I did not know how to react when my younger sister started jumping up and down knowing that she can now take over my room instead of having to share with my elder sister.

When I broke the news over dinner that I intend to move out, my parents hardly bat an eyelid. They knew I was fiercely independent since young and despite me being the middle child, I’m usually the one who took care of my 2 sisters.

They asked a few questions about where I’m moving to, nodding their heads a couple of times. My little sis is still jumping about, announcing that she is going on a furniture spree after dinner to decide on the layout of her new room.

Sharing fruits after dinner, the reality of me moving out seemed to have sunk a little deeper and my younger sister said she’s going to miss me in a really dramatic and emotional manner, I could tell she’s a little sad deep down, but I just smiled and rolled my eyes at her.

Afterall I’m only 3 blocks away.

And for my little sister, she’s turning 23 in a couple of months. Hardly the age for getting emotional over her brother.

I rented the masterbed room in that unit at a good price because of pure luck. My friend knew the owner of the flat who had recently upgraded to a condo. Despite only paying for the masterbed room, I actually had the whole unit to myself as he kept the common room as storage.

The keys felt strange as Mr Lek, my landlord passed them to me with a grin on his face. He reminded me to pay my rent on time and pointed out a few stalls with good food at the hawker centre across the road. I thanked him recently for letting me have the room and promised I’ll be punctual with the rent.

My sisters helped me with the moving and within a week, I was settled in.

It took about a month or so before the neighbours warm up to a unfamiliar face. Aside from the usual greetings at the lift lobby, I often chatted with Uncle Toh, who’s a retired principal and 3 doors down, a auntie ming who always asked if I had my dinner.

By the 3rd month, I’ve had a couple of neighbours asking if I had a girlfriend, and what kind of girls I liked. I always just smile and made up some excuses, escaping from their questions.

On the 4th month however, things got a little different.

I opted for an earlier working slot that a colleague had given up which meant I needed to be at work at 7am. I had to shift my entire schedule an 2 hours earlier.

The corridor was deserted when I left my place at 6am.

No neighbours watering the plants, no one to say hi to me. The air felt fresh, the roads are quiet.

The lift stopped almost immediately when it started it’s descent and I saw the light flashed 6th on the panel.

I was hit by the perfume before I saw her.

Our eyes met for the briefest of moment before she looked away, giving me a ‘dao’ and stucked up look. She entered the lift and took the other end of the small space. I tried to recall her face as I felt a little buay song, early in the morning kena a dao look from a girl.

Her features are sharp, her nose pronounced, and she looked quite nice actually. Typical OL style lady in raffles place. Her hair is not coloured, naturally black and long. The ends recently trimmed, as I observed the layered ends cascading down her shoulders, reaching about 5 inches below her collar.

Her complexion is smooth, supple skin that looked like you can bounce something off it.

Perhaps it’s just the lift lighting.

Her white blouse is tucked in tight into her grey skirt. Observing only from the back and from the corner of my eye, i felt a little perverted as my eyes roamed the curves on her skirt caused by her protruding bum. Her skirt was worn a little above waist, before the sides open up to a tiny slit near her knees.

I bet she has a teeny weeny tummy. I think OLs looked amazing when they have just a little tummy. I don’t like my girls with just skins and bones.

As I pretended to check my phone, my eyes drifted lower and I saw her heel disappeared into a pair of black heels.

Wonderful morning I must say.

I wouldn’t have bothered to file that morning away if not for the attitude of this girl.

This neighbor of mine.

When the lift hit 1st floor, I waited a little, allowing her to leave, partly because I’m a gentlemen, secondly, I wanted to catch a few more looks at her bottoms and legs.

When they say shit happens when you least expected it, it’s really true. Instead of walking straight out, for some weird reason, the girl lifted up her left heel backwards as she turned and adjusted.

Whatever the hell she is adjusting I don’t know till this day. Perhaps it’s a plaster or something.

So seeing her in that stationary state, it’s only natural that I move forward and exit the lift. Right when I tried to move past her left, she suddenly decided that she wanted to move off as well and we bumped right into each other.

I apologized immediately but I got an irritated ‘ Tsek’ as she shot a look at me.

Before I could react further, she tried to zoom pass me only to get slammed by the closing lift door.

I got another irriated ‘Tsk’ and she rattled off,

She gave me a really du lan look as she vented out her frustration on the lift panel’s open button.

Girl : What the hell !

She stormed off before I could say a word, clicking her heels across the empty and quiet void deck.

I was feeling a little buay song as it’s not my fault but for some fuck reason she directed her anger at me.

What the hell. I meant really, what the hell ?

I brushed the unpleasant morning off and headed to the bus stop.

Walking down the quiet path, I suddenly heard the rev of an engine and a car shot pass me.

It shot pass alright.

But I could see who was behind that wheel.

Bloody bitch.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to just forget it.

Work kept me busy and I felt a little off kilter when I knocked off at 4.30pm.

I bought some groceries along the way back and I ran forward to catch a closing lift when I reached my place around 5.50pm.

I could not describe the emotions running through my head when my eyes met with the same girl I encountered that morning.

I prayed.

I really prayed hard in that few moments before I entered the lift.

I prayed that she knew where to stop.

It didn’t worked.

I could almost feel it before I heard it.

“ Tsk “

A rather audible “Tsk”

Taking a deep breath, I released it in a controlled manner. No point getting worked up.

I settled into the far end of the lift as I watched her fumbled for her keys. Arriving at the 6th floor, I saw her head to the first unit.

After making myself dinner, I left them in the steamer and I changed into my running gear. I usually ran late at 11pm, but now that I’m working early, I decided to change my schedule.


I could not fucking believed it when the lift stopped at the 6th floor again that unlucky day.

I saw a babe, really a babe by any standards. Her body embraced tightly by the white singlet. Her legs , long and smooth, disappearing on both ends into the bottoms of a grey running shorts and a pair of well worn shoes.

Her hair neatly bundled up into a bun. A black armband with headphones connected to her ears as she did some static stretching.

A babe.

And then she turned into a bitch.

Instead of getting in the same lift as me, I saw her rolled her eyes, folded her arms and looked away.

I shook my head slightly as I closed the lift door.

I did my controlled breathing again, forcing myself to calm down.

I took the stairs when I got back at 7.30pm.

I went to bed early, feeling extremely exhausted that day for some weird reasons.

I was thankful I had the company of a good book and my drinks.

I set my alarm earlier the next morning, I have no intention of starting my day bumping into an anal bitch everyday.

I did not see her that morning.

It was a Friday, I remembered clearly.

I had drinks with a couple of colleagues before heading back to my mum’s place for dinner. Taking a slow walk back around 9pm, I saw a familiar figure loitering around a familiar car.

It’s her again.

I approached from an angle, making sure she couldn’t see me. I saw the movement of her body as she threw the bucket of water over the car bonnet. There were several wet patches on her t-shirt. The orange light of the open air carpark lit her up pretty well.

She is pretty hot, but her attitude needs some work.

I could feel my mind wander as I watch her bend over the car, giving it a good wipe down.

Part of me wanted to give her 1 x jialat jialat to wake up her idea, but the sane part of me told me to keep a distance.

If a girl smells like trouble, feels like trouble, she probably is.

The weekend past without anymore unpleasant encounter.

1st November 2010.


That would be a day I’ll never forget.

I woke up late and only manage to make it into the lift at around 6.20am.

And the lift door opened at the 6th floor.

Our eyes met again and there was a moment of hesitation before the girl decided to take the same lift after I looked away.

She wore pants and a long sleeve top that morning. I saw a sports bag alongside her work one as she entered the lift.

Her top was still tucked tight into her pants, her breast seemed even fuller that day.

I could smell the shampoo in her hair and the perfume she applied just moments earlier.

She had on a different pair of heels that morning but she still looked as good.

What a pity.

If only she had a better character



Right when the lift is about to close, the door opened again and I saw a really elderly lady who looked to be in her seventies.

Old auntie : April, you forgot your phone.

And finally i can put a name to this girl.


I was expecting a thank you, or something coming from April.

Instead i saw her snapped at the old lady.

April : I told you not to move about ! What are you out here !.

And those were the first words that I heard her say other than “ Tsk “

I was a little taken aback when i saw her grab her phone from the old lady before jamming the close button on the lift panel.

My initial feelings of shocked turned to irritation.

April stormed out of the lift towards her car the moment the door opened.

As i settled into my seat on the bus, i forced my eyes to remain open. I told myself a dozen times before, a fresh start. No more nonsense.

But my eye lids felt heavy not because i was tired, because i was irritated at the way she snapped at the old lady who was nice enough to bring her her phone.

I knew it’s going to be a mistake if I go down this path but I just couldn’t help it.

Perhaps it’s because of her attitude, her stuck up behavior. Or maybe it’s her hot body, her long legs.

I couldn’t help it.

As the bus trodded along the long journey to my work place, My eyes closed and I began to think.

2nd November 2010

My alarm rang at 3am




I did not bother washing up but instead changed into a casual tshirt and shorts. I tried to keep noise to a minimum as I exited my flat with a plastic stool and a kitchen towel.

I left the metal gate unlock and just closed the main door to minimize the sound of metal hitting against each other.

I called for the lift and when it arrived, I sent it up to the top floor.

I went barefoot, tiptoeing down the stairs to the 6th floor. I took a quick glance around and made sure I’m alone along that corridor. After making sure there’s no one looking, I positioned the stool beneath the light tube in front of the lift lobby. I quickly climbed on and sabotaged the light tube after wrapping my fingers with the towel, throwing the lobby into partial darkness.

I got off the stool quickly and listened for signs of anyone approaching.

I tip-toed down to the 5th and 4th and repeated the same thing. April might find it suspicious if it’s only her level that has a dark lobby.

I’m already perspiring by the time I’m done with the 4th floor. Taking the 2 steps at a time , I leap up to April’s unit and did a time check.


Now the older hdbs did not offer as much privacy as I would like, there are no blind corners , parallel blocks of flats just stood back to back. There’s a possibility of someone catching me in the act. I considered pushing my luck but thought the better of it.

I went back up to my unit and put away the stool.

I went to my room and took out the stationaries that I prepared last night.

Taping a few rounds of double sided tape together , I created a small 1 inch square of sticky pad. Attaching this to the white flexible strip you get in a normal file , I tested the flexibility of this gadget.

I grabbed a wooden chopstick from the kitchen and placed them into my pockets.

I left my place again in a casual manner and took the lift to the ground floor.


I did a quick walk around the lobby area and made sure no one was near the letterbox. I checked the void decks in case some teenagers were loitering around late at night. I could feel my heart thumping as I fingered the stationaries in my pocket.


Other than the occasional taxi along the road, there was hardly a soul around , I suck in a deep breath of air and decided to go for it the fast and furious way.

Walking straight to April’s mailbox, I pushed back the flap to check the contents within. I could see several phamplets and letters.

I stucked the flexible white strip with the sticky pad into the letter box and zeroed in on a letter. There was enough light to tell me that was a telco bill. I stuck the chopstick in as well and used it to push the flexible pad onto the letter while I kept a steady hold on the other end.

It’s a hit.

I managed to lift the letter high enough to slip the chopstick underneath it. Using both the improvised instruments I made, I snucked out 5 envelopes.

2 telcos, a cable tv , an insurance company and one from American express.

I checked that no one caught on to what I did before heading back up to my unit.


I made myself a cup of coffee and I sat down at the living room with just a small table lamp.

All the envelopes were addressed to the same person.

April Liu Xue Ping.

As I sliced opened the letters, I shook my head and smiled to myself.

My god, different telcos for different lines, says a lot about brand loyalty.

I jotted down her home and mobile number into my notepad.

From the information in the insurance letter, I found out that April is 31 that year. She’s paying a decent premium, must have had pretty good earning power.

I could feel myself getting excited as the image of April bent over her car came into my mind again. Been a while since I had a nice matured OL.

Especially a stuck up one.

I studied the Amex bill in detail and noted a repeat visit to a couple of restaurants, some online purchases, her credit limit, and she shops pretty often at a particular cold storage.

Leaning back into the sofa, I tried to organize my thoughts in my mind.


I decided that it cannot be a long drawn battle plan. It would have to be fast, executed swiftly and she had to be caught off guard.

It probably would be a one off but one that she can never forget.

I drained the last of my cold coffee and went to take a shower.


I left my unit and called the lift

I did not enter but instead I kept my ears opened.

The lift came and left several times until I heard the unmistakable clang of the metal gate one floor below.


I quickly called the lift again and entered

And it stopped at the 6th floor moments it started descending.

The lift doors opened to a darkened and dim lobby. It seemed a little eerie and I could not see anyone outside. I was a little disappointed and was about to hit the close button when April came out of nowhere.

Her entry was too sudden, add to the fact that I was pretty tensed up trying to pull the whole thing off. So when her figure appeared right when I was reaching for the close button, I literally jumped and got a shock.

It was an embarrassing moment but something amazing happened for that split moment.

I heard quick stifled snigger and I saw the dimples disappeared as fast as it appeared on April’s cheeks.

She turned away once more, and in a stuck up manner, showed me her back view as she meddled with her phone.

The flash of the dimples struck a chord in me. Her smile is so sweet, but what is the problem with her attitude. Her dimples were deep, a sweet smile that didn’t show any teeth.

Her eyes naturally became a little smaller as her facial muscles gave way to that smile.

Her shampoo smells refreshingly good in that lift and I could feel my gaze drifting uncontrollably to her tight skirt.

Are all her clothes that tight ?

We headed our separate ways when the lift door opened.

April went to her car and I took the usual path to the bus stop.

Moments later I heard the rev of the engine going pass me again.

I left work on time and took a bus to Siglap shopping centre. The cold storage where April frequent.

I studied the map on my phone and I couldn’t figure out why she chose to shop here. There is a short cut through the private estate to bedok though but there are supermarkets closer to her place.

I grabbed some dinner and groceries before leaving the small shopping centre.

I spent some time visiting the online shops that April shopped in and took some notes.

I went to bed early that night.

3rd November 2010

And my alarm rang again at 3am


It’s a little harder to crawl out of the bed this time round as I had to force myself up.

I had already checked the night before that the lights were still out, but it’s not going to remain that way for very long. The town council will probably fix it soon. I got dressed in a black tshirt and black shorts and opened the main door.

The cool morning breeze hit me squarely in the face as I listened for any signs of life along the corridor.

Satisfied that no one is awake in that unearthly hour, I unlocked the gate and I brought along the stool again. I stuffed the kitchen towel into my pocket and I brought along a mirror as well.

My heart started thumping again as I approached the 6th floor once again.

Although I’m not doing anything erotic, I could feel the blood rushing to my manhood as I tip toed bare foot towards April’s unit. My heart rate increased as well as I kept still in the dim lobby for a moment. Deciding that it’s clear to move, I crept quietly towards April’s unit. I did not remain standing but had instead squatted down, holding my stool parallel to the ground.

As I ducked walked towards the door, I felt like peeing , my ears picked up every little bits of sound as I swaggered awkwardly towards my destination.

I could smell the fragrance of the pandan leaves outside April’s unit, no doubt maintained by the old lady which I reckon is her grandma. I got to the 2 concrete steps that led up to the main door and I paused again, listening for any signs of life.

I could feel my heart slamming against my ribcage as I took a few quick breaths before setting the stool upright as quietly as I can. Before my mind can protest, my body quickly took over and I literally jumped onto the stool, my towel wrapped hand went for another light tube along the corridor, throwing the immediate area outside April’s flat into darkness.

I got off as quietly as I could and waited.

And I waited.

A quick time check told me it’s 3.20am

I did not know which room April sleeps in but it’s a 3 room flat. 2 bedrooms, there’s a 50% chance that she is taking the room along the corridor.

I like those odds.

The window along the corridor is old, the kind where the bottom part is aluminium panels and the top  is glass. I could hear the sound of a rotating fan inside the room, making an audible creak whenever it hits a problem spot.

I did not want to take any chance of popping my head up which explains the mirror.

The aluminium portion of the windows is closed but the glass part is wide open.

Setting the stool below the window, I climbed on top of the stool and slowly raised my body and my hand with the mirror at the same time. Positioning it in a way that would reflect the interior of that room to me.

