Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.
There will be a series of pictures used for illustration for this story. 
Model in the picture is above 25 years old, she is the wife of 1 of the blog reader. There are no nude shots but she did start to take the uniforms off later. As to the extent of removal…. i’ll leave it to your imagination. 
She’s local Singaporean Chinese in the FMCG sector. The couple is active in posting photos online but i don’t know which moniker they are using. They swing regularly too. 
I bought the set from him in Dec 2015, been saving it for a piece. 
Here it is. Hope you enjoy the read. 
One of my greatest perks as a Tuition teacher would be my access to the huge load of student data in the system.
I would spend my time trawling through the registry of my students, snooping for their information ranging from their social media account to where they stay. Somehow this very habit feeds a weird addiction of mine, of pure voyeurism.
I cannot understand the amount of information people would willingly post online to their social media account these days. It’s like an open invitation for sick people and criminals to approach you.
It’s really very simple.
I take my student’s name, her email address and her mobile number and that’s it.
I could gain access to her pictures, see her friends, her private thoughts about the world on her personal blog. Everything.
I would usually place particular emphasis on the older students. Yes, particular those getting ready for their A levels. You see, there is something about the body of these JC students that turns me on.
These girls are no longer kids.
They are young adults. Many of them eager to explore the jungle beyond the compounds of their school. They craved for their independence, they want the freedom they thought was worth it’s weight in gold.
In fact if they make some effort to dress up, you would not be able to tell they’re students at all. Their breast are full and round.
Their youthful supple skin radiates youth and energy.
Their legs, sculptured and toned. Besides competing with their grades, they had this unspoken competition going on amongst them.
Who has the nicest legs ?
Who’s skirt is the shortest ?
You see them on the bus, in the train, even by the side of the road, shopping malls, everywhere on a school going day. Some even chose to study at a fast food joint instead of heading home.
Something monstrous would stir inside me whenever I see them. Yes, these JC girls.
These students.
Especially those wearing their short skirts, showing off their smooth hairless legs that disappeared into a pair of dirty sneakers. I would try to make eye contact with them but most of the time they ignore me.
They’re lost in their high and mighty world, thinking that everyone is beneath them.
I could see some coloured bras underneath white blouses, only a glimpse, and they would try to cover their choice of lingerie with some large jacket with prints of their school’s name, a not so subtle announcement of sort that they’re in a league of their own.
I watched and observed in silence most of the time, seeing these girls scribble their notes.
I wondered what was going on in their mind when they chose to study in such a public place dressed in their school uniforms with hordes of men and boys looking at them every time they cross and uncross their legs.
You’re not there to study I say.
You’re just there for the attention.
To be seen.
Most of them time when I see JC girls like this, I only have one thought in my mind.
That their forbidden fruit is ripe for the picking.
It was a normal workday for me as I finished up my drink at the fast food joint in Serangoon. I saw several JC girl groups having their lunch and taking out their study notes.
I had secretly sniped a few pictures of them , focusing my camera near their short skirts and tight blouse. I was lucky to even catch an accidental upskirt on one of the girls but she was not the prettiest in the group.
My attention soon waned and I was about to head off when I saw a familiar face.
Yes, it was a familiar face alright.
I’ve seen her at my tuition centre before even though I was not teaching her. I remembered processing her application together with her mother. We were already maxed out on our class for A level students but her mother was adamant that we admit her daughter.
I told her to maintain standards; all tuition centres would have a optimum student to tutor ratio, and the usual bullshit etc. I could see she was pretty well to do, given her branded bags and clothes. Her daughter is pretty too, with a nice figure. However it is necessary to play hard to get.
After much persuasion, I agreed to take her daughter in.
Jack : We have a grade guarantee, if she doesn’t improve, we would not take your money ….
I gave her the usual sales pitch even though we never followed through with it. It’s the same every year. We get some good students who would improve; while there will be a bunch who did not.
Some even fared worst.
We never ever gave refund though; I have a list of reasons ready to defend myself. No one has ever managed to get their money back.
All I have to do is to pump in some money, give the top scorer some incentives and a big red packet; they would end up as my walking advertisement.
Then I just kick back and wait for more suckers to fall into the trap.
Come on.
Study ? Tuition ?
End of the day, it’s still up to the kid.
Parents are just paying for a piece of mind.
What made me took notice of this girl though was not just her pretty looks and figure, it was a short casual chat that revealed something more.
Jack : So… Jamie yah… class starts tomorrow at 2.30pm, your mother will….
Even before I could finish my statement, she cut me off mid sentence.
Jamie : She’s not my mum, she’s my step mother…
From the tone of her voice, I could tell there was a bit of tension between them. Even her body language told me she was not very keen in the extra tuition, I found out from her teacher soon after that she was actually doing it to keep her dad happy.
Anyway I had been stalking her for a while, she’s staying in a landed property right by downtown east. I’ve even drove pass it once, a pretty decent size house for the small family of 3.
