Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with fetishes about worn clothing.
I work in a Jewelry boutique in Ang mo Kio and one of my motivation to turn up to work everyday is my colleague Huimin. It’s a small shop, a franchise my boss did and there were only 2 staff.
That’s me and Huimin. If one of us fell sick, the other would have to do the work of 2 person. My boss would usually monitor us via camera and probably drops by once a week or so to make sure everything is ok.
I like that.
It’s gives me more time with Huimin.
Huimin is a malaysian from Ipoh, and this is her first job in Singapore. She has that sweet girl look that would please any mothers if you bring her back home and introduce her as your girlfriend.
Huimin’s complexion is really fair, i think she looks like some celebrity. She’s not very tall but she has a pair of nice legs. They are really shapely and proportionate, everytime i see them, i would get an erection.
There are standard uniforms for the staff and for the men, it’s just shirt and pants, but for Huimin, it’s different. With a pale blue blouse and grey skirt, Huimin looked like the banker you see in raffles place. She has the looks to carry it off.
The company states that all female employees must wear black stockings with heels, it was a policy i loved to the core.
Everyday i would look at Huimin’s legs.
When there are no customers, she would cross her legs and sit on a small stool at the corner with her phone plugged into the charger. She did not know after a few adjustments on my side of the shop, i could get a good view of her stocking clad legs from a mirror reflection.
It was a good spot, i would not be caught looking at her direction yet i could observe everything she did.
Like when she scratched behind her knees.
Or when she pulled her stocking a little to adjust her legs.
And my favorite would be when Huimin remove her heels to air her stockinged feet.
She would sometimes massaged her feet in the staff rest area. I could tell it was hard standing in heels the whole day and i would love to massage her feet for her.
Huimin is one of the sweetest girl i know.
My social circle is small , and i’m an introvert. Even as colleagues, i don’t really dare to talk to her as well. She’s too good for me.
Too pretty, too sweet and too elegant
She’s confident, her smile is her greatest sales weapon. Whenever she hooks onto a client, she can sweet talk them until she close the sale.
Needless to say, all the female partners that come with the guys to buy stuff did not like her very much.
As for me i’m just a plump overweight guy in his late twenties.
I’m someone girls would avoid at all cost.
My looks aren’t too bad i think, it just isn’t appealing to the opposite sex.
Huimin would never like me.
I can only secretly take pictures of Huimin and masturbate as i fantasise about her back at home.
As the days go by, i grew more and more infatuated with Huimin.
I took so much photos of her that i was starting to get worried that i would be caught.
I even have her upskirt photos but it’s mostly all black, and i cannot really see anything.
Huimin is wearing her black panty hose after all.
One day during lunch, i saw Huimin spill a bit of her soup on her skirt as she tried to answer a phone call. It’s a small spill but it hit her skirt and splashed a little onto her stockings.
I don’t know why but it gave me an erection.
I spent the whole day thinking about how Huimin’s stockings would smell like .
Would it be the same as the fish soup she spilled on herself ?
Maybe it would have Huimin’s sweat smell ?
Her leg smell ?
I don’t know, but i’m curious to find out.
It was then i started to plot and plan for a way to get Huimin’s stockings.
I spent a couple of nights, thinking and planning. How do i get Huimin to take off her stockings ?
Then on the 3rd night, an idea struck me.
I went to work as usual and when Huimin went for her bathroom break, i went to her favourite seat.
Right by the small stool, there was a old cabinet meant for staff to keep their belongings, i keep my bag there too. Some of the laminates are peeling off and the sharp edges were actually stuck back using tape.
I pretended to get something from my bag and i slowly remove a portion of the tape, allowing a edge to pop out near the bottom. That should be about the ankle area i guess.
If Huimin’s stocking gets caught in that edge, it would tear and she would have no choice but to take it off.
My heart was beating so fast when she came back from her bathroom break and took up the seat at her favourite spot.
I kept praying it would get caught but it didn’t.
I don’t know if she was lucky of it’s just not my day.
I went back home and started to hatch more plots to get Huimin’s stocking to tear.
Then i had another idea.
I cut a small piece of the sharp hooked edge and attached it to my pants leg near my mid calves area.
Tomorrow when i walk pass her near the staff rest area, i will purposely let it hook onto her stocking by brushing pass her leg. There was a passage way that is pretty narrow, we literally would brush pass each other’s body.
