I met Gillian during an IT show back in 2005.

I was quite happy that I got a sweet looking girl standing by my side for my dull job and needless to say, I made my move. She was shy, not very chatty but I could see the sparkle in her eyes whenever I made a corny remark that made her laugh.

Gillian was not the prettiest of the lot, neither is she wearing a short skirt with brands endorsements like some of the models, Gillian was just in a plain T-shirt and Jeans.

Her hair was just healthy and black, while the models hair were all nicely done with sparkles and dyes, I felt Gillian stood out among the rest with her natural black hair.

She had a natural glow on her cheeks and her eye lashes were naturally long without using any extension.

My friends went all out during the IT weekend, chatting with the models while I’m contented with just a bit of teasing and joking around with Gillian.

We kept in contact after that weekend through Friendster and multiply.

Before I knew it, Gillian and I were dating even though she was preparing for her final year in NUS.

I knew her parents objected to her being in a relationship from our conversations so I made sure she was always back in front of her doorstep in Jurong 30 minutes before her curfew.

Her parents were strict with her and she hardly gets to stay out late even though she’s turning 22.

10pm was the time when the carriage changed into a pumpkin for Gillian. Which meant the 15 minutes walk from Jurong East MRT had to start at 9.15pm every evening we dated.

I knew being on time meant a lot to Gillian and her family so most of the meals and dating happened in the western side of Singapore.

Being late was never an option.

I was never invited in for a drink even though I could feel a pair of eyes tracking our every move whenever we are near the estate.

Her dad has a habit of perching by the window, staring at the pathway which led to her block every evening without fail. I came to know much later that he loved the natural breeze on his face as he enjoy his single malt.

And I always wondered how much natural breeze can you get at the 4th storey.

There was no goodnight kiss for me and Gilliang, no making out at the staircase, no grabbing of her bums.

We just held hands, whenever I send her back.

Getting caught in a compromising position was again… not an option.

Her house gate was always opened when the lift opened, probably her dad trying to tell me he’s keeping an eye on me.

If only he knew his daughter’s legs were always open whenever she was at my place, if it was not her legs, then it was her mouth.

Despite the various strict rules and bull shit, Gillian and I still managed to continue our relationship.

Thankfully, Gillian did rather well for her finals and her parents were quite happy with her results. Her curfew was extended to 11pm the moment she found a job 1 month after graduation.

Part of her first paycheck was spent on a hotel room where we made out like sex starved bunnies, she felt bad it was always me paying for the rooms when we were dating.

As I walked through the entrance of Mandarin Oriental, I can’t help but felt a little weird, we usually used the back and discreet entrance of hotels either in kovan or Balastier.

As I came amidst fits of spasm and groans that evening, it dawned on me for the first time the difference in spending power between us.

June 2006

I was feeling a little nervous as I walked towards the old dim sum restaurant that Saturday morning. I’ve been to the red star a few times but that morning was a little different.

It was the first time I’m meeting my girlfriend’s parents and family so I was feeling a bit jittery. After dating for more than a year, Gillian’s parents finally brought up the topic of meeting me for breakfast.

Their breakfast timing , 7am.

Who in the world meets their daughter’s bf for breakfast ?

I knew it was not just a matter of having tea and dim sum, knowing her dad, there’s bound to be some hidden tests and crap. I recalled the times when she told me about the route and trials her sister’s boyfriend had to take to be accepted and I felt a shiver down my spine.

I made sure I got on the first train that left my place in Bedok and did a transfer to get to Chinatown. I was ridiculously early, reaching the restaurant at 6.20am even after taking a dump in the toilet.

The staircase outside the restaurant was empty with exception of me and another guy who was leaning against the wall, trying to catch a few more winks.

I hung around the staircase and dropped Gillian a text saying I’m already there. I got a reply almost immediately saying that they are on their way too.

At 6.55am , I watched her dad’s car reverse into the lot near where I was standing.

As the doors opened, I adjusted my top, checked my bearing and watched the family exited the car.

I saw Gillian gave me a wink and a smile before talking to her mum. Another girl which I recognized as her elder sister followed closely. I’ve only seen pictures of her and that was the first time I saw her sister in person despite a one year relationship with Gillian.

The sisters shared the same smile and dimples and they are the same height. I knew from Gillan they shared the same shoes, clothes, even bra size.

Sometimes I wondered if the sisters moaned the same way, if their love juice is equally sweet, if they like the same position and do they look the same when they cum.

Her dad was up front and I extended my hand first, introducing myself to him.

I shook her Dad’s hand and we exchanged greetings.

I greeted her mum and shook her hand too.

Her sister smiled at me and spoke.

Sylvia : Hi James, heard a lot about you.

I shook her hand too and I could smell the fresh morning shampoo coming from her hair that is still a little damp.

Gillian followed closely behind and I could smell the same fresh morning fragrant from her as well.

I saw the guy who was trying to catch a few extra winks in the middle of the staircase now up on his feet and he waved at us.

He did not shake hands with anyone but he waved and said hi.

I saw Sylvia went forward for a hug and introduced the guy to me.

Sylvia : James, meet my fiancé, Joe.

Our eyes met and I shook hands with Joe.

As the family went into the restaurant, Joe hung back a little, chatting with me. A little bit of intro here and there, pleasant greetings and stuff.

As the staff led us to the table, Joe spoke to me in a hush voice.

Joe : Bro, how ? Worse than interview right ? haha

James : Eh ok la, quite stressful and weird eh. Haha.

Joe : don’t worry, it’ll pass.

I did not have much appetite but I forced myself to eat a little. Gillian’s dad steered and controlled most of the conversations around the table.

I am not stupid, the way he structured and organized his words, multiple hints were dropped my way regarding his expectations for his daughters’ partner.

He is good at digging information subtly, forming his sentences in a way that coaxes information out from the other party.

I went with the flow and answered as casually as I could.

Although I felt the stress, I can’t help but concede that Gillian’s dad is a smooth talker.

1 hour into breakfast, I felt the worse is over as we sipped our tea, the ‘interview’ giving way to lighter topics like the new casinos and IRs the country will be having.


We got the bill and left the place together.

I felt my heart lighten considerably once we parted ways with Gillian’s parents.

We headed over to my place and by 11.30am, my testicles lightened considerably too.

September 2006

Since that first meetup with her family, I hung out more and more with Sylvia and Joe. I did not know why but I was rather comfortable with them. They were easy going, funny and they’re rather generous with their spending.

I don’t want to sound cheap but sometimes I’m quite happy they settled the bill.

I always insisted we split the bill whenever we eat out, but Sylvia and Joe refused to have any of it. I don’t earn much with my diploma but still I’m not someone who sponge off others. There are times I felt a little uncomfortable as they frequent restaurants that are quite expensive.

I don’t think I can suka suka afford $30 pasta or $40 steaks.

It was with much effort I managed to steer their taste buds towards hawker fare.

And thankfully, they did not fight for the bill at the hawker centre as they left the ordering to me and I always manage to pay upfront upon ordering.

I brought them all over the island, trying out different hawker food that were cheap and good and they loved it.

July 2007

During one particular ‘Hawker food tour’ , we embarked on a new chapter and we expanded the boundaries of our common topic.

For Me and Joe that is.

Joe and I have hit it off well since we met, we’re both from the typical neighbourhood schools that’s not exactly known for producing elites. He’s 3 years my senior and I felt like he’s the brother I never had. We had a lot of common topics but there was one topic that would be more common than the others.



I remembered it was a Saturday evening and we were having Tze char at the coffee shop opposite Punggol Park after a jog. The girls went to the car to get some stuff, leaving Joe and me finishing up the leftovers.

I was cutting up what was left of the yam ring when Joe suddenly brought up the subject.

Joe : Eh James. Ask you something.

James : Yeah ?

Joe : How is Gillian …. Ermm.. how should I put it… when you all are intimate ?

I was a little taken aback at that question and instinctively I looked around, checking for the girls.

James : You meant what ? Like sex ?

Joe laughed and he looked around the coffee shop too before adding.

Joe : What else can it be ? haha.

He gave me a jab on my elbow with his .

Joe : How ? Just curious how is it like . The 2 sisters are similar in so many ways.

I thought about the question a while before replying and asking the question I’ve kept in my heart for the longest time

James : She’s ok…. .. ermm.. how’s Sylvia ?

I saw Joe’s smile widen considerably as he nodded his head towards the returning girls.

Joe : We have a lot to talk about bro….

I directed my sight towards the 2 girls coming towards us, so did a few of the other patrons from the coffee shop. Gillian and Sylvia were both in similar black running shorts and a tank top. Grey for Sylvia, white for Gillian.

Their hair was tied up in a similar fashion, a messy bun, and I noticed for the first time Sylvia wore her watch on her right wrist, a similar design to Gillian’s which was worn on the left.

As the girls sat down and crossed their legs, I can’t help but realised that they looked like an mirror image of each other from certain angles.

We chatted for a while longer before getting the bill.

Joe and I hung back and let the girls went ahead, I directed my attention to Sylvia’s bums, watching them move with every step she took.

I traced her contours with my eyes, looking at her thighs and calves, I would be lying if I said I’ve never fantasized about my gf’s sister.

Truth is sometimes I think about Sylvia while fucking Gillian.

There is this air of maturity from Sylvia that seemed to draw me close.

As Joe unlocked his car to allow the girls in, I added softly.

James : Yup, I also think we got a lot to talk about.

We parted ways and Joe dropped me a sms on Sunday evening.

22 July 2007



Joe sms : Lim kopi mai ? Pick you up in 30minutes.

I agreed to meet Joe that evening despite have an early work trip the next morning.

Joe was already waiting when I got to the carpark of my block. I could not remember how the conversation began and the only think that was clear was how awkward the conversation was in the car.

Joe : Ehh. So how ?

James : Ehh. I also donno. A bit weird leh haha

Joe : I think so too. Haha

Only upon ordering our the tarik at Simpang bedok did we open up a bit more.

And the moment the flood gates opened, the water just kept gushing.

I told Joe how I took Gillian for the first time in my room one rainy weekend afternoon and he listened with glee as I described to the best of my ability the positions we ended up in.

