*This is a work of fiction.
Model in Picture is above 25 years of age. Photographer is her husband. I bought this set some time ago together with the same batch used in “blackmailing the JC student”. I have their permission to use it for this piece. Sexy and suggestive poses including a few video files will be used for this piece. No nudes*
Some additional photos taken off the net for illustration purpose
Please play the 6 video files only when prompted in the story for maximum effect. 

I took the photo below from my friend’s wedding blog where he happily detailed every step of his big day. From getting the make up artist, to choosing a gown right to the very actual day of his wedding.
I’m not very close to Anson actually, the only reason I visit his facebook often was to look at pictures of his girlfriend, Jasmine.
Admit it, you do that too.
Secretly clicking on your friend’s profile just to look at that hot babe by his side, maybe picturing yourself in bed with her. Well, it’s normal I guess. A lot of guys I know do that.
Anson was a old school mate of mind and although we were facebook friends, we were not close enough to meet up for drinks or for catching up. We past each other in town a couple of times and it was always a smile, a quick hi with a nod of our head before going on own way.
Anson got in touch with me on facebook one day because I work for a credit company. I know what you are thinking, that I’m some fucking loan shark but that is not true.
We do vehicle loans, a lot of our clients are actually construction companies. They use us for their trucks, cement mixers and stuff. We also provide car loans, personal credit, the usual stuff.
My boss is a cautious man and the company’s rule of thumb is we don’t lend to desperados. Before we approve any loans, the person in charge would need to do quite a bit of checks and due diligence, especially when it comes to personal loans.
You can imagine the surprise I got when Anson approached me over facebook to ask me out for a chat. He did briefly mention that he needed a loan to tide himself over till after the wedding. I did not think much of it and we met up.
My heart beat faster when I saw Anson at the café with his wife to be Jasmine.
She is really a trophy wife to have.
Seeing her in person made me realised how much better she looked in real life compare to photos.
Several other café patrons were also staring at her, looking at her legs, the way he flip flops dangle off her feet, the way her smooth tanned thighs crossed over, creating a tight wedge of her denim shorts that looked a size too small.
We shook hands and Jasmine stood up to get me a drink, leaving Anson and me to talk. When she turned, I saw the visible spill of her firm butt cheeks peeking at me from the bottom of her shorts.
Blood rushed to my cock as I quickly looked away and sat down, pretending to adjust the small stool.
Anson  : James… so glad you can meet us… I have some questions…. And perhaps some business for you hahaha….
James ; Sure.. sure… go on… fire away….
Well, Anson wanted a loan obviously and he just wanted to run some questions by me before formally approaching the company. He needed a loan of 15k for a period of 3 months.
Anson : It’s nothing really… just that with the wedding prep coming up…. Things are tight… once we get all the red packet…. I will repay immediately….
Well, I told Anson that we would do the usual credit checks and all as part of the procedures and I could see he was getting a little uncomfortable.
Anson : The thing is this…. You know… we… maxed out quite a few cards…. So now we are just paying the minimum every month……but.. but… but…. We know once the red packets are tallied… we can clear all one shot….
James : Oh…. Ermmm…
Jasmine : James….don’t worry… we will definitely pay up…. We have 60 tables… and I’m expecting at least 200 in red packet each on average…. More than enough…. Haha…
I smiled and tried to think of a nice way to put it across to them when Anson said that they miscalculated their budgeting and after paying the downpayment for a resale flat, the cash flow issue became a bit of a problem.
Anson : We’ve borrowed from our family already and we don’t want to trouble them anymore…. So we were hoping you can help a little …. 15k is good… but… but if you can do 20k,,, that would be for the best…
James : ermm… ok…. There are paper work that needs to be done and procedures….
Jasmine cut in at this point asking if there was anyway I can help to make things a little smoother.
Jasmine : You get a commission too right… It’s a quick and short loan…. Just 3 months….dates are all booked already…. Confirm plus chope one…. Can help us on this ??
I must have looked pretty reluctant when Anson brought up the possibility of Jasmine not being able to have the wedding setting she dreamt off.
Anson  : Dear… maybe if you ditch the imported tulips from Holland, we can make do with just 10k ?…… or….or…. that extra designer gown from another boutique….
Jasmine frowned and she don’t look too pleased.
Jasmine : dear… it’s a once in a life time thing…..we only get to do it once…. I don’t want to settle for less…. And besides…. We can afford it…. It’s just that stupid resale flat…. If not for that owner who kept saying he wants to sell to another buyer, we won’t be emptying our account to pay the downpayment….. and we won’t need to max out the cards….
I looked away and sipped my coffee as the 2 of them went on with a bit of bickering.
5 minutes later, it was clear Jasmine was not backing down from what she wanted.
Jasmine : I don’t care…. This is our wedding….our big day… either we do it right… or we don’t do it at all….
