out and was about to head back to office when Melody passed me by again with a small bag in hand.
James : Are you ok ?? you need help ??
Melody : haha.. no need… i’m going to change my panty la… all wet already…. how you going to help…
I laughed and offered to help her take it off.
Melody : Tsk!… sick… go away la…
I walked with her to the ladies and helped her open the door, holding it till she’s in.
Melody : Thanks James…
James : No problem.. sure you don’t need help ?
Melody : Hahah… yes i’m sure !!!
James : Alright… i’ll be here outside the door…. if you need anything just call out ok…
Melody : That’s so sweet of you James… thanks!… don’t make me fall for you ok ?? i’m married la… ahha…
James : don’t pretend… i always knew you had a crush on me…
Melody stuck out her tongue at me before turning away.
I smiled and watch the door closed.
5 minutes later, the door opened again and Melody came out.
James : All ok ?
She smiled and nodded her head.
James : Eh your wet panty…. will stink up the office or not…..wait the next day…
Melody : Of course not !!!! hahaha.. don’t be disgusting… i threw it away already…. i’m wearing new one ok… !…
I smiled as i felt my erection throb harder.
I head back into office, worked another 15 minutes or so before i said i’m leaving for the night.
Melody : Go ahead… i’ll lock up later….
James : See you… dear…
Melody : Bye Darling….
I went straight to the ladies, dipped my hand into the bin and pulled up a wet panty wrapped with napkins.
Then i went over to the gents and picked up the bundle of napkins i had cleaned up Melody’s pee with earlier.
I cannot help it.
i could not believe the erection i was having doing something like this.
I stripped myself and removed my own underwear.
Lining Melody’s panty with her pee soaked napkins, i put my leg through the holes and pulled it up, tucking the napkin and Melody’s panty against my groin before putting my pants on.
The damp touch of Melody’s panty and the thick layer of napkins offered me this surreal sanctuary of calmness.
I was still horny but i did not feel the need to rape anyone anymore.
I walked out of the gents wearing Melody’s panty.
When i reached the lift lobby, Melody was right there waiting for me.
James : Yes ? Everything ok ??
Melody looked around the empty office before coming forward and planting a kiss on my lip without warning.
I was shock.
James : Wh… what ??
Without warning, she pulled me into the office.
Melody : you know what James… you’re right… i’ve always had a crush on you….and i figured….it’s either now… or never.
James : Wait.. Melody… wait…
Melody sank down onto a chair, and started to unbuckle my pants.
James : Melody… i..
She paused .
Melody : You don’t want to ??
I stared at her as she looked up with her doleful eye and she bit her lips.
The buckle came off and my pants dropped to my knees.
The end.