This is a work of fiction

This happened a few years ago and I really needed to get this off my chest.
It’s been something that has been bugging me for a long time.
The mixed feelings and emotions really got under my skin and it made me lose sleep for almost a month. I was ready to seek the help of a therapist if not for the fact that I managed to work things out with my wife.
My wife Siew Yee is my first love. We met back in my days in NUS ( National University of Singapore )  during the orientation camp and we hit it off straight away. I was the envy of many guys as Siew Yee was one of the prettiest girl in the camp.
With a full B cup breast and a penchant for wearing tight T-shirts, Siew Yee was the object of desire for most of my friends. Her legs are long , hairless and smooth as well. I could get an erection just by touching my cock to her smooth legs.
Siew Yee liked to tease me with her legs too whenever we get a moment alone. She would rub her thigh or calves against my crotch, giving me a painful erection without the chance to release.
With a sweet smile, round eyes and cartoonish smile, Siew yee attracted suitors even when we were attached. Flowers and gifts were plenty during valentine’s day, I was never the jealous type, I trusted her and Siew Yee never gave me any reason to doubt her commitment to me.
It’s just her character. She’s the ultimate sweet and caring girlfriend that any guy could ask for.
We both came from pretty conservative families , which made it all the more exciting when we first started making out. From the first time we kissed, to the first time we fucked, every time we touched was like exploring something new.
It’s like conducting an experiment, trying to discover something new about one another.
What do we like, and what do we dislike.
Sex was amazing with Siew Yee. We were like energizer bunnies, so full of energy that we would fuck everytime we get a chance to. 4 Years into our relationship, we were still making out passionately like the day we first met.
We got married on our 7th year anniversary and I felt my life was complete. Siew Yee and I built our love nest in a HDB of our own and the marketing company we co-founded started taking off.
It was a dream coming through on many front.
We got a few good clients , and with a bit of luck, our small husband and wife company slowly accumulated a good portfolio. We’re making close to a 100k a year with the business. Divide it by 2, we’re netting about 50k each annually.
That’s really not too bad for a start.
We were ready to expand, get our first staff and work our way from there a hiccup along the way put our plans on hold for close to half a year.
You might have read it in the news a few years ago.
About clients having sushi off the bodies of models.
It was part of a marketing stunt for clients Siew Yee and I conceived. It was a hush hush affair. The event was only made known to a select few.
The very first time it happened, it was in a private room of a upmarket sushi restaurant. Only the chef and 1 staff were present as we booked the whole place for the evening. A strict non-disclosure was signed and it was so secretive, that we did not even let our client know where we would be dining till the 11th hour.
I checked on the model we had engaged from an agency, Lynn was the only one who agreed to this. I made sure she was comfortable and asked if she needed anything.
James : You ok ?? need anything ??
Lynn : yeah I’m fine
Lynn was a student back then, doing part time modelling jobs. We paid we close to 2000 for that evening. She was only wearing a white bikini as she laid on a specially prepared table. Our Sushi chef, Tommy, slowly sliced the fresh sashimi and laid them on Lynn’s body.
My phone rang and Siew yee told me she was bringing the clients over.
James : We would be ready in 5 minutes.
By the time Tommy was done, Lynn’s body was a work of art.
The fresh sashimi were laid out artistically like flower petals on a bed of sliced cucumber, shredded radish and fresh flowers. Lynn looked youthful and pretty, I could tell she was nervous too.
James: It’s ok, don’t worry… just an hour max….
I reassured Lynn that there is no sleaze to this, it’s just a marketing stunt.
James : Siew Yee and I will be in this room all the time.
Lynn : Ok… sure…
When the time came for the big reveal, my client together with his gasped in awe and surprised when they entered the dining area.
Their eyes widened in shock as they exclaimed and smiled at the arrangements we did for them.
The initial awkwardness was gone the moment drinks started flowing.
The pieces of sashimi literally flew off Lynn’s naked body as the 4 men we invited drank and talked about their business deal.
By the end of that hour, the client that engaged us closed almost 600k in deals. He was over the moon that evening. Needless to say, Siew yee and I were happy that everything turned out so well.
We received a bonus payment of 8000 from the client on top of our fees. Lynn was relieved that it was over and even happier when we paid her an additional 500.
James:  We might need to do this again next month…. Can we keep in touch ?
Lynn : SURE!!!… call me direct !…
Lynn gave us her number and even told us to bypass her agency so she gets to keep the full payment.
It was an amazing night for Siew Yee and I, we celebrated with a nice dinner the next day and right when we were about to toast each other for the evening, my phone rang.
It was the client, Mr Foo.
James : Mr Foo… hellow…
Foo was so happy with our idea that he had set up another meeting with a couple of other clients. He wanted the same arrangements the following week, promising us a bigger bonus.
Of course we said yes.
We did the usual arrangements, booked the entire restaurant with Tommy , made them sign another non-disclosure. This time round we even spent some time decorating the room with fresh flowers.
We had some comments the last round that the lights in the room was too bright. We brought lamps and dimmed the room lights to give the whole dining experience a more sensual feel.
45 minutes before the event, we received a devastating piece of news.
Lynn cannot make it that day because her mother got into an accident. She was almost at the restaurant but now she needed to rush back.
Nothing could describe the horror that was on our faces as we scrambled for a replacement.
I called the agency and offered 5000 to any models that was willing to take it up but it was such a last minute request that they were unable to find anyone. It was also a Friday evening, most of their girls already have an engagement.
We were in shock and completely lost.
This shouldn’t have happened.
James : We should have gotten a back up…. We’re fucked ….
I was pacing up and down the room, thinking what we could do when Siew Yee uttered something I could not believe.
Siew Yee : Let me do it…
James : WHAT !!…
She looked at me, trying to stop herself from shaking.
Siew Yee : Let me do it…
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