As my hands got higher, I felt a tinge to shiver down my spine when the first image other than window panels came into view. I felt an uncontrollable exhale of my breath as I saw an image of a beautiful leg. It was only half exposed, most of it covered by the thin blanket.

I saw the back of April’s calves before the sight of her back came into view.

For some weird reason I can’t explain, this voyeuristic act gave me a raging hardon as I struggled to keep my balance while trying to get a better look.

I shifted the mirror and took a quick look at the interior of the room, noting the position of the bed and the furniture.

I decided to risk a quick peek with my head and I was well rewarded. The thin sliver of ambient light is enough to light up that tight body under the blanket. It’s as if gravity is working extra hard near April, the contours of her bum tightly embraced by the blanket.

I lowered myself onto the ground and checked out the corridor.


The coast is still clear and I decided to check out the shoe rack outside her unit. There’s some slippers, pretty old looking ones and I saw the same pair of old sports shoe she wore for her jog.

No socks though.

No signs of her heels as well.

Would have loved get my hands on them .

There were no laundry along the corridor much to my disappointment.

Cautiously I headed back to my unit and did a quick layout of April’s room in my notebook before catching up a little on my sleep.

I did not wait for April before I entered the lift that morning, no point making it too obvious.

Besides gathering information about April, I tried to find out a little more about the old lady.

A casual chat with neighbours revealed that she is indeed April’s grandma. Used to volunteer frequently at a temple nearby but a bad fall couple years bad limited her mobility. She still can walk around but not for long and most of the time she stays at home.

The furthest she went would be the market across the road, walking with the aid of a cane and a shopping trolley.

I spent the next week gathering as much information as I could about April. The occasional question when I happen to be with a neighbor when she passes by and waved.

Not to me of course.

It appears that April’s parents passed away young and she was brought up by her grandmother singlehandedly. Money was tight all the time and neighbours remembered frequent loans from April’s grandmother.

The amount was not large. $20 this week, maybe another $15 a few days later, but the loans were always repaid in full.

Uncle Toh, is a treasure trove of information regarding April and her grandma. I casually mentioned about the auntie who takes a long time to cross the road and he immediately knew who I was talking about.

Uncle Toh : Oh, April and her grandma. She is a very smart girl, very independent. Worked her way through her studies since 14 or 15 I think. Got a scholarship too.

Uncle Toh : She dotes on her grandmother a lot too, always bring her out last time when she was more mobile before she slipped and fell.

I casually threw a couple of additional questions before I changed the topic. I did not want to be too obvious about my interest in April

Another neighbor mentioned that April gave her daughter free tuition back in her uni days as she couldn’t afford a full time tutor.

It seems all the neighbours thought April is a nice girl.

But then why am i so suay ?

Everything they’ve told me so far seemed to contradict what I encountered.

Is it my face ?

I don’t remember having a kiam par look.

I’m also on pretty good terms with the neighbours.

Then my chat with Auntie Ming finally shed the light.

April was considered the gem of the block but she had been single for the longest time.

Then some kay poh neighbor started saying a new guy moved in on the 7th.

On one hand I felt a jolt of excitement, you meant they want to kai xiao April to me formally ?

On the other hand I’m a little du lan. It’s really a case of what the hell … ?

I’m the innocent victim for once.

7th November 2010


I bumped into April at 3pm.

The lift door opened on the 6th.

I saw her in casual shorts and a tshirt, her grandma was holding on to her, or maybe it’s her holding her grandma.

I couldn’t really remember.

I only knew there was a second of hesitation before her grandma tried to take a small step forward.

Before she completed her small step, i heard April speak to me in proper language for the first time.

April : Hold the door please.

Although the tone is a little cold, and she didn;t really looked at me but it was enough to soften my heart.

I reached for the door open button and stood to the side to make way for the 2 ladies.

When they were safely inside the lift, i hit the close button and retreated to the corner.

And April’s grandma turned towards me and smile.

I returned the smile when suddenly April’s grandma said.

Grandma : Hi James.

My eyes widen and immediately i went a ‘SMLJ’ in my head.

Grandma : Auntie Ming says you are a designer ah ?

I was searching for a reply when April answered her grandmother.

April : MahMah, People not designer ok. Auntie Ming said he’s an Architect.

And i could feel the sourish tone of disdain in April’s voice as she refused to look at me.

At that very moment the lift chimed, indicating that we’re on the first floor, but to me it sounded more like the starting bell of a boxing match.

I felt a sudden hit du-lan-ness in me and i can’t help but replied, directing the answer to April’s grandma

James : Auntie you are right, i’m a designer. I haven got my practicing cert yet so technically you can’t call me an Architect.

Her grandma laughed.

And my eyes met April’s in that lift that suddenly felt a little cramp.




After the ladies exited the lift, I was not surprised that the only ‘thank you’ came from April’s grandma.

April refused a second look at me but I felt she did not seem that ‘dulan’ . Perhaps it’s just my imagination. We parted ways and we did not meet again for the next 3 days.

11 November 2010


As I made my way back from work , I’m starting to think that April has perhaps changed her timing so as not to bump into me in the lift.

Right when I was thinking about other ways to know more about April, I saw her car turn into the carpark and I slowed down my footsteps. I did a small detour on the walking path and waited for her to get in front of me after she left her car.

She did a double take in my direction as I fell into step perhaps 15m behind her.

My eyes went straight to her calves, not too toned such that her muscles are buldging, yet not too thin like sticks and bones. Her skirt is tight as expected and her sleeveless blouse with a laced oriental print at the back really brought out the nice frame of her shoulders.

The high collar covered quite a bit of her neck, fueling my need to see a little more.

The lift was not at the ground floor so the few extra seconds of waiting allowed me to catch up to April.

There was an awkward silence as I stood a distance behind her. I can’t peel my eyes away from the creases of her blouse around her waist. The wind carried her perfume towards me and I already got a pretty good idea of my masturbating image for the evening.

The lift chimed open and April took the first step in.

Instead of hitting her floor, she walked straight in and turned towards the front. She took up the middle of the lift, leaving lesser space for my frame and I had to adjust my bag and squeeze a little in order not to get in contact with her.

Without an exchange of words, I hit the 2 buttons to both our floors.

I held the door open when it reached the 6th and I felt like I would strike 4D when I heard a ‘thanks’ in kind of a soft grumbled tone.

Perhaps it’s fate, or just luck.

I bumped into April again the next evening upon reaching home from work.

The ritual repeated itself without an exchange in words or eye contact.

She took the middle dominant spot and just waited for me to follow behind her.

And another ‘thanks’ albeit in a less grumbly tone made my Friday evening.

I returned home for a quick washup before heading down to the hawker centre to get dinner. Never in my dreams would I expect the sight to greet me on the 6th floor that evening at around 7.45pm

I wasn;t expecting to bump into her again but fate had other plans.

I looked up in surprised when the lift door open on the 6th.

Standing in front of me was a sight out of a porn scene. Ok, perhaps a porn scene in my sick mind.

There was April in a light grey t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. As if the choice of tight fitting tops were not enough, her light grey T had multiple wet spots and an extremely large patch that is drenched.

The large patch started at the bottom of her T-shirt, extending upwards in a 45 deg angle towards her breast before peppering out into a series of smaller wet spots.

Her denim shorts seemed dry yet her I could see droplets of moisture on her thighs, her calves, and on her arms.

As she entered the lift , I made way for her to take up her favourite spot. Right in the middle of the whole fucking lift but to my surprise, she went to the corner and hit the 5th floor.

I could smell the dampness coming from April’s body and I had to fight against my will to force myself not to stare.

How I wished I could pressed my nose against the wet patch on her t-shirt. There was still an hint of her perfume and I could still see her makeup on which told me she hadn’t had the chance to wash up yet.

She went out on the 5th and I took an extra second to hit the close button as I observed her heading to the first unit .

I did not think too much of that encounter and went to dabao my dinner. Was looking forward to the 猪肝面线 from the hawker across the road.

I would have swore that April was stalking me had it not been that irritated look of frustration on her face when the lift opened on the 5th floor.

Pressing her floor for her, I fiddled with my phone till the door closed after her exit.

Right when I was unlocking the heavy padlock, I saw someone approach from the corner of my eye.

It was April.

And the first words from her mouth was.

April : Oi Architect, free or not.

I took a second too long to react and the scene became a little awkward.

James : Why ?

April : Follow me.

In an abrupt princess-cy manner, she turned and stormed off towards the lobby. I shut the gate and caught up with her, my pig liver mee sua in tow.

We took the stairs and she led me straight to her unit and I felt the stir of an erection creeping into my pants as I stood near the doorway.

There was an old cloth for the feet at the entrance that seemed a little damp which I avoided when I entered.

April’s grandma was in the living room sitting at the dining table and she smiled and said ‘hi James’

I said hi with a smile and I followed April into the kitchen and realised why she was walking around in a tight wet top.

April gestured to the tap and said she got no strength to close the valve for the kitchen tap which is not looking like a miniature musical fountain.

I recognized a running top with red trimmings which April wore before around the leak and I felt blood rushing to my dick as I reached for it.

The moment my skin came into contact with her wet top, I felt a small mental orgasm in my mind. I removed the top to take a closer look and decided to close the valve first.

The valve beneath the sink is old and rusty, it did not buldge when I tried to close it. Using the back handle of a ladle, I started tapping and hitting on the small lever.

April bent down initially before she squatted down by my side. Perhaps it’s the ego in me that wanted to show her that I and good with a leaking tap , I hit harder and harder. Then I felt the lever gave way as it slowly turned towards the closed position.

One final tap brought the lever down and before i could let out an exhale of breath, part of the rusty lever gave way and water shot out in a spray towards me and April.

I heard a yelp and I spitted some water out of my mouth.

April : My god , you idoit !

I turned and saw April’s top now in a darker shade of grey as the wet fabric plaster itself tightly against her breast.

I knew this is going to be disastrous and I quickly took off my top and pressed it around the leak. I grabbed April’s hands and pushed them to my top , asking her to hold on.

I left the kitchen and went to the corridor to off the water mains.

The lever is within reach when an evil thought entered my mind.

I wouldn’t mind letting April getting a little more wet while waiting for me.







I took a little longer than needed to turn off the mains before re-entering April’s unit.

Grandma is no longer at her dining table but instead she brought out 2 towels, walking slowly towards me.

I thanked her for the towels and felt a sudden excitement in my mind.

Are these April’s towels ? The same ones she used to wipe her body, her legs, her privates.

Before I could relish in the sick thought of smelling April’s towel, I saw a scene in the kitchen that made my erection strain harder against my pants. April is on her fours as her head disappeared underneath the basin. Water dripped generously from her body as I approached her with the towels.

When she emerged from the bottom, I saw one of her dulan look that must have at least a score of 9.3 as she grabbed one of the towel from me and threw my wet t-shirt on me.

April : How did you become an architect ?

I wanted to tell her plumbing was not part of my course module but decided that now is not the time to make a comment. I wringed dry my top and I put it on as April went to fetch the mop.

She passed me the mop as if I’m her domestic helper and started complaining to her grandma.

April : Would not have asked him if Qiu Pek is around. Now only made things worse.

And she went on and on while her grandma just laughed.

I assumed Qiu Pek is the neighbor that she was trying to get one unit below her.

April re-emerged a moment later in a new top and she stood a distance away, her hands on her hips and started pointing out the areas I missed with the mop.

When the kitchen was more or less in a decent state, she asked.

April : So what now ? Don’t tell me we’re going without water for the weekend .

I shrugged my shoulders and replied.

James: Ermm, you can use mine upstairs ?

She gave me a look that told me I better find a hole to hide in before I think of saying something stupid again.

James : Relax, I’ll fix it.

She turned away and went to the dining area and I could hear her complaining to her grandma again.

April : Very clumsy la, where got guys like that one ?

Bla blab la bla bla.

And I could hear grandma laugh as I made a call to my plumber.


I was quite hungry but i felt a little irresponsible if i just left things as it is so i offered to help clean up the mess while waiting for the plumber.

I took frequent whiff and sniff at the towel i had over me whenever no one was looking. With each inhale, the more i felt convinced that it was April’s towel. The smell, the softness of the fabric, and the girlish earth tone colour.

As i set some of the toppled stuff at th sink area into order, i suddenly smell my dinner.

Walking to the living area, i saw April helping herself to my dinner as she portioned out some for grandma.

She gave me a look and said

April : What ? I’ll pay you back lah, mah mah haven eat because of you.

April’s grandma quickly said she was not hungry but April kept insisting she take the food.

I was ok actually, not that i was angy but it felt more like April is doing it on prupose to irk me.

I settled onto a stool in the corner to the living room and chatted with grandma and my eyes kept drifing to the reflection of April’s crossed legs at the dining area and she slurped a little loudly on my dinner.

Grandma : aiyah, things old already, eventually will spoil one. just like people. Just like people, old already have a lit of problems.

James : Can fix one auntie, just have to look at preventing it from happening again.

April had no part in the casual chat until another idea strucked my mind.

I tried to think of a suitable storyline as i chatted with grandma. Then when i felt the timing is appropriate, i dropped the question

James : Auntie, the place could use some touching up, maybe you could look at redoing of of the fixtures in the house ?

James : You can also install more grab bars and handles in the bathroom as well, definitely antislip floor for the wet areas would be good.

James : Why not give the place a new coat of paint also.

And then i held my breath and waited for the reply, my mind already wandering into far far away land. Thinking of the amount of access i could have if they allowed me to work on their place.

April spoke first before grandma could reply.

April : Very good sales pitch James, mahmah, don’t believe him, he just wants to earn money.

She kept her eyes on me as she slurpped on the soup.

James : Do i look that money minded ?

I directed my next sentence towards grandma and said.

James : I’m sorry i caused the burst pipe, i’ll do the design and coordination for the renovation for free if you are interested.

And i held my breath again waiting for a reply .

April replied again before grandma.

April : Why you so nice us ?

And for once grandma answered before anyone else had a chance to speak.

Grandma : Aiyah April, why you so mean to James ?

The plumber’s arrival saved me from having to reply further to April’s question.

No money exchanged hands as i’ve already told the plumber i’ll sort it out with him later.


I made my way down to the hawker again to get my dinner although i wasn’t very hungry.

I had dinner with the towel wrapped around me that evening.

13th november 2010



I was on my way out to meet some friends and decided to drop by April’s place. Partly to check if everything is ok and of course, take a look and find inspiration for my masturbation target that evening.

April was reading a magazine when i got to the opened door.

Grandma was reading newspaper on the floor when i said ‘hi’ and asked if everything is ok.

She said everying is ok and thanked me for the help.

April : Hey wait.

I saw her disappear into her room before coming out with a $5 note.

April : Nah, pay you back for dinner.

James : It’s ok, no need.

April : Don’t want to owe you anything la, take it.

I waved it off and said goodbye to grandma and left.

As i waited for the lift, i heard the close of the metal gate and the shuffling of footsteps.

April joined me at the lobby and we entered the lift together.

I can’t help but asked

James : Why you always seem so angry with me ar ?

She seemed to consider her answer for a while before deciding to ignore me.

As she left the lift , she turned around and replied with a smile.

April : Because you haven given me a reason to be happy with you ?

She laughed at her silly comment and walked away.

I laughed to myself too as i watched her walk towards the hawker centre.





The following week was a busy one for me as several work issues came up. I did not have much time for interaction with April and her grandma except for the courtesy nod when we pass each other at the void deck or when we see each other in the lift.

Several times, I was tempted to drop by and ask how was the plumbing but I would risk being overly helpful.

I bump into April a couple of times during my evening jog but we both kept our distance, I only remembered one particular evening where I saw her in a bright pink singlet with her hair up in a high pony tail and a cap.

I was drawn to her bright pink like a moth towards a bright light, jogging a decent distance behind her, keeping my breathing leveled and controlled as I ogled at her legs and bottoms.

19th November 2010



Having already gone one round around bedok reservoir, I was panting hard and was sorely tempted to just walk the rest of the way back to my place. Gone were the days where I could go for a full marathon and still have enough energy for a short session of volleyball at the beach.