Joe reciprocated with his first time with Sylvia in his car in an industrial estate.

We exchanged stories, sex scenes, likes and dislikes the girls have and we were both surprised how similar they were.


It came to a point when we were both dry of words and the awkwardness returned.

James : Eh.. late liao. Let’s call it a night ?

Joe : Alright , let’s go.


As Joe drew up near my block, he spoke something that really churned my stomach and made me felt like peeing in my pants.

Joe : James ar…. As you know … Sylvia and I are getting married in a couple of months.

Joe : I’m thinking we should have a bit of fun. What say you ?

My fingers were already hesitating at the lever to open the car door, but somehow my curiosity made me stay.

He smiled and spoke the words so vile and sick that gave me a sudden erection in his car and corrupted my innocent mind forever.

It gave me sick thoughts, conjured up sick images that sent more blood to my erection. It’s what we would call 变态,yet somehow I felt this sense of anticipation and curiosity.

I nodded my head and replied.

James : On.


I immediately went to my wardrobe and checked out the stash of Gillian’s clothes. Although she’s not allowed to stay over, she kept a supply of clothes in my room for special occasions.

Occasions such as ‘ chalet with friends’ , ‘ company retreat’ and of course some workout gear since we jog together often.

I finally dug out the 3 underwear she had in my room and Joe’s words came back to my mind. I’ve never indulged in the habit of sniffing of masturbating to Gillian’s underwear, what’s the point of doing that when I get to fuck her ?

But when Joe asked if I’m interested in Sylvia’s underwear, I felt this strange sense of emotions creeping up my head.

Both my heads that is.

Gillian’s underwear is simple, nothing fancy, no slutty lace but it ain’t no granny panties as well. They were simple and chic, either boyshorts or bikini cut with seamless edges for all.

I held up one grey boyshorts I particularly liked, I loved the way some of her butt cheeks spill just that teeny bit out when she wore it.

Images of the last fuck after our run came flooding into my mind as I tried to recall the sensation when I came.

I packed the undies away and went to bed, thinking about Joe’s offer to trade the girls underwear.

Truthfully, I have no idea why I wanted Sylvia’s underwear.

But I went to bed thinking of it.

Thinking of how the texture would feel between my fingers, how would it differ from Gillian’s. How would the design be like.

And of course, how would it smell like.

I felt a mix of disgust at my thoughts, although I’m not a holy saint of sorts, but such imagery and ideas never once crossed my mind.

Yes I’m horny and all, but I just wanted to fuck.

And yet just the idea of having Sylvia’s underwear is making me lose precious sleep.

4th August 2007


Joe gave me a wink when the girls were not looking that day when we met up in Chinatown for lunch. Everything was normal, nothing seemed different between Joe and I as we chatted.

Neither one of us made any mention of the private conversations we had a couple of weeks back.


We finally got a private moment when the girls went to the washroom, and Joe asked me how is it.

I told him yes I have a few underwear of Gillian’s at my place and I think I could sneak one out without her knowing.

Joe : Hmm, you mean new one ?

James : What do you meant new one ? as in brand new with tag ? .

Joe sniggered softly and added.

Joe : Don’t be idoit lah, I meant Gillian wear before one or not ?

Joe : As in unwashed one.

Thinking back, I was really an ignorant and innocent boy back then. How could I have not known it’s about exchanging worn undies?

I felt a sudden surge in excitement yet again as my mind churned out new possibilities and scenarios, sending more blood to my manhood.

It’s a sick thought, a sick act, yet the very idea of it is giving me a brain fuck I could not explain with words.

James : erm but how ? Gillian usually washes it after she should then hang up to dry.

Joe : Don’t be cock James, I’m sure you can find a way.

I saw the girls coming towards us from a distance away and I figured there was still time for a couple of sentences.

James : Then Sylvia’s one how ? it’ll be … worn one too ?

Joe rolled his eyes at me and said of course before tapping me to indicate the conversation is over.


We were about to part ways , Joe and Sylvia heading to meet some friends while I’m having some alone time with Gillian before her 11pm curfew.

Right when we were saying our goodbyes, I overheard Sylvia ask her sister what she’s going to be doing the next day. I did not know what was going through my mind but the moment I saw Gillian shrugged her shoulders, words just spurted out from my mouth.

James : Shall we go swim tomorrow ?

I felt 3 pairs of eyes turning towards me and the widened in unison. Although we’ve been hanging out for a while, we’ve never swam together before.

Hell I’ve swam with Gillian only when we got a room in the hotel.

Sylvia : Ermm…. Okay… that’s something new.

Gillian was just giving me a weird look and she commented that it’s quite weird to go swim. There’s hardly going to be any interaction between us all if we do.

I must have seemed a little silly and lost when Joe came to my rescue.

Joe : Tell you guys what.

He paused for effect before adding.

Joe : Let’s head to wild wild wet .

Surprisingly the girls agreed..

When their heads were turned, Joe gave me a wink and I returned a smile.

Right before we parted ways, Joe added a quick whisper.

Joe : Figure out the rest yah .. haha .

I sent Gillian back to her place before I took the long journey back to Bedok. I managed to get a seat and my thoughts started to drift.

I felt as if I was going through puberty again, my mind thinking of things I’ve never thought before. The overall feeling was weird, yet I felt aroused by it.

5th August 2007



I got to the theme park first as Joe is picking up the sisters. The sun looked bright and cheerful that Sunday morning.


I saw Joe and the girls walking towards me, waving and gesturing to the queue at the ticket booth. I got in line and they joined me barely 30 seconds later.

I did not even bother to look at what Gillian was wearing that day, instead my eyes darted secretly to the bright orange patch that is showing from underneath Sylvia’s white T-shirt.

There was nothing much to be said about the girls bikini. They were afterall, just bikinis.

Sylvia’s in neon orange, and Gillian’s one in neon pink.

I was sure Joe noticed my darting eyes towards Sylvia’s orange, just as sure as I was towards Joe’s looks at Gillian’s pink.

We hung around for a while, trying out the various slides and all before we parted ways and decided on a meeting point in 2 hours time.

1.30 pm

It did not take long for us to grow a little bored of the theme park. We bumped into each other a couple of times as we wandered around the area.

As we were making our way towards the agreed meeting point, something caught my attention.

And in that instance, something clicked in my head.

2.00 pm

As we were showering, Joe asked if I have anything up my sleeves, I told him I’ve got an idea.

I asked about his plans and he just waved a no problem casually.

I came out of the bathroom with my wet broadshorts and trunks in my hand, the water still dripping onto the floor beside me. Joe came up beside me and from the look on his face, he must have figured out what I was up to.

Gillian came out of the bathroom barely a min later, still trying to dry her hair with her towel.

James : Er dear ar, I got no plastic bag for the wet clothes…

My girlfriend took a look and without thinking much, retrieved the bag she had and passed it to me.

I felt my heartbeat increased as I took over the bag with her worn and wet bikini.

I made up an excuse of wringing my clothes dry a little more and headed back into the bathroom. I put my wet clothes into a separate bag and kept both plastic into my backpack.

I came out, giving Joe a look of triumph and satisfaction and of course, a wink.

Joe just smiled and said nothing.

I saw Sylvia came out a moment later and she passed a plastic bag to Joe.

He kept it into his sling bag without a word and off we went for lunch.


We decided to call it a day and send the girls back to Jurong.

The girls slept during the long car ride but I was wide awake, thinking of what’s going to happen next.

Will they ask for their clothes when they leave the car ?

Will they grab another plastic bag from their place to separate the clothes ?

I could hardly breath when we pulled into the girls’ carpark.

Joe was smooth , he hugged Sylvia and said his goodbye, I gave Gillian a hug too. I could feel my heart thumping against my ribcage as I watch the girls head towards the lift lobby, only when the lift door close did I dare to breath.

Joe motioned me into the car and we stopped at Lavender, near his place.

Joe : Bro, relax, you seemed so tensed up…. Buay zai leh you.

James : How to relax ? this is so crazy leh. What if the girls find out ?

He just laughed and shook his head.

Joe popped opened the trunk and there laid all our bags.

We exchanged plastic bags and shook hands.

Joe : Pleasure doing business with you James .

I stared at that damp neon orange in the bag, together with Sylvia’s short broadshorts and towel and replied a little slowly.

James : Pleasure is mine.

I was about to turn and make my way to the train when Joe added.

Joe : Bro… This is not going to be a one off thing yah.. ?

My mind was already wandering off to what will i be doing with Sylvia’s worn clothes but i managed a reply.

James : Of course not bro… Of course not…


I went into my room immediately upon reaching home and locked the door behind me even though I’m the only one in the house.

My mind conjured up several disturbing thoughts en route home and I have yet to decide which one I would like to be first.

I couldn’t recall what was going through my mind but the first thing I did was to remove all article of clothing from my body before sitting down on my bed, Sylvia’s bag of damp clothes in hand.

I rolled back the plastic slowly, removing the top most layer .

The damp and moisture towel felt strange in my hands and I felt the ends of it caressing my erected dick as I brought it to my nose. I could smell faint scent of chlorine and mixed within the musty dampness, is the scent of Sylvia.

It was a feeling not unlike discovering masturbation back in secondary school.

I took a few more whiffs and sniffs of the towel, my mind reeling from the sick act. I left the towel aside and took out Sylvia’s broadshorts which is tangled with her bikini bottom.

She must have removed both articles at one, her fingers pushing them down together down her thighs, sliding them down her wet calves before lifting her feet up. I replayed the image over and over again in my mind and I took a cautious whiff.

I untangled the bikini bottom from the shorts and I straightened it out, holding it upright similar to what it would have looked like if Sylvia was wearing them. Pouting my lips, I kissed the swimwear, imagining the love hole hidden behind that soft fabric.

Flipping it inside out, I debated licking or sniffing the patch which would be in maximum contact with her vagina.

I brought my nose close first, before pressing down fully onto it, the act sending waves of sick pleasure to my brain.

I lick the patch shortly after, tasting and swallowing mouthfuls of saliva.

I gave out a weird laugh in the room, part of me thinking how sick and desperate

I must be to be doing this yet a darker part of me actually found satisfaction.