That would be my chance.
I could not sleep as i kept imagining the scenario.
I will cause a tear in her stocking, then when she change out, i will quickly take it and keep it.
The next day, i went to work and started to plot my approach.
I waited and waited for Huimin to be standing at the narrow passageway.
When i saw her in position, i quickly made my move, pretending to want to fill up my water bottle in the pantry.
James : Oh.. sorry… sorry…
Humin : Aiyah…. no space liao James…. ask boss to renovate the place….
James : Hahaha… ok… you tell him lor…
I walked pass Huimin twice before i felt a light tug on my pant leg as i walk pass.
Huimin ; Hey… hey !!… something caught… arhghhhh…..
James: Oh my god… i’m sorry…. i’m sorry….
Huimin : It’s ok… it’s ok….
My plan worked alright.
The velcro hook worked perfectly.
Huimin’s stockings tore up a small slit, about 7 or 8 cm.
I could feel my erection pushing against my groin ans she bent over to observe the slit.
James ; I think you better go change or something….. if boss see sure got something to say….
Huimin : Yah… he always got things to say one….
James : Sorry ah…. i’ll pay for a new one….
Huimin : Hahaha.. no need la… very cheap only… i have a lot…
I pretended to look sheepish and went back to my seat.
i tried to look calm but my heart was beating very fast.
Huimin went to the bathroom at the back of the shop. It’s those ground floor HDB shop units with a bathroom at the back.
I could feel myself perspiring as i kept glancing over at the doorway to the bathroom.
I hope Huimin would remove the stocking and hopefully throw it into the bin in the toilet or something.
I had even clear the bin that morning and lined it with a fresh plastic bag.
I waited and waited before Huimin finally came out of the doorway.
Trying my best not to look at her as i wiped the glass display was giving me a really hard erection.
The first chance i could, i stole a glance at Huimin’s hairless legs from the reflection in the mirror.
My dick pushed so hard against my pants that it felt painful and i had to bent over a little.
Her stockings were gone. Most likely in the bin.
There’s nothing i want more than to rush into the toilet and pick it up but i can’t
It would be too suspicious.
There are only 2 employees in the shop, what if Huimin goes back and happen to see the bin is empty ? She would surely know i’m a pervert.
I had to play it cool.
Think James… Think….
Then another idea struck me.
I made an excuse of heading out to grab bubble tea and Huimin readily agreed, asking me to help her get one.
James : It’s my treat ok…. to make up for errr….. spoiling your clothes….
Huimin : What clothes ? hahaha… It’s my stockings la… haha…
James ; Yah.. yah… stockings…
I don’t know why but hearing the word alone turned me on.
I went out to grab bubble tea and at the same time bought a pair of black stockings from those cheap neighbourhood stall. I ripped off the package and kept only the stockings in my pocket after i ripped a small hole in it.
Later i would do a switch.
I dashed back to the shop with the drinks and made an excuse to use the toilet.
I could hardly contain my excitement.
I bolted the door shut and immediately opened the bin and there it was.
My hands were shaking as i brought it up to my nose.
I inhaled deeply as i took in Huimin’s scent. I smelled every part of the stocking.
The thigh, the calves, the toes, even the groin part.
It’s nice.
Really nice.
So nice that i did not even realised i had started to stroke myself.
At one point i even pulled Huimin’s stocking over my entire head and i started wanking off.
So good….
It’s just so good.
I stopped right before i came and switched the stockings. I want to save it for later.
Stuffing the stocking deep into my pocket, i waited a while for my erection to die down before leaving the bathroom.
I’ve never felt so happy before as i walked out with Huimin’s stocking in my pocket.
All my friends said i was a little dumb and slow back in school.
They said i had borderline IQ.
They were wrong.
I think i’m pretty smart as i fought back a smile.
Taking up my favorite position, i caught a glance of Huimin again.
She sitting at her favourite spot.
I don’t know what happened.
Perhaps i never noticed it since she always wore her stockings.
The way she sat.
I could see.
I could see Huimin’s panty.
Her light coloured panty.
I tried to stop myself from shaking.
I took the piece of cloth and started wiping down the glass display again in circles.
That Panty…..
I must have Huimin’s panty….
The end