As I struggled along the neighbourhood road passing the first sheng siong supermart, i saw the cast of a long shadow coming up behind me before disappearing as I passed under the orange street light. I knew from the gait it was another jogger, and I kept to the left as anyone would have expected of slower traffic.

Instead of a swift overtake, the fellow jogger drew up beside me and I did a double take when I realised it was April. Our eyes met for a second and suddenly my chest was pumped up and my back straightened as I struggled to maintain my pace.

My lungs were screaming at me, begging me to just give up my ego and start panting like a dog but instead I tried to breath slowly with my nose and said ‘hi’ to April .

James : Hey

April : Hey.

She looked at me for a moment before breaking the silence.

April : You have any plans on Sunday afternoon ?

I was having a sudden mix of feelings in my stomach and was feeling pretty good about a girl asking whether I’m free on a weekend. It’s been a while since I broke up with my ex and definitely a longer while since a stucked up girl had asked me out on a date.

James : Yeah, are you asking me out ?

The smug look of satisfactory on my face must have been too much for April to bear as she replied without breaking her breath with a toneless ‘no’

April : No.

As the hawker I frequent drew up closer to us, I felt like and idoit for being ‘kay gan’

April : Mahmah wants to talk to you about the renovation.

And like the driver of a bigger and faster sports car, April picked up her pace smoothly, leaving a trail of her sweet smelling sweat and perfume in her wake as I immediately slowed down my pace and suck in deep breaths of air that was now mixed with the smell of cooked food from the hawker centre.

After my cooldown at the lobby I hung around and waited for April to return from her run.

When I saw her walking back a little pass 9pm, she seemed surprised I was at the lift lobby.

April : What are you doing ?

James : Ermm. You did not tell me what time ?

She laughed as she called the lift. I could see the drops of perspirations on her body as the rolled down her neck, collecting other tiny drops along the way before tumbling down her collarbone like an avalanche of erotic female hormones. I wonder how her sweat taste like.

Her running top was soaked through and her black sports bra stood out clearly against her light grey top.

I could feel the heat radiating from her body inside the small lift as we ascended.

I asked again when we got to the 6th floor.

James : Errmm so what time your mahmah wants to meet ?

April : I’ll let you know again James.

James : Ok.

When the lift got to the 7th floor I decided to try my luck and took the stairs down to the 6th again. I got there just in time to hear the clank of the metal gate.

I crept quietly towards April’s unit and saw that her running shoes were left on the shoe rack but her socks were not there. Feeling a little disappointed, I doubled back up for a shower.

20th November 2010

April did not get back to me about the meeting on Sunday afternoon.

21st November 2010

12pm sharp

I brought along a sketchbook and some paint catalogues down to April’s house.

The gate was opened and I could smell food being prepared.

April was painting her nails in the living room and her eyes shot a look at me coupled with a frown. Even before she opened her mouth I knew what was coming.

April : Need to be so kiasu or not ?

She took a quick look at the clock before asking me to come back at 1pm.

Her grandma heard the commotion and peeked out from the kitchen, gesturing me into the house.

Grandma : Hello James, take a seat first ah. Lunch will be ready soon

James : Eh auntie, no need la, it’s ok. I can just grab something downstairs.

Grandma : It’s ok, go talk to April.

Her head disappeared into the kitchen and I stood in the middle to the living room, feeling a little lost.

April was shaking her bottle of nail polish and the matter in which she shook the bottle made my mind wander about her strength, intensity and rythem of shaking an extension of my own body.

I wanted to take a seat but April is in the middle of the 3 seater, and there were magazines on one the single seater. She must have guessed my intention and she shifted her nail polishing stuff and made space for my on the other end of the sofa.

I felt a little awkward and my eyes were begging my mind to just let it feast on April’s legs.

April : Do you need a drink ? Go help yourself if you need one.

James : Ermm, I’m suppose to be a guest leh, shouldn’t you get me one ?

April’s back straightened and she replied.

April : You want me to get you a drink ?

James : I definitely would get you one if you are the one visiting.

She hesitated for a moment before getting up and disappeared into the kitchen, reappearing a few seconds later with a glass of water.

It’s as if she’s doing it on purpose as she deliberately dipped her thumb into the glass, letting the water lapped onto her finger due to the way she held the drink. It’s as if she did not realise there was a handle at the side of the cup.

Setting the cup down, I saw the water sloshed up an additional cm or so, giving April’s thumb a good wash. She smiled and gave me a cute wink before getting back to her nails.

April : Nah. Enjoy your drink James.

If only she knew how eager I was to taste everything she touched.I would gladly lick every drop even if she had spit in it.

I left the drink at it was and decided to help grandma set up the table for lunch.

April joined me to bring the few simple dishes out to the dining table.

I brought my drink to the table, intending to savour the water that was touched by April after dinner.

James : Auntie, thanks ar, very paiseh leh.

Grandma : No need paiseh, lai, help yourself.

April started first and I was wrong when I thought she’s going for the first bite, instead, she made sure her grandma had a serving of each dish before helping herself to them.

Throughout the meal, she kept reminding her grandma that to eat slowly, and to look out for bones, and to chew her food properly.

That very instance she seemed like a nice caring girl, respectful to her elders. She would be perfect if she did not have the anal side of her personality.

Then without warning, April suddenly choked on her food and started coughing, giving her chest a few quick taps.

Grandma : Aiyoh, eat slowly.

I immediately offered the glass of water by my side to her and she quickly took a few quick glups, swallowing her food properly.

I felt blood rushing to my dick as I watched the movement of her throat as she swallowed mouthfuls of liquid. Her eyes were tearing a little due to the cough, fueling my imagination of a deep throat choking kind of CIM scenario.

I felt April’s left hand suddenly clamp down on my right wrist as my chopstick tried to reach for a piece of Chai-po omelette.

April : Where did you get that glass of water ?

I smiled and gave her a cute wink before reaching for the piece of omelette.










April immediately got up and went to the kitchen and her grandma starting going on about eating slowly and to chew her food properly.

I avoided April’s eyes as she came back to the dining table. The lunch continued without further incident although I could feel April’s eye constantly staring at me.

I helped to clear up the dishes and had wanted to do the washings but grandma insisted that I go to the living room.

Grandma : You’re a guest James, leave this to us.

I went to my sketch book and did some quick drawings and concept of my proposal for April’s place. I have no intention of doing anything too fanciful or expensive, my primary concerns is the lack of storage space which has resulted in quite a bit of clutter in the house which can be a hazard for grandma.

I only had a quick look at their common bathroom the last time I was here and it needed a simple make over, definitely more elderly friendly features.

As I doddled on my sketchbook, I can hear April complain a little too loudly about me to her grandma and I could hear her grandma laughing sporadically. Grandma was the first to emerge from the kitchen and she sat down with me while April finished up the rest of the washings.

I did not waste time but briefly asked if they had anything in mind about the renovation. Grandma was simple, she just wanted some cupboards for the stuff that has grown into a clutter over the years, and probably a simple display for April’s childhood pictures and various trophies that she won.

As for the bathroom, she mentioned that she is fine with the current ones but if I think it can be further improved, I can make the decision.

I did some quick drawings and show grandma some catalogues and pictures to get a better idea of what she wanted. April joined us shortly and she just sat and kept awfully quiet throughout, making me a little uncomfortable with her eyes that never seemed to leave me.

At the end of 30 mins, I was quiet sure of grandma’s likes and dislikes.

James : Ok, I got a pretty good idea, let me work something out and get back to you ya.

Grandma : Thanks ar James, so paiseh, need to trouble you.

James : Not at all la Auntie, I should be the one that is paiseh. Trouble you to cook and all.

April just sat back with her legs crossed listening to our exchange without a comment but I felt weird she had a smile on her face.

James : Ok I better be going, thanks for lunch ar Auntie.

Grandma : Eh Wait, still got April’s room.

I felt my heart skip a beat and a sudden rush of blood to my manhood. The sudden rush of excitement and the realization that I get to work with April brought about mixed feelings. April got up and disappeared into the kitchen as grandma chatted a while longer with me.

When April appeared moments later with a glass of water, for some strange reason, I had a raging erection.

Grandma : Ok you all talk ar, I’m going to do the laundry.

James : Orh.

April did not sit opposite me but instead came over and sat by my side.

She pushed the glass of water towards me and said in the softest, gentle voice I’ve ever heard her in.

April : Finish this James.

She was smiling sweetly at me yet I could see the twinkle of mischief and evil in her eyes as she patiently waited for me to reach for the glass.

James : Wah lau, need to like that or not. You started it first mah, just a joke right…

April crossed her legs, putting her right over left, letting her right feet dangle close to my right thigh. She rested her right elbow on her right thigh and her head followed, looking at me with her head tilted and resting in that position.

She did not say a word but instead her eyes darted between the glass of water and my eyes. Her smile never left her face.

April : come on, drink it and we can start discussing about my room.

I lowered my volume considerably and apologized.

James : Ok sorry la, buy you lunch next time ok.

She reached for the glass and brought it close to my face, trying hard to stifle a laugh

April : Drink it before things get worse James….

I decided to get it over and done with and gulped down that glass of water before handling the glass back to April.

She set the cup aside and her smile seemed to widen considerably.

I was secretly feeling a little erotic as my mind wandered about what did she do to that simple glass of water, when we started talking about her room, I felt elated that she did not shift herself away from my side and we remained in that position for the next hour.

As we threw ideas and bounce suggestions of each other, I realised a trait of April that seemed to really stand out. Whenever I disagreed with one of her idea, she would start to scold me.

Words and phrases like ‘idoit’ , ‘so stupid’, ‘don’t be silly’ , ‘are you mad’ were used frequently.

However when I agreed with her and added a couple of compliments on her suggestions, she seems like a completely different person.

I suspected she has some bipolar personality.

I took a mental note of this trait and filed it away for future use.

I needed to take some measurements before I can start working properly on the unit so I suggested coming back later in the evening as I have a coffee session with the boys.

April said she will be out too but I could drop by anytime after 8pm.

I reached April’s place at 8pm sharp with my measuring tape and my notebook. I was expecting a bad  tummy ache from that mystery drink she gave me but I felt fine.

She was not at home but grandma let me in and I started working with the living area and grandma’s masterbed room. The 2 bathrooms came next and by 8.30pm, I had detailed measurements of the place with exception of April’s room.

Grandma : It’s ok , go in and measure, nevermind one.

James : Eh, don’t want la, wait April scold me.

Grandma : Haha, she won’t, I’ll scold her if she scold you. Help yourself, I’m going to shower, April should be back soon.

As I watch grandma shuffled slowly away into her room, I felt a rush of adrenaline as my mind started to stray. I finally get to access April’s room.

Would she notice a couple of missing undies if I snitched them ? Does the laundry basket have any of her pyjamas that I could indulge in ?

I had to adjust my erection as I stood at the entrance into April’s room.

The bed was neatly made up and her work desk was kept tidy. I could see some envelopes and bills on the table , some loose change and a laptop.

Some clothes were drapped at the bed frame at the foot of the bed and I could see her cupboard bursting at the seams with clothes.

If only I could spend one night with unlimited access in April’s room.

All the clothes that I could smell, touch and masturbate to.

Her pillows looked inviting too and I fantasized about taking her on that small super single bed.

Then suddenly I heard the faint click of heels outside the corridor and I immediately withdrew and went to the dining table.

April appeared moments later in a figure hugging dress with a clutch bag in her hands.

She smiled and my eyes helped themselves to her back as she bent a little to take off her heels before squatting down to slot them into the cabinet.

She looked nice and classy in black and her shoulders looked great even under the dim lighting of the living area.

April : Give me a minute.

She went straight to the bathroom in the kitchen and right after she went in, grandma came out.

Grandma : Eh, James, why never go in and measure ?

James : Oh it’s ok la, April’s back, I’ll wait for her.

She nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.

Moments later April reappeared in front of me with a glass of water in her hand.

James : Oh come on April….

April : haha.

It was a genuine laugh from her as it broke really naturally in a sweet way from her smile.

April : Take your time James, no rush.

She went towards her room and paused when she saw her lights were on.

Directly her eyes at me she asked.

April : Did you come into my room James ? You better not be in ther without me around

I shook my head innocently right when grandma came to my defence.

Grandma : Aiyoh April, can you stop scolding James, her never went in. He says he’s afraid you’ll scold him.

And grandma went on about no men will want her if she is so fierce blab la bla which April just ignored.

3 minutes later, April reappeared in t-shirt and shorts and our eyes met.

Her head just nodded in the direction of her room.

I took a deep breath and composed myself.

Alright… I’m going in.




April’s room had a nice girlish smell that reminded me of a spa. There was some essence burner right at the corner of her room and the candle was lit. I did not notice it previously, she must have just got it done.

I stood in the middle of the room, a little lost as to where should I start.

April settled onto her bed, sat crossed legged against the wall and started peppering me with questions while I try to shift some boxes around to get my measurements .

I was expecting a lot of dust especially behind the boxes and at the neglected corners of the room but I was wrong. April’s room was clean, and after a good 10 minutes of shifting stuff around, I realised that her room may have quite a bit of clutter and stuff, but they were actually pretty well maintained and organized.

An organized mess

I got what I wanted, actually only a little of what I wanted, would have had a good kick if I could snitch a couple of her panty back with me but did not have the chance to do so.

I told April and her grandma that I would need some time to work on their place and I’ll get back to them in a few days.

Right when I was about to leave their place, April caught up with me, water in hand, smile on her face.

25th November 2010



I popped my head out at April’s unit to see grandma sitting on the floor with her reading glasses low on her nose. The TV was on but no one was watching, I figured April must be in the shower.

James : Hi Auntie

Grandma : Hey James, come in .

James : No need, no need. I just want to see if you all are free this Saturday afternoon. I can show you some ideas.

Grandma immediately said yes and offered to make lunch. April came out of the bathroom right when I was about to leave in a white t-shirt with wet patches and her hair bundled up in a towel.

She gave me a wave before disappearing into her room.

I left after telling grandma I’ll see her on Saturday.

Perhaps it’s just me but April seemed to be showing a little less attitude towards me when I bump into her inside the lift. She still demanded the centre spot inside the lift but it didn’t bother me.

If I need to be a good boy just to get into her pants, a good boy I shall be.

Her cars still pass me occasionally, the rev of her engine didn’t seemed to be that loud anymore, perhaps she finally realised that a sudden loud noise will not give me an heart attack, especially when I’m walking 2m away from the side of the road she’s on.

Saturday came in the blink of an eye and i was at April’s place at 12pm sharp.

I said hi to grandma, who already had lunch ready on the table this time round and I said hi to April who asked if I’ll like a drink.

James : No thank you, I’ll help myself.

She laughed and we went through lunch within 30 minutes.

I did a quick 3D of my idea and presented it over tea to April and her grandma, nothing fanciful, basically just a fresh coat of paint and some carpentry works for the living room and April’s room.

Grandma loved it and ask how much would it cost.

April : Mahmah, don’t worry, too expensive James will pay.

April did not seem convince her room can fit a queen size bed despite me showing her the drawings.

James : Can fit, confirm, still a lot of space

April : Why do I need such a big bed ?

I had wanted to say in case I’m coming to spend the night but it didn’t seem appropriate, definitely not with grandma around.

Overall it went better than expected and we were done at 3pm.

As I packed up, I was surprised when April asked if I was free for the afternoon.

Grandma too looked surprised and I tried not to appear overly eager and nodded my head in a measured manner.

April : Come over again at 4pm.

Grandma : April, you all going out for dinner ah ? so I no need to cook is it ?

April : No la mahmah. Just need to buy some things.

I immediately had a long shower, shaved and changed into a new top. I debated whether to bring along condoms but brushed it off.

April was already at the gate telling her grandma that she’ll be back in a couple of hours and I felt a little disappointed hearing that but it’s still kind of a date nevertheless.

James : Where are we going ?

April : Do you drive ?

James : I can drive but I don’t own a car. Not as rich as you.

She ignored my comment and the lift ritual repeated itself.

We went over to her car and I was surprised that she went over to the passenger side and got in. I settled into the driver seat and she handed me the key. I made some adjustments to the seat and mirror  as I was April stretch and settle comfortably into her seat.

A serious case of princess syndrome.

James : So where to ?

April : Ikea.

And off we went.