Satisfaction that I would usually find only in an orgasm.

Bringing up the last article, the lightly padded cups of the bikini, I cupped it over my nose as images of Sylvia filled my mind.

As if the perverse nature of what I’m doing was not enough, I actually stood up and tried to wear Sylvia’s bikini bottom. I gave up half way through, not willing to stretch and damage the bottom.

I masturbated myself, yet I did not release that evening.

I slept with Sylvia’s bikini cupped over my dick and released a thick glob of semen into the pocket of her broadshorts the next morning before I went to work.

Releasing seemed to bring back some form of normalcy and I quickly washed Sylvia’s clothings before hanging them up in a corner of my room to dry.

I only got a message mid day on Monday from Gillian to remind me to make sure her clothes are properly washed and dried.

I reminded Joe to make sure Gillian’s stuff is properly cleaned and returned and he said something similar for Sylvia’s stuff.

9th August 2007

As the nation celebrated it’s birthday. Joe and I took a brief moment to exchanged washed and properly processed clothings.

That marked the first of many such attempts to steal and secret the girls panty, bras, swimwear, even used pads for our sick perverse acts.

Joe and I grew closer than before and we would meet up even without the girls to chit chat and discuss future plans.

Janurary 2008

It was 3 months before Joe and Sylvia’s wedding and the preparations were in full force.

I felt I was gradually being accepted by the girls’ parents as Gillian’s curfew was no longer in effect although she had to call in advance if she was staying out beyond 12am.

The doors to her house no longer remained open that often when I walked her back.

I was very much involved with the wedding prep together with the rest of the family, already being one of Joe’s gate crash brothers, I was heavy with various responsibility, from remembering the number of oranges to bring back to the sequences of events for the big day.

Joe and I continued the undergarment exchange as frequent as we could.

Barely a few months and I have formed a pretty good idea of the kind of undergarments that Sylvia fancies.

She liked her laces for work, her seamless boyshorts during her period and on occasions, she was coaxed to go bare by Joe.

I knew in advance whenever she was pantyless and in her skirt. Joe would gave me a heads up and I would be spending much time trying to catch a peek but it was no easy task. Sylvia was no ruffian who sits with her legs wide apart, despite without an underwear and in skirt, she was still very ladylike.

Gentle in her actions, measured in her movements.

Graceful is the word.

Yet graceful and gentle moves would not save you from the killer escalator at Lido.

I recalled one such instance when we were all on leave for a particular weekday afternoon. Joe gave me the heads up that commando is in bound.

Joe guided Sylvia ahead and drew her attention to the ongoing sale in the atrium.

I waited a few seconds before taking my step forward, turning Gillian to face me as I gave her a hug.

And as I ascended up the escalator, I caught a few seconds of butt cheeks before Sylvia’s hand pressed down on her skirt and she turned around to check if her modesty was still present.

I directed my eyes and sight to Gillian, pretending to steal kisses and pecks, yet images of Sylvia’s butt cheeks was all I saw in Gillian’s eyes.

March 2008

Two weeks before Joe’s big day, there was a briefing for all the brothers.

Two hours into it, we all knew what were our tasks for the big day

One week before the wedding, there was a family meeting.

One hour into it and the girls’ parents made their expectations clear.

2 days before Joe’s wedding on the first week of April, there was another briefing.

For me .

2 sentences from Joe and i knew i’m in.


April 2008

Saturday morning.

I woke up at 3.30 am, feeling excited and energized. I barely had 4 hours of sleep but I did not feel tired at all. Perhaps it’s the thought of impending plans and excitement that kept me going.

I double checked my overnight bag I packed just a few hours ago and went for a quick shower.

By 4.15am, I’m on a cab towards Lavender , Joe’s place.

I was one of the first brother to reach his place at 4.45am. His family is already up and I greeted his parents as they offered me coffee and some dessert soup.

Joe came out of his room moments later, his tie undone around his neck.

We smiled at each other and I congratulated him on his big day.

The last of the 5 brothers arrived at 5.10am and we concluded breakfast and some short discussion by 5.30am.

I was the only one that did not own a car so I’m tasked with some bags and will be following the main bridal car driven by another brother, Steve.

I loaded the trunk and got into the passenger seat and waited for the vehicles to form up.

I could see Joe was a little nervous, as all grooms should be on their big day. He was perspiring and asked for the temperature to be lowered. We had a bit of small talk and the convoy was ready to move out at 5.40am.

There was the lead bridal car, followed by 3 Bmw.

We waited on the quiet road, headlights off, engine running.

Signs of life were slowly creeping out onto the streets, an old man pushing his cart of cardboards, a couple of workers in uniforms. Some early birds up for their walks in their workout gear.


Steve turned to check with Joe and confirmed it’s the move out time.

He rolled down the driver window and stuck his arm out, giving a thumbs up sign. I felt the small street light up with the car beams and the lead car turned out of the estate.

Inside my head was a constant juggle of information. I had to remember my role as one of the lead brothers yet I can’t help but think of the fun and perverse acts Joe and I will be doing that evening. I felt excitement and anxiety come in erratic waves, sending sudden surge of blood to my manhood before ebbing away.

We arrive at the bride’s at 6.20am.

10 minutes ahead of schedule.

We waited a distance away and waited for the time to pass before we sounded the horn, announcing our arrival.

The gate crash was pleasant and smooth, the games designed to test the intellect of the brothers , way better than some who’s just out to humiliate and embarrass the groom.

We solved puzzles, did a funny charade, and sang a song.


The games were concluded, hongbao price agreed upon and the door was opened.

As the groom proceeded with his duties, I immediately went to Gillian’s room and looked for the bags that I was supposed to bring down to the hotel.

Gillian’s overnight bag, her parents small suitcase, and how can I miss out….. Sylvia’s overnight bag.

I saw the colourful key chain with Sylvia’s name dangling from the zip and I felt an erection stirring. Stealing a quick peck on the cheek with my girl, I grabbed the bags and loaded them into the first bmw.

I made sure no one was looking as I switch a laced blue bra holder from Sylvia’s bridal bag into the overnight bag before closing the trunk.

Coming out into the living room, I caught sight of Sylvia and felt air being knocked out of my lungs. She looked gorgeous in her gown. Her shoulders and back smooth and white, no moles, no unsightly pores. Her hair nicely curled at the ends, a few of them bounced with each step.

The bust of the gown seemed adequately filled, leaving much to the imagination of anyone looking at Sylvia yet the small slit that splits down in the middle offers that little window of opportunity for a glimpse.

You can hardly see anything, it was meant to tempt the mind, fuck with your head and make you envy the groom.

And as far as I could see, that slit drew the envy of all the brothers.

The gown tapered down , before opening up into a fluffy bottom, no doubt supported by a cancan.


Groom’s place already filled with relatives waiting for tea ceremony when we arrived.


Back to Brides place for tea ceremony.


Several sisters of the bride, including Gillian knocked out in the car as we made our way to the hotel.


As the entourage unloaded the bags, Joe and I went to meet the manager to get our rooms sorted out.


The bridal suite is ready but the rest of the rooms will take a while longer. I was tasked to wait with the manager while Joe will go on ahead to the suite.


All the rooms are allocated, and we have a couple of hours to rest. Gillian and I had our own room as we’re staying for the night. As we heading towards the lift, I overhead the brothers trying to jio the sisters to Zouk later that evening.

Afterall, it’s right beside the hotel.

I placed the girl’s parents’ suitcase in their room before heading to my with the rest of the overnight bags


Gillian recognized the look on my face and shook her head immediately.

Gillian : Don’t want la Dear, you better rest. Long evening ahead.

I continued to give her the silly smile I had and I made my move. The sisters for the bride were all in similar peach coloured dress, ending a modest 1 inch above the knees.

Gillian tried to push me away but I managed to have my way, once my fingers round her spot, she let herself go and left her body to my advances.

I knew the zones to go to, roaming my fingers and hand on her body.

I felt like I was playing an instrument, my fingers plucking away at the notes , listening to the audio pleasures it brings.

The small exhale of breath, that sharp intake of air.

That small twitch, the slow parting of Gillian’s legs.

I massaged and played with her swollen clit through her underwear, watching the damp patch grow and spread throughout the region.

I could smell the fragrant love secretion brought about by my fingers and I felt my dick stiring, roaring to go.

But I can’t

I continued my motion, teasing and coaxing more and more natural lub from Gillian’s love hole. I knew she was almost over the cliff and when I’m satisfied with the state the underwear was in, I gave her that gentle push across the cliff and her eyes suddenly opened and she grabbed down on my arms.

Moaning and groaning in my lap.

I cradled Gillian in my arms and we cuddled up in the room for a few minutes.

I helped her remove her wet and sticky panty, stained with her love juice, before lifting her dress off her.

Her strapless white bra followed shortly after and she adjusted her naked body on the bed.

Tempting me to make my move.

I stole a quick look at the time and the clock read 2.25 pm.

My estimation was a bit off.

I pretended to make my move on Gillian, trying to take it slow although she kept tempting me to put it in. I knew if I did, I won’t be able to stop.

I just need to hang on for 5 more minutes.



Gillian’s phone rang and she scrambled to pick up the call.

I knew it was Joe. We had arranged it previously for the calls to arrive at 2.30, 2.40 , 2.50 and 3.00.

I was feeling thankful that we got it in the first shot.

30 seconds later, Gillian said she needed to head over to the suite to help her sis with some stuff.

She was picking up the clothes from the floor when I told her to just leave it. I’ll take care of them.

She was already putting on her bra but when she appraised the state of her underwear, she left it on the bed and went to the bathroom.

I heard the water come on and I went to Gillian’s overnight bag and dug out a new pair of undies for her.

Sliding them on, I helped her with the dress before she slipped on her heels and left the room.

I took a picture of the stained underwear and sent it to Joe’s email. We agreed no mms as it was dangerous.


Gillian came back to the room and said she needed to shower before heading back to her sis’s room. Joe needed her to be by her sister’s side as her makeup was being done while he checked the room for  the ROM ceremony.

The original sister tasked with that was reassigned.

I nodded and pretended to be a little sad that I can’t finish what we started earlier.


