Note : This is a work of fiction written with materials i collected from a few blog followers. I take no responsibility should you decide to execute the same scheme to manipulate your wife into sleeping with another man.
**partly inspired by a real scheme contributed by a blog follower **
If you are not matured enough to handle content of this nature, please stay away.
This piece is for all the husbands who love their wives, in their own unique way.

Hi everyone, my name is Randy and I have a confession to make.
I don’t know when I started having fantasies and fetishes like this.
It just appeared out of the blue one day.
If you asked me years ago when I was dating my wife and in the early days of our marriage about something like this, I would say you are mad.
Who in their right mind would want their wife to sleep with another man ?
It’s crazy right ?
As the years past, and our relationship and bond got stronger and more matured, I started to have fantasises like this. Fantasises that I find it hard to control. It started with a random thought when my wife bumped into her ex-boyfriend along the street.
I’m not jealous or anything, he’s already married with kids and all but the random thought just floated into my mind.
How did he fuck my wife back then when she was his girlfriend ?
They got together in university and the both stayed at the dorms. You don’t need to be a genius to know the amount of kinky stuff tertiary students get up to. I had my share of fun back in my younger days and it never bothered me that my wife was not a virgin.
I’m not one either.
However that brief moment of meeting left a strong impression in my head. Although it was a casual hi and bye between friends, I could not shake the image from my head.
I would picture my wife Yumin on her knees, giving a blowjob to her boyfriend.
I would picture her getting on the bed, removing her shirt and bra while her boyfriend sucks on her tits.
Images of them making love, perspiring and panting away on a creaky bed would fill my mind sometimes in the middle of the day.
I shook them off despite the raging hard on it gave me. How can I have an erection picturing my wife with another man ?
The more I think about it, the more aroused I get.
I remembered the first time I masturbated with a scenario like this.
Closing my eyes, I would imagine me hiding behind a cupboard, peeping at my wife and her ex-boyfriend as they fucked each other, grunting and panting in their dorm.
My god, that was the first time in my life I came within a couple of minutes of stroking. I was so aroused and turned on that 30 minutes after I came, I needed to wank myself off again. That feeling was so strong that I find it impossible to resist.
Usually after masturbating myself off a couple of times, my mind would get a little more rationale.
I would brush aside thoughts of my fantasy and life goes back to normal.
Sex life with my wife is great, we work out regularly, we have no kids and despite our busy work schedule, we still fuck at least twice a week.
My wife Yumin is a god send.
She is the sweet girl next door you would love to bring home to your parents. Very down to earth and simple girl. She takes good care of me and holds a middle management position in a large organisation.
Standing at 1.6m, Yumin is just 7cm shorter than me. We look good together and there was no lack of suitors for Yumin. There are always men going after her, when we were dating, she would still receive flowers and gifts from potential suitors.
Even after we are married, there would still be men trying their luck with Yumin.
Am I worried ? Never.
I trust her.
Yumin is not someone to be easily swayed by honeyed words and gifts. I know she loves me very much and we don’t keep any secrets from each other.
She would tell me about her suitors and even asked me for suggestions on how to reject them nicely. This is despite them knowing she was already married.
Yumin : We still work together ok…. Got to be diplomatic when it comes to situations like this…. Hahah…
She would always laugh it off, although I know she’s secretly happy that men still look at her.
Or rather, men still lust at her.
How do I know that you say ?
Well, when we were fucking, Yumin would sometimes tease me to fuck her harder and satisfy her.
Yumin : Other men are lining up you know….. lusting after me…. ergnnhh… ernghh !!!
My wife is all prim and proper outside the bedroom, but once she is in the mood, she can really be a slut. Pushing the right buttons and whispering the right words by my ears to spur me on.
We have no plans to start a family yet, still in our late 20s, we felt there’s still some time for us to enjoy some time alone.
With such a strong bond, good sex life, a beautiful and graceful wife, why would I want to  share her ?  
I can’t explain why either but that sexual urge is strong.
I would look at her all dressed up in her body hugging dress getting ready for work and picture her being groped on our crowded trains.
I would imagine her being pressed down on the meeting table at work while her boss forces his cock into her vagina.
I would even think of my wife being taken by a group of construction workers at a work site, mud, grime and all.
Still, I kept all these to myself for over a period of close to a year.
This secret slowly festered and grow inside me.
The fantasy just kept growing and growing.
I knew this was something she would never agree to, swinging, wife exchange and all.
That’s just not her.
I tried introducing this as a role play during sex but she felt it was a little weird and it didn’t take off.
And the fetish continued to grow inside me.
What started as a small bug, eventually grew to a sickness.
Then it started spreading till it became a plague and started infecting my mind.
I knew it was bad when I could no longer hold an erection without fantasizing my wife getting pounded by another man. Even when we were fucking each other, I would close my eyes and pretend it was someone else fucking my wife and cumming inside her.
I knew it was useless to try and talk to Yumin about my fetish, I know her too well. She would not agree to doing stuff like this. She loved me, she would not do anything to hurt me.
I thought I was doomed to live out the rest of my life supressing my fetish in my head until I came across a blog.
An online blog written and maintained by someone who calls himself James.
He writes about a lot of stuff including some wife sharing stories.
I immediately write him a mail.
He replied.
I wrote him again.
He replied me again.
I told him my situation.
He asked me why don’t I nudge my wife along a little. I met up with him for coffee and dove into the discussion right away.
Randy : How James ? How do I nudge her along ?
James : I’ll help you….
Randy  : Are you sure it can be done ? Have you done it before ?
James : Yes…. Sometimes you cannot wait for situations to happen in life…. You have to engineer them…..
With that, James looked around the empty café before taking out his ipad. The lock screen was a picture of him and his wife Louisa, on their wedding day. They look good and his wife is hot. I would definitely fuck her.