I could sense the excitement in her as we stepped into the showroom and it’s as if she became a little kid despite being 1 year my senior. We chatted about furnitures, the layouts and our dream home. It felt a little like we were dating but I knew it was an illusion.

I’m just a driver.. perhaps with a double role of a shopping slave.

We were surprisingly comfortable with each other, plenty of jabs in the ribcage and arms. There were disagreements of course but it was always me who gave in. Laughter punctuated almost every other sentences.

As we took the stairs down to the shopping floor, April took a yellow bag and slung it around my neck and I just left it there, knowing that it’ll be a futile attempt to remove it .

She bought mostly small items for storage, boxes of different sizes, some useless trinkets and space organisers.

We left Ikea at 6pm, with me carrying all the shopping, balancing them as best as I could.


I completed my slave job for the day and grandma was scolding April for making me go shopping with her but she just brushed it off.

I was about to leave after a unfruitful day when April asked for my phone.

My phone, not phone number.

James : What you want it for. ?

I felt my heart stopped when she keyed in her number.

If she hit dial, she’ll know I have her number and I’ll have a hard time explaining how did I get it.

As she got to the last few numbers on the phone, I immediately drew her attention away.

James : Shouldn’t you ask politely if I want to give you my number

James : Where got people just take like that one.

Her fingers paused and she tilted her head and looked at me.

Nodding her head in a manner which I knew I’m going to get another scolding, she added.

April : James , I’m your client…. In a way. You should probably be more polite towards me.

I could almost see the sparkle in her eyes when she cleared her number and passed me my phone.

I could feel her stifling a laugh when she said.

April : James , ask me for my number.

James :ermmm. Ok.

James : Can I have your number ?

Grandma came into April’s room at that very moment and April turned to her grandma.

April : Mahmah, James is asking me for my number. Can give or not ?

Grandma just laughed while I’m desperately trying to erase April from my contact list.

Right when I hit delete, grandma’s hand asked for my phone and I handed it over, my heart almost stopped beating within the last minute.

April’s number appeared on the screen and grandma hit dial.

April’s phone rang and I heard grandma said.

Grandma : Ok there. April’s number.

I watched April rolled over on her stomach, her legs up in the air as she keyed in my name.

April : Remember James, it was you who asked for my number first . haha

April : Correction, you are too chicken to ask for my number , so you asked my grandma.

I just smile and updated April’s name back into my contact.

Our eyes met again before I left her room at 7pm .

I was about to leave and meet the boys for drinks when I got an sms.

April sms : Ask me out for dinner.

My heart skipped a beat and I immediately asked.

James : April, would you like to have dinner ?

Grandma did a double take and immediately looked at April. I felt my eyes drifting to her short denim shorts for the hundredth time that day and I heard April went,

April : No.

My mouth must have gapped open a little too wide as she laughed and said she’s having dinner with her grandma.

Grandma : No need no need, you all go ahead and eat.

I was expecting myself to feel du lan as I was punked so easily, but instead I felt quite good. I couldn’t explain why but somehow it felt funny.

In fact I realised I did not mind getting punk again if April had been the one doing it.

I shrugged my shoulders and was about to leave when April came behind her grandma, resting her hands on her shoulders and asked if I would like to join them.

I smiled and said.

James : Of course.

We had a simple dinner at the hawker centre opposite the flat. For some weird reason, grandma’s smile did not leave her face that evening.

After I walked the ladies back to their place at 8.30pm, I mustered up my courage and added.

James : April……

James : Are you free tomorrow ?

Grandma excused herself into the kitchen and April seemed to be thinking about my question.

April : I am free, but you won’t be.

James : Huh ?

April : You need to help me pack my room.

I laughed and so did she.






We exchanged a couple of messages at night but nothing more, I had a good sleep knowing that I get to spend the next day with April.

When I got to her place at 10 in the morning, we started helping grandma to pack up some of the clutter in the living room, putting them into the boxes we bought. As we went through old albums, grandma pointed out that April did not have an easy childhood, there were not many pictures of her as they could hardly afford to develop the pictures back then.

The few they had were given by relatives.

April looked thin and scrawny when she was in her teens but I recognized that look of hardiness in her face. Her expression was hard, unsmiling and stern even at a young age. The few pictures with her smiling was taken with her grandma.

For a moment I felt really blessed to have the shelter of a complete family.

The pictures started to increase a little as April got older during her JC and university years.

As I flipped through the memories of this girl, I felt ashamed at what i did previously to spy on her. She did not start life easy, and I definitely cannot blame her for being a little cold towards others. Perhaps it’s a barrier she erected to protect herself and her grandma.

I dusted the albums and placed them into the boxes.

Grandma : April is a good girl, just that she is a little fierce sometimes.

James : Ehh. Orh.

I caught the subtle hint easily but I didn’t want to read too much into it.

April is definitely someone who I can safely say men would love to have. She’s got a great body, nice features and an air of class surrounding her despite her difficult childhood.

Maybe a bit of Ice queen look.

I took a picture of April from one of the albums using my phone when no one was looking.

April bought lunch and by 4pm, we were all tired and decided to leave the packing for another time.

I’m supposed to have dinner with my parents and I excused myself at 4.30pm.

I got to the hawker centre to see my parents and sisters already waiting for me at 5.30pm.

Halfway through dinner around 6.15pm, I felt a tap on my shoulders and the few pair of eyes went from being focused on the food to me and finally to the person who tapped me.

I turned around to see April with some packet food in her hands.

My eyes widened and i said ‘hi’ after swallowing my noodles.

James : Hi.

April was polite, she say hi to my parents and sisters before turning her attention back to me.

Reaching into her back pocket, she brought out a blackberry that looked like mine.

April : Went to your place but you were not in, you left in it one of the boxes. Lucky it rang. Was thinking of passing you later but happen to see you here.

I did not realise that my phone was not with me, I must have forgotten to keep it when I sneak shot a picture of April.

James : Oh , thanks.

James : You dabao-ing dinner ?

She nodded her head before excusing herself and left.

And I felt 4 pairs of eyes on me the moment she left.

I knew it’s been almost a year since I brought a girl back and I could hear the charging handles being pulled back.

I took a deep breath as the firing squad took aim.

As the questions flew, my phone vibrated, it was an sms from April

April sms : Haha. Good luck.

I smiled to myself and fought to defend myself in front of the family jury.

It was a valiant battle, I showed no fear. I cut down my sister’s pestering with a mental axe. I blocked my mum’s questions with a shield.

Never would I expect my dad to back stabbed me when my back was turned.

Dad : Actually that day I saw you 2 jogging together, just that I didn’t want to ask.

My knees buckled and in my moment of weakness, my sisters drew blood.

It was an honorable day for me. I did not give up any information with exception that she was my neighbour.

I wanted revenge as I settled down onto my bed that evening. I went to bed smiling to myself.

The last sms from April that evening was ;

April sms : You could have just asked for my photo if you wanted it 

The following week came and went, the lift ritual repeated itself only twice as we did not really see each other.

Other than a couple of silly messages, we hardly spoke as we were both busy. I asked if they needed help that first December weekend and April said they were fine.

5th December 2010


I had just finished coffee with my kahkis at the starbucks at Siglap. Walking towards Siglap centre, I wanted to grab some groceries for my place.

Fate it seems had it’s way of playing with people and as i crossed the road, I saw April heading into macdonalds. I slowed my footsteps and changed direction, making sure I kept to her blind spot. I hung around the back and I saw her sit down with a group of 3 girls.

I laughed to myself as my mind plotted for revenge.

I scanned the directory of the mall and saw that there’s a florist around the corner. Taking a long way round, I got a bouquet of roses and pleaded with the staff if she could deliver it to macdonalds immediately. I gave her specific instructions on where April was sitting and what she was wearing.

I added a hand written note with just a smiley face before signing off .

The florist must have felt weird as to why I was laughing to myself as she got ready to leave the shop.

I hid a distance away and watch April’s reaction. Her head started darting around trying to look for me. I could see she was laughing as she reached for her phone.

Her friends were equally surprised and I could see that they fought for that hand written note.

30 seconds later my phone rang.

April : Hey… are you stalking me ? haha

James : haha. No, it’s revenge for what you did that day at the hawker.

April : haha, come over, they want to meet you.

James : No way man.

April : don’t be a chicken, as least pop by and say hi, I did show my face that day didn’t I ?

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pop in but I was wrong.

The moment I walked in, I felt several pairs of eyes on me. April suddenly stood up and grabbed another seat. Before I could react, she led me to the chair she was sitting on before taking up the new seat she brought, trapping me within that table of girls.

April : Girls, meet James .

I said hi.

And I got that same fuzzy feeling again as I lifted up my shield and axe.

The questions started flying towards me and April laughed.

April : Can I get you a drink James ?

I nodded and resigned my fate as the questions started.

It was another bloody day as i tried my best to fight off their questions, but i did not know them well enough to brush questions off without appearing rude.

My futile attempt made worst when April returned to my side.

She sat my drink down, linked arms with me and said.

April : Good luck James.

It lasted whole of 15 mins and i could feel myself perspiring.

There were plently of laughs but not for me.

It’s like walking into an ambush.

I couldn’t excuse myself, the moment i tried to fob up some excuses, the girls caught right onto it and i was sucked right back into battle.

They were good.

When they were finally done at 6.30pm, i felt drained. Worst than marathon sex.

April passed me the car keys as we head towards the lift.

James : So… what did it meant when you linked arms with me ?

April : Nothing James, nothing. haha. Continue dreaming.

I droved us back and walked April to her place.

April : goodnight James.

James : Goodnight April.

I handed her car remote back to her and i was surprised she actually said;

April : Keep it. You’re going to need to quite often, i’ve got another one.

I smile and decided it was time for a corny remark.

James : Was expecting the key to your heart April, not to your car. haha.

April : haha.. that’s a good one.

We parted ways and i set my alarm for 3am.





When my mobile phone’s alarm went off at 3am, I struggled a little to get up. It’s one of those mornings where you wished you could just stay in bed. I turned off the alarm and realised I had an mms from April at was sent around 12.30am.

I opened it and laughed.

It was a picture of a pig with ZZzzzZZZZzzz on it.

I could not explain why by that simple mms seemed to make me want to go back to bed. I’m torn between checking out her car for more information and snooping around and just returning to my dreams.

In the end, the comfy bed prevailed.

6th December 2010


I was running a little late that morning and was surprised that the lift stopped at the 6th floor. April saw me in the lift and tried to stifle a smile. She looked exceptionally good that morning in a sleeveless beige blouse that was a little translucent. The vertical layered folds tapers into a V shape that points to her pelvic region like an arrow.

I could not believe my mind was fucking with me that early in the morning.

She had a light coloured tube underneath that blouse and her skirt was short with a modest slit at the side.

And her choice of footwear simply made me laughed out loud in the lift.

James : Are you wearing slippers to work ? haha

April : Heels too high James…. Heels too high. … can’t look pretty and drive at the same time you know.

I laughed and we parted ways at the lift.

The incident left my mind the moment I got into office 20 mins later than usual. Work issues swarmed and a series of boo boos left my project in a mess. It was a bad start to the week and when I got back to the hawker centre at 9pm to get dinner, I was hungry, angry and for some mobid reason, horny.

While waiting for the stall owner to prepare my food, I decided to be funny and send April an sms.

James sms : How high are those heels ?

After a short wait of 30 seconds, I got a reply.

April sms : Killer heels James…. Killer height.

James sms : Can I see ? 

I did not get a reply from her after that, she must have categorized me under the heels fetish tab in her mind.

Half way through my dinner, I got a phone call from April.

April : What are you doing ?

James : Having dinner .. wassup

April : Can you come down to Amoy street ?

James : What ?

April : I’ll be at the public carpark.

I was feeling a little puzzled but I got changed and took a cab down to Amoy street. It was already 10.30pm when I got there that Monday evening . I searched for April’s car in the carpark and saw it parked right in the corner.

As I head towards it, I saw April sitting inside the car with the windows down.

Her eyes were closed and I tapped lightly on her shoulder. I could smell alcohol breath when she spoke.

April : Why so long ?

I was about to grumble that I came all the way from bedok only to be scolded by her but thought the better of it.

She was still sober as far as I can tell but I knew she had quite a bit to drink. Her eyes were struggling to open and her breathing were not consistent, there was the occasional deep inhale before she exhales them slowly.

James : Hard to get a cab. Are you ok ?

She managed to mumble something about entertaining clients and Koreans and drinks and I put the rest of the pieces together. I could fully understand her as I would be in a similar state whenever I went out with my Korean contractor.

I helped her out of the car and I drove us back home.

I could see the pair of heels which was at the side of the brake pedals. They are a good 4 inch by my estimate and I could almost picture April wearing them to bed. Nothing sexier than a pair of nice legs and heels when getting intimate in bed.

We did not really talk during the journey and we got to the carpark at 11pm sharp.

April stretched in the car , her hands reaching far behind her head and she tried to straighten her legs, and my eyes just followed the rising hem of her skirt as she stretched.

It rose bit by bit, inch by inch , so did my erection.

When she finally stopped and pulled down her skirt, she gave me a playful smack on my head and exited the car. I helped her carry her heels and I offered a hand to help her walk to the lift.

April : Haha, I can still walk in a straight line, no need for your hand.

I was a little unhappy and my mind tried to think of something that will make my late night 20 dollar cab fare worthwhile.

I thrusted out the heels in front of her and said.

James : Let’s see you walk in a straight line in this.

She shot me a look from the corner of her eyes and smiled before reaching for her heels.

My erection strained hard against my boxers as April rested her left hand on my shoulder as she put on her right heel before repeating it for the other side. When she’s done, I was mesmerized by how good she looked in them. She towered a couple of inches above me and she folded her arms.

April : Let’s bet.

I’ve already stopped thinking with my head as all the blood had gone down south.

James : Sure, what are we betting for ?

April : Straight line walk to the lift lobby .

April : If I can do it, ermmm..

She reached into her handbag and fumbled around before taking out her makeup pouch.

April : I get to draw on your face.

I agreed.

James : Sure, if you can’t, I’ll get to draw on yours.

April : Deal.

April handled me her bag, stood straight, straightened her back as I walked towards the finishing line before turning to face her.

I did a little ‘come to me’ signal with my finger and April laughed as she took the first step of that 20m walk.

I did not know if she was doing it on purpose but she seemed to be walking, no correction, sashaying towards me like a catwalk model. She made sure she put one foot in front of the other, taking a measured pace towards me like a sure footed cat.

I could feel my heartbeat picking up pace as April walked towards me. My eyes were already running laps up and down her legs as every step she took made me want to pee in my pants.

Halfway through the bet, I knew I had lost.

5 more steps to go and I decided to cheat.

I pointed to an area near April’s feet and shouted

James : Xiaoqiang !

It evoked an instant reaction as she shriek and jumped, stumbling a little as I went forward to hold on to her. Her both hands were brought up close to her chest as she leaned towards me sub consciously as she tried to look for that imaginary cockroach.

When I started laughing, I could see the look of April’s face change , it was a mixture of irritation and amusement. I shook the makeup pouch at her and she ignored me and headed towards the lift.

When I entered the lift, I only hit the 6th floor.

If April noticed it, she did not ask why.

I walked her to her door and waited for her to unlock her door before turning to me.

April : What ? You want a glass or water ar ?

James : 愿赌服输。

April : But you cheated. !

I just shrugged my shoulders and smile.

As she went into her place, she did not turn to shut the gate which I took it as an invitation. I locked the door behind me and I went into April’s room to see her plugging her phone into the charger before sitting down on the bed staring at me.

I fumbled around her makeup pouch and I could see her eyes tracking my everymove.

James : Close your eyes April.

She bit her lips for a couple of second before her eyes closed.

There was an immediate silence in that room, the only sound came from that cranky old fan.

I sat down on the bed beside April and I could feel her suddenly getting tensed up before she exhale slowly. My mind wandered about the possibilities as I had already come this far.

Using my index finger, I touched the middle of her forehead, applying a little pressure before letting it glided down the ridge of her nose as I traced the profile of April’s face. I got up from where I was sitting and stood to face her.

Using my thumbs I depressed the pressure points at the side of her head and I could feel her relaxed immediately although her eyes remained closed.

