This is a work of fiction
In this digital age, James finds out how easy it is to tarnish and stain someone’s reputation.
That someone is his sister in law.
James want to paint his sister in law Mandy as a slut. He wanted the online community in the sex forum to label her as one.
Join him as he slowly breaks his sister in law down with the ultimate aim of bedding her.
Enough of the blindfolds, no more bondage. Do away with the bait and switch.
James wants to do it while he looks at Mandy in her eyes. He wants to see her morals erode away, knowing full well what she was doing. Her mind screams no, her body thinks otherwise.
A hot sister in law sobbing in your lap , fearful of the consequence yet unable to control herself.
What can get more arousing that this ?

This has to be one of the most horrible thing I have done in my life and I would surely go to hell for it.
The idea of doing something like this just hit me out of the blue one day many years back and it has been festering in my brain for the longest time. At first I just wondered if it can be done at all, then slowly as the thought takes root inside my head, it became an infatuation.
Back in 2009 when I was dating my wife, I was introduced to Mandy, her sister. I’ve had the hots for my girlfriend’s sister before but never in such intensity. Mandy really brought out the monster inside me.
My girlfriend Melody then was a hottie too with the figure and brains to match but there is just something about Mandy that attracts me to her.
She is not only the splitting image of her sister, there is this sweet and innocent side to her that makes you want to dote on and pamper her.
You know sometimes you hear people say hey, so and so look like the younger version of a celebrity. A little more cute, a little more sweet. Mandy is just like a younger version of my wife.
Seeing Mandy is like taking a trip back in time.
Even till this very day when I look at my sister in law, I would be reminded of the times I spent with my wife when she was younger.
Melody and Mandy have an age gap of 5 years.
When I got to know Melody as a colleague at work, Mandy was still a JC student.
Looking at her in her JC uniforms, I can picture my wife in that exact same age, dressed exactly in that manner coming home after a day in school. That pair of slim legs and her ankle socks that are barely visible as she walks along the road, cradling her bag in hand looking all innocent and sweet.
That image alone made me attempt to recreate the scene no less than 10 times with Melody.
I’m sure this is something many couples do.
Getting their partners to put on their old school uniforms and pretend they are back in school. As for me, I would pretend I’m the one dishing out disciplinary action to her.
In bed of course.
I could picture myself fucking a younger version of my wife whenever I think about Mandy.
I’m sure if given the chance, you would surely want to be able to do a younger, wilder version of your partner.
Mandy got hotter and prettier as with each passing year.
I literally watch her blossom form a sweet young thing into the hot girl she is today. She got a little taller.
Her breast got a little more full.
There’s more bounce in her buttocks when she walks.
Her lips looked more kissable.
Even the smallest action of her brushing her hair behind her ears would sometimes give me an erection.
Mandy has no lack of followers and fans on her social media sites. She’s not a attention seeking whore or anything but there are occasions she does a bit of modelling for some of her entrepreneur friends.
I shall not waste time by going into detail the kind of fantasies I have of Mandy.
Every conceivable thought and fetish that has to do with your girlfriend sister back then, I have imagined it in my head. I pictured it in my mind and wanked off countless times.
Living in the same household was a added bonus. I live together with my in laws in a Jumbo flat in Woodlands. It’s huge and there’s more than enough space for everyone. Me and my wife’s room is right beside Mandy’s.
We share the same bathroom.
Right by the entrance into the bathroom along the wide corridor sits 3 baskets.
Laundry baskets. One for each of us.
Each time I had to force myself not to look when I see Mandy come home from school or from work as she grew older. The bundle of semi wet clothes with her worn panty and bra entangled into the mix just join the rest of her worn stuff in the basket.
Just think of all the things I can do with Mandy’s clothes. Her lingerie, her sports attire, her socks and heels. It’s a candy shop for a horny adult with a fetish.
I have access to so many things. As long as no one is at home of course.
I had access to Mandy’s laptop as well. She’s not exactly savvy with IT stuff and to be honest, I think she knows her phone better than she knows her computer.
Isn’t this the way things are now with the young people these days ?
I know her login password and ID, I setup the WIFI for the family and I even helped to configure her access to the network printer at home. The best thing I did was help her configure her phone to upload and backup her photos onto the backup drive shared among the family.
Every photo, every selfie. Every wasapp image file and videos.
Once she’s connected to WIFI, it gets backup and I get access.
It’s like stalking on a whole new level.
My relationship with Mandy cannot be better. She looked up to me as a older brother of sort, which really amplified how bastard I am when I do something like this to her.
Through sheer manipulation and the power of association and materials from the internet, I was able to destroy her reputation, wreck her relationship and drove her to the brink of a mental breakdown.
I live by a simple motto.
If I want to do something, I go all the way and this is definitely something that I went all out in terms of the money, time and resources I spent but it was all well worth it in the end.
How far did I go you ask ?
Mandy took down all her social media profile, her boyfriend left her. She quit her job.
When she makes eye contact with another man along the street, she tells me the look haunts her.
It made her question whether they saw the scandal that was floating around the internet.
The fake scandal that I created.
One that her boyfriend and everyone around her believed.
Mandy would shut herself in her room most of the time. Right at her most vulnerable moment, I would be her light at the end of the tunnel.
To lend her a shoulder when I most needed it.
So how did I do it ?
By being the absolute bastard of course.
By absolute, I really meant downright despicable.
The length I went to shock even myself as I did it.