Gillian left the room with her gown and heels in hand


Joe arrived in my room and we exchanged sly grins

We headed over to Sylvia’s overnight stash together and Joe unzipped the bra holder to confirm the contents.

Joe : Ok, later you’ll need to bring this back up, you can return the stash at the same time.

Joe : Ok, laundry bag is inside the OG bag. I put it inside the cupboard beside the safe. On top are the ribbons and balloons.

I left Joe in my room and proceeded to check that all was in order for the ROM ceremony at the function room below.


Joe joined me in the function room and said Sylvia has started her makeup. It would take about an hour , perhaps more.

I nodded and went up to the bridal suite and hit the doorbell.

I informed the girls that all is in order for the ROM later, remember to bring down the certs and their ICs for the ceremony.

I lingered around a little, making a bit of conversation as my eyes stole glances at the dressing gown Sylvia was in while her makeup was being done.

I pretended to grab something for Joe and I searched for the bag in the cupboard.

I walked casually out of the bridal suite and went back to my room.

I checked the bathroom and saw Gillian’s underwear washed and hung up on the clothesline.

I locked the door and checked the timing again.

I was perspiring as I dug out the laundry bag right at the bottom of the paper bag.

I gave an exhale of breath as my finger landed on the 2nd set of bra and underwear of the bride for the day.

They were both in lace and blood red in colour, worn underneath the ‘Kua’ during the tea ceremony.

I knew time is a luxury I do not have and I brought Sylvia’s red undies to my nose. I could smell some perspiration , mixed with the smell of new undies, and I recognized Sylvia’s womanly scent.

I spent a perverse moment, indulging in the worn undergarments of the bride.

4.00 pm

I’m 15 minutes ahead of schedule, but I had something up my sleeve too.

Joe taught me a lot of things.

One of which is to adapt and make the best use of the resources you have.

I started to touch myself, aided by Sylvia’s undergarments, I did not plan to cum, just arouse myself enough to secrete precum from my dick.

I opened the bra holder and I gentle lift up the silicon bra that was meant to be worn with Sylvia’s gown that evening.

It felt a little weird, jelly like, perhaps a bit oily but it didn’t matter to me.

I spread my precum on the 2 separate cups, drawing endless loops with my throbbing dick before replacing them back into the holder.

The thought of watching the bride march in later with my precum on her breast almost gave me an orgasm.


I headed down to the ROM room with the OG bag of accessories and helped with the preparations.


The girl’s parents arrived on the dot as planned and I passed them their room key before heading back for a shower.


My phone rang.

It was Gillian

Gillian : Dear, can you check my sis’s overnight bag for a blue bra holder ?

James : Ok. Hold on.

James : It’s here, I’ll bring the whole bag up.

Gillian : Thanks.


I entered the bridal suite and passed Gillian the bra holder and I just said I’ll put the bag in the closet.

I retrieved the laundry bag with the red undergarments and left it by the safe as instructed by Joe.

Gillian came in right when I closed the closet and announced.

Gillian : Okay…. Bride’s going to change, please leave.

I smiled and replied.

James : Aye aye… captain.


The ROM ceremony began and I stood through the whole ceremony with an erection in my pants as I kept stealing glances at Sylvia.

I kept seeing images of my precum circling her nipples whenever i look at her

The evening passed in a blur too, the march in, the photo taking, the toast. It was tiring but I enjoyed it purely because of the perverse fun we had.

When we finally wrapped up the big day at 1am, I collapsed onto the bed. I fell asleep almost immediately after unloading into my girlfriend’s mouth, thinking about Sylvia.

November 2008

The panty stealing and undergarment heist between Joe and me started to taper down drastically, it seemed as if we had both lost interest in doing something that did not excite us any longer.

By the time Christmas arrived that year, the exchanged stopped totally.

We no longer made any mention of it even in private chat.

March 2009

I proposed to Gillian on the same day we knew each other back in 2005 and she accepted my proposal.

I asked for Gillian’s hand formally from her parents during one evening when the whole family was present and they gave us their blessings.

It seemed my proposal and being part of the family triggered something in Joe.

After dinner that evening in March, he asked me out for coffee.

Part of me was thinking he would want to have access to Gillian’s undergarments on the big day but I was wrong.

He had moved past it.

As I sipped my coffee, he turned his phone towards me and slid it slowly across the table.

I was quiet for a few seconds before words formed in my mouth

James : Bro, ….. we got a lot to talk about.


As I scrolled through that 3 pictures Joe showed me on that phone, I felt my manhood pushing hard against my pants.

The 3 pictures of Sylvia were tastefully taken, her body clad only in seductive lingerie but yet it wasn’t the lack of cloth which caused the rush of blood to my dick.

It was the pose she struck.

A thousand questions ran through my mind, thinking how in the world did Joe get Sylvia to agree to this.

Didn’t the Edison saga serve as a warning ?

One particular image lingered in my head for the longest time. Sylvia was in a strapless light coloured bra, her back facing the camera as she turned her head backwards towards the lens.

She was tiptoeing a little, trying to step out of the school uniform that was bunching up beneath her feet. Her supple bums in a simple black panty that seemed a little over exposed from the flash.

And if that wasn’t enough, she was biting her lips, a look of innocence in her eyes.

I had to adjust my sitting position at the coffee shop, my erected member pushing amongst the tangle of pubes.

Joe saw the look I have on my face and he said there’s a lot more where that came from.

Joe : I have a hardisk full of it. We’re talking 100 gb of Sylvia in it. Haha

James : Fuck man, how did you manage to convince her ?

He had a smug look for a brief instance before he said that once she trust you, anything goes.

I nodded my head a little absent mindedly , the image of Sylvia forever etched into my brain.

Joe told me to try to get Gillian to do the same, we could do a trade.

I agreed immediately.

James : Where you keep all this man ? You’re not afraid wait accidentally bring out or lost ar ?

Joe : Don’t worry, I keep it in my old room at my mum’s place. I always bring the memory card over to archive it.

I was considering my next questions and I chose my words carefully.

James : So ermm… Sylvia got look through the pictures ? Did you all like use this as a foreplay or something ?

Joe : ehh.. not really la, she will scroll through the camera after we’re done, but she never really bothered after that.

James : I see I see.

Joe : I’m her husband after all what. Not as if I would post it online.

James : True … true..

We concluded that evening and I set about my task to get Gillian to agree to let me take pictures of her.

28th March 2009


Gillian was over at my place early in the afternoon for our usual romp. As we were cozying up, I casually mentioned that she looked great and that I would love to have a picture of her naked.

James : I think you’ll look really good and hot in the picture. What do you think.

I got an reaction that I never expected.

Gillian gave me a look from the corner of her eyes before grabbing her bra from the pillow behind me.

As she clasped her bra back on, she added.

Gillian : Tell me something James, what’s my name ?

I was a little puzzled as to why she asked but I replied anyway.

James : Gillian Goh Ying Fang ?

She stood up thereafter, hands on her hips and continued.

Gillian : Exactly. I’m not that Gillian from that girlband.

She pulled up her skirt before laying down on my bed on her belly, flipping though a magazine.

Gillian : And you are no Edison. hAhaa.. so.. no bloody way…

I wasn’t really prepared for such an outright rejection and I didn’t really know how to react. I was expecting a bit of resistance but not like this.

I can’t help but smile in my heart that this was no longer the innocent girl I knew at the IT show 4 years ago. She had picked up in terms of maturity and there was a little different in the way she carried herself.

Perhaps closer to the Sylvia 2 years ago.

Yet there still seemed to be something about Gillian’s sister which she lacked.

I couldn’t explain it, I can’t put a name to it, and I definitely couldn’t describe it as much as I wished to.

No matter what, Gillian will always be 2 years behind Sylvia, be it age, the womanly aura, or the level of subtle seduction that they themselves were not aware of.

11th April 2009


I updated Joe about my failure and he just brushed it off casually and laughed.

Joe : Don’t worry la, by the time you all get married, you’ll have lots of opportunity to do it.

The topic was changed and our chat moved onto the recovering market and whether is it a good time to enter.

Joe was of the opinion that we should wait a little longer but I was pretty comfortable about putting my money back into the game again.

Before we parted ways that evening, I decided to try my luck and asked Joe if I could have a peek at his collection of Sylvia’s pictures.

He gave me a sly smile and agreed to let me take a quick look.

We drove over to his mum’s place on the pretext of bringing something over to his new apartment. He powered up his old PC and brought out a hardisk from inside his wardrobe.

When Joe selected large thumbnails at the display portions, I gave an uncontrolled sigh to the amount of treasure he had amassed.

Pictures were just the tip of the iceberg.

There were the videos as well.

He chose a recent video he took and a quick 45 second clip of Sylvia sprawled on the bed giving his a blowjob with glasses on made me want to start wanking in front of the screen.

He briefly scrolled though some other folders before saying that’s all he can show me, ask me to work on Gillian and we can both have a collection of our own.

I went home , wanking to the image of Sylvia with a dick in her mouth, wishing that it was me in the video.

April 2009

I attempted to bring up the conversation again when I next made love to Gillian but she turned me down again.

Her next sentence made me a little guilty and I made up my mind not to ever bring that up again.

Gillian : Dear ah….

Gillian : If you really respect me as a woman, as your fiancé, you would not ask me to do such a thing.

I was a little ashamed about the my behavior after reflecting on it and I decided to just drop the thought altogether.

It seems that I would not be able to see the rest of Sylvia after all.

The next few months was a busy period for me, I decided to upgrade myself, enrolling in a part time degree, committing myself to night classes 3 times a week.

I still meet up with Joe occasionally but less often.

Almost everyone changed jobs in 2009

Joe took up a regional role as well, purchasing materials for a established MNC. Sylvia had an iron rice bowl all along since she’s in the medical field. She too took up a new offer as a radiologist in a private practice.

My dear Gillian though, stayed on in hers.

March 2010

I would think I had a good run so far in life.

I’ve got a fiancé who loves me, I’m in the middle of getting a fucking degree which to me was another piece of paper and I forgot to add that Gillian and I applied for a HDB as well, getting a single digit for our queue number.

I’m getting paid reasonably although nowhere in the range of the Joe and the girls.