I could see Anson getting a little pissed with Jasmine as well.
Anson excused himself to the washroom and I hurried to finish up my drink.
Jasmine was tapping away on her phone with a frown on her head.
Several café patrons were staring at us, Anson and Jasmine were not exactly being subtle with their argument too.
I stole a few quick glance at Jasmine.
Her figure is solid. I know from her facebook photos that she likes to swim and she loves the outdoors. I can’t see much since I was not her friend, those that I could see were the ones that Anson were in.
I was hit suddenly with a crazy idea.
Something that I was pretty sure I’m out of my mind to even think off.
Having work for my boss long enough, I knew he would not be too eager to dispense out the loan to Anson and Jasmine.
However, I have the money.
My personal money.
What if, what if I can lend the money to them on a personal basis ?
What if I can lend it to Jasmine ?
This only questions is, what will I get in return ?
My heart thumped faster as I looked at how tight Jasmine’s t-shirt was, hugging her full breast.
I looked towards the bathroom direction, there were no signs of Anson.
Looking back at Jasmine, I hesitated for a moment before I decided to make my move.
James : Jasmine…ermm..
Jasmine : yah ??
I pretended to look a little hesitant before saying what I wanted to say.
James : Actually… to be honest… I don’t think my office will approve your loans…. But… but….
Jasmine : Can you help ?? please ?? … we are really out of options here….
James : I have… contacts…. You know… being in the line I’m in…. you can still get the money… but…. Not through proper channels…..if you get what I mean…
Jasmine’s eyes widened before turning back to check if Anson was out from the bathroom.
Jasmine : What do you mean ?? Loansharks ?? are you mad ??
James : No.. no… haha… of course not….it’s….ermm… complicated…but… you can get your money…. if… if they can get some….erm….collateral… or…or.. something in return…
Jasmine blinked a few times at me, unsure of what to say.
Jasmine : errr….. i… I hope you’re not saying I have to sleep for the money right ?? haha..err…
I laughed and shook my head.
James : of course not….haha.. of course not…
It’s common sense people. You make a crazy proposal like that, who in their right mind would agree ?
If I tell Jasmine to sleep with me for the loan, she might just slap me on the spot.
Of course not.
It’s not going to be that simple.
The main thing here would be to lay a trap.
Like sprinkling a trail of crumbs, you slowly lead the prey towards the snare.
James : Ok.. the thing is… I don’t think Anson would even consider this… so I’m not going to bring it up… but if you are keen….give me a call…. I’ll set you up with them….
I gave Jasmine my name card and she took a picture of it.
Jasmine : but… what do I have to do … ?? .. I’m not doing anything sexual ok…. Haha.. don’t sell me to some kidnapper ah…
James : haha… no la… don’t be crazy… it’s hard for me to explain… it’s still a hush hush thing in Singapore actually…. so unless you are keen… we should not even go into it….think about it ok… you will get the loan in tranches….. increasing amounts….ermm…base on the time invested…. Something like that…. no need to sleep with anyone hahaha… … unless you want to haha…
Jasmine : Tsk !… crazy ah…
she threw a napkin at me and asked me don’t be silly.
Right about then Anson came back and we spoke for a while longer before wrapping up the conversation.
James : I’ll still do a check for you guys brother… but no promises ok….not a formal application… but I’ll see if I can pull some strings and move things along…
Anson : Thanks man… thank you…
I shook Anson and Jasmine’s hand and left the café.
I did not get a message from Jasmine over the weekend and right when I was about to give up hope on Monday afternoon, she called me.
Jasmine called me.
Jasmine : James…..about the alternative…. You… you sure….. don’t need to sleep around right….. ??
My heart skipped a beat as I tried my best to compose myself.
James : like I said… unless you want to… if not… don’t need…..
There was a moment of silence on the phone before Jasmine asked me what does she have to do.
James : Give me your email…. I’ll send you the details…
Jasmine : I’ll message you….
James : Ok…
I wanted to punch my fist into the air after hanging up as I waited for Jasmine’s email address to come through.
I got it and I told her I will speak to the contacts and let her know the details by that evening.
It was still not a done deal.
It was a gamble.
I don’t expect her to agree to it actually.
I don’t expect her to even reply me after reading the mail I wanted to send her.
I don’t expect a lot from Jasmine, and I really don’t expect to get much other than a kick out of my attempt to play with her.
Most of all, I did not expect her to invite me to her place in broad daylight when Anson is working.
I also did not expect to be in the same lift with her at such close proximity.
And I never would expect for Jasmine to let me do this.
*This is a work of fiction. Model in Picture is above 25 years of age. Photographer is her husband. I bought this set some time ago together with the same batch used in “blackmailing the JC student”. I have their permission to use it for this piece.  No nudes*
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