It was a short massage and in my mind I was playing the scenario that she would reach for my pants and pull it down, easing my raging erection.

It lasted about a min or two before I stopped.

April opened her eyes, we did not speak for a good 10 seconds which felt really long.

When she finally spoke, she asked.

April : So … you done drawing ?

I nodded my head and replied.

James : Invisible ink… only I can see.

She smiled and gave me a playful slap on my stomach.





Taking a deep breath, she stood up and I took that as a hint that I should be going but April suddenly asked if I’m working tomorrow.

James : Duhh.. it’s a Tuesday..

She hesitated before adding that she didn’t feel so good and she might be falling sick.

James : I think I don’t feel so good too.

We ended up laughing in the room before she did a quick shush, putting her finger to her lip and pointing to her grandma’s room.

I saw April opened her wardrobe as she picked out her pyjamas. She took off her blouse in front of me, leaving only the tube on and I must have been staring a little too hard.

As she threw the blouse into the laundry basket, I couldn’t help it but added.

James : One more please.

April laughed and added as she head towards the bathroom.

April : You’ve got to earn it James, got to earn it.

As I heard the clank of the bathroom door in the kitchen and the spray of the shower come on, I felt like I was on top of the world as I get that few private minutes in April’s room.

I opened drawers and doors, looking at her undergarments, her tights, her stockings. Even where she keeps her pads. I counted a couple of bikinis, sports bra and a compartment just for socks.

I felt like a kid in a candy store without an owner.

I squatted down at her laundry basket and I realised she has 2 of them. One for light coloured clothings which she just threw her top into. There were a couple of tops I saw her in over the weekend.

The other one for dark colours and there were some capris and pants in them .

I couldn’t resist bringing a couple to my nose as I take in her scent. I tried to concentrate on the region where it was closest to her privates as I ran my nose along her zipper. Thinking back, it was probably my mind doing all the work, making me feel sick yet satisfied at the same time.

I dived into her sleeveless top which she just took off and I went for the area near her armpit and I took in a womanly scent which SYTs will never have.

I couldn’t help giving my manhood a couple of strokes as I take in deep sniffs of her clothes like an drug addict.

I stopped after a while and decided to snitch an underwear of hers for my collection. I chose a plain looking black one at the bottom of the drawer, it was a seamless boyshort made of lycra. I was fiddling with the material in my hand when for some reasons I couldn’t explain, I decided to put it back.

Perhaps my conscious mind still exists somewhere even when I’m in such a horny state .

I sat down, looking at more photos of April on the tables and the walls.

Going from left to right, I saw a series of birthday pictures with April and grandma in it starting when she was 9. I never saw a whole cake until April was 21 years old. I felt this sudden pang of guilt at the thought of April sharing just a slice of cake with her grandmother on her birthday whereas my family would usually have leftovers.

As April grew into a woman, I could see the wrinkles on grandma’s face increase over the years. The toils of taking care of her grand daughter surely had taken it’s toll.

I also noticed that there were no presents in the photos until April was 23.

The backdrop of the pictures were the same, the simple sofa in the living room, the aged wall of the small 3-room flat.

I was engrossed in the pictures, only when I heard April speak did it realised how long it must have been since I started looking at them.

April : Pretty or not ?

I smiled as I watch her drying her hair.

James : Auntie was gorgeous, would go after her if I were older.

April : hahaha.

She sat down on her bed and I checked the time. It’s already 11.45pm.

The shower must have sobered her up a little and I knew the moment was over.

James : Breakfast at 7 tomorrow ?

April : I’m sick tomorrow James, i need to sleep in. haha

James : Fine ~~ ..

As she walked me to the door, she asked how was the quote for the renovation coming along. I told her i’ve already got them but haven really reviewed the prices .

Right when she shut the gate she said that 9am would be a better time for breakfast.

James : 9am it is.







7th December 2010


I woke up at 6.45am.

After a quick washup, I immediately got to work, checking my mail and attended to a couple of outstanding issues. Shot a few arrows out to my team and dropped my boss a sms that I’m taking sick leave that Tuesday.

I check the time and dropped April a sms at 7.30 asking if we could meet at 9.30 instead.

She replied almost immediately with a ‘ ok ‘

I went through my wardrobe before deciding on my attire for the day. A simple grey berms and a white print t-shirt. I left my place at 8am and took a bus to my favourite doctor near Bedok South. I’ve frequent this particular doctor for the longest time since I started work. She seldom asks me much questions and always gives me my MC.

Reaching the clinic at 8.20am, there was already 2 uncle ahead of me in the queue. I understand from the doctor that she got quite a bit of middle age client why she could not understand why. I told her perhaps it’s because she’s always in a short skirt and that day’s injection stung me pretty hard, worst than the ones I got during the army.


I was getting a little impatient when finally my number was beamed to the display.

I knocked the door and entered, taking a seat as the doctor fiddled with her phone.

James : I’m sick.

She nodded her head and asked me what’s wrong although her eyes never left the phone.

James : Fever, sore throat, tummy ache, headache, and a bit of menses pain.

Doctor : Ok.

She finally put down her phone and started scribbling prescription onto my records. As the list grew, I felt necessary to stop her illegible writing from going on.

James : Ok ok, enough. Are you out to kotok me ?

Doctor : Your company is paying anyway…

I helped myself to a bottle of vitamin C sweet she kept reserved for the kids as she signed and scribbled on my MC. She paused at the date and continued after I said ‘ Just Today ‘

I thanked her and stood up.

Just when I reached for the door, she asked.

Doctor : Mummy kept asking when are you bringing her home for dinner ?

James : She’s just my neighbour la DaJie….

Sister : Don’t lie to your doctor James , nothing good ever comes out of it….

I quickly left and waited for my prescription.

My MC cost me $58 that morning and I chugged along an array of medicine, not sure which one is for the menses pain.

I got home at 9.30 and I dropped off the MC and medicine before reaching April’s place at 9.35am.

She happened to be unlocking the gate when I got there and our eyes immediately widened when we laid eyes on one another.

It just so happened that we April had a White Polo T and a pair of grey shorts on her as well.

I could almost feel it coming and decided to strike first.

James : Oei ! , Why you copy me ? Same colour.

I fought back a chuckle as I saw the look of exasperation on April’s face.

Her mouth gasped opened a little before her hands went to her hips and her left index pointed at me with her wrist facing up. She did not say a word but instead did an about turn and went back to her room.

I laughed as Grandma asked me into the unit.

10 minutes later April emerged in a light grey dress. It’s nothing fancy, in fact I would have thought it was rather plain if I saw it on the racks. It’s basically a grey polo-T up top before the bottom extends long enough to turn into a dress.

It was not too short, yet not too long till the hem lost it’s bounce whenever April took a step.

Every foot she put forward, I could see the dress give a happy little bounce off her thigh and hip, giving an illusion of ‘ can see, maybe cannot see, but I still want to be behind her on an escalator ‘ kind of feeling.

Her bag was replaced with a sling purse and she slipped on a pair of flats.

April told her grandma she would not be back for dinner that evening and my heart skipped a beat.

We did not speak until we got into April’s car.

She settled into her passenger seat and before I drove off, she turned around and reached for a cushion in the back seat. As she reached back, her body came close, sending waves after waves of blood to my dick as her hips were inches away from me.

Seeing her on her knees with her hips out in the car added another item to my bucket list. I was engrossed in that moment that I did not realize that her dress had rode a little high up, offering anyone passing her car a full view of her behind, no doubt her undies.

It was only a second, and my eyes darted to the faint reflection and was rewarded with a flash of dark colour.

Before my mind could analyse it further, I felt the smack of the cushion on my head as April settled back down.

April : Great world city. Thank you.

James : Orh.

We had a bit of casual chat en route April seemed more relaxed that day. After parking, we walked side by side towards the basement entrance into the mall. I felt we were a little closer than the day before but then again, my mind always play tricks on me.

I did not know what happened but I was a couple of steps slower that April when she walked through the auto door.

Great world city’s air curtain was installed vertically at the side of the door frame, and when that woosh of air hit April’s bouncing dress, I saw a further glimpse of April which really made me feel that was a lucky day for me.

I couldn’t help it but blurted out a ‘ Nice ~~ ‘ and April immediately turned around, realizing the treat my eyes had. She tried to take a threatening step towards me but I retreated backwards , behind the safety of that air curtain and did a small arc with my left foot.

My hands came up in a Yip Man post as I challenged her to come forward.

She laughed and nodded her head.

April : I’ll remember this James , and you made me change my wardrobe this morning.

We grabbed a quick breakfast and shopped around the empty mall.

As April went through the shops, trying on clothes and shoes, I noticed another trait of hers. She never bought anything she thought it was not a good value for her money. She did not really care about the brands but she was particular about the way the product was finished and how was it made.

Then again, with her body, she seemed to look good in whatever combination of tops and skirts she wore. I remembered nodding my head the entire morning. With each nod, the number of bags I was carrying grew.

There was a dress which I could tell April particularly like but at 99.90, she felt it was severely overpriced.

April : Too expensive, it’s really not worth the money.

I took another look at it and added.

James : Take it, I’ll buy it for you.

April : Haha, don’t be silly..

We left that shop and I took a mental note of it, determined to get that dress for April. Little did I know she had other plans.



She brought me to another shop where she picked out a polo T which she said will look good on me.

I just nodded my head as she picked out a matching one for ladies and she paid $48.90 for the 2 tops.

Then we retraced our steps which puzzled me more, ever since we started shopping, April insisted only on going in the clockwise direction and never back tracking. We returned to the shop where she saw the dress she like. She took the dress to the counter and she came back to face me.

Her hands reached into my back pocket and took out my wallet.

April : Thanks James. I love that dress.

I just smiled before breaking into a laugh.

As I added another bag to my hand, April said.

April : Let’s be clear ok…, you did not buy this for me. This is a gift exchange.

We both laughed a too little loudly along the corridor and I added.

James : A couple’s polo T for me and a dress for you. Seems like you are getting the better deal, you get to have both the dress and the Polo.

April’s eyes got smaller into a slit as she waved her finger at me.

April : I never said that ladies Polo was for me …

I laughed and admit defeat as we continued shopping before April decided to switch shopping mall.

We got to Marina Square at 12.30pm and had a quick bite at the food court. We had prawn noodles and April almost screamed when she saw me wanting to bite the prawn’s head off and devouring the rest of the body.

April : ehhh, cannot. So dirty.

Her chopstick repeatly tapped on mine as she insisted I peel off the shell and remove the thin black line of whatever it’s called on the prawn’s back. I told her I’m ok with it but in the end she peeled it for me.

Having grown so old, there were only 3 ladies in my life who peeled prawns for me so far. My mum and 2 sisters.

Although April did it with a little frown, I felt a strange sensation running through my mind as I watched her manicured fingers worked it’s way around the shell.

James : Ermm, thank you.

Lunch was concluded in a jiffy and shopping continued.

As we walked along the shops, my right hand kept bumping onto April as my mind fought and struggled whether is it too early to make my move. Would she get put off ?

Or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

We walked past a karaoke joint and suddenly April just stopped and linked arms with me.

April : Oei , let’s go in.

James : What ? now ?

April : what’s wrong ?

She led me in and before I knew it , we were in this tiny room.

As I sat back, I was expecting a parade of girls entering any moment now asking if they could sit with me.

Instead only a server entered with fruits and tidbits.

As April scrolled through the songs, I mustered up enough courage in that dimly light room and asked.

James : Are we …… ermm…. Like in a relationship ?

I could see April smile but she refused to look at me

April : Is that status that important ?

I considered her reply for a moment before saying.

James : If we are… I’ll never lay my eyes on another woman..

April : My god James, you are very cheesy… Stop it. Haha

James : Hai… 没名没分。。

She just laughed and started singing, but not before shifting close to my side, letting our shoulders touched.

I was surprised when I heard the voice through the audio system. It sounded so different from the manner in which she spoke. There was a purity of innocence that made me want to protect her. She sounded so sweet that I would have thought she was a 18 yr old SYT.

I played along with a couple of songs, happy that she was having more fun than me.

45 minutes into the singing, I was taking a break, enjoying the fruits when I suddenly felt April’s left hand on my right thigh. It was nothing sleazy, just a simple touch.

Throughout the songs, she was always looking at the screen, but for this particular song, and that particular segment, she turned and looked at me.

I mouth a ‘what? ’

As I looked into her eyes, the significance of every lyric , every verse for the chorus of that song, sank deep into my heart and I felt that sourish sweet aching in my heart and smiled.

That 8 lines of chrous lyrics told me what I wanted to know.

As the chorus of the song repeated , April stood up and got onto the sofa and continued the song as she swayed and danced in a sweet innocent manner. I could definitely see her upskirt if I wanted but at that moment, I just felt like holding her.

I got up, and we hugged for the first time, with me pressing my face onto her tummy as she towered above me standing on the sofa.

April : Did I answer your question ?

I nodded my head a little too eagerly and she couldn’t help but laugh and shook her head. April excused herself to the washroom and I settled back into the seats.

Right then I decided that I cannot lose to her and decided to do something similar.

I scrolled through some songs which popped up into my mind and decided on a classic.

I popped my head out into the corridor, and waited for April to appear. Right when I saw her come into view, I hit the play button and got ready to do something stupid and silly.

The jingle of that familiar tune came up right when April walked into the door.

She was caught off guard for 2 seconds before my funny retro dance drew her into the madness.

We sang and jumped onto the sofa like a couple of kids before collapsing into a heap at the end of the song.

We breathed heavily onto each other’s face in the room and I felt the moment was right and my eyes closed.

Seconds later I felt the soft sweel lips of April came into contact with mine. We did not French but it was a peck on the lips. Just enough for us to taste each other.

As sudden as it started, the moment ended. We both exhaled and continued the songs, our hands clasped tightly together till we left the joint.

We did some more light shopping and left Marina Square at 5pm.

My hands were full with April’s shopping so she had to press the lift button for once.

I saw her hit only the 7th floor

My eyes did not leave that lighted button until the door opened.




I took a while to get all of April’s stuff out of the car when we got back to our flat.

My hands were full with April’s shopping so she had to press the lift button for once and I got to have more space than usual

I saw her hit only the 7th floor

My eyes did not leave that lighted button until the door opened.

April stepped out ahead of me to hold the door open, reminding me for the hundredth time that I better not drop her shopping. She liked her paperbags in mint condition. I saw her took a cautious step, trying not to look suspicious onto the corridor before helping me with a couple of bags.

I was so glad no neighbours were out and about on the corridor.

Using the only free hand, I fumbled for the keys and held my breath until we were both safely inside my place.

I dropped all the bags onto the sofa and immediately reached for April. Her hands rested upon my shoulders as our lips met again. I felt the tip of her tongue cautiously touched mine before retreating back into her mouth. That quick tongue flirt left me wanting more as my hands went around her waist, holding her tightly against me.

Our lips parted and I got a good taste of April, her tongue is soft, tender and sweet. It’s not too wet and slimy yet just moist enough to make you crave for more. I felt like a man dying of thirst in a desert, and April’s tongue was like a spoonful of morning dew.

My hands slid down her waist, resting at the top of her hips and as suddenly as it started, we stopped kissing, just breathing heavily on each others face in the living room.

We did not speak, instead I led her into my room. She still had her flats on, I assumed she did not want to leave it outside on the shoe rack. April took a cautious look around my room before turning to face me, as if waiting for me to make the move.

I shut the door and power up the aircon.

April sat down on the edge of my bed, crossing her legs. I saw the twinkle of mischief in her eyes and I knew it’s going to be an uphill task .

April : Get me a glass of water James. .. haha

I knew I had that ‘lan lan’ look on my face when April’s smile gave way to a wide grin.

Rushing to the kitchen, I poured her a glass of water and immediately rushed back into my room. I offered April the water and she took a small sip.

I removed my top, letting it drop to the floor and I could feel April’s eyes on me. I got closer to April and I could almost see her mind whirling , thinking of ways to tease and torture me. I knew that if I had waited longer, I might risk losing the moment again.

I knelt down in front of April and saw the look of surprise on her face. Lifting her crossed right leg up, I kissed her on the shin , slowly letting my kiss explore upwards towards her kneecaps. As I made my way towards her thigh, I slowly placed her right leg down, removing her flats for her.