What he opened next blew me away.
It was a video.
A video of his wife looking at the camera. Beads of perspiration peppered her forehead as she frowned before gasping and moaning.
Then the camera zoomed out and I gasped, covering my mouth as I looked around the café to make sure no one was around.
His wife was being fucked while another man was playing with her breast.
Randy : Is this real ??
James : Of course…. We only did it once though….. just to tick off the bucket list….
Randy : She agreed to it ?
James : Not readily….. as I said…. you have to make it happen…. Sitting in your chair, dreaming and praying for it to happen, the odds are near to nil…..
Randy  : Can you teach me ?
James : Sure… but I will not be responsible for what happens to your relationship after it happens….
Randy : I understand….
I asked James about the process of what he did and he slowly laid it out for me. I was struck with excitement as I listened to his scheming plan. It’s absolutely brilliant.
I have an erection just thinking about it.
Randy : but…. But what if…. What if I don’t want it to be a one off thing….
James : what ?
Randy  : I want it to happen again and again…. But I still want my wife to love me….can it be done ? 
James leaned back and thought about what I just said.
James : of course….
I took out my phone and showed James a picture of my wife , I don’t know why but my erection got harder as I looked at the way he visually strip my wife’s clothes in his mind.
Randy : James…. would you….. like to be the man…
James looked up in surprise before nodding his head.
James : It would be an honour…..
Randy : Are you sure it can be done ??
James smiled confidently and replied.
James : I’m James…. what can’t I do ?
I felt invigorated after meeting up with James.
He seemed confident about pulling this entire plan off.
We chatted further and he laid out the overview for me, changing my perspective about the matter immediately.
James : You cannot expect this to happen overnight…… not next week…. Not next month…. Maybe not even next year….
Randy  :Why ??
James explained that the 1st encounter is the most important.
James : It would make or break the whole relationship and lifestyle…..
He explained that this is a matter of planning and precise engineering. With some manipulation along the way.
The more he spoke, the higher my excitement level. I could almost picture it happening in my mind.
James explained that we are playing a long game, one that will stretch over a period of easily a year, maybe more.
James : you have to be reasonable in the timeframe….take it slow…. Gently ease in the idea…. I will teach you how to do it…. It’s the same way I managed to convince my wife….
Randy : Ok… ok sure…. Of course…
James : No one likes to have something force upon them, especially something as foreign and ….. and…… unique…. Like what you have in mind….. so you have to slowly introduce it…. Let it sink in and take root…..
James told to me start by first compiling a detailed profile of my wife.
James : I know she’s your wife…. But trust me…. there is still a lot you do not know about her….. things that never concerned you before is now important…. Everything insignificant is now important.
He gave me a list of things to take note.
How does my wife talk to other men ? Both in person and through the phone.
How does she reply messages on her phone ? Is there a difference in the way she does it to say, a colleague she kinda of enjoy working together, and one that she don’t.
James went on and I started to take down what he said on my phone.
It was amazing.
He really opened up my eyes and mind.
James : get all these information…. And we will analyse it together…..
Having the information is just one part of the plan, James and I knew that eventually we would want to create an opportunity for all parties to meet when the time is ripe.
James : We have to play it as we go along….. she might not like me, she might like me…. there’s always a chance of her not wanting to do it with me even though she agreed to try it out for your sake….but not to worry….. take it slow and if we know all about her likes and dislikes…. We will create a character for her….
Randy : What do you mean ?
James : I will become the character that she like…. And one that most likely would be able to sleep with her….
Randy : How ?
James : Her likes, dislikes…. All these information…. We would have before hand….
James wanted me to discreetly find out about Yumin’s taste in man aside from her husband of course.
He asked me to drop hints every now and then.
James ; Don’t be obvious and say things like , hey… that guy is good looking… you want to fuck someone like that ??? you wife would probably slap you…
Randy : hahahha.. she just might….
James : Do it subtly….use reverse psychology…… say something like…..
“ Why do people dress like this nowadays ? “
James : Use it to describe someone say you see in a shopping mall…. Someone you think your wife might like….or take a second look….. we are all humans….. we like to look at things and people that are pleasing to the eye….. woman included….
Randy : Ok… and then…
James : Choose different types of man…… the Korean skinny boyish kind…. The large gym going type…. the ah beng…..basically just try and get a reply from her….this is what I did….
Randy : How did your wife react ?
James : She would reply me of course… just like any conversation between husband and wife…. And we would discuss their dressing style and stuff…. From there…. As her husband, I’m sure you can slowly draw a picture of what kind of man she likes…..
I nodded as I took notes.
James explained that it could be someone on the opposite of the spectrum as who she choose as her husband, or it could be someone very similar to me as well. It all depends on Yumin and what is in her mind.
Women have their own fantasies, and they usually keep to themselves.
James : She might like the uncouth ah-beng she remembered as the bad boy back in her school days…. Maybe she would fantasized getting fucked by him but these are secrets you would never know…. Because women,,,,, they don’t tell things like this….. not to their husbands…..
I get what James was trying to tell me as my fingers tapped away on the phone.
I have enough instructions from him to start collating the information.
We agreed and set a date to meet in a month time to analyse the information I gathered.
James : Can I have a picture of your wife…. ?
Randy ; Sure… sure… let me find a nice one….
I wanted to find a nice revealing photo of my wife when I realised there was none. In fact I don’t remember the last time she wore a short skirt or something revealing. In the end I settled for some shots we took when we were on holiday.
It was definitely sweet enough for James to have naughty thoughts about Yumin.
Looking at him grin at the photos of my wife gave me an erection.
I hope whatever his plan is, we can pull it off. 
(18500 words,)

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