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James’ wife is suffering from memory loss and her therapist thinks she might have a way to help her regain her memory. That is to have sex with all the men who slept with her before she met James.

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My wife and i were in a serious car accident several months back. Both of us had some broken bones but those will heal. I’m back on my feet after 5 months while my wife Lisa took 6 months to start walking again.

While our body healed, my wife’s mind seemed to be stuck in a state when she was 18. She suffered a bad concussion and after regaining consciousness, she forgot everything after her 19th birthday.

Lisa remembered her parents, her relatives and her friends who go back all the way to primary school. However, she has no recollection of me. She don’t remember the time we met in NUS, the times we spent together in the hostel.

She forgot about our dating days, how we started work in the same company. Years of our lives got wiped out in an instance and she sees me as this weird, unfamiliar man trying to get close to her.

Lisa had therapy, she took medication, but none of it helped until a particular therapist, Dr Juliette spent a couple of sessions with her.

After the 3rd session, Juliette asked to speak with her family alone and everyone gathered in the office.

Juliette : I’ve identified the trigger point to jolt Lisa’s memory. It’s going to sound bizzare but i tested it with her and she is starting to remember something.

James : what is it? what can jolt her memory?

Juliette sat back on her chair and adjusted her gold rim glasses, her look of impeccable professionalism never once left her face when she replied.

Juliette : Lisa is triggered by orgasm…

The room fell into an awkward silence and i could tell my in laws were too shock to even make eye contact with me.

Juliette : To put it in simple english, i think having an orgasm will help Lisa jolt her memory. And it seemed she has been bottling up a lot of her emotions and past, that’s why there is this mental block…

James : How do we help her?

I asked.

Juliette turned to me before saying that during the therapy session earlier, Lisa remembered something during her Junior college days.

James : What did she remember?

Juliette : She remembered her lecturer having sex with her…

James: WHAT!

I was the only one exclaiming and seeing how silent my in laws have become, i realised they must be keeping something from me.

Juliette : Lisa remembers Mr Koh having sex with her but she cannot remember how, or why, or where. However she remembers she was told to meet him after class…and her mind seemed to encounter another block there…so…

I stared at Dr Juliette sitting all prim and proper in her white coat as she crossed her legs and suggested something totally out of this world.

Juliette : I believe if we can get Mr Koh to have sex with her, it will successfully help her regain her memory in parts…

My jaws dropped an inch as i stared at the doctor.

My in laws finally broke the silence and they asked for a moment alone with me.

Juliette : Sure, i’ll leave you guys to talk.

In the office, my father in law , Lyle, told me Lisa has a bit of a history growing up.

Lyle : She was coerced to have sex with her Chemistry lecturer. And something sort of snapped…she went on to have sex with a few others…before she met you James…

James : What?

Lyle : Those are in the past…you made her whole again James…and i know my daughter loves you…you changed her life…

My father in law unlocked his phone and gave me the link to a blog my wife kept.

Lyle : The password is your anniversary date…She kept some details of her encounters in there…I hope you can help her overcome this…

James : I…

Lyle : James it’s your call…we can try other therapist, we can try other medication or treatment, but like you, i want my Lisa back.

He gave me a tap on my shoulder and left me alone in Dr Juliette’s office.

Juliette stepped back in and asked if i’m ok.

James : so…to put it simply…there’s no telling if Lisa will remember anything after she has sex with Mr Koh…or whoever she had sex with before…am i right?

Juliette: not 100% of course, but having worked with her on her masturbation earlier, i am confident it will jolt her memory. Just try to recreate the situation as close as it happened in the past. I think it will really help.

James: ok…

Juliette : We’re in a modern society James…don’t be stuck in with your traditional mindset of Chasity and purity. Women lose their virginity early nowadays…and how many men can truly claim they are the only man who has ever had sex with their wife in this day and age?

James: But…i…

Juliette : You want to help your wife? you find those men that has fucked her before you and you pray they want to fuck her again…

James : I…

Juliette : Look on the bright side.

James : Which is?

Juliette : Eventually as you work your way down the list, it will come to your turn…and if it works, you will have your wife back by then…

I left the office and logged into the blog my wife kept in her younger days.

The phone almost fell out of my hand when i looked at the entries detailing the men that had sex with her.

There’s Mr Koh, her lecturer who coerced her into a hotel room. Then there’s Matthew, the water polo captain who forced himself on her in her bedroom during a group project meet. Mr Poh, who fingered her before creaming her in the office pantry during her internship.

Then it’s me, where we made out in a staircase before having penetrative sex with Lisa bent over the railings.

My heart was racing as i read the details of her sexual encounters before me.

I called Dr Juliette the next day and asked her if she could help met set it all up. It would be good if she is present too since she is her therapist.

Juliette : meet me in my office tomorrow, we’ll work something out together.

James : ok…

The next day, i waited patiently as Juliette read through Lisa’s web journal.

Juliette did a google search for Mr Koh’s full name because it was recorded in my wife’s diary entry. From the results, she found a number where she could get in touch.

Juliette : Hi Mr Koh…This is Dr Juliette from Mt J hospital…is it a convenient time to talk?

Juliette has her way with words and i have to admit her charming ways and Lisa’s naturally good looks took barely any effort to convince Mr Koh to agree to what we want to do.

He will fuck my wife again to help her regain her memory.

Juliette hung up her phone and told me she will get in touch with the others while i prepare the meet between Lisa and Mr Koh.

James: what do i have to prepare?

Juliette : Room in the same hotel, and she was wearing her Junior college uniforms then. So go get your hands on a set of those.

I left the office in a daze.

Making my way to my wife’s ward, i looked through the panel to see her with her headphones on and rocking to some music as she fiddled with a pen.

I want my wife back, and if it means watching her get fucked again by other men, i’ll do it.

I mean, it’s not too bad right? It’s just 3.

I’m sure other women have higher body count by the age of 25. Right?


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