I removed her left one as well before kissing her on her left kneecap. I did not know if she was enjoying it or maybe she thinks she’s induldging me in my foot fetish but I felt her legs part further, making space for me to enter.

Her hands reached for my hair and I felt the soft carass of her hands on my face before I bent lower to kiss her inner thighs. Her thighs were smooth, hairless, I reckon she spent a couple of minutes everynight plucking the stray strands that always seemed to sprout out.

I felt a tug of my hair and looked up to April.

April : It’s quite cold James.

I turned down the aircon immediately as I saw April slide into the middle of the queen size bed. She lifted the quilt and her body disappeared underneath, leaving only her beautiful face staring back at me. I crept under the sheets as well and I unbuttoned the top of her dress before helping her remove it in one go. I was thankful I was already in bed, or my legs would have given way as I stared at her body.

She smiled and her right arm hooked me close and our lips met again under the sheets. I was torn between more tongue action and more exploration of her body. I felt a little cold too but April’s body seemed to behave like a radiator, giving me all the heat I needed and it was impossible for me to pull myself away.

When I finally broke free of her mouth, I pressed my nose onto her left breast cup, taking in deep erotic whiffs of her bra. With each whiff, I felt like my body was pumping more blood into my manhood. My tongue hid itself within my kisses on her cleavage and slid out suddenly, flipping a little of her bra cup and I tasted her breast for the first time.

Finding it hard to resist any longer, I peeled back one cup and I groaned like a little boy when I saw the erector nipple. It almost felt like I was dreaming, the stucked up ‘dao’ Raffles place OL now on my bed, in my arms, with only her bra and underwear.

I clamped down gently on April’s nipple, giving it a gently suck as I pretended to be a suckling baby. I could feel the uneven rise and fall of her chest as my left hand slowly traced her stomach down to her pelvic region.

The soft Lycra panty felt good and tight as I tried to wriggle my fingers underneath. As if my fingers had a mind of their own, the decided to approach from the sides instead. Then I touched something that snapped my mind out of the erotic fantasy I was indulging in.

I did a double take and saw that amidst the black, there was white. It was not a thick pad, but more of a liner for the light days

I froze and a commercial came into my mind.

你怕黑吗 ? 。。。

I could hear it go 你怕白吗 ? 。。。。

April laughed and said.

April : I never said I was having sex with you right…

She stretched herself out on my bed and added

April : Still a little more, probably a couple of days.

She turned away from me but pushes her body against my rapidly deflating cock.

April : I could use some cuddling though.

I smiled and gave up fighting this unpredictable girl. I would have been mad, driven insane by my crazy hormones, but someone it felt a little different with April. I actually didn’t mind not having sex with her, in fact I felt comfortable just holding her in my arms.

I still kept up with my kisses on her back and shoulders as we cuddled and chat in the room.

8pm .

We decided to get dress and grab some dinner.

April left most of the shopping at my place and only chose to take a couple of the bags with her, giving me hope that she should be a regular visitor . I dug out the couple Tee and passed the female one over which she took the additional trouble of adding.

April : Ohh, is it for me ?

James : No one else can have it but you.

April came across the bag of medicine I left on the coffee table and checked out the address of the clinic I visited. She held up my MC and asked.

April : This doctor any good ?

James : No. Don’t ever go there. She asked a lot of questions, and charged me a bomb for my MC.

She laughed and replaced my MC into the bag.

April : I haven got mine yet. Haha. What time does this clinic close ? Go with me ?

I checked the time and I knew my sis is probably already home as she does the morning shift, I could probably dropped by my place or give her a call.

James : I could give her a call, but she’s usually on in the morning. Do you need to submit the MC to HR tomorrow ?

She shook her head and says she can do it by the end of the week, just need to date the MC properly. She usually goes to the company’s doctor when she’s sick, but for this case, she would prefer to take it elsewhere.

James : You meant you’ve never chao geng before meh ? I don’t believe you..

She ignored me and made her way to the door.

I reached for a kiss and was rewarded with another one.

We hugged at my door and April patted my erected dickhead before we headed out.

April : Down boy… down… Not today..

We had a quick dinner at the hawker centre before I walked April back to her unit. I said hi to grandma and I told them I’ll meet them that coming weekend to firm up the renovation.

I returned to my place and gave my sis a call.

James : I need another MC for today. Different name

She did not reply immediately and instead took a few seconds to consider my request. My elder sis did not even bother to put me on hold as she shouted for my mum. I could only hear bits of their conversations before my sister finally asked for her full name.

James : April Lee Xue ping. I’ll text you.

She asked me to wait again before adding.

DaJie : Mummy says invite April over for dinner this weekend.

James : She’s just my neighbour lah..

Dajie : So do you want the MC or not ?

I considered the pros and cons before agreeing.

James : But I want it now, I’ll come over and get it.

Dajie : Yes Milord…

I got the MC from my sis and left before more questions can be peppered at me.

I was feeling pretty happy about surprising April with that slip of paper and was looking forward to an unexpected reward of sorts but when I passed it to April , she asked with a frown on her face.

April : how much did you pay for this ?

James : It’s free, don’t worry.

She did a double take on the doctor’s name and said.

April : So, you’re telling me at 10.30pm, a doctor named Belinda, gave you an MC for free just because you asked for it ?

My face changed and I immediately added.

James : It’s not what you think.

April smiled and waved that slip in front of me.

April : How much did you pay for this ?

James : A dear price my dear, I paid a dear price…




April : haha. How much ?

I hesitated before telling her my parents kept asking me about the girl they saw the other day, and that they would like to have dinner with her this weekend.

April lifted up the slip with a questioning look on her face.

April : Belinda is your mum ?

I shook my head before saying she’s my sister.

April laughed and said something that melted my heart.

April : I’m so going to marry you James… unlimited MC from my sister in law.. haha.

Right before she closed the door, she wished me good night and whispered,

April : See you this weekend.





I helped April unpacked her shopping, hanging up some of her purchases and placing her shoe boxes and heels at the corner of my room before going to bed.

I got into office a little early to clear up the backlog of work caused by my day off. Aside from a couple of messages during lunch and a short phone chat in the evening, I hardly spoke with April. She was busy with her work too and I was a little disappointed that Friday evening when she had to churn out some report and give our dinner date a miss.

She did call and ask if I could get dinner for grandma.

I dropped by her place and asked grandma what would she like for dinner. I bought some dishes and soup up and I chatted with her over a dinner of pork leg vinegar, steam fish and water cress soup. I helped with the dishes as grandma went on talking about her grand daughter again.

I just smiled and nodded as she was full of praises for April.


Right when I was about to leave her place, grandma asked me to wait as she insisted on showing me more pictures of April. She brought out a separate album she kept in her room and settled down beside me on the sofa.

I was a little shocked as I realised the similarity of the pictures for grandma’s birthday. It’s almost duplicate of the ones April had on her walls. The only difference was that it was grandma holding the knife.

James : Eh, you share the same birthday as April ?

Grandma : Same month, but exact date don’t remember already. Last time never record.

She brought my attention to a trip to genting highlands, saying that was their first trip overseas and they took a ton of photos. The pictures looked quite recent, probably a few years back. She enjoyed the cool weather and would have wanted to visit again if not for her bad leg.

I casually asked about their holidays

James : Auntie, does April always bring you overseas ?

Grandma : haha. She wants to, but I don’t think my body can take it. Probably Malaysia is the furthest I could go.

She continued as I flipped through the rest of the albums.

Grandma : You all young people should go travel and see the world, if not once old liao will be like me, stuck at home.

Grandma : April refused to go holiday with her friends you know, always worrying about me.

She went on further to hint that she can take care of herself and the neighbours are all friendly etc, her hinting got a little too obvious and uncomfortable that I had to quickly change the topic.

James : Ehh. Next time if got chance I’ll ask April la, but she very fierce, go travelling with her she sure scold me everyday one.

Grandma : haha, she won’t, she’s a nice girl.

James : Hasn’t April dated before ? during her school days ?

Grandma : Got a few boys came over before but my guess is it didn’t work out. She keeps saying they’re not suitable.

I changed the topic again before excusing myself, saying I’ll need to prepare some of the renovation stuff to go through with them the next day.


I was enjoying a movie I downloaded when my phone rang. It was April

April : Oei… What are you doing ?

James : Thinking of you.

April : yah right… I’m heading back. See you at 10.30pm ?

James : Ok.

I immediately changed out of my boxers and tidied up my room a little. I had already restocked the condoms in the drawers and made sure tissue papers were within reach from all 4 corners of the bed.

I was bringing in some laundry when my doorbell rang and I was surprised to see April through the peephole. Unlocking the gate, she walked in with her heels and collapsed onto the sofa as I closed the door behind her.

I felt an erection coming as her feet wriggled and shrugged off her heels , bringing her feet up by her side as I came around to her.

She pressed her head onto my tummy and grumbled something about a long day.

I sat down and she orientated herself before lying down on my lap, letting her legs stick a little out of the end of the sofa. I could smell the combination of perfume, makeup and perhaps a little shampoo from her as I bent forward for a kiss.

She went on telling me about her day but my right hand went uncontrollably to her flat stomach, stroking them slightly before moving upwards towards her breast.

April : Are you listening James ?

James : Yeap yeap, I am.

I stopped the moment I managed to cup my palm over her left breast and I saw April staring at me.

James : Hehe… sorry…

She got up and reoriented herself away from me, placing her feet on my lap instead. I gave her feet a massaged and she just stared at me with a dreamy look and a smile on her face.

April : Are you going to smell those fingers of yours after you’re done ?

James : I’m planning to make sushi for you later.

She laughed and we cuddled on the sofa for a good 10 minutes before she said she better get going.

I told her I’ll be seeing her tomorrow afternoon.

11th December 2010



We had a quick lunch before getting straight to work

I brought along the stuff I’ve prepared for April and her grandma and we spent 2 hours finalizing the details of the renovation including the schedule and the phases in which the renovation would be carried out.

The common bathroom will start first, follow by grandma’s bathroom, then the living room before we start work on April’s bedroom.


I was helping April with some old clothes when she suddenly stopped packing and rolled onto the bed.

I was enjoying myself helping her sort out her worn tubes, skirts and some old lingerie, my mind even toying with the idea of crossdressing in them if I get the chance.

April : James.. What is my grandma doing ?

I stucked my head out and saw replied.

James : She’s sleeping. Why ?

April : Close the door…

My eye immediately widen and my ears perked up as I cautiously closed the bedroom door. Even before I got to April’s bed, my erection was pushing hard against my pants.

We kissed the moment we touched and it brought back familiar feelings of that ‘new relationship lust’ as I termed it. The phase where we just can’t seemed to keep our hands off each other. April unbuttoned my pants, letting it drop down to the floor before removing my boxers.

April : Gosh, so fast ?

My brother is already pumped full of blood, throbbing in excitement for the attention that April is about to shower him

James : Hehh… it’s like that one.

She took a cautious look at the closed door again before her eyes closed.

I felt time stopped as her eyelids came down and her mouth opened. My legs shivered and shook in anticipation as I felt the warmth of April’s mouth on my manhood. She did not take me in whole, just stopping the moment she covered my dick head.

I felt a little suction, as if she was unsure what she was doing is correct. Her head tried to move but she choked herself a couple of times and she quickly switched back to just sucking on my dickhead.

It felt ok, but I knew for sure with this kind of rythem, I would be able to finish.

I didn’t mind a bit though honestly, it’s not just about the physical intimacy with April, the thought and the notion of her willing to give me a blowjob is more than enough to give me a mental orgasm.

I could see she really tried hard and I pitied her when she finally removed herself from me with her mouth wide open, letting a long trail of saliva fall onto her bed.

April : Sorry dear, mouth very painful already. I think my jaw going to cramp.

I smiled and assured her it’s ok, not bad, quite good, can be improved further.

I quickly changed the topic when she suddenly asked.

April : Who were you comparing me to when you made that last statement ?

I kissed her before she could say anything further.

As our tongues flirted , I lifted her singlet off her, revealing an off white strapless bra which I quickly unclasped. I pulled down April’s shorts and undies in one single move and I pressed my mouth onto her tummy, kissing my way down to her belly button before stopping at the edge of her vagina.

April gave me an unsure look before shaking her head.

April : Don’t want la dear, it’s …..

I did not let her finish her sentence as I dove straight in to her wet privates. I could smell the soap she uses and a sweet smelling fragrant that I can’t seem to describe. Letting my tongue sway side to side like a pendulum , I parted the folds of her vagina lips, exposing her clitoris.

April : James … stop…

I gave her engorged clit a series of quick flicks and licks with my tongue and was well rewarded when I felt more of her natural lube staining my face.

I sucked gently on her clit and I tongue masturbated for her. I could feel her feet lift higher before slamming down on my back as I worked on her privates. She didn’t last long which I was quite thankful as my mouth too was getting a little cramp.

I felt the tug on my hair and a sharp intake of air from April before I stopped all motion and just pressed down gently onto her swollen clit with my tongue as her body convulsed and went into spasm before pushing me roughly away.

We both laid motionless on the bed as we regulated our breathing.

April : Where did you learn that from ?

James : Architecture school. … They taught me everything except plumbing….

We laughed and cuddled up naked in bed.




We cuddled for a while longer, exploring each other’s body, kissing whenever we felt like it. April’s room was a little humid and I was perspiring like nobody’s business but I didn’t mind. What could feel better than 2 wet bodies against each other ?

I saw April reached for her phone after what seemed like 20 minutes and saw her bit her lips before giving me an embarrassed look. I knew what was coming out of her even before she said it.

James : Yes Yes… I know… Not today right ..

April : Haha, clever boy… mahmah is going to wake up soon.

I help April put on her clothes, bending down low with her undies as her legs went through the openings. The mere act of sliding her underwear up her legs is enough to send multiple throbs to my manhood. The moment the dry underwear touched her privates, I saw a small area darken a little before the moisture spreads further.

I couldn’t help it but pressed my nose towards her again as I took in a deep breath of April’s privates.

She must have seen the look of disappointment in my face and she stroked my hair, mouthing ‘ Not today’ once more.

I motioned for April to turn around and I helped her clasped up her bra and watched as she adjusted her breast properly. I had to take a tissue to wipe away some precum from the tip of my dickhead. I saw her pull on her top before reaching for the shorts that was flung unceremoniously on the floor.

She threw my shorts and boxers at me, motioning me to get dressed. I put on my clothes and I couldn’t help it but reach for her breast from behind, trying to cup them in my hands for some ‘playdoh style’ massaging but April was fast. She reached deftly for a wooden ruler from her stationary holder and gave me a smack on my hand

James : Oww…

April : Behave yourself James… I’m opening the door.

We checked ourselves in the mirror before leaving April’s room.

I went back to my place for a quick wash up before meeting my friends for coffee, got a few hours to kill before meeting April for a run late in the evening.


I saw the lift door open on the 1st floor and there she was, clad in running shorts and a stand chart running singlet. The singlet look loose, perhaps a size bigger than what April needed, I could catch a glimpse of her sports bra from the loose openings at the side and it send more electrical signals to my brain and more blood to my manhood.

We stretched in the quiet lobby and kissed when we were sure no one was looking before srating off on our run. There was the occasional chat but there was an unspoken competition going on.

Both of us did not want to lose.

30 minutes into the run right when we were circling back, I raised the white flag and we slowed our pace to a jog, another 10 minutes, we were holding hands, strolling our way back under the cool evening sky.

I was a little worried about bringing April to meet my family, and it brought back memories of the previous girls I brought them.

Lisa was hot, tight bod, nice ass and she gave a darn good blowjob, and she’s a nurse, what more could a man ask for. Somehow my parents couldn’t get over the fact that she had a tongue stud on when she met them.

I didn’t find it necessary to tell them I love that stud whenever it came into contact with me and my extended organ.

Then there was Cheryl, which I quite like the dragon she had on her back, and then there was Yulia who had an endless supply of fine vodka from the great motherland, and of course Shu ping who’s uncle’s brother’s whoever is one of the elite ruling party in China.

They all did not make it through the gatekeepers and I gave up bringing anyone back for dinner.

