James accidentally discovers a series of disturbing conversation between his wife and a driver she hitched a ride from. It started with the usual lewd requests, and when his wife Lydia decides to sell her worn undies, it spiraled into something darker.

Sometimes, not knowing exactly what went down is more exciting, because your mind fills in the gap.

*This story is told mostly via screenshot of whatsapp messages*

I chanced upon a disturbing conversation one night when i checked my wife’s phone for a one time password in order to access a joint savings account. I saw a particular contact by the name of ‘Hitch driver’.

My wife takes the occasional hitch ride every now and then to save a few bucks during peak hour. However, she stopped taking hitch rides when the lewd messages and indecent proposals started getting out of hand. My wife Lydia is considered a prized catch. She’s beautiful and sweet, and i could see the look of envy on my friend’s faces every time we go out for gatherings.

Lydia has decent dress sense and she can make whatever she wears look good. Perhaps my only complaint would be her modest breast size but then again, the overall package is still gold in my opinion.

She is the kind of girl that will get approached in clubs and bars, the kind that strangers and colleagues alike will pay extra attention to wherever she goes. My wife and I live comfortably in a 4 room flat in Toa Payoh right across the town centre. Life is good and money is not a problem since we are both working and have no plans to have kids.

Lydia has a high sex drive and I do my best to try and fulfil my obligations as a husband. 3 times a week will make all guys envious but try doing it 8 years in a row, 4 years while dating and 4 more while married.

My wife has the occasional grumble that our sex live is pretty mundane and boring, we tried toys, roleplaying and even doing it outdoors. The thrill while exciting, fizzled out after a while and sometimes, I can sense the frustration in her despite giving her my 100% during intercourse.

Perhaps compared to the German boyfriend who she lost her virginity to, I am still lacking in many ways.

Looking at the conversation in the app shocked me because I never expected Lydia to respond to those silly messages and desperate reach outs by the hitch drivers.

She usually blocks them but this particular one, this one somehow slipped under her perv radar and remained on her contact list.

I took my phone and started taking pictures of the conversation while I scrolled though the text they exchanged that day.

Locking her phone and crawling into bed, I could feel my heart thumping as the realisation slowly sets in.

My wife is going to meet up with her hitch driver, and sell him her worn underwear. It’s not just any sale, she’s going to remove it fresh in front of him in exchange for money.

Money she didn’t need in the first place.

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