This is a work of fiction.
Illustrations used are taken off the web
I harbour a fantasy for my sister in law from the very first time I lay eyes on her.
My sister in law Rene is very different from my spunky and outgoing wife, Peggy.
While Peggy is fun loving and sporty, Rene is more quiet and demure.
You could see her gentleness in her every move. The way she gently sip her tea, the sweet smile when she says hi, and that twinkle in her eyes when she is laughing at a joke.
Rene is the kind of girl you would love to bring home to your parents. She is generous with physical attention in a nice way too. Not too touchy that you think she is flirting with you, but just the right amount to show you that she cares.
There was once I worked till 3am in the morning on the dining table and when Rene came out for water, she would come over, peer into my screen and give me a gentle squeeze on my shoulder before leaning on me with her forearm like a teacher supervising a student’s work.
Rene : Still long way to go ?
James : Almost there….
I would pause as I listened to Rene sip her warm water and smell the fragrance that came with her presence. That alluring smell of rose which came with the moisturiser she used.
Rene : Rest early James…
James : I will…. Night…
That gentleness of her voice sounded almost hypnotic in the wee hours of the morning.
I would look at the hourglass figure of her body as she head up the stairs back to her room.
Rene is 3 years older than my wife and just a year older than me but age is just a figure. Looking at the 2 sisters side by side, many people would mistake Rene to be the younger sibling.
I don’t blame them. The girls are blessed with naturally good looks and smooth complexion
Both Peggy and Rene’s figures are about the same, fitting nicely into the profile that I like.
Slim and proportionate height with a decent pair of breast. They are both 1.6m in height and I guess their weight would not be that far off either at about 46-47kg.
Both the sisters are blessed with naturally long and toned legs. Let’s not forget their feet. My god, those nice and delicious toes, I lost count of the number of times I sucked on my wife’s toes as I fucked her on our bed.
If only I could do the same for Rene. Those cute colourful manicured toes.
Living in the same house was truly a dream come true for me. My in laws were pretty well to do and the family house has 6 rooms. With them taking up the one on the ground floor due to their age, I share the 2nd floor with my brother and sister in law.
Like a typical working family, we leave home at work in the morning and everyone would be back about 7.30pm for dinner, most of the time anyway.
There will be days when I would deliberately take a day off work, wait for everyone in the family to leave before heading back again.
No prizes for guessing what I was up to.
It was always a Thursday. Why ?
That’s because it’s just past the middle of the week. I know Rene always do her laundry either on Thursday or Friday. This meant I would have access to her worn clothes and lingerie from Monday to Wednesday.
I’m talking about bras, panties, leggings, gym gear, pyjamas, sleep shorts so short that you would not think about stepping out of your room in them. All of them sitting neatly in a pile in her laundry basket in her bathroom.
If I’m lucky, there would be panty hose as well.
So what did I do ? Sniff her worn lingerie, masturbate myself with her worn clothes ? Those were just elementary stuff, stuff for beginners.
I did everything you could imagine and some, and that includes putting on her work bra and panty just for kicks.
I even slipped on her panty hose and leggings once.
Plastering my face into her sleep shirts and pyjamas were just appetisers. I would pull one of her workout socks into my erected dick, suck onto the other sweat infused pair, slip my feet into one of her worn leggings or panty hose, drape a couple of her worn sports bra over my head and face just to fully indulge my senses with Rene’s scent.
I would go for her heels, licking up the sides and nooks where her soles rested for the entire work day.
Her tops that she wore for her yoga, or pilates, I used them to wipe myself down so I can feel her sweat on my body.
This was the level of infatuation I had with Rene. The forbidden fruit I could never take a bite out of because of who she is.
My sister in law.
Worn clothes aside, I went through her wardrobe and I found her stash of sex toys. I was nothing fantastic really, compared to what my wife Peggy had. Just a small lipstick size vibrator.
I knew it was being used regularly because the batteries were changed every couple of months.
Life is good on general.
A hot and pretty wife at home.
A equally hot sister in law to fantasies about.
What more could I ask for ?
My relationship with my brother in law Dave is good too. We are like a couple of old army buddies. The occasional beer at the patio, catch a game or 2 on TV. We head out for couple dates once in a while as well.
Life goes on as usual as the days pass, my sexual appetite is well satisfied by my wife and the occasional indulgence in Rene’s clothes and my own fantasies.
We were married 1.5 years apart so starting a family was not a matter or urgency for us since we were only in our late 20s.
Peggy and I decided to try for a child in 2012 2 years after our wedding and we got it at the first attempt.
Since Peggy is the younger sibling, this inevitably put a bit of pressure on Rene to get pregnant too.
However luck don’t seem to be on Dave and Rene’s side.
They kept trying but it simply did not happen.
In 2015, Peggy and I welcomed the 2nd child into our family, that’s was when things started to get a little tensed between Dave and Rene.
My brother and sister in law got married in late 2008, and it’s been a dry spell for them ever since they started trying.
Now because of my sneaky habit of snooping around, I know my sister in law has been pretty active in the attempt.
She kept a detailed diary in her drawer of her menustration and ovulation dates.