And for my sisters, those 2 are like a gate keeper. What’s with women and their instincts, their sixth sense. If the girl I brought back made it through my parents, they still had to content with my 2 sisters.

My sisters claimed more casualties than my parents had.

My mind was spinning as I tried to talk to April about the casual dinner the next evening.

I told her not to read too much into it, I’ll make sure they won’t make things difficult for her.

April : Hahah, why are you so nervous ?

James : You have no idea, they’re like a pack of wolves, they’ll eat you alive, and leave the bones for supper.

April : You’re exaggerating , they seemed quite nice when I saw them the other day.

James : Just follow my que tomorrow, we’ll make it back in one piece.

She laughed and brushed the conversation aside.

When we got back to our place at 11.30pm, I hit only the 7th floor and April gave me a look from the corner of her eye.

April : eh… late already.

James : Exactly…

I half dragged her towards my place and she was trying hard not to giggle when she saw the erection building up in my shorts.

Shutting the door behind us, we kissed again and our hands started exploring each other’s body again.

I could smell the stale perspiration from our bodies being mixed together as I grind myself like a horny school boy against April.

Flipping her around I positioned her hands, palms flat against the wall above her head.

James : Spread your legs..

April : Yes officer…

I laughed and played along.

My hand caressed her bums and I started with the questions.

James : Tell me your name.

April : April..

I paced a few steps and removed my shirt, asking another question as I cupped both hands around her breast from behind.

James : Tell me April, what are you doing here so late at night…

April : I ermm… just finished my run…

The manner in which she was answering my question was driving me mad, mad with hormones I meant. I strip myself completely before going close to her ears.

James : Would you like to guess what I’m going to do ?

I parted her running shorts and her undies at her privates and my fingers felt the slippery warmth that my manhood so desperately craved. I explored a little with my finger, finding her clit in no time as I gave it a few good teases.

April : Urgh… harhh… Stop please…

I could not take that any longer and positioned myself behind April as she thrust her hips upwards to accommodate a better entry.

I painted her vagina lips with my manhood as I slid up and down the entry, watching April’s body shiver and her legs shifting her weight around anticipating the entrance.

Right when I was about to enter, pushing in about a centimeter into her tight love hole, she spoke, albeit in a different tone. She no longer had that helpless submissive voice which I loved , instead it was the same kind of dao tone I heard in the lift when I first met her.

April : James…. Would you like to guess what I’m going to do to you if you enter me without a condom ?

My expression changed immediately and I gave a sheepish smile before dashing back to my room for the French cap.

Capping myself, I striped April’s shorts and underwear and I took a while easing myself into her. I’m aware that it could not have been her first but the tightness and the strength at which her vagina walls is exerting against my dick is overwhelming.

As I pull myself out, the drag of the interior against my condom clad dick sent thousands of indescribable signals to my brain. Thrusting it back in, I felt my legs almost buckling as more blood rushed to my manhood, every molecule eager for a taste and feel of April’s most private region.

Working out a tempo, I saw the spill of corridor light through the living room window hitting our sweaty bodies as the sound of flesh smacking together filled the entire house.

I finished in less than 10 mins and we both collapsed spent and exhausted onto the floor.

April seemed determined to test my skills again as she clamored onto me , shifting her privates close to my face as I laid on the hard floor.

I could smell the sweat, the plastic smell of the condom and the sweet smelling nectar of April all jumbled into one as I did my best to satisfy her.

I only remembered a shriek in the dark living room as she gave a hard jerk, causing my head to hit the cold hard tiles.

And we both laid there motionless for what seemed like 30 minutes.

We got dressed and I walked April back to her unit.

After a quick shower, I was knocked out till 10 the next morning.






Sunday 5.30pm

Time passed quickly that Sunday afternoon and it was time for us to head to my place for dinner. I called up my sisters beforehand, threatening them to be nice and behave during dinner. I was extra nice to my mum when I called to ask if she needed any extra dishes, I also told her that I’ve just transferred additional allowance over as I’m due to get my bonus in December.

I did not say anything to my dad.

Somehow these just didn’t seem to work on Fathers.

It took me a second or two to react when I saw April came out of the lift in a pair of Tan coloured shorts that was of a decent length, nothing too revealing yet not covering everything up on purpose. She had on a long sleeve white top that was a little translucent and looked really cool as it sat loosely off her body frame.

She had on an additional tube inside and her hair was tied up into a bun which looked a little like the backside of a chicken as the ends seemed to fan out.

April : What ?

James : You look… good..

April : Haha. Is it ? Will it save me from the monsters you’ve described ?

We held hands as we took that stroll across a few blocks to my place.

James : Don’t worry. I will protect you.

She laughed and fell in step beside me.

I approached my door cautiously and my eyes scanned the living room. I could smell the food my mum was preparing and my Dad was nowhere to be seen. Right when I was opening the gate, my elder sister came out of her room.

Her eyes met mine.

She smiled.

I watched her approached us and I held my breath, ready to get her into a choke hold if she tried anything funny.

Dajie : Hey hello ~

April Smiled and introduced herself.

April : Hi I’m April, nice to meet you…

DaJie : Nice to meet you too .. I’m Belinda, James eldest sister.

April : Ohh. I’m so sorry about the MC, I didn’t know James came and bother you late at night.

Dajie : Oh, it’s ok, no trouble at all.

My youngest sister Elaine must have heard the commotion and skipped out of her room.

She smiled and introduced herself to April.

Then for some magical reason, the 3 girls started talking and chatting about random topics from the top April is wearing to the phone in my sister’s hand to the nail polish they used.

I felt a little ignored so I went to the kitchen to help my mum.

After a short 2 min chat with her, I realised I missed her cooking and it’s been a while since I came back home. The familiar smell of the place I grew up, the cups I used and the stool I used to stand on to reach the water dispenser.

April entered the kitchen shortly and introduced herself to my mum who was about to scoop up some soup. It came almost naturally to April as she rolled up her sleeve and started helping my mum with the soup and cutleries.

My mum kept asking April to go to the living room , she’ll take care of the food but April insisted on helping.

I helped to set up the table while my sisters chatted a little suspiciously among themselves.

My dad popped out all of a sudden and shook hands with April 5 minutes before we sat down for dinner.

I did not realise I was perspiring throughout dinner, worried about the difficult questions my family members will pose, but I was surprised that other than a casual chat about what April did for a living, the rest of the conversation mainly circled around me instead.

Then my younger sister suddenly said something which caught me off guard.

Elaine : April Jie, you know arh, my brother called us earlier, warned and threatened us not to make you feel uncomfortable.

My eyes widened and I wanted to throw the chopsticks at her.

There was a burst of laughter when my elder sister added.

Dajie : He has never done that before you know, given the number of girls he brought back.

April Shot me a questioning look and mouthed ‘really ? ‘

My mum rescued me at that moment, asking everyone to eat while the food is still hot.

Fruits were brought out after dinner and everyone wanted to chat with April, leaving me the only one surfing the channels on TV.

When it was time to leave, I was feeling quite happy the dinner went well when my younger sister decided to punk me one last time.

Elaine : Come, I show you my brother’s naked pictures…

James : Wtf ?

Elaine : When he’s like a few months old.. haha.

April laughed and followed her into the room before emerging 15 minutes later and I saw the 3 girls exchanging numbers.

Something that told me she made it pass the gatekeepers.

We held hands as we walked back when April suddenly said.

April : Didn’t seem like you grew much James compared to your baby photos.. haha

James : Exactly which part are you talking about ?

April : haha.

That was the first of many family dinners April had at my place and it has since became a weekly affair. My family had taken to April rather well and my sisters often jio-ed April out for shopping trips.

Our relationship blossomed and we got closer than ever, sex was plently of course and we tried everything we could think of.

15th June 2011


3 days to my birthday.

April asked me what would l like to have.

April : A staycation ? buffet ? more sex ? haha.

We were just laying down on the mat at the beach, enjoying the wind and the sun when I thought of something I’ve always wanted to try.

James : You know…. When I first met you at the lift, you seemed really stucked up and arrogant.

April : so ?

James : The first thought that ran through my mind was to just grab you and give you a good one. Haha.

April took off her sunglasses and turned towards me.

April : So, You are saying you would like me to pretend I’m that stuck up arrogant bitch you first met in the lift while you rape me ?

James : Ehhh… that’s one way of putting it, but you made it sound so serious.

She replaced her sunglasses and laid back down.

April : Rape is serious business James…. Serious business…

30 seconds later, she added.

April : Your wish…. my will milord…. Happy birthday in advance.




I just laughed and went back to enjoying my weekday sun at the empty beach. We took the rest of the week off and that day was the first of our rest and relax island getaway.

I definitely did not think April was serious about it but no harm sharing with her my fantasy. If you never share, no one will know. I was expecting to finish Wednesday with a good round of orgasm at my place but April suddenly had to make a trip back to her office, returning only at 10pm.

We spent Thursday shopping and hitting the gym before catching a weekday movie. We visited sentosa, explored the island, chilling out at the beach cafes. Then she received a call at 4.30pm that day and she gave me a look which told me to start packing.

Well, she’s earning twice as much as I am, there had to be some sacrifice.

Friday morning was reserved for breakfast in bed, cooked by yours truly but I got an sms at 7.30am saying that she’s needed at her work again, but will buy me lunch to make up. She dropped me another message around 10.30am to ask me to meet her at M hotel during lunch for their semi buffet.

I took a slow train ride to town and feasted my eyes on the OLs that were buzzing around the area. I saw April’s office down the road and was considering whether to wait for her at the lobby but decided to wait at the hotel instead.


The lunch crowd was starting to file in and still no sign of April. Right when I was about to ask about a reservation I saw her appear in the lobby. I did not expect her to be that well dress for a quick pop in into her office. I saw the porters gave each other a jab in the elbows as she entered the hotel turning in my direction.

She was wearing a dress in a dark shade of blue, it wasn’t the flowly kind of dress but it felt like that piece was contoured to fit her body. The hem of her dress was a few good inches above her knees and it was one of the rare occasions I saw her in stockings.

Black stockings.

My heart skipped a beat as I remembered the last time I saw her in something like this, she had garters and an amazingly slutty g-string underneath. I came and moaned like a baby back then.

Her feet disappeared into a pair of dark coloured heels with some hues of blue randomly shaded into it. It was not too high to be uncomfortable, yet high enough to set her apart from the others.

The dress was sleeveless, the top part went round her neck with a clasp around her neck, not unlike the cheongsum design, and she had on a string of pearls.


Something that SYT can never carry it off.

I saw a couple of lunch patrons checking April out as she approached me and tied up her hair, her exposed armpits drew the attention of the 2 men pretending to play with their handphone on the sides.

April : Hungry ?

I nodded my head, half expecting her to ask if I’m horny as well.

She told the female manage that was serving us her reservation and we were led right up to the end of the café to a small table of 2. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her breast as they looked fuller that afternoon, perhaps it’s my sperm sacs that were full.

She ignored my obvious leering and folded her arms while waiting for our water.

The manager who say us down came over and poured us 2 glass of ice water, but the moment she set April’s one down in front of her, I was a little taken aback when she suddenly barked at the manager.

April : The glass is dirty, change it.

April then folded her arms, crossed her legs and asked me to check my glass.

I was a little surprised as we’ve shared food with flying ants in it before and we laughed it off. She did not seem like she was in a good mood so I did a cursory check on my water and told her mine was ok.

The manageress apologized and changed her glass.

James : Are you ok ? Bad day at work ?

She just shrugged her shoulders and ignored me.

We were seated by the glass walls right at the end where there was a good flow of pedestrian traffic. She crossed her legs, letting her dress hike up a little higher than usual and somehow I felt suddenly more people walking closer and closer to the café boundary.

I could have swore I saw a couple of uncles went pass a few rounds.

We had minimum chat while waiting for the food and I concluded that she was in a bad mood and did not want to dig further. When April’s beef was served, I was horrified when the first cut she made, blood oozed out.

She called for the manageress again and she literally threw her utensils down on the table.

April : I asked for well done, not a bleeding cow.

The manageress was horrified such a mistake was made and immediately apologized. I did not dare to look at April and instead pretended my piece of steak was the most interesting thing in the world at that moment.

Her order came back 5 minutes later and she finally got to eat.

When she saw me with the bad habit of sticking the knife into my mouth with a piece of potato, she snapped at me again.

April : Can you stop doing that ? What if you cut yourself.

My eyes widen and I set my utensils down, too stressed out to eat any further


We were having coffee and the café was almost cleared of all patrons,

April still looks like she was in a bad mood and as she replied her messages, there was that stuck up frown on her face and the repeated , ‘ Tsek ‘ as she hammered her fingers in the blackberry.

I played with the brown sugar sachets on the table and when a psionic ‘ Tsek ‘ was sent my way, I stopped what I was doing.

April : I’m going to the washroom.

James : Orh.

I watched her walk away , pulling down her dress as her heels clicked across the café floor, she passed the manageress who I really pitied and I could not believe it when she just shook her head in a  condescending manner at her.

I simply could not believe what was happening.


April came back to our table and asked for the bill.

I offered to pay but she shot me a look and I decided to keep my wallet.

Then the most embarrassing thing happened and I wish I could dig a hole into the ground right there and then.

April : I’m not paying for the 10% service charge, it was horrible.

The waiter seemed a bit lost and 2 minutes later, the poor manager came back with another bill which  April accepted.

In that instance, I really felt like she was another person.

A stuck up OL in town.

I smile sheepishly at the café crew as I walked a few steps behind April, I mouthed ‘sorry’ to the manager and pointed to April before pointing my finger to my head, doing a circling motion to indicate she was a bit cranky.

I caught up with her as she approached the lobby and she turned towards the set of lifts. I did not suspect anything as I assumed we were going to the carpark.

James : Are you ok dear ?

April : Tsek, just… leave me alone for a while.

I gave up trying to talk to her, in fact sometimes I gave up talking to women when their hormones were not in balance.

I caught the nice scent of fragrance when the lift door opened. It gave way to a carpeted lobby which I assumed we had to cut through to the carpark.

Then April stopped outside one of the door and she inserted the key card.

I was shocked, frozen in my footstep.

April : Wait a while, I just need to grab something.

Even at that moment I did not suspected anything and given the attitude and mood that day, I certainly did not think sex was on the cards.

I popped my head into the room cautiously and took a look.

I saw an overnight bag in the corner and April was bent over the bed, her hips pointing at me as she flipped through some stuff.

Some stuff.

I took one step closer and realised that ‘stuff’ was nothing but a travel magazine the hotel provided. My heart stopped beating for a moment and I took in other ques in the room.

The bathtub was filled.

Music was playing.

And the most obvious que of all, was 3 boxes of condoms, packs of 3s, standing at 45 degree side by side on the side table.

I found it hard to breath as blood started rushing to my manhood.

I closed the door with a slam and bolted it.

And what happened next made my erection strained harder against my jeans.

April : What are you doing ?

I took a step closer to April and she retreated, mirroring my movement.

April : James, stop it, .. what are you doing.

I could not believe it even though I was right there in the room.

When April ran out of room for retreat, she threatened me again.

April : James, I meant it, stop. I’m not joking.

I caught the slightest of twinkle in her eyes before she reverted to her stuck up bitch attitude.

April : James, …. James… stop, this is not funny.

Then April reached for the information booklet on the working table and threw it at me, hitting me squarely on my shoulders when I ducked.

I made my move.

I tried to grab April but she shoved me aside and she went for the room key and her purse, before going straight for the door.

It did not look like she was joking.

I caught up to her as my right arm went around her waist and using the momentum, I shoved her back down to the carpeted floor.



One of April’s heels came off and she kicked off the other one, throwing it at me, missing my face a mere couple of inches. I saw her stocking feet kicked and pushed herself away from me as she struggled to get up from the floor.

I went forward to grab her again and what happened drove the air out of my lungs.

April’s left hand swung a good 90 degrees, delivering a back hand slap across my face.

April : Stop it James, I’m not joking…

I took off my shirt and threw it across the room.

I knew if I wanted what I wished for, I need to work for it.

That was not some Japanese AV where the moaning girl pleaded with you to stop yet open her legs wide apart.

If I wanted a stuck up OL, I will have to fight for her.