I even built up a small folder of her Instagram photos, needless to say, I masturbated to her photos frequently. In fact she was among the top 10 JC students I rotated for my sick pleasure.
As I drained my drink, i took a look at my watch and realised that Jamie was supposed to be in class at that very moment.
It’s 2.45pm in the afternoon and there she was, idling around the shopping mall aimlessly.
I immediately called 1 of my teachers who was helming the class.
Jack : Ziqi, Jack here…
Ziqi : Yes ? I’m in the middle of class…
Jack : There’s a student…. Jamie… she’s not in class today ?
She took 2 seconds to go through the class register and told me she called in to say she’s sick.
Jack : Ok… no problem… thanks…
I hung up before Ziqi could ask me any more questions.
I quietly got out of my seat and fell into step behind Jamie. She was plugged into her headphones as she wandered out of the shopping mall.
She walked around aimlessly as if willing for time to pass. I saw her walked towards a block to HDB flats and I closed in my distance. After making sure no one was looking at me, I took out my phone and shot some pictures of her from the back.
Her school uniform looked good on her. Her skirt well above her knees. As the hem of her school skirt bounced off her toned tan thighs each time, I could feel an erection stirring.
I knew she plays volleyball often. I had a few pictures of her in her sports bra and tiny shorts. Photos of her stretched body and legs were all over her Instagram attracting hundreds of likes and comments.
She responded well to them, just another girl looking to flaunt her youth and her body.
I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down.
It was getting quieter as she head deeper into the estate, lost in her world of music.
I got bolder, holding my phone upright to shoot her.
I was so close I could see the detail of her sports shoe, her ankle socks.
Fuck I could even make out a hint of her bra.
Jamie approached a lift lobby and I quickened my footsteps.
Before the door opened, I tapped onto her shoulder and she turned around in shock.
It took her less than a second to recognise me and I did not want to give her an opportunity to defend herself or to think up some reason to fob me off.
I immediately went on the offensive.
Jack : I called the school and you called in sick….. I called your dad too…
I let my statement hang in the air.
If she had called my bluff, I can always say her dad did not answer the call.
Jamie’s eyes widened as her mouth gasped open for air and she was at a lost for words.
I pressed on my attack and added.
Jack : I think your dad would be very disappointed with you…. You’re not exactly a kid…. Already in JC…. And you are skipping class…
Jamie looked pretty ashamed but still could not muster up enough courage to reply me.
Jack : I know I’m just running a tuition centre, I cannot force you to attend class if you don’t want to but please know that there are a lot of other students waiting for your slot if you are not interested.
I added that I would refund the rest of her fees for the month and turned away.
I barely took 2 steps when I heard Jamie call out to me.
Jamie : Mr Jack…!!! Mr Jack !!! please… wait…. I can explain…
She held onto my hand but I shrug her off and continued walking.
Jamie : Please… Mr Jack… please… i..
She held onto my arm again and pleaded with me not to remove her from class.
She was at the verge of tears when I stared at her angrily.
I softened a little and offered her a tissue which she accepted.
Jamie burst into tears and I took the opportunity to rub her arms a little to calm her down. I looked around the vicinity, aside from some passerbys, there was no one paying attention to us.
Switching tack, I used a gentler voice and became more friendly.
Jack : If you need to talk, I can lend a ear…. But… skipping class like this…. This has to stop…
Jamie nodded.
Both my arms were still on her shoulders and I was still stroking her.
Suddenly it dawned on her to step back and shrug me off.
My hands slipped but I held back onto her shoulder.
Jamie : Mr Jack… what…
I gripped harder and pulled her closer to me, my thumb rubbing onto her collarbone as I smiled at her.
Jack : I just want to lend a listening ear…. Nothing more…
She tried to back away but I kept up a smile and held her in place.
Jamie looked scared and I switched position, letting go of her shoulders and held her hand. Her hand felt cold, I could tell she was scared.
Before she could react, I added.
Jack  : Come… follow me…
I pulled Jamie along towards the lift lobby.
Jamie : Where…. Where are we going… ?
I smiled and tell her it’s entirely up to her if she wants to stay in class, or I could tell her father what a disappointment her daughter is…..
Jamie’s eyes looked like she was going to cry anytime as I pulled her into the lift with me.
I hit a random floor and we got out. Heading towards the staircase, I let go of Jamie’s hands and gestured towards to the railing.
Jack : Go there…
Jamie : Whhh.. why…
Jack : Go there…
I insisted and I watched Jamie took a few unsure step up the middle of the flight of staircase.
Jack : Pull up your skirt…
Jamie : No… no… please…
Jack : Pull up your skirt !..
I could feel the blood in me starting to get excited.
My erection was starting to press against my pants.
Jamie’s hands trembled.
Her fingers unsure.
They gripped onto the railing as she looked at me, then the grip slowly loosened.
I repeated myself.
Jack : pull up ….. your skirt…
Her hand shook even more.
3 seconds later, I watched her slowly put her phone into her pocket as her hands hovered by the side of her short uniform.
I knew by then the battle is won.
Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.

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