In this digital age, James finds out how easy it is to tarnish and stain someone’s reputation.
    That someone is his sister in law.

    James want to pain his sister in law Mandy as a slut. He wanted the online community in the sex forum to label her as one.

    Join him as he slowly breaks his sister in law down with the ultimate aim of bedding her.

    Enough of the blindfolds, no more bondage. Do away with the bait and switch.

    James wants to do it while he looks at Mandy in her eyes. He wants to see her morals erode away, knowing full well what she was doing. Her mind screams no, her body thinks otherwise.

    A hot sister in law sobbing in your lap , fearful of the consequence yet unable to control herself.
    What can get more arousing that this ?


    24000 words


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