Market was recovering and I saw the growth in my portfolio.

What more can I ask for ?

Or rather what could go wrong….

March 2010 was the time when everything went wrong.

And I meant everything.

Thankfully I was not the one that life decided to screw.

March marked the beginning of Joe’s downfall.

And it all begin with a weekend trip to sentosa.


March 2010

That was the first high tea in my life. After living for 28 years, I still could not get wrap my mind around the idea of paying $40 for pastries and tea in a hotel lounge. I’ve already accepted that I don’t belong to the ‘atas’ group of people but since Joe asked us along, I felt obliged to give face to my brother in law to be.

I hardly ate anything, just trying a couple of more interesting sweet treat and testing various brews of tea as we chatted in Fullerton that Saturday afternoon.

More attention was given to the hem of Sylvia’s dress as it kept sliding up her thighs whenever she sat back, and the angle in which I approached from the food spread gave me a good view of her legs.


Joe suggested we check out the newly opened IR in sentosa as we’re still early for our dinner with the  girls’ parents.

We filed into his car and before we knew it, we got to this vast underground craven of a carpark.

Gillian’s phone was already out and both of us were busy taking pictures, doing silly poses with anything interesting of note, including the dustbin.

I noticed Joe’s attention was drawn to something else as he slowly edged us towards the destination he had in mind.

I could see the colourful lights and the grand entrance of the casino from a distance away. I felt a sudden dreadful thought as it suddenly dawned on me that Joe’s main aim was to go check out the casino.

I definitely did not want to pay for the $100 levy.


30 Steps from the entrance, Joe announced that we should all check out the casino. The girls immediately protested, unwilling to pay for the levy, but Joe had it all figured out.

Joe : I just got my PB, no excuses, entrance is on me.

He shooed us along to get us in line to get our IDs scanned and barely 5 mins later, Joe parted with $400 to get us into the casino.

It’s been a while since I could smell cigarette smoke in an air conditioned environment, I still remembered people use to light up on the dance floor back in the days when the ban hasn’t come into effect.

Gillian and I as usual, took pictures, checking out the place.

Joe and Sylvia disappeared from our sides and we just explored the place on our own.


Gillian and I got a little bored as we don’t really fancy the idea of squeezing with the crowd just to place a bet, we just wandered around till we saw Joe and Sylvia at the roulette table.

We watched them play for a good 20 minutes as Joe explained some of the rules and tactics he had researched online.


After a 30 minute losing streak, I saw the croupier put a token on Joe’s coloured chip. A stack was pushed across and he distributed them out onto the numbers again, explaining his strategy to me.

As far as I could see, it seemed like random placement.

Then as fate would have it, Joe won again.


And Again.

6.55 pm

And again.

Sylvia had stopped playing and we were just looking at Joe’s winning streak.

I sort of heard somewhere it’s rude to stop someone when he’s on a winning streak but we’re going to be late for our dinner at 7.30pm if we don’t leave soon. Even though Vivo is just 5 minutes away, there’s still the carparking to be navigated.

I turned to Gillian

James : Ermm what time are we meeting your parents ar ? 7.30pm right ?

She nodded and turned towards her Sister who in turned whispered in Joe’s ear.

Joe : Ok. One more round.


We left the casino and Joe announced that dinner is on him that evening.


Seafood with the girl’s parents. No one made any attempt to mention the casino, gambling did not sit well with the in laws.


I went to the washroom and I did not realize Joe was right behind. He asked if i’m interested to head back later and I politely declined.

Joe : Aiyah, I one person go back very sian.

James : Eh, Mai la, I don’t really like the place. You go with Sylvia la.

Joe : Don’t want la, gambling bring wife along, wait she nag affect my luck.

I just laughed and we went back to dinner.

The $500 bill hardly made an impact on Joe’s $7000 winnings that evening.


We parted ways with the girls’ parents and headed over to Joe and Sylvia’s place in Simei.


We hardly started chatting when Joe motioned for me to join him in the kitchen.

Joe : Oei. I’m heading back to sentosa.

James : What ? Now ?

Joe : 24 hour pass for 100. If not lugi. Help me cover can ?

James : How ? You think they won’t realize you suddenly disappear meh ?

Joe smiled and said he has got everything figured out.


We left his place, heading to the cinema for a late night show.


I dialed Joe’s number with my phone in my pocket and watched as he started his act. He pretended to look concerned and a bit irritated as he rattled out some solutions for whoever’s suppose to be on the other line.

Turning to us a min later, he said that he was needed back in office for a while as ask us to go ahead, he’ll join us once he’s done.

I could tell Sylvia was a little unhappy but she did not make a fuss.


Joe gave me a wink before driving off.

I felt a sudden surge of excitement as this is one of the few times that I have the company of 2 sisters. Sylvia collected the tickets and I told her to pass me Joe’s tic in case I needed to go fetch him in halfway through.

I got the drinks and popcorn and I let the 2 sisters walk in front, my eyes drifting to Sylvia’s dress again.

Sylvia’s clad in a seductive red that Saturday evening, and it was not hard to spot some straying eyes in public drifting towards her. In fact there were multiple attempts by me to peep at her the entire day.

There were so many near misses, almost there but not yet there kind of situation.

The red velvet tube dress is rather short, showing off much of her white thighs, yet again giving me several scenarios that I would like to be in with my sister in law.

Joe got 2 sets of couple seats so I let the girls have one together, I did not want Sylvia to feel left out.

Sylvia : Thanks James, so sweet of you.

It was a sweet statement and it brought about butterflies in my stomach.

The girls shared a rather large shawl throughout the show, but I still manage to catch glimpses of Sylvia’s legs whenever the screen brightens up, the light caressing her exposed thighs. I always wonder why girls seemed to only cover the top half of their body with the shawl.

The phone call I was expecting from Joe did not arrive and I had to send the girls back in a cab.

The thing is Joe was not answering his phone, only replying with a sms to Sylvia that he’ll be late, sorting some issues out at work with the US office.

The cab ride from downtown east to Simei took barely 15 mins in the wee hours of the morning.

Gillian decided that it was a little late and there’s no point taking a cab back to Jurong, she’s going to spend the night in her sister’s guest room.

Sylvia : You want to stay over James ? I’m sure you can fit in Joe’s clothes.

I tried my best to hide my smile and agreed.


I dropped Joe an sms, updating him on the situation, telling him we’re staying over.

He replied 5 minutes later say he’s up 14k , will only be back in the morning.

I sat on the bed and took a deep breath.


Gillian came out of the shower in her sister’s Pyjamas, nothing fancy, just cotton pants and a singlet.

I took my turn in the shower and as I felt the warm water on my face, I began to think of what I can do that morning.


I saw Sylvia in the Yard, throwing her clothes and towel into the laundry basket. She came out into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water and asked me to make myself at home.

Sylvia : Water’s over here, anything in the fridge you want just help yourself ok ? No need to be shy ar..

James : Ok. Thanks. How is it like living on your own ar ?

Her head was tilted to the side as she tried to dry her hair with the towel.

Sylvia : Ermm.. need to do everything yourself lor, haha. Lucky we got a weekend helper, I cannot do housework for nuts. Haha

James : Wah, then poor Joe got to bao everything ar ?

Sylvia : What to do … he’s the man of the house what. Haha.

We parted ways in the kitchen and she headed back to her room.

I made sure the coast was clear before checking out the yard.

The dress she wore for that evening was hung up behind the laundry basket.

And I saw a basket of lingerie as well.

Perhaps it’s my mind fucking with me again but I reached in and felt one particular piece still radiating with warmth, still a little damp.

I hear the opening of a door and I quickly went to the fridge , pretending to check out what’s inside.

Gillian : Dear ar, come and sleep. You hungry ar ?

My heart was thumping as I closed the fridge door and turned around.

James : No la, just that tummy not feeling well. Might need the toilet again.


I got up to use the bathroom, heading straight in first in case Gillian came out after me.

As I sat on the wc, I scrolled through my phone, looking at the pictures I’ve taken of the girls last evening.

Most of it had already been uploaded and shared on my facebook and their faces tag with exception of one.

One that they will make me delete should they ever see it.

She will say it’s unglam, but i think it looked great


3.15 am

I stood in the empty hallway as I kept my ears open for any signs of life in the quiet house.

The girls’s slept with the A/C so both doors are closed.

I made my way to the yard, and reached into the basket for Sylvia’s undies. I made the best guess as to which one she wore last evening and I brought it up , trying to see with what little light that was spilling in from the window.

It was a simple black cotton panty, with a cute print of a sheep at the corner. I did not know why but it still felt a little damp and cold to the touch. Being the pervert, of course I indulged in the scent of my sister in law, feeling my dick rise in the attempt.

I helped myself to her dress too, getting down on my hands and knees as I crawled towards it. The hanger did it’s job of lifting the dress up, and I pretended to be peeping and sniffing near the hem, but the novelty of my perverted act soon wore off and I left in search of something new to do.

I went to the shoe cabinet , tiptoeing quietly, stopping every few steps to listen for signs of the girls’ waking up. The panel of the cabinet creaked when I opened it and I saw a good collection of heels, flats and even boots belonging to Sylvia.

Perhaps the mood didn’t feel right or perhaps I did not want to be caught in the living room with heels in hand, I closed the cabinet and moved on.

I took my time, looking at the pictures of Joe and Sylvia in the living room, looking at her smile, at her body , at her legs. Joe must have accumulated a good deal of good karma in his previous life to get Sylvia, not that I did too badly with Gillian but somehow i just lust after Sylvia.

I looked through some of their letters, browsed through their written notes to each other and wondered when will I be able to own a place like this.


I was tired but I couldn’t sleep.

Looking at Sylvia’s room door, I felt an uncontrollable urge to open it.

Does she sleep in the nude ? Is she still awake ?

Questions poured through my head as I looked down the hallway.

I did not know what came over me but I decided to make an attempt to open the door to her room.

I could feel the cold air brushing against my feet at I stood at the entrance, I was tempted to just peep through the slit under the door but I knew I wouldn’t be able to see anything.

I paced up and down, forward and back, I had that butterflies in my stomach again, it’s as if I wanted to do something yet I didn’t dare to do it. What made it worst was my mind kept pushing me to try.