First I need to discredit her and for her boyfriend Yogi to find out about it. Not about the discrediting of course. I wanted Yogi to find out about the personality I created about Mandy.
To paint Mandy in a different light to the people around her.
I plan to do that with the internet.
As a well-behaved goody two shoe, there are things that you would never imagine someone like her doing. I want to create the impression that she is doing something behind everybody’s back.
I don’t need her to be in the picture explicitly doing what want.
I just needed to plan the idea in people’s head and it’s not hard to do that. Given that her boyfriend is also visits the popular sex forums online, it would be a matter of time before he chance upon the charade I created.
For a start, I plan to make use of her own wardrobe against her. Yes, her clothes. Imagine one day coming across the picture of a girl exposing her breast, or her legs wearing the same set of clothes your wife or girlfriend wore to work that day.
Would that not make your heart skip a beat immediately even though no face was shown ?
First, I would need to find someone to play the role of Mandy.
Now it’s impossible to find someone who looks like my sister in law to play the role, I don’t need someone to look like Mandy, I just need someone who feels like Mandy.
Let me explain.
My sister in law has average height and weight.
Not fat, not thin, not too tall.
Just nice.
At 1.6m and 46kg with a proportional body, it’s not hard to find a girl with these stats in Singapore. The challenge is finding someone who is willing to do what I want her to do.
I started by scouring freelance modelling website.
I dropped countless messages and mails but no one seemed interested. I even posted classified ads on free sites and forums, looking for girls of similar stats.
The excuse I gave was for a personal project and that I am willing to pay for a simple photoshoot. However, since I’m not a registered photographer with any portfolio to show for it, it’s natural to expect the lack of replies.
I offered a good deal for about an hour’s work, no hanky panky.
No touching of the model’s body and we will be doing the shoot in public spaces in day time. That should give some assurance to the girls that I’m really not interested din violating them physically.
No face shots. Just the body.
I only needed to use their body, or rather, images of it.
After a 2 months search, I finally got a hit.
The story here is simple.
She needed money for her school fees and chanced upon my ad. My instructions to her were simple.
Put on a set of clothes that I will be providing, and take some pictures, and I’m willing to pay her 200 for an hour’s work. It worked out easier than I expected.
We met up at a café, she asked for a 50% downpayment and I gave it to her.
I handed her the set of clothes I borrowed from my sister in law’s wardrobe.
Now, selecting the clothes is an art. There are so many, so which one do I choose ?
Well, I went through her photos and social media feeds, I found a few photos which I think Mandy looked pretty good.
She was wearing a short sleeveless white dress with black stripes. The hem of the skirt ends several inches above her knees such that as she walked, you would get this lively bounce that almost gave you a peak of her panty.
Instead of a cardigan, she had a faded denim long sleeve top she wore as a jacket. It’s loose, flowly and it covered up the good figure she has.
Shoes is a simple pair of sneakers that is plain light grey in colour.
I picked the same blue backpack she was using in that set of photos and stuffed all the clothes I borrowed into the bag.
These are the stuff I want Charmaine to wear.
Charmaine : The clothes are in here ?
James : yes… just a dress and a jacket of sort. The shoes I think…… let me see…
I took a glance of her feet and told her it might be a little tight but since we are just doing a quick shot, the discomfort should only be for a while.
Charmaine nodded and went into the ladies.
5 minutes later, she emerged in the same set of clothes Mandy wore in one of her Instagram photos.
I tried to picture Charmaine without her face and I tried hard to stop myself from nodding my head.
Looking at just her body, I think she can easily pass of as Mandy.
Charmaine : like this ??
James : yes… looking good…
I appraised Charmaine’s body and I could tell she was a little uncomfortable.
Charmaine : errrr…. So what now ?
I smiled and told her to follow me.
Charmaine : Where are we going ??
James : relax…. Just across the road. … the HDB estate…
Charmaine : take the pictures there ??
James : Yes…. Don’t worry… just taking some pictures….
As we crossed the road to the housing estate , Charmaine looked nervous. She kept looking around the vicinity.
James : Don’t worry… it’s really just taking photos….
Charmaine : Do you mind if I ask why are you….. ermm… why are you…. Doing this ??
I gave her a reassuring smile and told her that I just wanted some photos for my collection.
James : and ermm… you know… I’m single…. And my friends sometimes tease me I got no girlfriend….
Charmaine : huh ?? ….
James : So… I just want to take some photos…. For my own collection…. And some shots to prove to them I am attached…. Not a gay or something….
Charmaine : oh…. Ermmmmmm… that is so weird….
James : haha… I’m paying you for it… don’t worry….
I could tell she still looked unconvinced but I don’t care.
I just needed her body for a while and hopefully if I can convince her how easy it is to earn this quick buck, I could continue using her body for the other parts of my plan.
James : Alright…. Over here….
Charmaine : here ??
James : Yes… let’s go up….
We entered the lift and I hit the highest floor.
We came out on the 16th floor and I took a quick look around.
It’s a weekday afternoon, most of the people are out at work. I gestured to the corridor and we went to the staircase at the end of it.
James : here is good.
Charmaine looked around and nodded at me nervously, staring intently at the phone I was holding in my hand.
James : relax….
Charmaine : What do I have to do ??
James : haha… not much…. Not much…. climb up the staircase…. Slowly…
I brought up my phone and took the first couple of shots before appraising it on the small LCD screen of a old phone of mine.
I smiled as I looked at the photo.
Just like Mandy……. Just like Mandy….

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