I also came across their medical reports, they went for checkups and all the she bang. Rene is perfectly fine just that Dave’s sperm is a little low on the count. It’s nothing serious, just need to watch his diet and eat some vitamins.
Still, it did not happen.
With my knowledge of Rene’s ovulation dates, I would know when are the nights when Dave and Rene would be having sex. I would see Dave hurrying to finish dinner before rushing up to the room.
He would be done with the deed before coming down for a glass of water whereas Rene would remain in her room for a while longer. It was always this routine, it got so predictable to the point that I could see it became sort of a chore for Dave.
I found an opportunity to have a drink with him on a weekend evening and he admitted that it’s becoming a bit tiring.
Dave:  It’s…. I don’t know… very mechanical…. I’m not enjoying it anymore….
James ; Relax…. You guys are still young… don’t stress yourself out…
Dave laughed as he sipped his beer.
Dave : Easy for you to say la James… you marksman…. Knn… shoot already will kena… haha…
James : haha.. no la… I’m just lucky…. I’m sure your turn will come soon….
Dave just smile without saying anything.
I offered to grab more drinks from the kitchen and I walked back in, passing by my elder daughter who was running around the house with her soft toy. My wife Peggy was carrying the younger sibling chasing after her.
I grabbed the drinks and when I turned around to head back out, I noticed something.
My wife Peggy was bending down attending to my elder child with her body facing Dave.
Since we’re at home, Peggy did not think much of putting on a loose top.
I could see it clearly.
The loose top dropped enough to expose her breast directly in Dave’s line of sight. My brother in law froze with his eyes plastered onto Peggy.
My wife was too occupied with trying to get some random biscuit crumbs out from my daughter that she did not realised what was happening.
It went on for almost 20 seconds before Dave looked away and I quickly stepped back into the shadows.
What the fuck was happening ?
My heart was beating really fast as I forced myself to calm down.
I brought the beer back out into the yard and continued my drinks and chit chat with Dave as the helper and my wife fussed and played with the kids.
The commotion drew our attention and it was then I noticed Dave looking at Peggy.
I decided to test water a little and made a passing remark.
James : I was expecting Peggy to put on a lot of weight after giving birth you know… but… wah…. She like…. Immediately slim down within 3 months…. It’s like nothing happened man… haha…
Dave took a couple of seconds to react before adding that it’s probably due to our active lifestyle and all.
James : Well… taking care of the kids is tiring … well… I’m glad she looks the same….
Then I leaned forward a little and lowered my voice.
James ; But her breast….got bigger and fuller… heee hee….
I gave Dave a mischievous grin and I could see the change in his expression as his eyes drifted over to Peggy before looking away quickly.
Dave : aiyah… woman…. Pregnant…. All will be like that… breast feeding mah… hahah…
James : I’m sure Rene would too when your turn comes…
Dave smiled and did not say a word.
Now that encounter made me realise something.
A fundamental fact that I overlooked all this while.
I can’t be the only one with a sister in law fantasy.
If I had been thinking about fucking Rene all this while, Dave would probably be thinking about doing the same thing to Peggy.
I could use this to my advantage.
What if I could make it happen ? What would I be willing to sacrifice on my end if I could fuck Rene ?
I looked at my wife who just came out of the shower in her white singlet and no bra. She looked amazing, every sexier than before after becoming a mother.
There were no stretch marks at all. Her breast are full and supple, her legs still tone and sexy.
She got into bed beside me and I bent over to kiss her.
James : Kids sleeping already ??
Peggy : Yeap… thank god… can rest early tonight…. Until the next feed at least….
After my wife slept, I did something unthinkable.
I started to think about the possibilities.
I already fathered 2 kids.
So what if the 3rd isn’t mine ?
So what if the 3rd belonged to Dave ? There’s a chance it might not happen too.
What if.
What if I have the chance to impregnate my sister in law’s virgin womb.
To plant my seed deep inside her ovaries.
To watch her belly swell slowly every day knowing it was my seed inside her.
Isn’t this what I always wanted ?
To ejaculate my semen inside her cunt and let my sperm do the rest of the work.
The thought of it gave me a high. A sexual high like never before.
There is only a problem.
How ?
How can I have sex raw with Rene without her knowing ?
And if Dave really has a thing for Peggy, how can I let him raw my wife without her knowing either.
Perhaps Dave could do it thinking Peggy is Rene ?
I massaged my head and I slapped myself a couple of times.
Don’t be crazy.
It’s not possible.
It’s not possible unless……
Unless all 3 of them did not know what was happening.
The thought of it took root in my brain and i was slowly being consumed by it.
I wrote down and went through countless scenarios but none would work. There is always a road block somewhere when i tried to visualise the plan rolling out.
Then one day when something hit me.
It came out of the blue.
I was surfing through my social media feeds when i saw a picture of my sister in law pop up.
There she was, lying on a hammock during a short weekend trip with her old school mates.
The idea came just like that.
I sat up, feeling the erection in my groin as i looked at the body of my sister in law.
That pair of slim legs, the slender waist.
I immediately came to the conclusion that she would definitely look hotter when she’s pregnant.
With my seed of course.
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