I suddenly remembered Joe telling me that Sylvia was a heavy sleeper, once she knocked out, perhaps only a lion dance in the room would wake her up. I considered that piece of information and thought about my next course of action.

Should I just bet everything on that piece of information ?

Then an idea crept into my head.

I went to the living room and dialed my mobile with the house phone. I took a while to figure out how to erase the call log of my number but eventually I got it.

My heart was thumping as I went into the bathroom again, locking the door behind me.

I dialed Joe and Sylvia’s home number and waited.

Barely a few seconds later, I could hear the phone ring.

The caller ID did not bother me as my number is private. The ringing went on for a while, a good 40 seconds or so I would say before I hung up.

Now I did not know if they had a phone in their master bedroom but if there is, I would expect Sylvia to answer it if it woke her up.

I left the bathroom again, standing in the hallway, listening for any sound at all.

I quickly went to the living room and hit dial again. This time round, I adjusted the ringer of the phone to it’s minimum before quickly skipping towards Sylvia’s bedroom. I held my breath as I slowly pressed my ear against the room door, fearful that the door might just suddenly open and I would have a hard time explaining my actions.

I could hear a faint melody coming from the room, one that I’m sure is not coming from the living room.

I could feel my heartbeat increase as I hung up, unsure if I should do it.

Several perverse thoughts raced through me, including one which I felt was plain crazy. I was wondering if Sylvia would knew it was not Joe who opened the door and laid down beside her.

Would she turn around to check if it’s her husband, or would she just continue her sleep.

I decided to just risk it and open the door slightly.

Whether I could take it further depended on a few factors, the most important one would be whether is she facing the door.

If she slept facing the entrance, I would not risk it, yet if her back is turned, perhaps I could take my chances.

As I turned the handle down, I peeked into the room for that small bit before I closed it immediately. I could tell Sylvia’s body was orientated towards the door and I felt a little disappointed.

It was as if a huge stone was removed from my heart as the reality of me not being able to do anything stupid and perverse slowly sank in.

I was still feeling a little frisky so I went to the yard, wrapping one of Sylvia’s underwear around my manhood and started to jerk myself off.

When I was ready to unload, my mind recalled something I saw in the fridge and I opened it. I brought out the yogurt container and opened it.

There was still a little left and I unloaded myself into the container.

I need not worry about Joe as he’s lactose intolerant and he avoided all dairy products.


I went to bed , cuddling up to my gf.


I woke up to see Gillian towering over me, sliding down my pants. I was feeling a little groggy and spent from the lack of sleep but knowing that she loved morning sex, I found it hard to reject her.

I hardly did any work as I let Gillian have her way with me, she came first, collapsing onto me before giving me a questioning look asking if I’m ok.

Gillian : You ok darling ?

James : Yup, just that not use to sleeping here.

I ended my turn in Gillian’s mouth and she cleaned me up , her hand cupping down on my mouth to stop me from moaning from the sensitive exposed dickhead.


We left the room to wash up, Sylvia prepared towels and new toothbrush for us both, I felt a little paiseh but little did I know that was just the beginning of many more nights at her place.

As we gathered at the table, Sylvia said that Joe was still not back yet and he’s not answering his call.

I was a little surprised and I dropped Joe an sms as I watched the 2 girls share what’s left of the yogurt from the fridge.

It felt really weird to watch that scene as I draft the sms to Joe.

James sms : Bro, you ok ?

I drained my coffee and as the girls were licking the spoon , chatting about where to go that Sunday , Joe replied my message.

Joe sms : On my way back. Can’t seem to break the 20k barrier. Huat ar !

I did not see a need for a reply so I continued my chat with Gillian and Sylvia.

Sylvia and I hardly had any lengthy conversations before, there seemed to be this invisible barrier between us, other than polite exchange and some teasing once in a while, we did not talk much.


Joe dropped me a message, asking me to call him somewhere private.

I excused myself from the girls in the living room and called Joe.

He said he needed my help to bring the girls out of the house .

James : Eh ? Why ?

Joe : Bro, I spent the night in the casino, and I smell like one. Sylvia sure will kaopei one.

James : Eh, then what you want me to do ? a bit funny leh if I suddenly say I want to bring them out.

Joe : Don’t worry. I got it all figured out.

He gave me his instructions and hung up.

I gave a sigh and went out to look for the girls.

James : Ermm girls. Joe has a flat tire. He’s just round the corner.

Sylvia : What ? Is he ok ?

James : Yup, says he’s fine, just needed to change the wheel and he’s coming right up.

Sylvia : Where is he ?

James : He says just around the bend.

I changed back into my old clothes and told the girls I’m going down to help.

I waited for a second and asked Sylvia which direction to get to Simei street 4.

Sylvia thought about it for a moment and said she’s coming down with me.

Gillian did not want to be left alone and she said she’s tagging along.

The girls took a while to get change as Gillian took her time selecting which of her sis’s clothes she wanted to borrow.

As we filed into the lift, I sent Joe an sms telling him we’re on our way.


The moment we left the estate, taking a slow walk towards the street, Sylvia’s phone rang.

A few seconds later, she said Joe’s already back in the house.

Sylvia : He said he’s already back. Wants us to buy breakfast for him.


We entered the house again and Joe gave me wink as he dried his hair with the towel.

Sylvia’s obviously not very happy and she went straight into her room. Joe followed behind and the door closed.


It was not hard to see they had a quarrel, Gillian and I excused ourselves and made our way to my place in Bedok.

April 2010

We did not meet up again until 2 weeks later when we had dinner with the in laws.

Joe gave me a sly smile in private and jio me to the casino again.

James : Bro you ok or not ?

Joe : I broke the 20k barrier liao. I’m up about 38k

James : Wah, eh better stop liao la, that’s like my annual salary including cpf contribution.

Joe : Aiyah, when money want to find you, better don’t hide . haha.

May 2010

It was my birthday and Joe gave me a $2000 hongbao. I refused to accept it but he insisted.

June 2010

Joe broke the 50k mark.

July 2010

Joe broke the 55k Mark. He lost weight visibly and he seemed rather tired.

According to him, he visited the casino about 3-4 times a week. I cautioned him about the addiction and he waved me off, saying he’s in control

He offered to share with me a system he derived that is sure to beat the house , he insisted to bring me  along to prove it works and I had a hard time trying to reject him.

Only when I said my exams for my degree is coming did he relented.

August 2010

Joe sms : Bro. Can lend me $2k ?

When I saw the message popped up in my screen, I knew he was in trouble.


It took me a while to digest the message but I never would have expected Joe to call me barely 5 minutes later.

I am not good at rejecting people and it was an instance of being caught between a rock and a hard place. $2k is neither a big nor small amount but having watch enough tv shows and drama, who would lend money to a gambler.

Then again this is my brother in law I am talking about.

Joe : Yo James , busy ar ? Why never reply my message ?

James : Eh I was just about to reply, are you ok or not ?

Joe : I’m ok , I’m ok. Just that lately a bit down on my luck.

James : Oh, eh bro, don’t tell me you lost everything ar ?

Joe : Choi choi, don’t anyhow say ok. I’m ok, just that cash flow a little stuck this couple of weeks. Can help or not ?

James : Ermm.. ok. How I pass to you ?

Joe : I come by your office now la.

James : Wah, eh I meet you after work ba, I’m heading into a meeting liao .

He sounded a little hesitant but agreed a little reluctantly.

I did not know if I made the right decision back then but thinking of the $2k red packet he gave me, I’ll just take my chances and pray for the best.

6th August 2010



Joe was not unshaven, did not smell of alcohol, and definitely did not looked like he was financially in trouble. He was still well dressed, well groomed and he still had that Rolex of his on his wrist.

We had a quick chat before Joe left with my money.

8th August 2010

Sylvia and Joe hardly spoke over the family dinner, it was not hard to detect a weird vibe coming from the 2 of them.

Gillian asked if they had quarreled but they just brushed it off, saying that work is getting a little stressful lately. I tried to change the topic to one of lighter note, suggesting a holiday together to a neighbouring country.

My in laws sounded quite keen when I brought up the topic and they tasked me with coming up a proposal and some options to consider.

12th August 2010

Joe asked me for another 1k that day.

I did not know why but I still parted with it.

31st August 2010

I gave Joe an sms asking if he’s ok and shall we meet for supper since it’s been a while since we caught up. It was not hard to tell that I’m actually asking about my money.

3K is going to be really helpful since my night classes is due for the fees for the coming semester.

Although I still have some savings, I did not want to just let the debt stagnate over at Joe.

Joe replied after an hour saying he’s no well but we can do a quick catchup .

He seemed like he lose a bit more weight and I asked him if he’s ok. He tried to brush me off but I grabbed onto his shoulders and really gave a slight shake.

James : Bro look at me, if you really treat me as a brother, tell me what’s wrong.

Joe was still unwilling to tell me the details but he mentioned something about being in debt. I asked him what is the amount we are talking about here and he said about 10k.

James : Is it the gambling. ?

Joe : No la bro, it’s just sway.

He refused to dwell in further details but instead asked me for another loan.

Joe : Bro, You think you can spare another 2k ?

James : What ! Eh don’t scare me like that leh, my heart cannot take it.

Joe : Bro, don’t like that la, if I not really desperate, I won’t ask from you.

I definitely could not afford to give him another loan, with my school fees coming and all, not to mention I’m putting aside a sum for my wedding banquet, I could probably spare a few hundred if it’s a matter of life and death but it hardly seemed the case for Joe.

James : Bro, not I don’t want to help, I’m really tight here also. Sorry.

I could tell Joe was quite vex and his emotions were a little unstable. Needless to say, I did not even get to ask about my $3k that evening.

September 8th 2010


Joe called me at 8pm that evening, asking me out for coffee. He looked like he did not have enough sleep and he maneuvered the steering wheel with his left hand, keeping his head on his right knuckle the entire time.

James : You ok or not ? Don’t crash the car hor ? My exams coming.

Joe : Don’t worry la.

We settled down at a coffee shop near bedok library and Joe updated me on his current situation. His debt swell to 18k and after much pressing, he confessed that he was still gambling.

