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This page is undergoing some updates. Check back soon.

I will be putting up old gallery photos & vids into the member’s lounge under album galleries.(No nudes, no private parts, no model faces)

Members lounge will soon feature exclusive discount codes & resources for subscribers. I am seeking partnership with different sites to work with. More details will be available soon.



CK has agreed to share content exclusive to this site in return for free access to the premium sub. In return for a full year’s access to the site’s sub, he will be sharing some materials from his private collection. I’ve seen what he has, and have picked a few which i think subscribers will like.

Will upload them into the member’s lounge gradually. They are mostly images with some short videos, view on it’s own, it might be a little boring and dry, but i believe i can use them in some of my stories to give it a new spin.

Check back soon for the goodies!


I met up with a subscriber/fan CK, who not only has been supporting my works since i started writing, he is also the one who supplied me with some of the albums uploaded into the lounge.

He’s semi-retired, and has more weird ideas than me when it comes to content creation.

CK has a serious uniform fetish and he claims to have a set of every Junior college uniform in his collection. CK currently has a mutually exclusive FWB relationship with a 27 year old Thai auditor working in Singapore.

He promised me some interesting content for the member’s lounge this month. I told him outright this is a fiction site and i can’t do porn or nudes. Like a true player, CK replied that nudes and porn are all over the web, there’s no need to make more of them.

The challenge is to create mentally teasing content without revealing any private parts or doing anything sexually suggestive.

CK has some ideas, he will be working on them with his FWB and sending it over for the lounge members to see the response before he considers producing more of them.

I’m excited, i’ve seen his concept shots he edited on his phone.

And i love it.

James S

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