This is a work of fiction. 
Illustration and materials commonly available from the net. 
Story is original
Please only read this if you are comfortable with picturing your wife pinned down on a cheap dirty mattress in the middle of the forest serving a foreign construction worker. 
If you have been following my wife’s adventure, by now you would surely know of her exploits when she secretly became a social escort and her first overseas trip with her boss.
Our married life has taken on a whole new meaning after she opened up and embraced what a slut she really is.
I wake up every morning feeling that euphoric satisfaction when I turn to look at Shirley.
That rush of seeing her sleeping beside me is better than sex.
It’s better than drugs and I have tried plenty. From smoking a joint to enjoying a plate of wonderful omelette filled with magic mushrooms in Koh Samui to ending up with a bad trip that shook my friends, I’ve tried it all.
The high from drugs is nothing compare to the current mind fucking orgasm I am now getting from my wife.
It’s like the orgasm never ended.
When I think of her whoring her body for other men to enjoy, I get this constant erection and tight feeling in my balls. Lust took on a whole new meaning.
Most women don’t understand this, why would anyone want to share their wife and girlfriends ? This goes beyond the very rationale of a committed relationship.
This is different. This is not about seeing some black muscular dudes with giant cocks violating your wife or girlfriend while humiliating how weak the partner is.
This is not what we are getting into.
This is about Shirley becoming a hotwife and I becoming a stag.
I will still be the alpha in the relationship. Only I can allow her to have sex with other men.
Shirley on the other hand will only do it with my consent.
The thought of sharing my wife will make me jealous.
I in turn channel that jealousy into raw sexual energy.
Instead of being humiliated when my wife is being fucked and used by another man, I want to worship her on a stage and reclaim her body while showing my sexual prowess.
Porn no longer turns me on, only videos and naughty pictures of my wife can hit the sweet spot now that we’ve come this far. Then again, there is only so much videos and photos can do. I crave for the chance to see it live, to see it happen in front of my eyes.
The level of infatuation I have with Shirley now is incomprehensible.
It’s been proven that once you allow your wife to sleep with other men and you are aroused by that happening, your testosterone levels will increase by 30%.
Your cock gets harder and stiffer.
You last longer.
You’ll notice an increase in your energy and muscle mass.
Everything one of the above is happening to me.
This is nature’s way of producing the most powerful offspring. It’s call sperm competition and it is the highest honour a man can give the woman he loves.
This is evolution.
You see, when a couple gets married, the male loses all of his natural instinct to compete. You’ve already won.
You’ve got your wife.
Without competition, the male in the relationship loses all of his instinct to be sexually competitive.
You cannot fight this inevitable truth from happening. If you are married and reading this, ask yourself this same question.
Isn’t it true after you got your wife or girl that you start to get complacent?
You no longer try as hard or be as romantic before you got married?
You settle for being comfortable with each other rather than igniting the sexually charged passion you use to have when you guys were dating.
As for the woman, she is going to feel like a goddess.
Imagine multiple men competing for your wet cunt.
Each of them eager to pump your womb full of semen. You’re pussy is going to start secreting ‘come fuck me’ pheromones none stop until you drench your panty.
This is exactly where Shirley and I am right now.
I want to see her get fuck and she wants to get fucked.
It’s easy to find someone to fuck my wife give her good figure and looks but Shirley and I have talked about this.
We don’t want the run of the mill guy off the street.
We don’t care if he is a well built banker working in town or some successful businessmen or a young stud just fresh out of school.
Those are a dime a dozen.
We wanted something more extreme.
A lot more.
Shirley : I want a dirty fuck…. As dirty as it can get….
James : How so ?
Shirley : A dirty fuck that will make me feel cheap, dirty, like a whore in a cheap motel…
James : really ? …. Just picturing that is giving an erection …
Shirley : yeah ? …. But… it’s just an idea for now… hahaha… I’m not sure how to get it done….
I cupped her breast in my hand as I grind my erected cock against her body in the spooing position.
James : you want a dirty fuck ??
Shirley : yes… dirty… smelly and cheap fuck….
I slid my hand down to her pussy, massaging her over her thin cotton panty she wore to bed.
James : smelly construction workers???
I started rubbing her slit, tempting her slut hole to start lubricating itself.
Shirley : ernghh….
James : construction workers….. in the forest…. Where they fuck a whore on the jungle floor….