Joe : Bro…

James : Yah ?

Joe : You think you can lend me a bit more ?

James : Bro I really cannot help liao, I’m also a little tight on my end.

Joe buried his head in his hand and I stared blankly at him. How could a man who was once so successful, turn into this person sitting in front of me within a short span of a few months ?

The speed at which this is happening is frightening. If it didn’t happen to me, I would never have believed it.

Then he said something that almost knocked me off my chair.

Joe : Bro , you remember the times when we were trading the girls’ lingerie ? haha Good times eh ?

James : haha yah, those were the days man.

Then Joe seemed to quiet down, as if he was thinking of how to form the next sentence

Joe : Bro, you think you would be willing to pay for Sylvia’s lingerie ? I can sell them to you ?

It hit me then for the first time how serious the situation is. Although I felt the familiar sense of perversion creeping into me, I did not think it’s appropriate to do that.

I felt a little upset in fact, it’s literally a case of what the fuck

James : Bro, don’t be crazy la, you think Sylvia won’t notice her missing lingerie ar ? you think too much liao

Joe : Aiyah, I’m just kidding la, how much can I sell them for anyway.

James : Maybe you can try sammyboy la, haha.

I tried to change the topic, asking how is Sylvia, and does she have a gripe of the situation.

Joe told me Sylvia is aware and is rather upset.

As we drained the last of my coffee, Joe made one last desperate attempt to talk to me.

Joe : Bro, one last thing.

James : Yah ?

Joe : You think the hardisk is worth $2k ?

I wanted to speak but no words came out of my mouth.

Joe must have read me perfectly and a smile creeped out on his face.

Joe : Yah bro, think of all the folders and pictures man.

I felt a mix of frustration and excitement as the words sank into me. I wanted to scream at Joe in fact, how could he do this. It’s his wife we’re talking about here.

Then , like a stroke of lighting, it hit me.

If I didn’t accept it, he would probably offer it to someone else.

I searched my mind frantically , thinking of what to say, praying I know what to do.

I bit my lips, trying to show a bit of weakness.

James : Ermm.. Joe… like that…

I deliberately stammered a little, trying to look hesitant.

James : Not right la bro. ….

Joe must have assumed I had taken the bait and immediately tried to reel me in.

Joe : Bro, $2k, and you can see everything bro. Think about this.

Joe : Think carefully.

I pretended to look into the ceiling , my mouth mouthing a bit of mental sums before I finally replied.

James : Bro, i..

James : I don’t have enough. I need to pay my school fees next week.

I could see the exasperation in Joe’s behavior before he finally asked.

Joe : How much can you afford ?

I took a second or 2 to consider before replying.

James : Probably about 1.2k the most.

Joe buried his head in his hand before replying.

Joe : Ok.

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach again. The thought of getting my hands on the hardisk full of Sylvia’s pictures, videos, her most private moments is giving me an erection.

Joe did not want to wait and insisted on driving me to his mum’s place to conclude the transaction.

Upon reaching his room, he passed me the disk and switched on his computer.

I slowly plugged in the usb, watching the drive popped up into view.

I maximized the screen and selected large thumbnails.

And I was greeted with a series of Sylvia, smiling at me.

I passed Joe the money and he added one condition which made me think he’s still a little sane.

Joe : Bro, I’ll kill you if you dare to copy or share this online.

I nodded and said it’s for my private viewing only.

James : Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of it.

Right as we were about to leave his room Joe said one more thing.

Joe : Eh bro, take care of it yah. It’s the only copy. I’ll redeem it back.

James : Ok sure.

He grabbed me by my shoulders this time round, looking at me in the eyes.

Joe : Don’t you dare post it online, I meant it. This is no joke.

I shrugged him off, adding in an exasperated manner.

James : Bro, siao ar. She’s my sister in law , and I’m marrying her sister in a few months. Don’t worry.

Joe parted with his hardisk and I parted with my money.


The moment I reached home, I copied every fucking file into another hardisk of mine as backup. I stuffed that one deep into the recess of my cupboard before taking my seat in front of the screen.

I did not want an instance when Joe changed his mind and he wanted the disk back. It was not just a matter of me not being able to see my sister in law’s private moments, it’s also the case of a desperate man would do anything.

The last thing I wanted was for the disk to fall into another person’s hand.

In fact I was considering whether I should even return the disk to Joe even if he could redeem it.

Yeah, I’m a fucking saint in my own world, and I’m bloody selfish too.

I got settled into my room chair and I started with the first folder of Sylvia with a can of beer in my hand.

They say men are visual creatures, I couldn’t agree more to that but when the videos added another dimension to what I’m seeing, I couldn’t help but envy Joe. Sylvia is willing to go to lengths to please her man yet now all Joe is interested in is trying his luck out at the tables.

I spent 2 hours briefly scanning through the files and folders and just by looking at the videos, listening to the short conversations, I got a pretty good idea of the positions Sylvia liked.

I knew she like to have her beast cupped from behind as you enter her doggy style, I knew if she was to be fingered, she would like to be standing up, preferably without any support or near any walls, so that the orgasm would collapse her to the ground.

I knew how her moans sound like, and I tried to decipher what each of them meant.

Plots , schemes, and more perverse thoughts coursed through my mind as I devoured those pictures and videos. I might not be as happening as Joe but I did pick up some things from him over the years.

It seemed as if my mind was slowly being corrupted , starting from the day we shared the sister’s lingerie.

I knew I was aroused, but in a confused manner. I knew I wanted to wank off, pretending I’m driving my dick deep into Sylvia but I did not know where to begin.

I could deal with the lack of choices but the presence of so many folders made me lost my orientation for a while.

I tried to masturbate to a video which was focusing on Sylvia’s legs, her leg sliding up and down her right as she laid on her side.

Yes, even weird videos like this existed on the hard disk.

I switched to one which Sylvia was trying to give a banana a blowjob before she tried to slip a condom on the lucky fruit.

That video seemed to be taken in a hotel room, probably one of their getaways.

The date said 2005

Sylvia looked much younger then, her hair much longer and dyed in a colourful shade of reddish bronze.

Yet her seductive lips looked the same.

I saw another video of Sylvia dancing, swaying her body seductively and giggling at the silly act in the room as she told Joe to stop taping her. It ended with her breast being pressed against the lens before everything went dark at it was just the audio which told me the rest of the story.

Finally I ended it with a video of her in her uniforms. I could never understand how such a simple piece of blue pinafore can transform a girl. Perhaps it’s the sleeveless cut, perhaps it’s one from an elite school, in the end I concluded is the girl who wore it made all the difference.

Her blood curling shriek when she came etched deep into my brain and I could almost picture myself as Joe, being in that position, holding that camera as her watery eyes stared back, exhausted and spent.

What I wouldn’t give to do her in her school uniforms.

As the euphoria of my masturbation wore off, something lit up in my mind and I decided to push my luck further.

After all, I have nothing to lose, perhaps just the parting of more money.

Immediately the next day, I dropped Joe an sms, telling him that I could not open the drive when I tried it on my computer, did it have some password or something ?

James sms : Bro, I can’t open the drive using my pc at home ? Is it encrypted or something? Does it only work with your computer ?

Upon sending the message, I realised how stupid I must have sounded. This is worse than elementary computing. I regretted immediately and was not expecting a reply anytime soon.

How would I know Joe actually called me 30 minutes later, saying that he’s not sure what was the problem, but if I liked, he’ll sell me his cpu as well.

I parted with another 300 that evening for a old pc bought in 2005.

Booting up the cpu, I started to look through the files and information. There was a treasure trove of data on that machine.

Joe’s claim of the only copy of Sylvia’s video exists only on that disk was a little inaccurate.

There were remnants of videos, some stray pictures in some folders he had yet to clean out.

I browsed through search history, bookmarks, and eventually I found passwords and emails, all neatly written onto a notepad who last edited date was as far back as in 2009.

There were travel pictures, holidays, and albums of happier times.

I cleaned up the sex videos in the pc and dug deeper.

Some old emails on outlook, some past iras receipts, pdfs of air tickets. You can literally find out a person’s entire life from his digital trail.

I kept the cpu under my bed and fell asleep, my mind sorting through the information I’ve gathered so far.

30th September 2010



I was just heading back after my night classes when I received a call from Gillian, she said she’s at her sis’s place and things are ugly.

Joe and Sylvia were quarrelling and it got rather heated.

I told her I’ll be right over.


The door was unlocked and the lights in the living room was off, only a small table lamp was lit and I could see Gillian sitting on the sofa. I reached for the switch and entered the apartment

I was surprised how different it looked, the pristine condition I saw it barely a few months ago was gone. It looked like a war zone.

Magazines and papers on the floor, dishes unwashed.

Broken photo frames.

And a Sobbing Gillian on the sofa.

There were clothes on the sofa and dining table, half eaten instant noodles on the coffee table and the remote for the TV laid in pieces on the floor near the bathroom.

I immediately went over to Gillian and she clung herself onto me, sobbing a little harder and said she’s afraid for her sister as Joe and her were shouting in the room a while ago.

I held on to her for a while and put my bag down.

James : Where are they ?

Gillian’s head nodded towards the room and I told her I’ll go take a look.

Their room door was closed, and I gave it a few light knocks before I entered their room for the first time.

I saw Sylvia on the floor, her knees drawn up to her chest and her head was down.

Joe was on the dressing table, his face buried into his palms.

It was one of the most awkward situation i’ve gotten myself into so far in my life.

I went over to Joe and tapped him on the shoulder, asking if he’s ok .

He did not acknowledge my presence but chose to stand up and left the room. A moment later i heard the slam of the front door.

Gillian came running into the masterbedroom as i approached Sylvia.

I knelt down in front of her, trying to look at her through that tangle of hair. I could even smell the salty smell of tears.

I moved closer to Sylvia, trying to talk to her.

I gently shook her, talking to her slowly , asking if she’s hurt , if she’s alright but i did not get reply.

I was right about to stand up and leave the 2 sisters alone when Sylvia lifted up her head.

And i saw a bruise on the left of her cheek that is turning purple in front of my eyes, i felt my heart drop as i turned to look at Gillian who brought her hands to her mouth.