April continued her retreat, backing herself up against the wall. As i unbuckled my belt, i could see a real sense of fear in her eyes as she hopped onto the bed, trying to ge around my flank.

All i can say was .

James : Wrong move April..






I immediately reached across , diving onto the bed as I managed to grab hold of her ankle, yanking her down onto the bed. Her stocking clad legs felt sensual and arousing and I could feel the fabric teasing my manhood even more.

April screamed as she collapsed with a yelp, her body immediately turning to push me away.

She tried to go for another slap but I managed to avoid her 2nd attempt and caught hold of her right wrist, she tried to claw me with her left but I caught that as well. Passing both her wrist to my right hand, I held on tight as she struggled and begged me to stop

April : Please James… stop …. Don’t do this.

Her pleas only sent more blood to my dick as I struggled to unbuckle myself. With her hands immobilized, April started kicking wildly as her dress rode up higher and higher as she literally grinded herself backwards as much as she could on the soft mattress.

Her head kept shaking left to right as her pleas continued.

She broke free for a moment but I caught her hands again in no time. My left hand went for her breast, depressing them down, trying to feel for myself the fullness of her breast which turned so many heads on that busy Friday afternoon.

She shrieked and tried to bite me as I caressed and squeezed her love pillows hard, my mind already fantasizing about ripping her dress off her.

Her crumpled dress hem exposed the top of her stockings which was held up by her garters, they hung loosely and must have come undone during the initial struggle. My face went close for a kiss but April turned herself away from me, her sudden changed in direction of her head causing me to plant a kiss onto the low side of her cheek.

April : Stop James… please stop… .. Please…

I straddled over her, trying to keep her still with my body weight but the moment she sensed she was going to get pinned down, April struggled even more, her legs flailing wildy, I shifted myself higher as I half sat on her stomach, transferring her both wrist to my left hand before pressing it down hard onto the bed, pinning her in place.

I tried to kiss April again but she spat at me, screaming for me to stop. I felt the wet saliva on my nose, dripping down onto my lips and I licked it all up, savouring the sick taste of fear as April’s hair plastered all over her face.

We started to perspire despite being in the cool air con room.

My right hand went to squeeze her breast again as she strained against my body.

I felt like I was turning into a monster when I heard April scream out loud.

April : Stop James…. Stop…. I hate you.. go away from me…

She tried to spit at me multiple times, some of her saliva hitting my face, some on my chest some just dribbled down her lips. Perhaps it’s the rush of sperm to my head, I too was engrossed in that erotic scene.

My right hand left her breast and went to close in on her cheeks, pressing them together, causing her mouth to pout unnaturally as she struggled harder.

James : Stop struggling…. You bitch…..

April : Fuck you James… stop… stop this… arghhhhhh !

She tried to reach up and bite me but I made sure I kept out of range.

The short struggle ever since we started was draining me of my energy fast, I could feel April losing strength also and I held on. I parted her left leg with my right knee as I repositioned myself but in that instance when I tried to change position, April kicked me squarely in the chest, causing me to fall backwards.

She made use of that time to quickly stand up, grabbing her heels from the floor but I grabbed onto her waist again, causing her to scream and kick widly as I threw her back onto the bed.

April : Please James…. I’m begging you… please.. don’t…

I stripped myself completely and released my throbbing hard dick and I could see April’s eye darted to my manhood. She looked a little lost, unsure of her next move and I did not waste any time, going forward as she turned her body away from me, her hands instinctively covered her breast.

I lifted up her skirt, finally feasting my eyes on her white bottom with the garter belt and a pair of black undies. April pushed me away and struggled across the bed, tripping on the runner which is now crumpled into a mess together with the blanket.

I grabbed the runner with my right hand, giving it a few twirl to thin it before I slung it around April’s  neck, she tried to struggle and I regulated my strength, keeping in mind I’m not out to kill this stuck up raffles place OL.

I managed to slow her down enough to pin down her arms.

When April realised that I’m looping the runner repeatly around her wrist, she struggled and scream louder and she almost bit me on the forearm.

Her left hand came loose but I managed to get the right wrist in a secure loop although it looked rather flimsy.

I gave up on her left hand which was swinging in a wide arc, trying to hit me but instead did something she did not expect, I looped her right wrist backwards and reached for her right ankle.

April immediately panicked and cursed at me as she tried to over power me.

I managed a good knot and grabbed hold of her left hand, pinning her down on the bed. Her repeated attempts to free herself did not work as I slowed down by advance, watching her struggle.

April : Please James… stop… stop… I’m no joking… please..

I pried open her legs which she tried as hard as she could to keep them shut.

My leg hand went straight for her vagina as I towered over her body, my right hand firmly pinning her remaining free hand down.

I was surprised she was sopping wet as she pleaded with me not to rape her. In fact I could feel her love juice soaking itself through her undies as I stroked her privates, using my body as a wedge to keep her legs apart.

James : You’re so wet and you have the cheek to ask me to stop..

April : No please.. James…

Her pleas got a little intense and I could almost feel a sob coming. I parted her undies and pivoted her hip up and I poise myself for entry. April tried to struggle but her movements was severely restricted.

I felt the inviting warmth of her vagina beckoning to me as I pushed myself into her raw for the first time without a condom ever since we started dating.

I saw April’s eyes widen and her mouth gasped wide open and she mixed in her pleas amidst her moan begging me to let her go. I tried a couple of pumps, evoking a series of curse and struggle as she tried to squeeze me out.

After what seemed like 30 seconds of struggling to find a good position, I settled with letting April fall to her right of her body, her own body weight pinning down her bounded limbs. I set her left leg upon my shoulders and I vise clamped her left wrist with my arm, hugging her left set of limps together as I impaled myself into April again.

I managed to work up a good rythem for a good 20-30 strokes as April struggled.

She managed to knee me repeated on my right cheek but I did not care as I pumped her hard.

April : Stop… James… Stop.. please..

James : Say it… Say it April… Say you are a stuck up bitch and you want me…

She tried to spit at me again before one good left knee hit me squarely on my cheek, drawing blood.

April must have seen the blood in my teeth and lips and she actually stopped and said.

April : Oh my god .. shit..

Using that moment of hesitation, I right her body, back flat on her back as I pumped hard into April.

April : Stop James.. please… stop..

I hit her hard, and fast and with each enter and withdrawal, I felt her getting wetter and the entry became easier. I could feel myself building up to an orgasm as April continued her pleas.

Right when I felt I was about to cum, April struggled herself free and my dick slipped out of her love hole, but I had already reach the point of no return and I tried to cum onto her breast but I ended up shooting my sperm everywhere as she screamed and struggled.

My semen landed on her face, her hair, her dress.

I came but I wasn’t satisfied.

You know that kind of feeling you have when you finished but failed to get the big O. That was what I felt as I retreated backwards from April and I watched her collapsed, breathing heavily onto the bed.

She seemed spent and exhausted.

I went to the washroom and rinsed my mouth, and saw I had a cut inside my mouth caused my April’s knee.

I went out and saw April lying on the bed, disheveled like a rag doll.

But I wasn’t done.

I must have been mad and thinking with my little head as I went to the mini fridge and opened the can of beer and a bottle of whisky from the minibar, mixing them together in a cup.

April saw me approach and shook her head instantly, exclaiming loudly.

April : No James No…. stop.




I tried to force her to drink the entire concoction but she struggled and only swallowed a part of it.

She choked a little before draining the rest of the cup and collapsing onto the bed. I left her alone for a good 20 minutes as I took a quick shower and drank some water before taking a break

I could see the rise and fall of her chest and her alcohol soaked dress as I undid her dress.

She could see open her eyes but I knew April was really bad with her alcohol. She would get tipsy even with a can of beer.

The fact that she was willing to drain my mixture told me she was willing to go all the way.

I untied her and I could see her listless eyes staring at me and I felt as if I had just drug myself a girl from the club, enjoying her while she stare helplessly at me.

I pressed my nose onto her calves, smelling and sliding my face up and down her legs as I take in the smell of her sweat and the stocking which was now torn and looked stretched out of shape.

I sucked on her panty hose, infusing the nylon with my saliva before sucking it all into my mouth again. I repeated it, drawing closer and closer to her vagina. I felt I was going mad as I lick and suck on the wet patch of her undies, the smell of her love juice and sweat told me I was the luckiest man alive.

I help April stripped off her Dress and it seemed as if she gave up fighting , just the rise and fall of her chest told me she was still alive and staring at me.

I helped her put on her heels before entering her in missionary again. This time round, I felt a new found sense of satisfaction as I watched her closed eyes, her lips slightly parted as I’ve no doubt she pretended to be drugged. I could see her fighting back the urge to moan out loud as the frown on her forehead deepened as I pumped her hard.

When I was sick of missionary, I turned her over, entering her from behind as I pumped her hard, smacking my pelvis onto her back.

It did not take long, probably about 15 minutes into the 2nd round I was about to cum.

I wanted a grand finale, after all we went through it should not be sloppy. I was about to reach for the condoms but I convinced myself to hold out a little while longer.

James : Say you want me to fuck you April …. Say it..

She took that as my que to snap out of her drugged state and spoke quietly in a submissive tone .

April : Fuck me James….. fuck me ~

It came out soft, almost like a whisper and it satisfied my sick and perverted mind.

Finally I tamed the stuck up OL who always gave me dao looks. Who told her to wear tight dress and strut around in high heels as if she owned the world. I repeated this thought in my sick mind, thinking to myself this has got to be the best birthday present ever.

James: Moan for me… moan like you’re a slut.

And like magic, April started moaning. It was not the usual love making moan, I could feel the submission in her sobs and moan and she kept up the pleas.

April : Please… James… let me go..

Then suddenly I felt fear. Amidst the erotic mood I felt fear.

Because I lost control

James : I’m going to cum… oh no… shit…

April must have thought I was joking and moaned harder, not helping me as I felt myself fall off the clip, as I gave out a vibrating moan and unloaded myself deep into April.

She must have felt the warmth of maybe something felt different when she suddenly tried to push me away but I ended up collapsing on top of her, my hands tied after the rape session.

I groaned and moaned like a sissy as I feel my manhood releasing squirts and waves after waves of semen into April. Up till this day I still could not understand where all those sperm came from barely after one round.

When I finally pushed myself up, April was gasping for breaths and we both looked at her vagina.

There was nothing.

Then I saw a peek of white.

Then more white

Then an avalanche of my sperm came out in my first ever cream pie.

My mouth gasped open as I looked at April.

There was no more submissive tone. No more pleading look.

No more helpless OL in tight dress.

She grabbed the pillow closest to her and smack smack smack, 3 times across my head.

I quickly brought tissues over and I could feel her glaring at me.

She looked up into the ceiling and I could see her mentally counting in her mind before she mouth a

“ Oh fuck “

She went into the bathroom I could hear the shower come on as I collapsed onto the bed.

She came out 10 minutes later and I immediately stood up.

James : Sorry …

She grabbed the pillow and smack me across the head a few more times before giving up as I went over to hug her.

We collapsed, and cuddled together , falling asleep that Friday afternoon.

When we woke up at 8pm, i was hungry and my whole body was aching…

April got dressed in the bathrobe and she went over to the window, peering down at the street below.

I went over, hugging her from behind and i could feel her head lean back against me.

April : Happy now ?

James : Happiest man alive…

April : Am i really that stuck up to you ?

I chose not to answer that and instead went for a kiss.

As i bask in that blissful moment, April spoke.

April : If i’m pregnent… i’ll kill you…

I hugged her closer and replied…

James : Whether you are pregnent or not, i’m marrying you ….

She bit her lips and smiled.




We snuggled up onto the bed for a while more before we showered and got ready to check out. April did not plan on staying out and away from her grandma unless it was absolutely necessary.

Getting repeatly raped by me overnight in a hotel room definitely did not fall into that category.

I helped to bring April’s bag to the car after she directed me to it before joining her in the lobby. I was surprised to see her huddled in a group near the café where we had our lunch talking suspiciously to the manager that served us earlier in the day.

There were laughs and giggles and when I saw another lady, who I found really familiar approach them, I knew the joke’s on me. It was one of the girls I saw at macdonalds in Siglap some time back, she was well dressed and I saw the manager give her a courteous nod before excusing herself.

April hugged the girl and they chatted before she directed her eyes towards me and they approached the corner I was in.

Greetings was exchanged and I could see the sly smile of mischief in April’s friend’s eyes too as we bade each other farewell.

James : So you planned this all along ? … do they know what we were up to ?

April : Don’t be stupid James, we’re in a hotel room for a few hours, what else can we be doing ?

As we entered the lift to the carpark, I can’t help but asked.

James : I don’t mean that…. I meant the scenario that we’re playing out.

April just laughed and ignored me.

We arrived home at around 11pm that Friday evening. April came over to me place first and in a bossy attitude, asked me to make sure her dress and soiled lingerie were washed properly before I return to her.

She must have recognized the look in my face and she immediately tried to make for the door but I was faster.

I took her again in my room that evening and timed my 3rd orgasm when the clock strucked 12.

As if I did not have enough sick activity for that day, I fingered April till she was cumming and made her sing a birthday song while her body twitched and spasm to her big O.

April : Urhh Pee urghhh day to you…. Urghhh urhh pee

That was all I could make out as she tried to push me away and sing at the same time.

1st July 2011


April’s Period was due the day before but it did not happen. At 10 pm that Friday evening, she came over to my place and I was the standing target for a good 15 minutes of pillow and bolster wacking party.

She tried to strangle me and all I could do was give a sheepish smile.

Only after I brought her to an orgasm with my tongue did it pacify her enough to leave me alone and return to her place at around 11.30pm.

2nd July 2011

I bought breakfast early in the morning and I visited April, half of my mind already thinking about feeding the extra mouth that is starting to develop inside April’s stomach.

I was feeling pretty good about it actually, we’re not exactly 16 , what was there to worry about ? Isn’t bringing a new life onto this world something to be happy about.

When I reached April’s gate at 9am that morning, I knew it was an all clear as I could see the sheepish smile on her face.

She was 2 days late.

I rolled my eyes and when we had the privacy of her room, I went for her pillow and bolster as she just stood heads down staring at the floor. Her shoulders were slouched and I could not bear to bring myself to tease her any longer.

9th September 2011


I got down on my knees and proposed to April in her living room, as she sat on the same sofa in which she celebrated her birthday every year with her grandma.

She was initially irritated when I move the coffee table away , making her give up the table ledge which her legs were on.

The moment I got down on my knees and took out the ring, she started laughing.

April : I don’t believe you James… I don’t believe you… haha

I opened the box, revealing a modest diamond ring and my lips trembled as I tried to remember the speech I spent sometime writing.

April : Get up James… don’t joke with me.. haha.

I looked April in her eyes and I spoke the words that started to fill her eyes with tears.

James : April…. I may not be the best plumber, but I’m confident I’ll be a good husband to you, a good father to our kids, and a good grandson to your mahmah.

I paused for the words to sink in before I continued.

James : I know we’ve been together for slightly less than a year… but this is not about how long we’ve been together, it’s about how we would spend the rest of our life together.

James : April Liu Xue Ping…. I would like to grow old with you by my side. Will you marry me ?

I could see the tears flowing freely down her cheeks buy April wasn’t bawling up like a baby, she was  smiling radiantly in that living room.

My hand was trembling as I put the ring onto April’s left hand and she helped me onto my feet and hugged me tightly in that living room. I saw Grandma gave me the thumbs up at the doorway to the kitchen when April suddenly whispered in my ears.

April : When do you plan on telling me about the letters you stole from my mailbox ? I found them in the document box under your bed the other day.

My heart skipped a beat but I just smiled and replied in her ears.

James : Too late April… you already accepted the ring…

December 2011

April was pregnent 1 month before our ROM date.

I left my job and started a small home base design company when news of the renovation I did for April’s unit spread throughout the block. Although I do not have any big projects under my name but I can say I am proud to be able to fix up no less than 19 units and make them safer for the elderlies within the short span of a year or so.

Coupled with some freelance design jobs I have, I make enough to spend some time writing rubbish online.

April still makes more than me, and is now holding a regional portfolio in a large organization.

We are still staying in the same 3 room flat in bedok.

I still get to rape a stuck up OL once in a while.

The end.