I could feel my wife getting wet as I continued whispering by her ears.
Shirley : ernghh….. ernghhh…. Gasp!!
James : On a thin mattress….damp… dirty… and humid….
My wife was really getting wet by then as I shove a portion of her wet panty into her pussy, my fingers testing the elasticity of her panty against my push.
Shirley :ernghh…. Ernghhh… yes… ernghh… yes….
James : Suck on his dirty cock… that still smells of sweat and pee… you like that ??
Shirley : ernghhh… ernggg !!
I could see she was getting turned on and I went on.
From hawkers to fish mongers at the market, to delivery men stale with sweat after a long day’s work, even the table cleaner at the coffee shop.
As I describe each of those men, my rubbing intensified and I could feel Shirley trembling in my arms as she tried to reach behind for me to stop.
I held onto her tightly, determined to finger fuck her to her orgasm.
James : imagine you are at the park… .. in your running gear…. Sweaty and panting….
Shirley : ernghh… ernghh… ernghhh !!!
James : running so late at night….you deserve it…. You deserve to be targeted by the construction worker who needs to satisfy his urge…. No ?
Shirley : ernghh… ernhhh… yes.. yes…. Ernghh….
I squeezed down on her nipples and tightened my arm muscles as I delivered a intense shot of finger fucking while trying to keep my wife pinned down.
Shirley : ernghh… ernghh… ernghh… !!!!!
James : we’ll do it ok ?? ok ?? we’ll do it.. !!!…. bring you to the punggol waterway park and let you tempt some workers with your slut dressing and body !!…. you want that ??? you want that ??
My wife gasped and exploded while screaming at the same time, moaning and convulsing on the bed as she nodded her head, her mouth spilling the foul words that gave me a hard on.
Shirley : yes !!! yes !!! eRNGHHHHHHHHHH!!!.. ernghhh !!! YES !!!…. I want to get fucked like a cheap whore by the waterway at night.. !! ernghh !!…ERNGH!!!!
After Shirley came, I held her down and fucked her, making her scream and moan like a cheap slut being forced to take in my cock before we collapsed into each other’s arms, smiling like a couple of drunks in the early morning.
It was only 6.30am.
I would have suggested we go wash up and have our breakfast that weekend morning but no.
Shirley wanted more.
Shirley : Let’s go…
James :Go where…
Shirley : Let’s go do it now…
Before I could come to terms with anything, we were both up and getting changed.
My wife put on a neon light green sports bra and a pair of black running shorts that came with matching neon light green tights. It’s been designed in such a way that the tights are longer than the shorts.
Shirley did not even put on her socks, instead she just slipped on her running shoes and we are ready to go.
We hopped onto a bike from the popular bike sharing scheme around the neighbourhood and we started cycling.
We cycling as the sky started to break.
We don’t know where we are heading until we came within view of a workers dormitory.
My wife stopped and I could see she was excited but unsure of what to do.
Shirley : Now what ?.
I watched her looked into the distance ahead before getting off her bike. Barely a hundred metres away, I saw a couple of construction workers looking towards our direction. They were just milling about on their off days, enjoying the breeze and cool morning air.
I looked at my wife who was looking back at me.
She looked gorgeous.
I can tell she was excited but we can’t exactly walk up to a couple of workers and ask them if they want to fuck Shirley.
They would probably think we are mad, or trying to get them in trouble.
Shirley and I paused for a moment to look around and talk and that was when I noticed a couple more of them appearing by the side of the road. Some just talking on their phones, another watching a video with the volume up on full blast.
They were all too far away.
I think the first step would be to get them to come closer.
James : We need them to come closer.
Shirley : how ?
James : ermmm… ok I know….strike a pose… something sexy…
Shirley : Huh ? … what do you mean ??
James : get off your bike…. Slowly…. …. Slower…. Yes…. Yes…. Leave your legs up there…
As I whipped out my phone and Shirley stretched her body, I saw a couple more workers appearing out from the side of the road.
I took a couple of shots with my wife looking around nervously.
James; Ok good… pose with the bike….yes… yes…. Ok good….
Shirley : Are you sure this is going to work ?
James : Just try la… you never know…
I look up after taking this last shot and I saw a worker nudged his friend on the arm. His friend looked up and after a 2 second pause, they started to stroll slowly but surely towards us.

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