I heard a few gasp and sobs from Sylvia before she broke down.

She fell towards me slowly, her hands reaching for my body as a support.

That was the first time i held a girl close to heart when her body shiver and shook not with pleasure but with pain.

Gillian could not take the emotional roller coaster that was happening and she broke down too, kneeling down beside us and hugging her sister from behind.

The breakdown lasted about 2-3 minutes and my shirt was stained and wet with Sylvia’s tears by the time she composed herself.

I did not know what to do or say but when i got the chance to really appraise the extent of damage done to Sylvia, i was lost for words.

Besides the bruise on her face, there were a few on her arms as well. Not serious bruises but you could tell from the red and swollen patches that she had been treated roughly.

I would never have imagined Joe to actually lay hands on her. Something is really wrong here. What happened to the man I knew ?

I’m cool with a panty sniffing brother in law but hitting Sylvia was just ridiculous. It absolutely made no sense as to why would he do that. Did he really change that much within this short span of time ?

I reached for the crushed tissue box and lifted out some napkins for Sylvia. She dabbed her eyes and took in a few deep breaths before blowing her nose. She looked towards the toppled bin a distance away and decided to just leave the soiled tissues on the floor.

My legs were getting a mix of cramps and pins and needles, come to think of it, there’s hardly any occasion in my life when I had to be kneeling in such a weird position for such a long time. I slowly stood up and tried to stretch myself a little subtly.

I offered my hand to help Sylvia up and she took it, settling down on the bed, staring into blank space.

I was thinking that it would be a good time for the sisters to talk and was about to make my way out when Gillian stood up suddenly and said softly

Gillian : I’m going to tell Daddy about this.

Sylvia tried to stop her sister but Gillian went on out to get her phone.

Sylvia tried to stand up but she stumbled and i held on to her, i noticed 2 broken nails on the last 2 toes of her left foot and it seemed like there’s a bit of a cut as well.

James : Where’s the first aid box ?

Sylvia pointed to the masterbath.

I sat down on the floor as i lifted my sister in law’s foot onto my thigh.

I helped her clean the wound and placed a plaster over her injured toe. The smiley face on the plaster didn’t seem very appropriate but there was no others to be found.

I ended up wrapping her last 2 toes in bright yellow with repeated prints of smiles.

James : Hmm.. ok. Looks good I think.

Sylvia saw my work and smile, before breaking into a laugh.

But her smile quickly faded and she sank back into her solemn mood.

I did what I could with the limited first aid knowledge I knew, applying some cream for Sylvia on her bruised lip and some of the more visible bruises and marks on her arms.

Gillian entered the room, saying that her dad wanted to talk the next day with the family, and that includes me.

It was coming to midnight, Gillian settled down beside her sister and I left them alone to talk.

I was exhausted after a day at work and having to sit through night classes, and now this entire fiasco seemed to drain what was left of my energy.

I tried to tidy up the kitchen a little, just the simple task of placing the fallen objects upright seemed a challenge in that mess.


I went to the room and the girls were still huddled together, talking amongst themselves.

I offered to buy food as I was hungry and they said no need.

Gillian : Instant noodles would do dear.

Gillian : Oh and I want luncheon meat and egg. Thanks.

Sylvia heard Gillian’s order and chided her for making me cook. She tried to stand up but I waved her down.

James : It’s ok. Don’t mind I use your kitchen Sylvia.

Sylvia : Go ahead, it’s hardly used anyway.

Gillian : James makes a really wicked noodles and luncheon meat combo. You should try it.

My gf tried to lighten up the atmosphere and gave me a silly smile and I rolled my eyes at her.

I felt a pillow hit my back as I left the room.


I found the necessary ingredients but there were no eggs, they hardly had any fresh food lying around  since they don’t cook.

It took me a while to figure out the gas cooker did not have an auto spark plug or whatever you call it. I fumbled around the living room and I made fire with a Zippo.

There’s always a first for everything.


Noodles were served and the thinly sliced luncheon meat I toasted in the oven were now crispy and crunchy.

I asked the girls out for their supper and we tucked into our food. We hardly talked, just some small chats. I figured Sylvia was not comfortable talking too much with me around, afterall, I belong to the similar species gender that laid hands on her moments ago.

I quickly finished up my food and left the girls alone.


I powered up my laptop in the living room, I knew I won’t be able to go to work later in the morning given all that is happening, Gillian already said she’s taking mc.

I sent some mails and dropped my boss an sms that I’m taking urgent leave that Friday.


The girls left their dishes at the table and went back into the room.


Gillian came out and said she’s going to wash up and sleep.

Sylvia came out to the living room when Gillian’s in the toilet, asking if I’m ok

Sylvia : Are you ok James ? I meant if you want to go back to rest…

James : I’m ok, don’t worry about me. How bout you ?

She nodded her head weakly and sat down beside me on the sofa.

I told her what are her plans but she said she couldn’t think at the point in time.

I asked her what happened and she gave me a summarized version of what Joe did.

He pawned the 4 gold items from the wedding and he’s been using their joint account for his casino trips.

James : How much are we talking about ?

Sylvia kept his eyes on her bruised toes and said it was about 40k

James : Oh my god.

Sylvia : The bills haven been paid, his credit cards were all maxed out. Even the weekend maid said she hasn’t been paid for a month.

Sylvia : I told her I’ll settle it the moment I see her but she said she had already took on another slot.

She gave a wave of the house and just laid back on the sofa, closing her eyes.

I felt sorry for Sylvia for the first time, it seemed unthinkable that situations like this should happen to such a nice girl. Then again I knew the sisters never helped out with housework. If they did, they could at least clean up after themselves.

I took another look at the mess and it really irked me. Resigning myself to my weird pet peeve, I told Sylvia don’t worry, I’ll do what I can.

Sylvia : No need, haha, I’m sorry , I don’t mean to ask you to clean up.

She laughed genuinely for the first time that evening.

James : It’s ok, I can’t sleep anyway. Pass my bed time.

Sylvia : No need la James, i’ll take care of it. It’s really ok.

I just smile and stood up, brushing her on her hair saying it’s ok.

Right about then Gillian came out of the bathroom , drying her hair with the towel.

She just spoke in the direction of Sylvia.

Gillian : So ? Did it work ?

I turned to look at the girls and Sylvia gave a rather embarrassing nod, trying to stifle her smile.

Gillian : See ! I told you so . haha.

Sylvia burst out laughing again as her sister joined her on the sofa.

Gillian : I told sis that I have a way to make her laugh and get the housework done but she didn’t believed me.

Gillian : She just need to tell you about the weekend maid and you’ll take care of the rest..

I wanted to strangle Gillian but she gave me a stupid look and I burst out laughing, shaking my head.

Sylvia : Sorry James, we’re just joking. Go and rest.

James : It’s ok. I’ll take a look and see how can we start.

I pointed to Gillian and said she’s helping as well.

I got a stuck out tongue as a reply before I went to clear up the dishes on the table.


Sylvia went to wash up , leaving me and Gillian in the kitchen.

After Gillian checked that Sylvia’s in the shower, she came back to me in pouted lips, saying she’s sorry that she made me do the cleaning up.

I pretended to ignore her and she pouted even further before getting down on her knees.

She started to reach for my pants and zip before I relented.

James : Hey hey hey… ok … ok… siao ar.

Gillian : You’re ignoring me..

James : I’m fine … I’m fine.. wait your sister come out how ?

She got back up on her feet smiling and headed to the room saying she’s going to sleep.

Gillian : Oh by the way, I was never going to do it. You haven showered for the whole day.

She stuck out her tongue again before running into the room.

I shook my head and finished up the last of the dishes.


I briefly cleared the kitchen, taking out the trash but there still seemed a lot to be done.

I went to the yard and I was shocked to see the amount of clothes that were left unwashed.

3 Baskets full and some spill overs were just left on the floor, pants, shirts, lingeries, stockings, you name it.

Curious observation though, I noticed they were all Sylvia’s clothes.

Sylvia joined me in the yard when she saw me standing motionless at the entrance.

Sylvia : Sorry James, just erm.. leave those. I’ll take care of it.

I told her it’s late, we should all rest and think about it tomorrow.

I went to wash up and I saw Sylvia sitting on the sofa when I’m done.

I went over and sat down beside her.

She made space for me, shifting to the long settee and straighten her legs, leaning back with a cushion propped behind her.

The bruise on her face look a little worse but it’ll heal.

I was surprised it took me that long to noticed what she was wearing. She was in her old PE attire from her secondary school. The top looked a little short but still fit her well, not too tight but I could see her back and tummy whenever she made big movements.

My eye drifted to the scgs logo which was already rather faded on her shorts when Sylvia started talking.

Her legs still looked good, unharmed in her skirmish with Joe, how can anyone bear to cause harm to such a lovely body.

Her shorts were short, real short, and for a while I was thinking is she wearing any undies.

Then suddenly my eyes caught sight of something that sent blood rushing to my manhood.

Sylvia was trying to reach for another cushion which I assumed was for her to place over her privates and I saw the pointed tip of her nipple, pushing against her old PE shirt.

Just that flash of headlights caused a spike in my hormones, my mind drifting to the videos I’m seen of my sister in law.

We chatted for a while and Sylvia said she’s changing the lock tomorrow. She can’t sleep thinking that Joe might be walking through the door when she’s asleep.


Our conversation came to a slower pace, each of us taking longer to speak after the other had ended our sentences.


Perhaps it was a moment of anger or a surge of emotions, Sylvia became rather angry.

Sylvia : Tell me James… how can I have my money back ?

I did not know what to say and I just kept quiet.

She carried on her rantings for a while before she calmed down.

I could feel her trying to calm herself with deep breaths of air.

And then she finally spoke in a soft measured voice.

Sylvia : I’m upset James , why is this happening to me ?

Then from out of nowhere, she spoke some chilling words that made me look at her a little differently.

Sylvia : I want revenge James.

Then we were both quiet.

After a minute or 2, I decided to say something to end our conversation .

James : I’ll help you.

Sylvia looked surprised and our eyes met and she asked how.

James : First…

I paused for her attention and I drew her gaze towards the injured toes.

James : You Wriggle your toes.


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