This is a work of fiction.
Follow up adventure for James and Shirley ( My wife secretly became a social escort )
Materials edited and compiled off the net.
If you are looking for a good tease, this should be your cup of tea
Ever since my wife Shirley came clean about secretly being a social escort on the side , my life has undergone a 360 degree change.
Everything has changed.
The dynamics of my relationship with my wife has changed.
The way I look at her has changed.
The way I lust for her has changed as well.
Honestly if I were to look at this from a 3rd person perspective, the first thought that comes to my mind would be that our marriage is over. How can one possibly live with the idea that his wife is sleeping around with other men ?
It’s a bizarre feeling to know her body has been shared and enjoyed by others but her heart remains yours.
How do you explain something like that ?
That she will never love another man other than you, that she will dedicate her entire life to you till death separates us.
It made me fall even deeper for her.
Our connection as a couple grew beyond our wildest imagination. Our sex life reached another level I never thought possible.
The intensity of our orgasm went up several notched and the satisfying feeling lingered on long after our big O.
It was something we never felt before.
We tried to analyse what caused this change. Was it purely because of Shirley’s deeds ?
That she let so many other men fuck her and she enjoyed most of the encounter. Now that she’s been offered a permanent job as the personal assistant to her so call sugar daddy, she will be exclusive only to him.
His fuck toy.
We came to the conclusion that it was because she was honest with me. She came clean.
Shirley promised to tell me everything. Everything.
She was descriptive with her words. I could picture myself at the scene when Shirley tells me about how she was used.
How her body was desecrated like a whore in order to give pleasure to the men that pays her. My cock throbbed hard throughout and I hung onto every word.
She could hardly get through more than 30 mintues of talking before I found myself throbbing hard enough to fuck her again and my god was she wet.
I felt like it was back to our dating days.
I would look forward coming home from work to listen to her tell me what happened in her office that day.
She would sometimes share snippets of what happened via messages or image.
I would get a hard on in office just reading them.
It could be as simple as a grab of her breast by her boss when she was in the pantry.
Or it could be a rub of his groin against her buttocks as she walks past him.
Or it could be a blowjob in his car when they were out for meetings.
Shirley would tell me everything.
My wife was paid well and her boss paid for a comprehensive health checkup for her too. The moment she was cleared of any sexual related illness and was certified to be in the pink of health, she went on the pill.
Yes. The pill.
She came home with a bag of prescription and showed it to me.
That look on her face was priceless when she told me I can cum inside her as many times as I want is impossible to describe.
We fucked like rabbits that evening and she moaned like a slut in heat.
I asked her to imagine I’m her boss and she’s being used like a whore.
Shirley got into her character really fast and I could tell she was really aroused and high when she was playing that role.
James : moan louder…. I want to hear you moan…. Moan in the sluttiest voice you can manage.
Shirely : ernhhhhhh….!!.  .. egnnnnn.. erngh… ernghh… fuck me…. Erngh.. yes.. yes… erghh… god…. Ernghh.. fuck me… fuck me harder…
James : No… not dirty enough… not slutty enough… you can do better… ernghh… arrnghh…
I pressed her wrist onto the sofa as I looked into her eyes.
Shirley looked right back at me as she gasped in a large breath of air.
She started to moan rapidly in tandem with my thrusting.
A sudden hard thrust would throw her off rythem as she tried to moan like a slut expected of her.
Her lips moved fast, spitting foul words that would belong right in the dirtiest fuck house you can imagine in the streets of Geylang.
Her words were punctuated with moans and I could really feel my wife’s desire to be used.
It’s like I’ve been fucking a caterpillar my entire marriage life and now that she has come out of her cocoon.
I’m fucking a version of Shirley that has undergone metamorphosis.
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