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0 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. β€œI overheard a teacher saying that at least I’m not as psycho as the kid that only completes half of his exam papers so he can sleep.”

    Sounds familiar.. haha!

  2. LOVE IT. Read it twice already. In times like this, I think we could all use some love. I look forward to more romance stories.

  3. All the best! Was re-reading the house in bukit timah.. will there be a short story on Yiling? She’s sort of the co-lead.. but we havent seen things from her POV.

    1. No plans for another short for this series. Considering whether to rewrite it in multiple perspectives but its a lot of work to do so. It’s not within my immediate plans the moment πŸ™‚

  4. Love it ! Thoroughly enjoyed the story πŸ™‚ I actually think I like your romantic stories more now πŸ˜† looking forward to more great works in the pipeline!

  5. Hye James. Has this story been discarded? I Ve been waiting for a longgg time for its completion

    1. It’s still available. Wanted to space out wife sharing works. I’ll bring it up for subsequent release:)

  6. Great series! I was hooked during S1 and i signed up so I could finish the series. I could tell the pace and style changed after S1, and especially the fights in S3 reminded me of the epic battles in the anime Naruto. No matter that the magic skills were not elaborated in detail, my imagination just fleshed it out for me! I guess I can understand what the first commenter said.

    It would be great if this can be made into a Netflix miniseries (definitely not to be mangled by Mediacorp) or an anime. I would surely support or crowdfund hah!

    1. Thank you for supporting my work πŸ™‚
      Will keep in mind the comments and feedback from all for future titles.

      Magic is being cleaned up right now. Areas that can be improved will be worked on. It’s a mid to long term project, I plan to release it as a single book in the future under another pen name.

  7. Refreshing and light read, I enjoyed this πŸ˜€

    Look forward to your book signing in future haha

  8. Hi James. The titles seem to be gone from the July release under premium sub. Any way for us to access it again? Also are the works under the new titles still the same as before in the archive?

    1. It’s at the bottom of the sub list under archive titles . Works are still the same. No changes to content

  9. Hi James,

    Congratz on the new website and your start of a journey for full time writing.

    Just browse through the new website and although it is new, i can see that you put lots of effort into it.

    Just a small comment, possible to make it “mobile friendly”?


  10. Damn, this is getting better and better! James should offer writing courses to our local TV scriptwriter man!

  11. All your stories have always been linked. I had a huge smile when I read “My name is Lynette”. I’m going to have to read everything all over again. Thanks for your stories since 2012 back at that defunct forum.

  12. OMG, Aung is going to get into some deep shit, of all the kids in the world, why lynette.

    I thought all the kids study at the lion dens? I guess the dad want a normal class for lynette.

    1. Lynette first made her appearance in ‘big trouble in little india’. A cleaned up version of big trouble will be released on 10/10 in under another pen name.
      On current site, it has been renamed to ‘violence in South India street’ under subscription

      TBW book 2 – ‘Big trouble in little india’ will be free to read for all. πŸ™‚

      1. Ah…. yes, daughter of Colonel James and a Chio Doc. (Forgot whats her name). swee lah. getting interesting!

    1. Seems like it. Joel is a police officer right.

      And he’s a space user with a Gingerbread man.

    1. The war will be covered in book 4 of TBW series πŸ™‚ its still work in progress. That will be the final book in this saga.

      1. Looking forward ! Its like the Marvel series, and this is the infinite war haha

    1. Hi J, the purchase link is working. Can you try clearing your browser history and cookies before trying again ?
      Let me know if you encounter any issues πŸ™‚

  13. Wow this is epic! I can’t wait for volume 4! Indeed, within the James galaxy, all is coming to light..

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